Rick , Abbey – Lost Love Found Ch. 02

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The tray of breakfast food was more continental than not. Some fruit that Abbey was able to find in Rick’s fridge along with some bread and peanut butter. For the best though, as the tray and its contents were strewn about the floor… Dropped aside carelessly by Abbey as Rick approached her from the bed with a look in his eye that Abbey had only seen once before in her life, just a few hours before when their barriers broke down to the unspoken lust.

Rick had walked up to her in quick forceful steps and without stopping; he took her hands in his and pushed himself forward into a long passionate kiss, his tongue darting out immediately to meet hers. To Abbey’s surprise, he did not stop walking, and firmly, but gently led her backwards towards the wall, raising her arms above her head and pinning her there to his mercies.

Taking both her hands into one of his, his 2nd hand first went behind her head, pulling her even deeper into their passionate kiss. His hand then move around the side of her neck to the front, and pushed its way down between her breasts and across her stomach. Over her love handles and around her back, Rick pulled Abbey’s body to his, feeling her skin against his as he pushed his hand further down her back and on to her arse.

He grabbed her cheek with force, not so much so that was uncomfortably rough, but enough to give Abbey a sense of purpose in his play, and she basked in the pleasure of surrendering to his mercy. She gave in to him completely as he pulled her into his groin, and was moderately shocked as his solid erection pressed against her belly… She had never experienced passion and desire like this. She had no cares or worries in the world… All that mattered were the two hot bodies pressed against each other and the animal lust that it stirred in them.

Abbey knew that she was ready for Rick… She woke up ready… And with his advances, she could feel herself dripping down her leg… She attempted to shift herself a bit, to try and give Rick some encouragement by rubbing against his shaft, but she felt herself pinned harder by him. Content to be ravaged, she continued to kiss him with purpose… Her tongue wrestling with his… She noticed that his hand was moving again, further down her arse to the back of her calf… Again further, he knelt a bit and gently grabbed the back of her knee and pulled it up against the side of his hip. Rick held it there firmly as he arched the small of his back away from Abbey just to move it forward again. As he moved in again, Abbey could feel the tip of his cock against her lips and jolted violently as he pushed further, past her lips briefly, and then pull out. Abbey whimpered into his kiss as she didn’t want him to start to tease, and as if her wish was told to him, he moved forward again, this time more forcefully. She felt his throbbing manhood forcefully enter her vagina and quickly filling her pussy… She broke their kiss to gasp for breath at the sensations she was experiencing… Without stopping or even slowing, Rick pulled back, and thrust forward again… This was different than last night; the passion was replaced with animalistic lust… Rick wasn’t just making love to her, Rick was fucking her, and she loved it… Unable to move from the wall, Abbey decided to not play completely helpless, and squeezed her inner muscles, clamping on to Rick’s cock, making the push even tighter than it was before. Both of them instantly moaned at the sensation.

Rick broke their kiss and leaned backwards so he could take in Abbey’s body… Hold himself up against the wall with his hand, still holding hers, he sped up… Their eyes locked and even though Abbey was motionless, they both were fucking each other fervently.

Abbey didn’t break her gaze with Rick as her orgasm started to build… She wanted to hold on to this moment for as long as she could, but knew she couldn’t hold out forever… She started to breathe heavy, her breasts heaving with each breath… Her breathing turned into moaning, a deep passionate moan every time Rick thrust his cock into her. His pace quickened, and he started to grunt as well, and Abbey could swear that she actually felt his cock growing even larger inside her as his climax started to form. Abbey desperately wanted to win the fight, and have Rick cum first, but she couldn’t hold on… Without breaking her eye contact until the very last second, she through her head back and squinted her eyes closed so hard it almost hurt as her orgasm unleashed itself with a fury and a purpose…

Rick was unable to hold on as Abbey’s cunt pulsed and spasmed against his cock, and he too threw his head back as he shot his load deep inside of Abbey. As he slowed, he opened his eyes to find Abbey starring into them again, and he closed in for another passionate kiss. He lowered her leg and took an arm in each hand and wrapped them around his neck, carrying her to the bed to recover further. He turned back and retrieved some of the fruit off the floor and brought it to the bed for them to enjoy as they recovered. His voice rough, having not said anything ataşehir escort bayan before or after their workout, he croaked out a quiet “Thanks for breakfast”… And they both laughed.


