Red Kimono

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I step into the room, my red kimono fluttering. You are standing in the center, naked, as I told you to be. You are already hard in anticipation, your eyes wide, wondering what is in store. I feel an answering warmth rise in my own body, feel the moistness between my thighs. My nipples, aching to be touched, press through the thin silk. I smile.

Dark crimson velvet drapes the walls, and a large window lets in the starlight. Outside, weeping willows rustle in a soft breeze. My kimono rustles around me as I move toward you. I raise my fingers to your chest, and you flush in anticipation, but I let my hand drop without touching you. I glance to the king-sized bed, with its frame elaborately carved from ebony, silken sheets shining dark like spilled blood in the flickering candlelight. I look back at you, silent and slender and hard and breathtakingly beautiful. Wordlessly, you move to the bed and lie down on your back. My eyes slide over your gleaming skin, and I run my fingers over the smooth curves of my own body. The silk of my robe caresses me, and I imagine your body against mine, and I throb with longing.

You feel the soft silk sheets against your back and thighs, and you stretch your arms above you, gliding them against the cool fabric. I unwind a black silk cord from where it is looped around my narrow waist, letting my kimono fall open. The thin cord is deceptively strong, and I pull it taut between my hands as I step to the side of the bed. I pull it through the eye hooks drilled into the dark ebony, and wrap the cord snugly around your wrists, stretching your arms toward the corners of the bed. You tug on the cords, testing them, but they hold firm. I run the remaining cord down the sides of the bed, through the remaining two eyehooks and around your ankles, securing them. I draw your legs apart, making you vulnerable, open. Again, you test the bonds, but you cannot move your legs to hide your arousal. Your straining cock juts out, and escort sincan I long to run my lips down its smooth length.

I let the kimono fall to the floor with a hiss. You gaze in wonder at my body, candlelight playing over my skin. In one smooth movement, I straddle you, and you feel the moistness of my arousal against your belly. I raise my hands to yours, touching your fingertips with mine, and my firm breasts hang before your eyes. Lightly, barely touching you, I graze my fingernails down your fingers, your palms, the undersides of your arms, the smooth hollows of your armpits and down the sides of your ribs. The hairs rise on your arms and chest. I graze my fingernails up your chest, to your neck, and let my fingertips slide up the side of your head and tangle in your hair. I lower my mouth to yours, and you feel my nipples touch your chest as I meet your lips. I flick my tongue against yours and softly nibble your lower lip, caressing your head, and my nipples slide up and down against your chest. The sensation drives me wild.

I let my hands move back down your neck, and I knead the muscles in your shoulders, feeling them jump and then loosen under my touch. I move on to your upper arms, massaging them, and you splay your fingers and breathe in deeply, and I feel your body rise beneath me. Again I draw my fingertips down your arms, and you shudder beneath me and arch your back, and I feel spasms of pleasure. Slowly, I lift my body, the moistness clinging to you for a moment as I rise away from your sensitized flesh. My hands are braced against your shoulders, and my knees are on either side of your hips, and you ache to rise and touch me with the tender dome of your penis, to feel yourself slide inside me and my muscles contract tightly around you. You strain upward, but I move my body back and the velvety head just grazes my belly. The sensation is exquisite, and a shimmering drop of seed forms at the tip. The sight of it, and the feel ankara escort of you against me, sends a wash of pleasure through my body, to my aching nipples and the tips of my toes. I can feel my heartbeat pulsing my clit.

I let my left hand caress your left armpit, and I draw the fingertip of my right hand in a tightening spiral over your pectoral muscle, until I reach the sensitive bud of your nipple. I lower my mouth, flick it with my tongue, gently nibble, then purse my lips and suck. I love the feel of it, firm and tender, and I slide my tongue over its surface as I draw it into my mouth. Then I trail soft kisses down to your belly button, then lower. I stop when I reach hair and kiss and lick back up to the center of your chest. I sit up and massage your chest in smooth, firm strokes. Gradually I move to your shoulders, then I dip my head and tenderly lick and nibble the edge of your ear, running my tongue along the edge. You can feel my hot breath on your neck. Now I rise and kneel between your feet.

Gently at first, then more firmly, I massage your left foot. Then I slide my hands up either side of your calf, then past the knee, until I feel my fingers probing the sensitive crease where your thigh meets your body. Quickly I graze my fingertips back down all the way to your toes. You tense against your bonds. I repeat with your right foot, slowly kneading the muscles, sliding my palms firmly up your leg, and stroking the side of your balls before drawing my fingertips back down to your foot. Now I trail kisses up your leg. I lick and caress your knee, then I continue up your inner thigh, not pausing, my hands caressing the sides of your hips. When I reach your groin I graze my nails lightly over your scrotum, then take it firmly in my hand and draw your balls into my mouth. You feel them pulling gently away from your body, and you feel me slide my thighs on either side of your leg, pressing myself against you, and gyrating to increase the friction. etimesgut escort bayan I brace my other hand at the base of your penis and you feel the blood rushing and pulsing inside. Slowly, I slide your balls out of my mouth and take over caressing them with my right hand, my left still braced above, and I raise my head and meet your eyes. I am flushed with desire, still sliding myself against your thigh, feeling the sensation climb and rise and soar. Finally, in a long, smooth stroke, I slide your penis deep into my mouth.

I can feel the tip pressing against the back of my throat. You are filling me, hard and smooth and hot. I slide up, pursing and constricting, and feel the ridge pop out of my tightened lips. Then back down, all the way, deep and complete. Back up again. I let my tongue glide over the sensitive crease where the ridge comes together as I slide over the top and back down, again and again. My movements as I slide my hips against your thigh become more frantic– I am rapidly losing control. I pause a moment to glide my tongue around the ridge, then over the opening and smoothly, up and down, over the crease before I let you sink into me again. My right hand is still fondling your balls, gently caressing and stroking and pressing and kneading, and you feel them begin to tighten and draw up against you. I increase my pace, sliding in and out and in tight and urgent strokes, and the ecstasy rises in my groin and in yours and you can no longer tell one stroke from another– just one long, drawn out moment of sheer joy…

And we come, and seed rips out of you, hot and burning pleasure, load after load as I continue to move, and you tense and strain and arch and cry out as I suck every ounce from your burning body. We feel the ecstasy wash through us in torrents and I cling to you like a drowning woman. Finally, I collapse against you and you sag in your bonds; I lick the last drop of seed from your trembling cock and nuzzle your heaving chest. We lie in a daze.

After an eternity, I pull myself together and release you. Gratefully, you put your arms around me and turn sideways, and I curl in the curve of your body. And we fall into a deep and sinking sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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