Room Mates Pt. 03

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* So after much deliberation, here is the next installment. This is the first piece that I have written with the help of an Editor and I found his help incredibly inspiring. I hope you do too! Thanks E – this one’s for you *

So the proverbial ball was in my court.

Jake was waiting for me to make the first move in our little game of whatever it was we were doing and, if you can excuse the tennis analogy I felt like a novice stepping out onto Centre Court at Wimbledon.

The idea of seducing him made me terrified and euphoric in equal measure, finally I had an opportunity to become the seductress I’d always fantasised I could be yet I was essentially clueless on how to actually do it. I knew that Jake would come up with amazing ways to turn me on but the reality was almost paralyzing. I had no idea how turn a man on, my ex-fiancé was a wham bam kind of guy so other than taking my bra off I hadn’t really needed to do anything.

Flopping onto my bed, I thought of all the erotica I had read, mostly after my ex had fallen asleep and was snoring away beside me. Believe me, I read a lot! I ran through the stories in my head and systematically checked them off my list as being either unsuitable for my purposes or just not my cup of tea.

I wanted to make Jake feel amazing but had no clue where to start. Normally I’d talk to Rosie, but asking for sex tips to seduce her brother seemed like a bad idea, even considering how desperate I was, literally and figuratively. Glancing at my watch and realising I was going to be late for work, I reluctantly got up and grabbed my Kindle for a little research.

Turns out reading erotica on a packed Piccadilly line train when you are already horny is a bad idea. Never had I felt this level of intense need. Sure, I’d read about it and listened as my friends waxed lyrical about their amazing sex lives but I honestly thought it was either fiction or bragging.

Now I understood what honest to god sexual desire felt like. All I wanted to do was get Jake naked and feel his cock deep inside of me, relieving the tension coiling through my body. Hell, right now I’d settle for 5 minutes in a toilet stall, with my hands in my knickers. Neither option was viable however, at least not at 8.45 on a Tuesday morning so I tried to clear the fog of lust from my brain and went to work.

Thankfully, my day was busy enough that I didn’t have time to dwell on my lack of seduction. Working in a department store, Handbags and Accessories if you must know, means that there is always something to do. As Assistant Department Manager I have to manage my time between paperwork and being the happy face of customer service. My team is mostly made up of older ladies so whilst we chat about mundane subjects like the weather and their grandchildren, hot tips to spice up your sex life are off the menu.

As the clock struck 11, I dashed to the Ladies and phoned my university roommate friend Sophia. She managed an extremely high end lingerie store in Soho and knew exactly how to get a man’s attention.

Dialling her number, I said a silent prayer, took a deep breath and asked her how things were going.

“I do love new stock day Sammie! Absolutely the best part of my working week! You have to see it, it’s all so gorgeous. Silks, satins. Lots of corsetry, all with proper boning. Makes a woman feel like a vixen even if it hurts! This is underwear made for seduction. Takes about an hour to put on and longer to take off with all of the hooks and eyes but man, he’ll be as hard as a rock when he sees you in it!”

I felt myself blush as Sophia described the pieces, each one seemingly more sumptuous than the last. It probably cost a fortune but I was going to go and have a look anyway, imagining Jake as hard as granite as I showed him.

Oh boy, I’d make him sit on the bed as I dropped my robe, unveiling my body wrapped in a raspberry satin corset with lace edging and the matching thong. His eyes would widen and he’d groan and even in the dim light from the bedside lamp I’d be able to see his cock harden through his trousers. As his breathing deepened I’d run my fingers up the bodice and peel back the lace edged cups to bare my hard nipples to his gaze. He’d reach for me but I’d tease him as I teased myself, sliding my hand down to my satin covered pussy, now slick with my arousal as I stroked my nipple. Then I’d…

“Of course, as sexy as really good lingerie is, all a man really wants is for a woman to get naked for him. He doesn’t care how much it costs or how good we look in it, he just wants to see it on the floor. It’s sad really but men are idiots. Women buy lingerie for themselves, it makes them feel sexy but honestly does nothing for him at all!”

Right there, my erotic fantasy dashed. I couldn’t help myself I had to ask. Other than Rosie, Sophia was the closest friend I had and having seen her in action, I knew she’d be able to give me a pointer or three.

“Nothing!? Men get nothing out of the sexy lingerie look at all?”

