Runners Race to Love Each Other

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The marathon had been a disaster. We were late getting to the site, and my typical pre-race routine was shot. It was hotter and muggier than it should have been in September, so the trail was miserable from the first mile. On top of that my summer training had suffered due to the heat starting early and not letting up. I hate treadmill running, and road running had been hell. But I wanted that finisher medal. The first half-marathon loop had finished stronger than I thought I could, but the second was going to be the toughest. It always was. And now I had Lisbeth on my mind.

She and I had gone out a couple of times and gone running together quite a bit. We had a strong connection, however I couldn’t escape the feeling of being a dirty old man being attracted to a woman 12 years my junior. She was a strong single mother, doing a great job raising her daughter without any help from her ex. She was also beautiful. She had a girl-next-door look to her, long dark hair, and B-cup tits that wanted to be C’s. She had wonderful curves, and hips that I wanted to grab every time I found myself running behind her. She also had an ass that was just big enough to be luscious. Watching her run in tights made it hard to concentrate on where I was going. Lisbeth was a beautiful Latina, her skin the color of caramel, with a sweet personality to match. I wanted to make her mine, to take her, dominate her, mate her. I also wanted to care for her, provide for her, and be her man. It was a paradox that paralyzed me. I didn’t know how to show her one side of me without scaring her off. I knew she liked strong, assertive men. She also wanted a kind, gentle man. Whichever side she saw first would be a lasting impression for her. Her daughter, Catie, and I got along famously. She was a precocious 5-year-old who loved my playful nature and obviously needed a father figure in her life. What I didn’t know earlier was that she wanted all of that. She wanted me to be a father figure for her daughter while also being her provider and guardian, lover and master.

Lisbeth had run the 10K race, so I didn’t see her at the turnaround for the second loop. I had hoped to get at least a glimpse. To see her smile would have given me an energy boost to last at least a couple miles. And I needed it. The heat intensified, with the humidity giving up nothing. At mile 15, the sky opened, and buckets fell. I continued to slip and slide down the trail. I do love trail running, but this race had not been fun from the beginning. And all I could think was “Fuck this shit.” But I had to keep going…for another 11.2 miles. My pace was too slow. My heart wasn’t in it, and I didn’t push myself. At bursa escort the mile 20 aid station, I and three other runners were informed that we had missed the cutoff. Our race was over. Our timing chips were confiscated, and we had two options. We could ride back to the start in the back of the pickup once the aid station was torn down and put away, or we could walk back using the road, which got us to the parking lot in just over two miles. The three of us walked.

Lisbeth saw me coming into the parking lot from the wrong direction. She knew something was wrong and worried that I was injured. Fortunately, it was just my pride. I climbed into the pickup, and we stopped at the park restrooms so could change out of my muddy running gear. It was an hour’s drive back to my place, then another 30 minutes for her to drive. We stopped for a quick burger on the way, then made small talk on the drive. Neither of us had obligations for the rest of the day, so we decided we would clean up at my place, then head to the movies.

Once home, Lisbeth went inside to shower while I unloaded the pickup. I wanted to go join her in the shower, but that would have been too forward, or so I thought. Plus, I was more than a little ripe from the run. So, I put away the ice chest and set out my muddy clothes and shoes. Lisbeth was in the guest bathroom, so I went to mine to start cleaning up. I left the bathroom door unlocked, hoping against hope she would surprise me. But I knew better. She wouldn’t be that bold. After we were showered and dressed, we chatted about what movie to go see.

“Will you stay awake through a movie?” Lisbeth giggled as she quipped. She knew me. “You look worn out, and you’ve been beating the hell out of yourself since we left the race.”

“I’ll be fine.” I lied. “Although if you’d like to, we can hang out here and rest a little before we go out.”

“I think you need it.” Lisbeth was a sweetheart. She genuinely cared for me, and she was so very supportive.

“I just got a new ultra-high-def flat screen in my room. Let’s watch it in there, and if I fall asleep, you can escape my snoring to the living room.”

“Sounds good. Although I might fall asleep, too.” We laid down on top of the comforter, and I queued up a Will Ferrell movie. Maybe some comedy would brighten the day. As I was starting the movie, Lisbeth cuddled up to me. I wrapped my arms around her, kissed her, and laid my head down. I did it without thinking. And it felt right.

I woke up when the ending credits were rolling and found Lisbeth still in my arms. She wasn’t asleep, though.

“I’m sorry. Did I snore in your ear?” I asked, a little worried that I bursa escort bayan had also drooled on her.

“It’s fine. I like this…being held by you…sleeping with you.” She rolled over as she spoke, and we were face to face.

