Reunion With an Ex

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“You can sleep with her if you want to, you know,” she said.

“What?” I asked my girlfriend Isabella; not sure I heard her right.

“Emily, your ex-girlfriend. You can have sex with her when you go home to visit your mom if you want.”

“Uh, wouldn’t that upset you?” I was a bit shocked honestly. Isabella and I had been exclusively dating for over 8 months. The sex between us was hot and passionate… in fact this conversation occurred after our second fuck in an hour that night.

“I know you still have feelings for her. I want you to do what you want. I don’t want to limit your happiness.” I felt a trap being set.

“So, hypothetically if Emily decides to ignore the fact she has a boyfriend and we sleep together, will you then break up with me?”

“No” she said, with no further elaboration

“You don’t care?” I actually was almost upset, believe it or not.

“I care. I care about you more than I care about sexual exclusiveness. I have no desire to have another dick in me as long as we’re together. Not many men could compete with this thing,” she said, lifting my still partially engorged cock. “But men are different than women. You want to spread your seed. Also, your ex girlfriend is not a huge threat to me emotionally. You are not with her for a reason, and it’s not because of sex.”

I pondered my response. My girlfriend was basically giving me selective permission to cheat on her. Assuming I told her. I still wanted to understand her feelings.

“I’m not saying I want to. But I still want to understand what you’re saying. If I have sex with another woman, as long as I tell you, it’s OK?”

She paused. “To me Emily is safer than other women. There’s a chance I would be upset or disappointed. I have never been exactly in this situation. But, I don’t think you having sex with another woman could change how I feel about you.”

“Fair enough. I love you” I said, ending the conversation with her, but not the internal one.

“Te Quiero, tambien, guapo” she replied.

A month later I’m meeting Emily for coffee. She looks great. When we were together she was a tad overweight, a bit shy and not the sharpest dresser. She’s lost at least 15 pounds, but her breasts still overflow a D-Cup. Instead of being hidden they’re half on display in a halter top. She’s highlighted her hair and wearing a small amount of tasteful make-up.

“It’s good to see you in person,” I say. “You look great”.

“So do you! You’re much buffer than you were 6 months ago. And I like that your hair is a little longer. Also your shirt. And your posture. Why couldn’t you be like this when we were together?”

“I was wondering the same thing. You’re not as neurotic. Let’s face it, you’re hotter, and you show it.”

“Well, I guess being with some guys besides you gave me some perspective.”

We reflect on the past and present as we always do. She’s not happy with her boyfriend. She wasn’t happy with the last one when she cheated on him with this guy. She’s still not easy to please. I’m reminded why she’s my friend and not my girlfriend.

I talk about Isabella and our relationship. I hesitate to bring up the sex conversation. Emily knows me too well. She gets a vague version out of me. One that doesn’t name her, though does imply that ex-girlfriends are safer.

“Wow.” She says. She thinks for a bit. I can read her mind. At first she’s thinking Isabella is stupid and doesn’t really care about me. Then she wonders if Isabella is right.

“So do you want to?” She finally asks. I wonder if there’s a double meaning. There couldn’t be… right?

“Uhhh… I guess if the opportunity came up… I mean I love sex, and if it wouldn’t hurt her. But it would seem wrong to go after it.”

She giggles. “So a woman would have to basically throw herself at you.”

“I guess” I say. We change subjects.

My phone rings early the next morning. It’s Emily. She broke up with Bryce. It’s not the first time, but in the past they’ve resolved things by the morning. This time he didn’t stay the night and they couldn’t make up in the morning. “Come over” she says.

She’s wearing a white silk robe. Its short, though covers her torso well. She’s obviously shaved her legs recently. I know she waxes her pussy. She started doing that after me, when she realized most guys prefer it. Perspective is wonderful.

A few minutes of small talk. Something is up.

“Remember the conversation we had yesterday?” She asks. I nod. I don’t have to ask which one.

“Yeah… well…” she says, and drops to her knees and unzips my pants. She yanks down my boxers freeing my hard on and grasps my shaft. She puts the head in her mouth and starts sucking. She’s beautiful when she gives head. She’s avoiding eye contact.

