Rhythm of Love Redux

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The warm lips on her neck were curiously welcome; there was a languorous stupor that was stealing over her body, and she felt warmth flow from his lips’ light caress into her body like a slowly surging, tingling hot tide. The beat of the music fused with this creeping warmth, her heart matched the sensual rhythm drumming the dance floor and her eyes closed to embrace the new sensations swirling within her flesh. She could hear him whispering in her ear, felt his scent-laden body pressing against hers, felt the hands slide onto her hips, somehow effortlessly beneath her loose top, encircling her gyrating belly. The sudden irrationality of the moment seemed vaporous, as though a dream. She felt her blood pound through her veins, overwhelming her mind, flowing into parts of her moving body that swelled softly in anticipation. The lips were on her naked throat again, but this time a wet tongue swirled against her flesh. A soundless moan escaped her lips as they fell open a fraction of an inch, her body pressing back against his, writhing to the insistent beat of the drums. Other bodies beat against them on the floor, the music drowned his whispers and her moans. The hands around her waist were moving upward, sure and uninhibited, and she sucked in her breath momentarily as they glided warmly over her breasts as if the verify the state of her hardened, aching nipples through the lacy fabric. She pressed more deeply into his hard body, yielding instantly even as her mind stumbled to assert itself. “This is not good; this is not good; this is . . . this is . . . this. . .” it murmured, melting.

They were moving now, a leisurely twining of bodies twisting slowly toward the beckoning darkness of the door. That darkness seemed deeper than before; she felt her body overwhelm her mind. The hands on her breasts squeezed firmly. Thumbs flicked across her sincan escort bayan nipples. Her mouth parted more as warmth surged between her legs. She could feel his hardness now, each time the rhythm pulled her ass down and then drove it deep against his body as she rose. Unconsciously her hand reached back, squeezing hard the denim that so poorly concealed his arousal. The music dimmed and darkness enveloped her. The hands moved surely against the fasteners; her bra fell away into the dark. The hands were warm and urgent on her breasts, her blouse was somehow unbuttoned; teeth nipped her naked flesh and drew shudders from her lost body. The button of his jeans gave way before her fumbling fingers, and thick, hot flesh filled her hands, swelling as she squeezed it hard and pulled it to her. His chest was suddenly bare, warm hard muscle against her shoulder as her leaned down to her neck. She began to move, twisting, her hand slowly tightening on his flesh, squeezing it, pulling it back and forth with slow, deliberate strokes. Within the circle of her fingers she felt blood pumping into his shaft, throbbing into rock-hardness. A hand was at her waist and then the button of her jeans fell away, her zipper was suddenly open and a warm and expert hand slid beneath the elastic of her thong and over her neatly-trimmed tangle of soft pubic hair. A moan grew in her throat, and her hand instinctively froze in anticipation, tight around his shaft.

But the fingers did not dive into the waiting wetness, they did not swirl around the swollen bud of her clit. Instead, they slid down the inside of her thigh with a firm, possessive movement so that the back of the hand brushed cruelly and unforgivably lightly against her swollen labia. The other hand was ravaged her breasts, squeezing them with increasing urgency, the kisses on her bare neck intoxicating eryaman escort her senses, driving all thoughts but an intense need from her mind. A finger slid over her labia, warm with her juices, then slowly slid its length deep inside her. “Oh, fuck,” she whispered, a shaky exhalation cut off abruptly as the finger came out and roamed slowly up her swollen lips, swirling in knowing, tantalizing circles around her clit before pausing to flick across it up and down, left and right. The cock in her hand was throbbing, but it was a dim afterthought now; her hand closed more tightly around it as if to give her something to cling to in the face of the storm of sensations assailing her body.

And then, without warning, the thumb flicking her hardened nipple and the tongue lapping her throat and the finger tormenting her clit fell into the same staccato, mercilessly urgent rhythm: her eyes closed and her head fell back against his, her back arched, her wanton breasts arching upwards, too. Her chest and face warmed with the rush of blood and feeling fell away from her fingertips and toes as an electric tingling rendered them numb. “Oh . . . oh . .. oh . . .oh . . . oooohhhhhh!” Her voice was soft, her words the involuntary answer to the flicking thumb and tongue and finger. The hand was gone; she found herself kicking off her shoes and jeans in the same movement as his powerful arms hoisted her effortlessly off the ground and slammed her back roughly into the wall. She lost her breath, but she did not know if it was from the collision with the wall or from the new sensation of something hot and hard and swollen sliding into the core of her body’s sensations. The lips were hard and rough on her own, the tongue found a willing partner in her own as she reached up and pulled the dark, handsome face onto her own. This was not love, this was not conventional etimesgut bayan escort missionary sex she had twice a month with her boyfriend who found it difficult to leave his business statistics in the evening. She was being well and truly fucked, and the thick cock that pistoned hard and deep in her body had robbed her now of all speech. The tingling had spread from her fingers and toes, and as she yielded her body to the overwhelming flood of sensation, she felt like a ragdoll.

She threw her arms around his neck and buried her face in his shoulder, feeling his taut muscles move with sinuous strength in rhythm with their melding forms. She was cumming now; this was why she felt a trail of wetness slide down her thigh. He seemed to fuck her harder, faster, now, but her body was so aflame with feeling then that she could only weakly cling to him. She was cumming again. Vaguely she was aware of her back being raw from grinding against the wall. She was limp, she was crying for no reason. And then she felt him pause, felt his cock bury itself deep inside her cunt and stay there a moment. She opened her eyes and looked up, saw the handsome face. His eyes were closed now, his mouth open. She watched him suck in breath sharply as she felt a warm jet of cum spurt form his cock into the soft flesh of her core. Her body clenched and released his flesh, still spasming; she felt his cock jerk and felt the warm fluid fill her when her body let go. Her eyes were ablaze with emotion despite the tears. She clung to him now more desperately to savor the feeling of him inside her. His musky scent was overwhelming and comforting. Still he held her against the wall, his body collapsing against hers.

A pearl of cum slipped out and ran down her heated skin. He leaned back, his dark eyes gazing back into her own. There was no need for words; their bodies had done the talking. As he stepped away, letting her slide gently to the floor, her arms encircled his back, pulling him close again. She moved her lips to his chest and kissed his quietly heaving form, slowly, softly, and with infinite tenderness.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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