Reverend Jack , Daughter Sibyl

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Reverend Jack as he was called. His congregation love him. he was a nonsense man, no cussing, or taking the lords name in vain. When old man Peterman was accuse of stealing his neighbor’s wife, he was caught with her in bed, he was whip in front of the congregation. At home he ruled the house. His wife had dinner done and on the table at 6 each evening. And every Friday night he’d be at the bar in the next town getting drunk, coming home to his wife , who was always waiting up for him. In the 20 years of marriage they only had one daughter Sibyl.

Five years ago his wife died in an auto accident. His house keeper help him raise Sibyl, now she was 19 and was running his house as her own. The town would talk about why Sibyl never dated. She didn’t care she went about her business. Then the house keeper died, and she had to deal with things she didn’t understand. She could hear him crying at night in his room. Then she clean out Mary’s room. [house keeper] She found a Journal Mary wrote in. When she read it at night, she found out that Mary and her dad were having sex on the weekend when she work at the hospital. And it had been going now for over 10 years, her mother knew about it, and join them. At the back of the book, she from pictures. Pictures of her dad, mom, and Mary having sex. There was one of her dad laying on the bed, with what look like a large erection, and a smile. Sibyl took that picture and burned the book, and other pictures. Pack the clothes to go to the needy at church.

Sibyl was getting ready for work when they call to say they wouldn’t be needing her tonight. She went upstairs to change, but she feel asleep. Sometime later she was woken up by something. As she sat up in bed the noise was coming from her dads bedroom. Getting up she went quietly to his door. She was shock, her dad was laying on the bed, and a lady she never saw before was on top of him.

“Come old man, wake up, don’t you dare pass out on me, not after you got me all hot and bother. Your a fucking drunk.” the lady scream.

“Shut up you fucking bitch, you just don’t turn me on anymore, and you can’t suck a cock worth a damn.” he told her. Sibyl went back to her room. She heard the front door slam as the lady left. Then she heard dad say something weird.

“Oh yes baby, suck daddy’s cock, do you like sucking daddy’s cock. I can see that you do. Mmmmmm, yes daddy’s going to cum Baby.” she heard him call out. She layed back on her pretending to be asleep. She didn’t know what to do.

Jack got up and was going down stairs when he noticed his daughter’s door open. He was going to close it, when he saw she was home sleeping. He could see her bare ass, her robe had ridden up during her sleep. His cock stiffen, and he absently strokes his cock, wondering what it would feel like to get his cock up her ass. When she move, he leaves the room quickly. She knew her dad was just watching her, but she didn’t know what to do, or how she felt about it.

Months have gone by now, and they both were still fighting those feelings. And the last month he watch Sibyl go out with the McCory’s boy. The last time he follow them, he watch his daughter, sucking the boy’s cock. They would be going out again tonight, and he plan on following them.

“Hey dad Would you like to go out to dinner with me over in Bakerstown?” she ask him.

“What about your date?” he ask.

“Oh I told him to go jump in the lake. He wanted me to do something I told him I wouldn’t do that with anyone I didn’t love.” she told him.

“Yes I think I would like very much to go out with my daughter.” he said with deep feeling of love. Love she hadn’t heard enough of lately.

“Good, go dress up.” she told him.

Sibyl went up, and look thru her closet. Finding the dress she had brought last week. She took a quick shower, went to her dressing table, there she very carefully made her self up to look as a innocent girl, but dress as a sexy, provocatively, and wild lady. Putting on her coat before leaving the room. Jack dress in his jeans, and jacket, and was back downstairs waiting for her. He watched her walk down the stairs. Her long, slender, and shapely legs. he followed her out the door, closing her car door he sat in the passenger seat. An hour later she pull into the

“Tops Kats” a nice restaurant. They walk inside.

“I have an reservation, Reverend.” she said.

“come this way please.” said the Hostess.

“This is nice Dear.” bursa escort he said.

