Redhead Jess and the Gym Shower Ch. 02

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“What the fuck!?” came the voice from the next shower stall. “Jess? Who the fuck is in there with you!?”

David was still balls deep in Jess’s ass and grunted again as another thick jet of cum shot up inside her.

“Um… no one, darling!” Said Jess, but she knew she’d been caught out. The stall door opened and there stood Rachel, the gym receptionist, with an enraged look on her face. David and Jess looked at her, unsure what to do. Rachel stood 5 ft 5, a little shorter than Jess, with short black hair, tanned skin, beautifully round silicone enhanced breasts and, to David’s further surprise, also with a large penis standing to attention. Rachel was the receptionist at the gym, and highly lusted after by every patron of the gym who preferred the fairer sex.

“Did he just come in your ass?” demanded Rachel.

“Mmhmm” said David, with a satisfied smile on his face.

“Well you know what that means, don’t you?” responded Rachel, her harsh glare softening to a cheeky smile. “That means one way or another you need to service me.”

“Ooooh, and me again!” said Jess, her erect cock still yearning for attention. “Rachel, you should feel how well he sucks dick. I was quivering!”

“Don’t mind if I do!” said Rachel, stepping into the stall. She put her hands on David and pushed him down to his knees. She received very little resistance. David hungrily took her whole canlı bahis şirketleri length into his mouth, as he had with Jess, and began massaging her perfectly toned ass cheeks. “Good boy!” said Rachel with a smile which immediately changed into an expression of pure pleasure as her dick went down his throat. “Oh wow, Jess, he IS good. Oh god, yeah!” moaned Rachel, utterly transported. Jess smiled and got down on her knees and methodically began to like Rachel’s asshole. Rachel gasped and moaned as the pair serviced her, her eyebrows raising and clenching as her pleasure intensified.

After flickering her tongue around and inside Rachel’s ass for a minute while the beautiful girl moaned and twitched in ecstacy, Jess stood up. Her own penis was still incredibly erect and she wanted sweet release. She moved round behind David and from his hips pulled him up to his feet, though he was now bent double, still sucking off Rachel.

“OK, darling” she said to David. “You know what’s going to happen now, don’t you?”

“Mhmm, mmhmm” replied David, his mouth still full of Rachel’s beautiful cock.

He did know what we coming. In a way he’d known it was coming since the moment he saw Jess’s penis. He was slightly intimidated, having never actually been fucked in the ass before, but he had had experience with a few anal toys.

“Good boy.” Jess cooed. “Let’s open canlı kaçak iddaa you up a little first though.” She got on her knees again, as she had done with Rachel, and began to swirl her tongue around his asshole, before lubricating her finger and gently sliding it in. David let out a low moan and began to suck on Rachel’s quivering dick harder. Rachel’s short, sharp moans were getting louder and while stroking David’s hair she let out the odd “oh, baby!” every now and again.

Feeling he was now ready and not able to contain herself any longer, Jess lathered up her enormous yearning penis, spread some more lubricant into David’s ass and then edged his ankles apart with her hands on his hips and placed her tip straight against his entrance. David waited in anticipation, still working Rachel’s dick as though it were the source of holy water. Very, very slowly, Jess began to edge her way inside him. David moaned with pleasure through Rachel’s pulsing cock, barely able to handle the wave of pleasure that was surging through him. First centimetre by centimetre, then inch by inch, Jess forced her way inside him, grunting as she did. She was now in up to the hilt.

“How’s that, baby? Enjoying it?”

“Mmhmm! Mmhmm!” said David again, his head bobbing back and forth along the length of Rachel’s shaft. Jess began to drag herself out of him, only to push herself right back in canlı kaçak bahis the moment the head of her beautiful penis reached his rim. Slowly but surely she began to pick up the pace. She was now fucking him properly, ramming her rock hard cock into his tight ass again and again. The whole shower area was alive with the sounds of pleasure resonating from all three of them. While maintaining her rhythmic pumping, Jess reached around David, grasped his cock and began to play with it.

Suddenly Rachel screamed “Oh god, I think I’m gonna come! I’m gonna come!” As he had done before, David, while still being simultaneously being fucked and jerked by the stunning redhead with huge bouncing breasts behind him, swiftly reached a hand through Rachel’s legs and pushed a slippery finger inside her ass. He found her g-spot almost immediately and focused on it. As if this were a trigger Rachel squealed in pleasure and her whole body tensed as Jess screamed “Oh fuck, I’m coming! I’m coming!”

Had he not just received the first jet of sticky, warm ejaculate from Rachel’s throbbing penis, David would have said something similar. Instead he just grunted loudly as the simultaneous feeling of Jess’s significant cock hitting his g-spot and her hand expertly working his own cock caused him to explode.

The three of them were hit by wave after wave of orgasm, Rachel dumping her entire load into David’s mouth, Jess filling up his ass and David’s own load splattering into the floor in jet after jet of pleasure.

The three of them collapsed to the floor, exhausted and drained, but all completely satisfied and assured that they would do this again.

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