It was 11:30 when Rick looked at his watch again. Deciding he had better call in to work to let them know he would be missing the day, Rick got out of bed and went to the living room to retrieve his cell phone. The power was still out, which would play good for an excuse for missing the day, and the rain was still pouring hard.

Ricked called up the number for his Manager and let him know that the power was out and as such so was his alarm. Since he had missed half the day already, he would just call in for the remainder and come in tomorrow.

“That’s not possible Rick, we need you here today” was the unexpected response Greg gave him.

“What’s going on?”

“The Boeing guys are here today and they are hoping to review your plan modifications”

“They weren’t supposed to be here until Thursday” Rick replied obviously upset. Boeing had contracted with Rick’s employer to redesign the engine housings for their new military aircraft that was set to be revealed later that year. Rick thought hard to remember what day it was — Monday –…

“Is it not complete?” Was Greg’s reply, with a hint of sympathy.

“It is complete, but I had planned to review it this week to make sure the revisions were structurally sound”.

Rick could feel two warm hands gently touch his back and they pushed up from his shoulder blades to massage his neck and shoulders.

“No worries in that regard, they understand that you have till next week to submit the plans. But, they still want to review the revisions and make sure things are on track”.

“Fine… I will be there in an hour.” Was Rick’s reply, much less aggressive and confrontational than he had initially thought to use, thanks to Abbey’s musings.

He hung up the phone and turned to her. “Looks like I am going to be heading in to the office for a bit.”

She gave him a gentle kiss… “That is ok, I need to start looking for a new apartment and try to get things a bit organized”.

“You are welcome to stay here and use the computer assuming the power comes back on.”

She thanked him and he turned to walk away, “I am going to have a shower.” If you would like one, there is a second bathroom in the guest room. Make yourself at home assuming you aren’t already staying with family?”

“Thanks, and I will!” Abbey beamed, delighted at his invitation.


Though now rushed, Rick took some time to enjoy his shower and reflect on his life. In a matter of 24 hours he had gone from relatively content, though single and under-active in adult matters, to ecstatic. All he could think about was Abbey… How she had been able to come back into his life by chance, and go from lost friend, to object of desire, to object of his affection (and still desire). He reflected on their evening, the different things they had done, and again this morning as he almost violated her with passion. Without noticing, he was rock hard again, though content to let it go and wait in anticipation of tonight.

He finished is showering routine 10 minutes later and opened the curtains to grab his towel and dry off. The air was crisp against his wet body given the lack of heat from the power outage. However it did nothing to help him with his solid errection. He took the towel to his head and began to dry his hair quite vigorously as he always did.

He started to dry his face and almost jumped as he felt two warm lips and a tongue quietly wrap around his rock-hard shaft. Abbey slid her head down his shaft taking it almost to the base, and then slowly slid back up again, letting Rick’s now throbbing cock spring out of her mouth. She took the base of his shaft in one hand, and pulled it towards her mouth again, but instead of taking it in, she darted for it with her tongue, circling the head of it several times before running the tip of her tongue down his shaft. Moving her fingers to give way, her tongue continued past the base of his penis to his balls. She slowly played with them with our mouth, gently massaging and flicking them with her tongue, randomly taking one into her mouth and back out. While doing this she slowly began to massage her hand back and forth up and down the length of his shaft. She could feel it throb harder in her hand and feel his sack tighten a bit as his breathing grew more labored.

She pulled her hand back against the base of his cock as she moved her tongue back up the way it came until it reached the head of his member. She kissed the tip and sucked in the head of his cock into her mouth, receiving an arousing taste of his precum. Surprised at the flavor of it and the naughtiness of the situation, she again sucked him further into her mouth until her mouth met with top of her fingers still holding the base. In unison, she started to work her mouth and hand back up the length of his cock, and back down again. Remembering that Rick was escort kadıköy on a timeline, she started to increase the pace of her movements. She hadn’t noticed Rick dropping his towel, but did notice his hands as they ever gently rested themselves against the back of her head.