“Would you order me the Chicken dinner please?” she ask. After eating they left to go to the movies at the drive in. There was a movie playing she wanted to see for a while.

“The mistress’s night” They pull in and she park at the back of the place, The shows starts, and over the intercom.

“Please enjoy the movie and don’t forget that the midnight Special, someone will be around to talk to you.” He was getting uncomfortable, and it didn’t help that he was hard as a rock. The movie was almost over when someone knock on the window.

“Oh hi yes We would like the Special…yes I know what it is……Thank you.” she said.

“Would you go and get us a big box of popcorn, and a couple of sodas please. Thank you.” she said reaching over and kissing him on the lips. While he was gone she pull off her panties, and stuff them in her bag. It was almost midnight, and he was going to get the surprise of a lifetime.

They movie started.

“Happy Birthday Daddy.” she told him. Just then he saw a nude women in a large room bathing this young girl, getting her ready for something.

“We must be done quickly lady’s, he’ll be here soon for her, its time for introduction into the family.” the lady on the screen said. A man about 40+ walks into the room, looking over the young girl, he takes her hand, leading her out. The next scene showed the girl sucking the mans cock and he saying how much he likes having his cock suck by his little girl. And how she is better than her dear departed mother was. Jack seek a peck Sibyl, she had her hand between her legs rubbing herself pretty hard. He decided what the hell, he’d jerk off too. He pull out his hard cock, stroking his cock in time with her movements. She stop and watched her daddy jerking off. She leaned closer, and lick her tongue around the tip. She close her mouth on his cock, sucking him. He couldn’t believe it his daughter was sucking his cock and doing great job of it. He was moving his hips now, moving his cock in and out of her mouth.

“OH GOD I’M CUMMING.” he whispered harshly. She sallow the last of his cum and sat up in the seat, started the car and left the drive in.

They didn’t talk on the drive home. When they pull in, they got out and went inside.

“Good night, I’ll see you in the morning.” she said, kissing him. Jack stood and watch her walk away. He went to his Den and looking over papers, his mind just wasn’t on it, he kept thinking about Sibyl. He could feel her mouth again sucking him. He’d do this in the morning and went up to bed. Closing the door he didn’t know Sibyl was waiting for him until he turn on the light.

“Come to bed Daddy, I have something you’ll love.” she said. he turn towards his bed and saw her laying there without any thing on. He watch her get up and walk up to him. She undress him, When she was done she stood in front of him, touching and kissing him everywhere. She then lead him by his cock to the bed. Bring him with her she layed back and spreading her legs for him to move between. Still holding his cock she put him on her pussy.

“Fuck me Daddy, Fuck your baby girl till she screams to cum.” she said. He push his cock in.

“Mmmmmmm, yes” she groans.

He was buried deep in her now and he was so excited, he knew he wouldn’t last very long, but he was fighting to hold back. But when she push a finger up his ass he lost and slammed his cock into her, till he erupted deep inside her pussy. He couldn’t seem to stop, he fuck her up the ass, and in everyroom in the house. Then he fell asleep with his cock buried deep her ass. When he woke up he was still inside her, and he was hard, he started pulling out, but push back on him and he couldn’t he needed to fuck her one last time.

“Sibyl we can’t do this again, Honey it’s wrong and we be in a lot of trouble if someone found out.” he said.

“But Daddy I want you.” she said.

“Oh Baby I do to, but we can’t.” he said. And over the next fews months she did everything form fucking herself in front of him, to walking up to him naked and kissing him. He would lie in bed everynight behind close and locked doors, he’d jerk his cock, till his cum exploded all over his hands. This was his nightly ritual. After all he seen his daughter doing all kinds of things during the day. He needed this outlet.

