Sally, Summer of Sex Ch. 09

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Bedroom for the Night

Jerry Malone sat in the family room of the home where the swingers party was being held. He had just finished having a brief period of intercourse with his daughter’s friend, Sally. Now he was waiting as his daughter’s date, Mark Horton, fucked Sally on one of the mattresses on the floor in the house’s great room.

He had been obsessed with Sally ever since his daughter wanted to bring her to the party. In fact, ever since he had seen her standing topless in his own home. She had no figure and no breasts. Her face wasn’t real attractive except for her eyes. But there had been something very sensual about her. He wasn’t satisfied with the short time he had just spent with her. He had cut off his time with her because he felt himself about to come and he knew the sexual part of his evening would be over if he allowed that. His balls just weren’t up to more than one ejaculation a night any more.

As he watched Mark and Sally he turned down two other women. One was an attractive thirtyish blond who he had sex with every other swingers party when they had both been present. He might as well have ended his evening with Sally.

As Mark and Sally finished what from the sound had been a very fulfilling activity Jerry considered going and asking Sally for another chance. But the two of them went to the table across from his and became absorbed in conversation. He got up and began walking around.

He ran into the host of the party and, on a whim, asked him, “George, do you think I could maybe use one or two of you bedrooms for the whole night?”

“The whole night? ‘Til the end of the party?”

“No, George, after the party, until morning.”

“That’s an unusual request. Why not take the woman home with you?”

“We don’t really have a spare bedroom. The second room would be for Marlene and the the lady’s partner. I’ll pay.”

“Jerry, you know we don’t do this for a profit. I’ll need to talk to Betty about it.”

“Let me know.”

Jerry began carrying out his plan. He began looking for his wife, Marlene, and found her talking to the husband of the blond he had turned down. “Marlene, can I talk to you briefly?”

He took her aside. debating exactly how to approach the conversation. “Marlene, would you mind spending all night here with Jason, the guy Sally brought?”

Marlene Malone had agreed to her daughter coming and bringing a friend because she fantasized about them bringing young studs for her to fuck and Jason had been exactly the kind of guy she had hoped for. She wondered why her husband would be suggesting this. Realization came quickly. “Jerry, you’re looking to spend the night with Sarah’s friend, Sally, aren’t you?” She laughed, “I knew something was up when you waited behind after we got here. I saw you take her out to the pool. Ha, you’re taken with her. Admit it.”

Sheepishly he admitted his desire for Sally.

Marlene’s previous two marriages, including the first one to Sarah’s father had ended because of her inability to restrict herself to one guy. Her current marriage had lasted only because Jerry recognized this. She knew that the main reason they attended swingers’ parties was to keep her satisfied. She put aside the jealous feeling that her husband was attracted to the young woman and acknowledged his request. “Okay, you can have your night with her and I’ll spend he night with Jason. I think I’ll go fuck now. Enjoy yourself.”

“Marlene,” he said before she could leave.


“Could you talk to Jason about this. I’m going to go get toothbrushes and stuff for the night. Is there anything you’ll need?”

Then he went to wait for Sally. She and Mark were heavily at it again on one of the mattresses in the great room. Jerry Malone sat, his cock stiff and straining, trying to enlarge out of its skin. While he waited George came by to tell him that he could use the bedrooms for the night.

When Sally and Mark finished, Jerry quickly intercepted the young woman. Her eyes examined his erection with approval.

She agreed to spend the night and his penis was almost painful in its yearning to be inside her. He knew he could satisfy the yearning right now but he wanted more than the quick satisfaction of the mattresses, and he loved the joy of anticipation. With reluctance he left her. Before he left she gave him a peck on the cheek accentuated with a quick stroke of his cock. He felt like he might come on the spot. He dressed and went to a nearby drug store and then drove a couple of miles to an adult store.

When he got back the party was winding down and he went looking for Sally. She was easy to find. She was being bounced up and down on the cock of one of the younger participants and clearly enjoying herself. Jerry wished it was him but knew he didn’t have the arm strength to hold her like that for as long as the fucking went on. It wouldn’t be long and he’d have his chance.

Finally the couple collapsed on the mattress and when güvenilir bahis Sally stood he quickly went and asked her to wait for him while he found Sarah. He discovered that she was upstairs in one of the bedrooms with Todd Johanssen one of the more energetic and randy guys who attended these parties. He waited at the bottom of the stairs. Sally came over. “My mom wants you to call her. She thinks I’m staying overnight at your house. She must thinks I’m only14. I call so she won’t worry and she demands you call her. You’d think I was still a virgin.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll talk to her,” Jerry responded and called. He found he didn’t need to lie, just telling Mrs. Czarwitz that Sally was staying overnight “here” and that she’d be no bother was enough. “I’m glad to have her,” he concluding in full honesty, his hard, almost painfully erect cock confirming the statement.