I just escort sincan watch her, hands at my sides. She never liked having her head touched when she gave oral. After a few minutes she stops. She rubs her jaw. “Wow, I’d forgotten how thick you are. Bryce is as long, but I didn’t have to open my jaw as much for him.”

She stands. I embrace her and kiss her, my hard on pressing against her robe. I grab her ass through the silk. It’s still firm, perhaps even firmer. She always had a great ass. Too bad she couldn’t stand to be fucked there. I feel no panty line.

Emily’s ass is small, tight and muscular. Isabella has a “Latina booty” with nicely flaring hips. Both are wonderful yet different.

I pull back enough to untie her robe. She helps shed it. She’s got a tiny red g-string on and a red push-up bra that barely contains her tits. They look enormous, especially with her flat stomach.

“A gift from Steve,” she explains. “He loved skanky underwear like you. It freaked Bryce out. So I haven’t worn this in a while. Hope it was worth it”.

My kiss answers that issue. I’m overdressed, but we fix that quickly enough. Soon we’re on her couch, me naked on my back, her grinding her pussy against my hard on through her panties, me squeezing her buttocks and kissing her neck.

She pushes the g-string aside and I’m inside her. I slip in easily, she’s so fucking wet. Emily hates condoms. I know I’m clean. Emily got tested after she started fucking Bryce. She came back clean and hasn’t been with anyone since. And she takes her birth control like clockwork.

I actually think about that as she starts riding me, grinding her clit against my pubic bone. It has been a long time since I’ve been in a pussy bareback. 45 days… during Isabella’s last period we did it in the shower without a condom. But birth control fucks with her system too much to take. So it’s always condoms except during the period sometimes.

Emily’s coming, and she sets me off too. She’s got the strongest pussy I’ve ever encountered. Emily is a strong woman to begin with, and was naturally born being able to grip a man’s penis with her vagina at will. When she comes she involuntarily grips so tightly it’s almost impossible not to come with her.

As our heart rates slow the reality sinks in. I kiss her forehead as she puts her head on my chest. My cock is still hard inside her, feeling the heat of our fuck, her pussy juices and my seed. She still has her underwear on.

She slides off me. Come runs down her leg and stains her g-string. She’s a sexy mess. She doesn’t seem to mind. She used to be far more squeamish. She looks at me, as if to see my reaction. I realize she wants me to set the tone, take the lead. Its odd seeing her almost submissive. “Guess this thong is shot. It served its purpose…” she says weakly.

“Let’s shower together” I say.

Showering with her is far more intimate than the couch was. I get to reacquaint myself with Emily’s sexy body. Her toned back and legs, her large breasts. The washing starts out functional, but soon I’m behind her, “washing” her tits with one hand, rubbing her waxed smooth pussy with the other, kissing her neck. I love looking at her bald slit. Nothing is hidden. Isabella trims a standard “racing stripe”, so I don’t get hair in my mouth when I go down on her. But I’ve always loved a fully bare pussy. It’s just so blatantly sexual.

My hard on presses against her back. Soon she’s bending over, taking me doggy style standing in the shower. Emily has no tattoos. Isabella has a lower back tattoo. It’s odd seeing just bare back. For a little while. Then my mind is focused watching my dick disappear in Emily’s familiar yet almost new pussy.

I grab her hips and slam, and she reaches up to rub her clit. Another new development. I wonder who finally got her to do that. Steve’s dick was too small for doggy style to work. Bryce was kind of uptight about sex. Maybe it was the guy with the monstrous cock. Thinking of that both humbles and excites me. He was as thick as me and an inch longer. Apparently he often left Emily quite sore, which was ok if they only were fucking once a week.

Emily comes, and I decide to save some energy. I support her as she snuggles against me, standing, while the water pouring against us.

She puts on the robe after drying. I stay naked. I feel like I’m claiming my turf, at least for now. I almost want Bryce to walk into her 1-bedroom and see me walking around, balls to the breeze. We’re pretty similar when it comes to dick size. But I know I fuck her better.

Emily teases me about not dressing, and then talks about traveling for a while. She’s not happy at her job. She needs a change of scenery. I agree. I steer her away from moving to Southern California ankara escort near me. I suggest that San Francisco would fit her better. She calls her best friend and talks about going to Europe next month. I slip into the next room and call Isabella.