Sibyl wrote her dad a long letter, telling him how much she wanted, bursa escort bayan and love him. She also told him about finding the pictures and the Journal that Mary wrote about him, mom, and Mary fucking each other. No one ever knew about it and she had burn the book and pictures, all but one and she was keeping that one. It was of him laying in bed. She left the letter on his bed under his pillow. A stranger show up one day, asking for help. She got an idea. Giving him a cool drink she started asking questions. She found out he had no family left. He was 30, tall, nice looking, and he had no hang ups.

“I have one question, and I would like an honest answer. Have you ever had sex with a family member, who, and would you have a problem sharing with someone who wants too?” she ask. She watch him take a deep breath.

“You want me to tell the truth……….Yes I have, first with my sister then with my mother. And that would depend on who I was sharing with.” he told her.

“My father is called Reverend Jack, and I want him, One night I got lucky, he had been drinking and I seduce him and he fuck me, but in the morning he told me it can’t happen again. I know he wants me too. I came up with an idea if I could find someone who would marry me and I’d sleep with both. I can give you a good time in bed. I’ll try to make you happy.” she told him.

“Where is your dad right now?” he ask.

“He wont be back till nightfall, he’s helping the Richardson put up their barn.” she said.

“Is there someplace I can get clean up?” he ask.

“Sure come inside.” she said. [ the phone rings as they walk inside]

“Hello, yes this is her, yes and what did he say Mr. Peterson, As you can see I can take care of myself, maybe you should try it.” She said then hung up.

“Towels, soap and everything you’ll need is in the cabinet door, I’ll be downstairs when your done.” She said. He reach for her, pulling her closer he kiss’s her passionately.

“You can stay and watch if you want to.” he said. She did, sitting on the tolet she watch him undress, all she saw was his ass, and it was the finest ass she seen in a while. He leans over to turn on the water, and steps into the tub. leaving the shower curtain open he turns to her.

Her eyes open wide in shock.

“OH MY GOD YOUR ENORNOUS!!!” she said. He look down at his raging hard on, stroking it he told her she could come in and join him and he’d give her a taste. {someone knocks on the livingroom door]

“I need to go get that.” she told him. Quickly went downstairs, it was the sheriff, wanting to know if everything is alright. She told him that everything was find, and that it was just a man who wanted to see her father.

He left and Sibyl sat there waiting for him to come down. She didn’t hear him come up to her.

“Would you like a taste now Honey.” he said. She turn around and saw he was wearing her dad’s robe, but it was standing open, with his still hard cock staring at her. She lick her lips, and nodded her head yes.

“Lick me first, I love being lick.” he said. She like licking the balls first, spending some time licking his balls, and rubbing her hand up and down his length.

“Oh God that feels good, mmmm, it’s been so long.” he groans. She moves her tongue up the under side of his cock, licking, and kissing her way up.

“Ohhhhhhh, yessss, lick me.” he moans. She reaches his cockhead, and opens her mouth, slipping him inside.

“OH GOD,” he groans. Grabbing the back of the couch he pushes in a little. She pulls him out, standing up she has him sit down and she kneels on the floor. Putting him back in her mouth, she sucks him for a while. She knew he couldn’t last much longer so she quicken her movements, bobbin her head up and down faster, till he his cock erupted in her mouth and she swallow all of his cum. Licking her lips she stood up and sat next to him on the couch.

“Thank you for that, I’ve not been suck that good in a long time. Oh dear god I never gave you my name. Hello my name is Tyler Samsons.” he said.

“Your right, my name is Sibyl, but everyone calls me Sibyl.” she told him.

Tyler went to work outside, while she was busy inside getting dinner ready. [the phone rings]

“Hello, Yes Daddy he’s still here, Yes he staying for dinner, maybe longer. Are you coming home alone? Okay I’ll see you in a few. Bye.” she said. Tyler came up to her, pulling her into his arms, he takes her out to escort bursa the livingroom. Standing her in front of him.

“Unzip my pants and take out my cock.” he said. She takes out his already hard cock, rubbing her hand on it. He sits down and move his hands up under her dress to find she had nothing on. He pulls her down unto his lap. Taking his cock from her he pushes it in her pussy opening, she’s so wet he slides in all the way.