Rick began to thrust a bit as his breathing turned into grunts. In between breathes he stammered out “Oh, I am going to cum”, but to his surprise, she did not pull her head away, instead further increasing the pace that she worked him over to the point where he could not hold back anymore. With a loud groan Rick grabbed the back of Abbey’s head and thrust as his orgasm rocked him to euphoria. He shot several ropes of cum before he started to come down, and as reality became more clear again, he was again surprised that Abbey still had her mouth firmly wrapped around his cock, milking the last bits of his orgasm out of him.

She let him fall free of her mouth, fully gorged, but now relaxed and smiled as she swallowed every drop he gave her.

Before he could speak she simply said “I know you have to get to work, but I couldn’t refuse when I saw you toweling off… But remember, now you have to return the favor”… And she got off her knees and walked away.


Rick stumbled through his meetings with the executives that entrusted him with their project. At least he felt like he was stumbling. He felt disorganized and a bit off beat, but not for the wrong reasons, in his opinion. After all, they had just sprung this meeting on him out of the blue, and more importantly, he was still focusing on Abbey.

Random conversations and comments occurred throughout the afternoon. Cowling this, and vectored exhaust that… Rick wasn’t sure he was helping or hurting the meeting by being present. Instead of focusing on the CAD documents he was presenting, his mind seemed to continually jump back to last night when Abbey first came out the guest room, the way her green nightie hung perfectly from her shoulders and breasts. The image of her with the look of lust in her eyes will forever be the standard of sexy for him.


Abbey found herself standing in the middle of Rick’s apartment alone. She had shown Rick to the door (still stark naked), closed it and locked up and came back upstairs to the main level. And there she stood, trying to soak it all in.

She hadn’t even thought that things would go as well as they have. Last night walking up to his door… Abbey had hoped in her wildest fantasies she would somehow find a way to get Rick interested in her enough to maybe get him to ask her out on a date. Her realistic hope was to hopefully restart their friendship, and then work it for the long haul to the next level. What had actually happened… She had fantasized a lot about Rick over the years, and what happened last night and this morning was more intense and naughtier and more right than anything she had ever dreamed up in her mind.

Deciding that she needed to unwind a bit, she drew up a bath in the guest room. She lit some candles as there no windows in the bathroom, and settled in to the almost too-hot water. She leaned back, took a deep breath in, and closed her eyes. She was almost afraid that she had died and moved on to the afterlife, as things seemed to be perfect.

She tried to think of what was next… She was sure that she had won Rick over, but didn’t want to over-bear on him, move to fast towards committal, despite her desire to do so. So she needed to get her life back on track instead. But that all could wait for the bath to be over.


Abbey awoke to the sound of loud shrieking smoke detectors… The power was back on. Sighing at the thought, she did need to get back to real life, and got out of the now cool bath and toweled off. She found some comfortable clothing from her suitcase to wear, and after stopping in the kitchen briefly to find something to eat, she made her way up the stairs to the loft where Rick kept his office. She needed to look for an apartment, and Rick had offered her use of his computer to look.

She sat down at the large desk and pulled up the internet and began her search. At first she started looking for apartments close to where she used to live, a good 25 miles away. Even though there were some available, nice apartments even, she decided to search again, this time closer to Rick’s… She had spent at least two hours looking at various sites, taking virtual tours and reviewing customer remarks. So much so that they all started to blend together… She sat back in the chair and stretched as far as she could, needing a break from the screen. As she closed her eyes to take in the stretch, her mind again started to race about Rick… But this time it was different…

Instead of thoughts of what had happened that night, she started to envision things and actions she would do to Rick given the opportunity. So many scenarios, one more devious and erotic than the next. As she continued to think, she became faintly aware of her hand between her legs rubbing gently bostancı escort at her vagina… She briefly thought to herself that she should hold out, build up some anticipation of Rick coming home, but her mind had something completely different in mind. She closed her eyes again and succumbed to her subconscious, continuing to rub at herself gently as her mind worked through different ideas and thoughts… As she progressed, she noticed that her mind focused on one specific idea, something so risky and so naughty that she couldn’t believe that she was actually thinking about doing it… And yet she planned out how it would happen, the details, contingencies on variables, and in doing so she brought herself to an amazing orgasm, moaning and screaming so hard that she wasn’t sure if anyone outside could hear her… And frankly, she didn’t care.