Sally was listening intently, “Do you hear that?” she giggled.

He listened to the sound of his daughter squealing in delight from upstairs. He felt a bit embarrassed though he didn’t know why. He hadn’t been embarrassed by Sarah fucking Larry or a bunch of other guys during the evening. Maybe it was standing here listening with her friend that made the difference. As he listened to a couple of high pitched squeals followed by a loud, and clear, “Oh my God!” he felt a hand on his balls.

As he stood listening Sally sat on the stairs fascinated by the pendulous testicles at her eye level. They hung in their sack well below the stiff rod and rotated slowly in anticipation. She couldn’t resist fondling them and feeling their weight. They continued to squirm in her grasp and she squeezed lightly. She had found out from her first experiences with a guy’s genitals that it wasn’t a good idea to squeeze too hard. She moved her other hand to the shaft and rolled the foreskin away from the pink tip. She was playing with the foreskin when Jerry said, “There you are.” She turned to see Sarah coming down the stairs with an elderly gentleman.

The Night Begins

Jerry handed the car keys to his daughter, made it clear she could use the master bedroom to finish out the evening with Mark Horton who she needed to drive back to get his car. If he were honest with himself he would have realized that he was jealous of the rapport Mark seemed to have with Sally. He hoped that any affection Mark had for Sally could be transferred to his daughter who was arguably the better looking of the two. Though maybe not so rawly sensual.

After Sarah left he turned to Sally and put out his hand, “Shall we?”

“Sure, Mr. Malone.”

“Jerry, Sally, Jerry.”

“Oh, I forgot, Mr. Malone, I mean, Jerry.” The first name seemed strange to her. He had been “Mr. Malone” since she and Sarah had become best friends in grade school.

As they went up the stairs Sally became aware of how tired she was. Several hours of intense sex and the lateness were taking their toll. She wasn’t sure how to introduce the topic.

The bedroom was likely the one Sarah had been using. The bed had a single rumpled sheet on it that had a few slightly damp spots. Jerry Malone pulled the sheet off and threw it in a corner. There was a stack of clean sheets on a dresser and the two of them put a couple of those on the bed. there was also a blanket folded in a corner that they put on. It wasn’t difficult but Sally was even more tired now. When they were finished she climbed on the bed and lay on her back, relaxing with her eyes closed.

Jerry got in beside her and began stroking her neck, breasts and nipples. He allowed his stiff cock to rub against her side.

“Mr Malone,” Sally whispered.

“Jerry,” he corrected.

“Sorry, Mr. Malone, Jerry.”


“Mr. Malone, .. I mean Jerry, I’m really tired.”

He felt disappointed but realized he should have considered what an evening of full-on sex can be like. He’d was usually exhausted after these parties and would be tonight if he hadn’t spent the time obsessed with this young woman. He responded only with, “Oh?”

“I really want you inside me,” she told him bluntly, “I do want to fuck, but maybe in the morning?”

“Of course, I understand.” but he realized he could get some pleasure from this. “Maybe I can continue to massage you. That might help you relax.”

“Yes, I think it would,” she smiled and continued to lay on her back while she felt the gentle touches he made over her entire body. She fell asleep to a dream. She was a giant among Lilliputians, all male. they had her tied to the ground and were running all over her body, gently pulling at her nipples and poking at everything. She felt a few crawl inside her vagina.

When she had clearly fallen asleep. Mark Malone examined the smooth, thin body. He gently spread her legs and looked closely at the large fleshy labia, spreading the soft pillows to look at the long thin labia that peeked out. As he stroked they became engorged and lay to either side of he vaginal türkçe bahis entrance. God, he wanted inside. He pushed a finger in, then two, feeling the damp softness and the uneven internal surface. He rubbed against the bumps of her G-spot and felt the hard hemisphere of her cervix. He put two fingers of the other hand in and spread the opening to get a glimpse of the mound with its dimple.

He couldn’t resist. Positioning himself between the legs and supporting himself so he didn’t wake her he slowly push his penis into the wet, warm, inviting vagina. He slowly stroked in and out a couple of times and then realized he’d rather have her awake and fully involved in the activity. He withdrew, gently pulled the blanket from under the sleeping young woman, spread it over her, turned out the lights andgot under the blanket next to her nude body.

He fell asleep to the sounds of his wife being fucked vigorously in the next room while gently stroking the warm body in bed with him.

First Fuck

Sally had woken slowly and realizing where she was had felt for the body she expected to be in bed with her. Finding it, she gently felt the now limp cock and the balls in their loose sack. She remembered its size when hard and thought about how it might feel inside her. She put a hand to her crotch and began rubbing. She had taken a handful of condoms up with her the night before and placed them on the nightstand. The glow of the clock said “4:12,” and illuminated the condoms next to it. She took one and tried to gently wake her best friend’s father lying next to her. She nibbled on his ear and blew into it. He stirred as if swatting a fly.