“Oh Sweet God, what a hot pussy. so tight, couldn’t wait to feel it. been thinking about being inside you,” he groaned. She was so full with his big cock inside her, she move back and forth on him, she knew she would cum quickly. She felt him cum and she exploded with him. He kept her there, sucking on her nipple when her Daddy came in.

Tyler heard hi come in and knew he was watching them, he slip off her robe and whisper for her to keep her eyes close. He took her other nipple in his mouth sucking that into a hard bead. He pulled her face to his and kiss her.

“That was the best fuck I’ve had in a long time Baby, Oh how I would like to watch you getting fuck.” he said load enough he knew her father had heard him.

“i need to go check on dinner Dad will be here soon Tyler.” she said.

“Go on Baby we have all night.” he said. He knew the father had gone into another room. He watch her walk into the kitchen, he went down the hall to the Den.

“Hello Reverend Jack it’s nice to meet you at last. Your daughter made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.” Tyler told him. He shook Tyler’s hand, offering him a drink.

“I think it’s time for dinner.” Tyler said. They went in to eat.

After dinner the men went outside to talk. Tyler had told her to go up stairs and wait for them. She had fallen asleep waiting. Tyler ask him if Jack wanted to fuck his daughter. Jack told him he did want to but it was wrong, so he wouldn’t.

“What could be wrong with it, she old enough now, and besides I’m staying and am going to marry her. She Special, she treated me like I was the king and she gives me things no one else ever has. And on top of that she wants you, and should she get pregnant they will thinks it’s mine. So come and join us tonight and every night from now on. Is there any other lady who can give you what she can give?” Tyler said.

“Before I can join you, you must get married.” he said.

“Can you marry us tonight?’ Tyler ask.

“Yes I can.” he said. they walk into the house and up to her room.

“Hey sweetheart wake up your daddy’s going to marry us.” Tyler told her. She sat up and look at her dad.

“Come child lets get your married, so we can get back to bed.” he daddy said. Two hours later her and Tyler were married and the judge went back home. and Tyler carried her up to their new bed. She was surprise when Tyler carry her into her dad’s room and even more surprise when she saw her dad laying there naked waiting for them.

“Come here Baby Daddy’s been waiting so long to get back inside you.” he called out. She ran and throw herself on top of him. He took her lips in a hard deep passionate kiss, grabbing her ass, he pulls her unto his hard cock.

“OH GOD BABY, FEELS GREAT TO BE INSIDE YOU AGAIN. DO YOU FEEL HOW HARD I AM FOR YOU BABY, I WONT DO IT AGAIN, I PROMISE,” he cried out. Tyler stood, stroking his cock watching them fucking. He wanted to get into the act to, so he went up to her ass, and push his cock in, slamming his cock hard into her. With two cocks inside her, she couldn’t hold back anymore, her orgasm was very intense, and a lot. Tyler pull them unto their sides, they continue fucking her, after all they hadn’t cum yet. She climax four more times before the men exploded inside her.

Laying there coming back down to earth, she thought about how her live had change so quickly.

“Oh Guys O love you both very much, you made me very happy.” she said kissing each one.

“Sibyl I have a special box of stuff, that I was going to give your mother. I would like you to have it.” her dad said. He walk over to his closet, bring the box back with him. While she open the box.

“Reverend we need to enlarge the bathroom, big enough for the three of us.” Tyler said.

“Oh Daddy, This is wonderful, What is all of this stuff?” she ask pulling out some straps.

“Those are for us to tie you up and have our way with you.” Jack told her. Next she pull out a sheer black stocking looking thing.

“That’s a bodysuit.” Tyler said. She dump the bottles on the bed.

“Oh Honey this is flavor gel, you rub it on our cocks and you can taste a Cherry, to a Strawberry cock. And this is for us to use on you the same way.” he said.

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