I kissed her, and she kissed me back, passionately. We held each other tight, our tongues intertwined, our bodies crushed against each other. I pulled her on top of me, still kissing her. Her petite, 5′ 4″ frame lithe and light. Lisbeth sat up, her crotch grinding against mine. I was hard and wanted her. She was wearing a very thin white blouse. There was no bra underneath, and her nipples pushed at the fabric, begging to be touched. I caressed her breasts through her blouse. Lisbeth smiled at me and began to unbutton, slowly revealing to me two of the most perfect, round melons of sweetness and motherhood I had ever seen. I touched her now-bear breasts, each nipple responding to my touch by becoming erect, each touch producing a gasp of pleasure from her. The blouse fell off her shoulders. It was more than abundantly clear that we both wanted the same thing. We wanted each other.

I sat up to take off my t-shirt. Lisbeth helped, freeing my hands to explore her body. I caressed her body, and she shivered. I unbuttoned the waistband of her peach-colored shorts, wanting to see, to touch, to taste the peach underneath. As if reading my mind, Lisbeth stood up next the bed and wriggled out of her shorts. She was wearing a tiny white thong, which made it clear that she had shaved her pussy for me. It was also clear that she was wet for me.

I reached for the button on my cargo shorts and was interrupted, “No, let me, please.” Lisbeth whispered. She unbuttoned my shorts and freed my aching cock. I wanted to see her ride me, to be inside her. But first, Lisbeth took me in her mouth. I threw my head back in ecstasy, feeling her warm mouth engulf my manhood. Lisbeth took me into her mouth deeply, briefly gagging on my rigid cock. I ran my hands through her hair and reveled at the sound of her moans. She cupped my balls with her hand, fondling me. As I was about to reach the peak of our sexual mountain, she stopped, and came to kiss me.

I grabbed her head and kissed her, forcing my tongue into her mouth. We kissed hard, more passionately that I had ever thought possible. I wanted all of her, and I wanted to watch her climax. I pulled Lisbeth on top of me, positioning her garden of Eden on top of my manhood. She dutifully complied, raising herself enough to pull her panties to the side and position my cock at the gate to her garden, and impaled herself on my rod. She lowered herself, taking all of my cock inside her, escort bursa lowering her chest to me, begging me to suck her tits while she rode me.

“Fuck me, please. Make me your woman, Jesse.”

“Oh, Lisbeth, my god, you feel so good. I’ve wanted you for so long.” I wanted to impregnate her, make her carry my child, bear the fruit of my loins.

“I’ve wanted you, too. I know you’re a good man. I want to be yours. You feel so good, Jesse. God, your cock is so hard, so big inside me. I love it when you fuck me!” Lisbeth was moaning as she spoke.

“Come for me, Baby. I want to see you climax. I want to be the man that makes you come!” I ordered her.

Lisbeth showed me her compliant side. She sat up, her hands on my chest, accentuating her tits, and began grinding on my cock. “Oh god, yes, Jesse! I’m going to come on your cock! I’ve never come before you! God, you’re amazing. I’m entirely yours! You can use me, make me come. I’ll do anything for you! Fuuuuccckkkk meeeee!! Ooooohhhhh gaaaawwwwddd!!”

I watched Lisbeth shake as she climaxed, feeling her nipples harden even more, her pussy clamped down on my cock. As her orgasm subsided, Lisbeth looked me in the eye, giving me a look of submission, longing, and desire. And I wanted to take what was rightfully mine. Without asking, I flipped her over, forced her knees to her chest, letting me see her tight pussy stretched to take my manhood. I pinned her to the bed and rhythmically pounded her, feeling her tight pussy beg for my load.

“Get me pregnant, Jesse. I want to have your baby!” Lisbeth was begging me. And I was amazed at the beauty of this woman, wanting a connection with me that could never be broken. “Please, Jesse, please make me your woman.”

I put all my weight on top of her, preventing her from moving. I pounded into her furiously, losing control. Her pussy got tighter and wetter, and I watched her tits bounce and her pussy swallowing my cock. And in a moment, I summited the mountain; I exploded, pumping streams of semen inside her, each explosion pushing the first deeper into her womb.

“Yes, Jesse. God, I love you. I’m going to take care of you. And we’ll make a beautiful baby together.” Lisbeth whispered. As we relaxed, I rolled off of her, held her in my arms, and refused to let her go.

“I love you, too, Lisbeth. I’m going to take care of you. We’ll build a family together. And I will provide for you and Catie.” I was already thinking of what needed to be done. Lisbeth desperately needed a new car, and Catie would want her room painted pink. And my office would become a nursery. “Are you hungry? I believe it’s time for dinner.” I spoke softly as I kissed her.

“Yes, my love. Let’s go pick up Catie and go eat. Then we’ll come home and enjoy the rest of the weekend as a family. And later tonight, we’ll keep working on adding to our family.” Lisbeth winked as she spoke.

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