“Oh they güvenilir bahis get a stiffy just from looking but all they really want to do is get the damn stuff off you and see you naked. It’s all just one big tease to him!”

Taking a deep breath I threw myself into unchartered waters,

“What if I wanted to tease a man? Draw it out? What would you suggest I do to get a guy really excited? Hypothetically of course!”

Radio silence greeted me and I held my breath.

“Hypothetically? Shit girl, you’re getting back on the horse! About fucking time! Here I am bleating on about crotchless panties and you want to know how to get a man to strip you of yours! Hell, Sammie, you are too cute for your own good! Any man would walk over hot coals to get a shot with you and you don’t see it. I could fucking kill that dick you were engaged to!”

I laughed, this wasn’t the first time she’d said this and I suspected one word from me and Richard would be in the Emergency Room but right now my focus was on Jake and what I could do to blow his mind.

“There is a guy Soph, but you know me, I get scared and shy and… I don’t want to ruin this. I need you to teach me how to be more like you!”

“Honey! You are perfect as you are! You be you and I’ll be me. That’s the first rule. If you try to be someone you’re not, it’ll just end up getting super weird. Maybe down the line you can try being me but that’ll involve spanking and butt plugs and love eggs!”

I snorted and she laughed at me,

“Okay girlie, you came to the right place. Later you and I are going to check out super sexy lingerie but first I’m going to give you a master class in seduction! Use what you want to, but it’s all satisfaction guaranteed. I hope you’re paying attention…”

The tube ride home was torture. Sophia’s advice was worthy of an AVN award but she’d given me confidence. Maybe too much but if I didn’t try I would never know.

Entering the flat I was grateful to find myself alone. Rosie always came back at about 8 and we ate dinner before doing our own thing. As usual, she and I chatted about our days and I had to bite my cheek to avoid blurting out anything about Jake. She casually mentioned he was going out for drinks after work and I nodded, aiming for nonchalance but secretly praying he’d come home alone. Pleading a headache, I avoided a TOWIE marathon and was safely in bed when I heard the front door close and the sounds of Jake settling in for the night.

I checked the clock and watched as the hands clicked by, straining my ears to hear his movements. Rosie was fast asleep, her soft snores audible over the pounding of my heartbeat and I heard the creak of Jake’s bed as he settled in for the night. Had he wanted to check in on me? Would he want me to do what I was about to attempt?

Before I could lose my nerve, I leapt into action and picked up my little bag of tricks before I exhaled deeply and snuck into his room.


Grinning I moved closer to the bed,

“Who else were you expecting Jake?”

“No-one! I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t dreaming this.”

“Definitely not a dream Jake, more like a fantasy.”

I saw the gleam of his teeth as he reached for the lamp,

“No lights Jake. Not this time.”

“But I want to see you Sammie, I want to see all of you.”

“This is my fantasy Jake and you don’t get to see anything.”

“Oh really!”

I smiled into the darkness as I opened the small bag and pulled the sleep mask over his eyes, running my fingers over his face. He moaned as I traced the fullness of his lips and I bent to give him the briefest whisper of a kiss. He surged forward, his tongue ready to dance with mine but I pushed him back down into the pillows.

“Really! If we are going to do this Jake, and I really hope we do, you have to let me do it my way.”

He grinned, his teeth a stark contrast in the darkness and I exhaled, grateful that this gorgeous man was willing to let me take control.

“Whatever you want to do Sammie, I’m just elated you want to do it with me.”

I bent and licked his bottom lip,

“With you. To you. For you.”

He huffed and I could already see the sheet stirring over his cock. Maybe I could do this after all. Sophia’s words flooded my brain but as I looked down at Jake, I suddenly felt the fear leave me, my nerves gone I felt nothing but heat.

“You can’t try to touch me Jake.”

He groaned and I saw his head move from side to side,

“You have to promise me! If you touch me I’ll leave and you’ll have to wait for me to make my move again! It’s still my turn.”

Leaning down, I pressed my breasts against his chest and delighted in the gasp he released. Galvanised I licked the shell of his ear and carried on,

“Tonight I want to share something very personal with you. I’ve never done this before and I’m a little nervous but I think you might enjoy it. I need you to hold on to your head board and promise not to let go. Can you give me that?”

He mumbled türkçe bahis and coughed,

“Sammie, I would move the world to give you whatever you wanted!”