“I’m with Emily” I say. Silence. “You OK?”

“Yes. It’s fine. We’ll talk when you return. I love you.”

“I love you too.” Emily probably doesn’t hear, but I don’t think it matters if she does.

Emily is still on the phone, reclining on the couch. I approach her and open her robe. I start kissing her breasts as she tries to talk to Lisa. I get to her pussy. She finally says “I gotta go” and hangs up. She doesn’t answer when the phone rings.

Her pussy is beautiful bare. She shaved it for me on two occasions when we were together, but hated how it itched, and didn’t care to maintain it. Her clit isn’t very prominent, so it’s nice for it to have less room to hide. She tastes clean of course.

Emily never really enjoyed having her pussy eaten. Things haven’t changed much. She pulls me away after a couple minutes.

Again, I’m standing, and she’s on her knees sucking my dick. I’m not sure who puts us in such a suggested position of dominance. Isabella has helped me bring out my masculine, dominating side in bed. I think Emily responds favorably to it. Mr. Horse cock was sort of an asshole in bed, and it drove her wild. She just didn’t like that he also was an asshole outside of bed.

I sit on the couch. She tries to mount me facing me. I don’t let her, I spin her around. Forcing her to mount me by backing up onto my large, jutting erection. A rarely enjoyed position when we were together. Now I get to watch her backside rise and fall as she slides her pussy up and down my cock. I grip her hips. I feel powerful, in control. I get this rush often with Isabella. It hasn’t stopped today since Emily got on her knees the first time.

I move her forward and stand up, cock still in her. I position her so she’s standing, legs spread wide, supporting her weight with her hands on the coffee table. I’m pretty sure it was a gift from Bryce’s mother.

I fuck her hard. She comes after a few minutes of thrusting. I hold back. I keep fucking. She starts moaning softly. She’s not generally noisy. “Oh fuck” she whispers. Her second orgasm is huge. I blast into her at the same time. It feels like I’m emptying a liter into her. Blast after blast. I know that it’s probably a smaller load since I came an hour prior.

She extracts herself and rolls onto the floor, on her side. She’s exhausted. She looks at me, smiling, sticking her tongue out slightly. No need for words. Her huge tits look wonderful hanging a bit towards the floor under their mass. So different from Isabella’s small, perky ones.

I sit on the couch, looking at her. I imagine her telling me how I’m the best fuck ever. Against Steve it was never a contest. His dick is too small, and he didn’t have good moves. Monster dick is my closest competition. But I’m gentler than him, and a nicer guy. Plus I don’t hit her cervix when I slam her hard. Bryce is too uptight. I doubt he ever fucked her this hard.

My cock stays rigid thinking about this. She notices after a few minutes. “You always did get hard a lot,” she says with a giggle.

She crawls over. She lies on the couch, head in my lap, her face inches from my manhood. She touches it gently and asks me about Isabella.

I tell her I feel a little torn, but I’ll deal with that when I’m back in California. Right now I’m just enjoying the moment. She tells me she’s learned to enjoy the moment more than she ever had before.

I tell her details about Isabella and I fucking. She’s heard parts of it before. She says she’s noticed how experience has made me more confident. “You’re more demanding and controlling in bed that you were… it’s pretty hot,” she says, with a rare blush.

It’s barely noon. We shower again, separately. My erection finally fades. We put on clothes and drive to Lake Hennepin. We walk around the lake, talking, catching up, being friends. We occasionally hold hands. It’s sort of romantic, but mostly friendly. We rehash the past. Why we can’t be together. She tells me that honestly if Isabella can deal with this then maybe Isabella is the girl for me. That she could never do it, but then again, she and I know we’re not right for each other. I silently agree with her.

I call my Mom and make an excuse. Nominally visiting her was the point of this trip. Emily works the next day so I’ll have plenty of time to see my family. We rent a movie. Halfway through it we’re making out. A few minutes later she’s on her back, my dick is buried in her bare pussy. It’s still sexy seeing my trimmed but still hairy cock penetrate her smoothness. etimesgut escort bayan It seems to embody male and female energies to me.