Opening her eyes again she realized the mess that she had made on Rick’s leather chair, and set out to clean it up… After that, all she had to do was wait…


Rick was at a loss for words… Just a few minutes ago, he had almost collapsed into the chair in his office at the engineering company, having just spent the past 3 hours in impromptu presentations and design review, giving what he felt were inadequate explanations to tough questions from executives that were 4 days early in wanting to review his documents.

He was certain that the overall endeavor was a complete failure, from being late initially to having himself preoccupied with Abbey and all of the happenings of the past evening. He wasn’t at all surprised to see his boss and his boss’s boss enter his office almost immediately after he sank into his seat, full well sure that he would have to start tap-dancing for his job. He was however, at a loss for words when they proceeded to sing his accolades and compliment him on an outstanding job.

How could he have even pulled something like this off normally, without the predominant distraction of all his wildest fantasies seeming to be coming true… Still unsure of himself, and sure that his bosses kind words were unfounded, he thanked them, hoping it wasn’t some sort of joke.

They offered him tomorrow off to recover from the last-minute grilling, to which he actually perked up for the first time to thank them… A full day with Abbey…

As soon as his bosses left, he looked at his watch: 4:35… He spent 20 minutes going through his email and voicemail. On a whim, he made a quick call to his favorite high-end restaurant and set up a reservation for two. He then sent a text to Abbey…


“Will be home in 20 minutes… If you have something nice to wear, put it on. We’re going out…”

Abbey read the text message and smiled deviously… She hadn’t expected to go out tonight, but she was more than ready for it. She thought back to her plan upstairs, and was excited to think that tonight would be as good a night as any to do it… So long as she didn’t chicken out.


Rick pulled up to the apartment 30 minutes later and tapped the horn twice to let her know that he was there. She was excited for their date, and the extra 10 minute wait stirred at her stomach in anticipation and excitement. She grabbed her bag and head down the stairs and out to her evening.

Rick was standing outside the truck with her door open and nearly dropped his jaw at the site. Abbey had been fortunate to have the foresight to pack a nice evening dress should her original plan have succeeded and she needed something for a 1st date. The dress was a unique design — a black tight-fitting dress that went down almost to her ankles. There was a slit up the right side that went thigh-high that framed her leg perfectly as she stepped into a modeling post for Rick briefly. The top half went up just over her breasts, and instead of two shoulder straps, it curved across her chest into one thicker strap that went over her left shoulder. The dress was smartly decorated with a couple of clusters of fake diamonds or shiny black beads that sparkled with her eyes.

Rick made absolutely no effort to hide his stunned expression as he marveled in the sight of her. Playfully Abbey sauntered over to him and pecked him on the cheek as she stepped past to get into the truck. As she sat in the car Rick enjoyed the full view of her leg as her dress rode up a bit. Once in, he closed the door for her and silently sighed off the immediate lust he was fighting as he smiled to himself and went around the truck to get in.

As they drove they made small talk about their days. Rick told her about the meeting and the praise afterwards (though he left out the part about him gawking over her all day). She told him of her search and that she had a couple of places to check, but nothing that stood out as amazing.

As they made the 20 minute drive into downtown, the rain had picked up again, and between the added moisture, glare of headlights and rush-hour traffic, Rick was forced to pay more attention to the driving, and a bit less to the conversation. Abbey was encouraged to find though that when they stopped talking altogether, the silence was not uncomfortable, and even comforting. As they drove she found herself staring at Rick, and the conflux of emotions that she felt were all positive, and she relished in it.

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