Smiling I kissed his neck and placed two tea lights on his bedside table. Lighting them, I watched as they lit the room in a gentle glow, casting Jake’s torso in an amber light. Not enough to see him as well as I really wanted but just enough to stop me tripping over and embarrassing myself before I even began.

Jake’s arms were extended over his head, his hands gripping the slats on the headboard, the muscles defined and tantalising. His hair was already mussed and my freebie airline sleep mask should have looked incongruous, but coupled with the deep rise and fall of his chest and the tempting way he clasped his bottom lip between his teeth I had never seen anything so desirable.

Slowly I climbed onto the bed, settling myself in the small space on the pillow just behind his head. Bracketed between his arms and the headboard, my overheated pussy practically straddling his face I was glad Jake couldn’t see me.

Naked bar a vest top, I reached down to pull the sheet from his body and was overwhelmed to see he slept naked. Already his cock was hard and pointing towards me, the sheen of his pre cum glistening in the semi dark. He hissed as the air danced over his skin,

“How is it fair that I can’t see you but you get to see me?”

“Turnaround is fair play Jake and next time you get to call the shots.”

He gripped the slats on the headboard and I saw the rise and fall of his beautiful chest as he sniffed the air, pulling the aroma of my lust into his lungs,

“Then I’m going to insist on seeing everything Sammie. Up close and personal!”

I grinned as I slid my fingers over my pussy, already weeping in anticipation,

“Sounds amazing Jake, but for now you get to hear and smell me… Up close and personal and just for you!”

He shook slightly and I felt his biceps brush my thighs. In unison we both gasped, me at the brief flash of warmth on my skin and I hoped Jake’s gasp was in realisation of my position above him.

“God Sammie! What are you trying to do to me?! Are you naked? Please tell me you’re naked and that I can take this damn mask off!”

“How am I supposed to seduce you if I tell you what I’m going to do to you? Honestly Jake, have you never just relaxed and let someone else take the reins?”

He snorted, the action causing his cock to jump and my nipples to harden yet again,

“Honestly Sammie, I’m always in control and I happen to like it that way. But I must admit, this is turning out to be one hell of a diversion. I’m trying not to let go and just take over, which is pretty fucking hard. You could at least reward me with a little treat!”

“You don’t know what I have planned! I’m fairly certain you’ll enjoy it Jake!”

“Oh Sammie, I love it already. But men are visceral creatures, take away our sight and we’re useless. If I can’t see you, at least tell me what I’m missing out on! Please?”

Laughing, Jake was the least useless man I knew, I dipped slightly and brushed my pussy against his open mouth. Immediately I felt his tongue against my skin and rose, keeping some distance between us. At least for now.

“For trying so hard and for being so hard, I’ll give you a little detail Jake. I’m almost naked and if I move an inch, you would be able to taste me.”

He groaned and lifted the aforementioned inch. Gasping, I lifted my thighs and avoided his cunning mouth.

“What did I say about it being my turn?! Honestly Jake, you have no control at all!”

He laughed and I felt my arousal trickle down my thighs.

“I have a white vest on and no panties. Right now, I am straddling your head and staring at your beautiful naked body. I want you to touch me Jake, I want you to taste me. And you will… soon I’m sure. But right now, I want you to have to suffer what I did last night.”

“Suffer? I hurt you?”

“No Jake, not hurt me. But I had to listen to you with that woman last night, listen as you made her cum over and over again and I could only imagine what was going on. So…”

He chuckled as the penny dropped,

“So tonight, you get to hear me cum over and over again and have to use your imagination just like I did!”

“God Sammie! I think I like the way your mind works. Do with me what you will!”

“Jake, I totally plan on it!”

I focused on his cock as I sucked my fingers into my mouth and felt the bed tremble beneath me. As my damp fingers caressed my clit I let out a sob and through the flickering candlelight, watched as a single bead of fluid slid down his considerable length. Rubbing circles over my clitoris, I pushed two fingers into my pussy and slowly began fucking myself in my favourite rhythm. Lost in the semi darkness, the only sounds were his harsh intakes of breath and the wet friction as I thrust my fingers deep inside myself, alternating between short and long strokes.