Towards the end of the movie Emily is sucking my cock, trying to bring it back to life. She eventually succeeds. I’m a bit tender, but she rides on top of me until she comes again. It’s her sixth in 12 hours. Not that I’m counting. I definitely can’t come again so soon.

We don’t even bother with clothes in her place when we eat dinner. She looks great cooking naked. Women always do. “Cooking” consists of boiling pasta noodles and warming sauce. After a day of fucking you don’t care what you eat, you just need something.

I’ve gotten accustomed to her nudity. It seems natural. I’ve almost forgotten how Isabella looks, how her kisses taste. Emily’s body is the familiar once again.

I spend the night. We wake each other up at 2 am. I’ve got a hard on. We slowly screw in a spoon position. I’m half awake. I orgasm, I don’t think she does. We fall back asleep with me still in her.

We’re sticky in the morning. I take first shower. I make breakfast naked while she takes her 45 minute shower. She goes to her bedroom and emerges dressed. It’s almost surprising. We eat, she hugs me and gives me a quick peck on the lips, and she hurries off to work.

I spend that night with my mom. I can’t ditch her two nights in a row. Emily tells me on the phone that her body probably could use the rest. “I’m uhhh… a little sore down there.”

I will fly back to California at 2 P.M. the next day. I meet Emily at her apartment during her lunch hour. She wore a fairly short skirt with no panties. I love fucking women with skirts still on. We fuck twice, once on the carpet of her living room with her riding me (we didn’t make it to the bed) and once doggy style on her bed. After she comes I ask her to give me head. She sucks on me, and I come in her mouth. She swallows it down. Isabella’s a spitter. Emily never would have sucked my cock with her pussy juices on it before. I get her to confess that Mr. Monster Cock got her used to it.

She decides to skip work until my flight. We have an hour. I tie her up. Torture her. First by soft touches, kisses and licks. Then I start spanking her. She’s shocked at first. I feel her pussy. It’s gushing wet. I do it harder. Her ass reddens. Her thighs are slick from the juices coming out. I rub her clit and finger her for a while. I use a slicked up finger and start sliding it into her ass. She tells me to stop. I ask if she’s sure, pushing slightly harder. She says “no” but it’s weak. I tell her if she doesn’t want me to to just say “Don’t put your finger in my ass”. Silence. I push again. She squirms “please?” she whimpers, and then moans. I rub her clit furiously as I finger her ass, with just one finger. She screams as she comes.

She’s quivering long after I untie her. My cock is hard and has been for some time. I don’t want to rush her.

She looks at me, almost reverently. “You’ve changed so much,” she says touching my face, looking in my eyes. “For the better.” Without me asking, she moves her mouth to my shaft. With help from her hands she gives me a 15 minutes blow job and swallows the results.

We quickly clean up and hurry to the airport. She hugs me and doesn’t want to let go. I have to catch my flight. I promise to call. She plans to visit me after her Europe trip.

I sleep on the plane. Isabella picks me up at the airport. She’s happy to see me. Hugs and kisses. There’s an undertone, but it’s an issue, not THE issue. It can wait.

We make love. Slowly and passionately. Her body feels strange yet familiar. I love her. With Emily it was fucking.

We lie together afterwards. She asks me about Emily. I’m forthright. I edit out some of the end with the spanking, mostly for Emily’s privacy. Isabella doesn’t react much. She seems curious, slightly aroused, slightly hurt at times. It’s odd to say the least.

At the end she asks me to honestly tell me how I feel about her and Emily. I spill my guts, relating how I love her and while fucking Emily was amazing, we don’t have the same connection.

“I knew it. Well at least I thought so, and hoped so.” She kisses me deeply.

She tells me that she knows I don’t feel like I have to fuck other women, and that means I can. It sounds backwards to me but I smile and nod.

Later I’m talking on the phone with Emily. Isabella asks to speak to her. It seems awkward at first, but soon they’re talking about how I fuck in graphic detail, making fun of my mannerisms but praising me overall. Isabella sounds excited Emily is coming to visit. They talk about watching each other with me.

I have the best girlfriend.

Author’s notes:

This story is semi-autobiographical. “Inspired by true events” would be a good way to explain it. It’s a somewhat personal story for me. I hope you enjoyed it and will let me know if you did.

I wrote this story a while ago but am posting it here for the first time.

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