Inches from his face güvenilir bahis siteleri I felt the tension in his body as he tried to remain still and having this beautiful man acquiescing to me made my body hotter than ever. My inner muscles squeezed my fingers as I stroked myself and if I felt half as good wrapped around Jake’s cock it would still be the best sex of my life. My clit pulsed and I knew I was close to coming, much more contact and I’d edge into pain.

Jake’s hips were gently pumping upwards as more and more pre cum spilled from the tip and I tensed my thighs and reached forward to lightly stroke my wet fingers up the length of his cock. He hissed at the contact, and remembering my pep talk, I pulled the band from my ponytail and shook my head, my hair lightly whipping his taut erection. Jake bucked towards me and almost howled so I did it again, and again.

Bracing my weight on one arm, I shyly licked his slit, swallowing his fluid as I pinched my clit between two fingers and scissored my fingers as deep as I could. My thighs trembled as I held myself suspended above Jake’s head, mere inches from the heaven I knew his mouth could bring me.

It would be so easy to push my pussy against his lips and succumb to his obvious skill but this was about me giving him something of me. His cock pressed against my lips as the muscles in his arms pulsed and knowing the strength that he willingly held back just because I’d asked him to, I curled my fingertips deep inside, feeling my entire body shatter.

Waves of pleasure coursed through me, my body bucking as I slowly withdrew my fingers, painting my skin with cum. I heard my hiss of pleasure meld with his and almost screamed in satisfaction. I’d never been noisy in bed, but then I’d never taken the initiative before. Staring at Jake’s burnished erection, I realised I’d never wanted to, not with someone who wasn’t him.

I stroked my trembling fingers over his lips and almost came again as he sucked the wetness away, his tongue laving every available inch of skin. I heard and felt his enjoyment as he tasted me and wanted to feel his tongue explore all of me.

Shocked at my behaviour I grinned into the night and leant down to lick his cock again, one long lush stroke from base to tip. He howled and bucked against my tongue, the salty fluid spilling faster now. I took the head between my lips and sucked him gently, my tongue flicking against the tip, urging more of his delicious seed into my mouth before taking him deep. Poised above him, I licked his head, swirling my tongue lushly over him to catch every trace of his excitement before sinking down to run my tongue of the sensitive ridge. He thrust up into my mouth and groaned, straining to hold himself still as I fluttered against the hot salty flesh.

“So good! God Sammie, you feel so fucking great on my cock!”

With a third of his cock in my mouth, I hollowed my cheeks and hummed as I took him deeper, revelling in the trembling of his body. Pulling back completely, I exhaled on the sensitive skin, damp from my mouth and gently stroked him with the ends of my hair. He bucked again, seemingly desperate to find my eager lips again and I almost came again in delight. Pushing back I felt the warmth of his breath against my open pussy and cried out as I felt the tip of his tongue against my clit. He licked me twice before I felt his lips close over me and I shifted, wanting to let him taste me almost as much as I wanted to taste him.

“Naughty Jake! Naughty but so very good. I think you deserve an extra treat for that manoeuvre!”

He laughed, a husky rumble as I licked my lips and wrapped them around his cock once again. Each time I took him a little deeper, loving the feel of his hot cock in my mouth and my strokes grew faster as I sucked him harder, feeding inch after inch of his beautiful erection into my throat.

Involuntarily I felt my gag reflex kick in and slowly pulled back, my body still shivering from my orgasm yet desperate for more. Jake held himself as I took him deep again, breathing through my nose as I sank further down, my tongue caressing the hot salty flesh I so badly wanted inside of me.

“Fuck Sammie, I’m so close… If you don’t want me to come in your mouth… you should stop!”

I sucked him harder, feeling his length deep in my throat and the bristle of his pubic hair brush my lips. Exhaling, I withdrew, licking his crown before taking him deep again. Once, twice, on the third time he shattered, his cock pulsing ribbons of cum across my tongue as I felt his chest heave beneath me. I swallowed a little, the hot fluid tempting my senses as Jake entered my body for the first time but forgot to breathe in my excitement.

I felt him burst against my chin and watched entranced as the thick fluid slid down his twitching cock. I had never wanted to swallow a man before but watching Jake’s cum drip from my face down onto his semi hard cock I realised that I wanted to taste him fully. I wanted to feel his hands on my head as he erupted in my mouth and I wanted to feel him flood me with his salty orgasm. I was lost to everything but the taste of him, the sound of his orgasm and his laboured praise as I licked each precious drop from his overheated skin.

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