He woke to something flicking at his ear. He moved his head away and heard a feminine voice, “Are you awake, Mr. Malone?”

Not yet fully aware he mumbled, “Uhh, yeah.”

He felt a hand on his chest, gently pulling at his chest hair. The voice again, “Mr. Malone?”

He tried to place himself. The hand began to move down his chest to his abdomen. Then he remembered where he was. “What, Sally?”

“I’m not so tired now.” The hand moved past his abdomen to the base of his cock. “Can we fuck?”

His cock jumped to life at the request. He felt her gentle touch as she unrolled the condom over the expanding member. “I see you’re ready,” she laughed as she completed the task and moved her mouth to his crotch.

“What an exquisite way to wake up,” he thought as he unsuccessfully reached out for the body of the young woman. All he could reach was her head so he contented himself with stroking her hair as she licked and sucked at his cock.

He began thrusting up into her mouth and she said, “Do me, Mr. Malone, do me.” she moved her crotch to his face and lowered it to him. He smelled the lovely odor of the young woman and licked at her clit. He moved both hand to the large soft genitals and began stroking them and gently pulling at them. Then he pushed a couple of fingers inside and, finding the slight roughness of her G-spot, began massaging it vigorously. She sat fully upright and her legs shook in orgasm. She emitted a slight squeal every time his tongue hit her clit.

“Oh! Mr. Malone, fuck me!” she gasped, pulling herself away from his face and rolling onto her back next to him. He was glad to oblige.

She spread her legs as he moved between them and then as his eight inch cock slid easily into her she pulled her legs up and allowed them to rest on his shoulders. she loved the feeling of a warm, hard penis moving inside of her and wiggled her hips as he slowly stroked in and out.

He had been waiting for this all night and his cock was almost painful in its erection. He tried to slow down and hold back the orgasm he felt quickly building. But the movement of her hips and the excitement of his hands on those large, hard nipples and her moans, “Oh, Mr Malone!” meant he couldn’t restrain it. His semen filled the condom as the exquisite feeling filled his groin. He moaned loudly in pleasure.

Sally had hoped he might last longer but she could sense his excitement and feel the hardness of his cock. She wasn’t sure she’d ever felt a harder one. He’d had a hard-on for what seemed like hours during the evening and it was obviously because of his desire for her. She’d had plenty of experience with guys coming sooner than she wanted and knew the best thing to do. “That was wonderful, Mr. Malone, that was great!” Give him a little time to relax and he’d be ready to go and able to sustain himself longer.

He began to pull out, “No. Mr. Malone, I want to feel your wonderful cock inside me.” She manged to coax him to roll onto his back with her on top. They fell asleep with his chest hair rubbing on her nipples and her nipples rubbing against his chest.

Morning Shower

Sally woke again. She began moving her fingers through the substantial hair on his chest. She moved her hand down along the line of hair on his abdomen to the tuft at the base of his cock. His pubic hair güvenilir bahis siteleri was damp with semen. She felt the slippery, sticky substance and the small, dried grains on the hair. She pulled her fingers away to taste the salty substance.

She moved a hand to her crotch and felt the condom still inside. Semen was drying on her thighs. Absentmindedly she began flipping the limp cock back and forth while rubbing her clit.

Her actions woke Jerry. He looked over at the plain face with its large nose and mouth. He smiled, “Good morning, Sally.”

She smiled back, “Good morning to you too, Mr. Malone.” She reached between her legs and pulled out the condom. “We’ve left a bit of a mess.” She held the condom at his face and allowed it to swing back and forth at his nose. “Feel.” She took his hand and moved it to her crotch. She was delighted to see his cock responding.

She rubbed her fingers through his damp pubic hair and moved them to his mouth. “We should shower.” She moved off the bed and held her hand out.

He took her hand and followed her into the bathroom where she turned on the water and adjusted it. While doing so she leaned over and presented her genitals to his gaze. He was uncertain whether to touch them but in his hesitation the opportunity was lost.

She stepped into the shower and grabbing the handle of his manhood gently pulled him in with her. “Do you want to do me first?”

“Do you?”

“Wash me or do me, however you want,” she smiled at him, handed him the soap, spread her legs and raised her arms above her head.

He looked at the slim body, unsure of where to begin. “Cunt last,” she suggested, thrusting her chest with its hardened nipples forward.

He began by soaping her sides, next to her almost non-existent breasts. Then he slid his hands to her ample nipples, noticing the thin breast tissue. He was fascinated by the cushion between his hands and her rib cage and spent some time massaging her while twisting her nipples between his fingers.

She turned around, forcing his hands to her back. He soaped her up and down, spending some time reaching around to feel her breast tissue again and to soap her abdomen down to the slit. He spent some time on her flat butt, reaching between her legs to soap the fleshy cushion of her pussy lips.

She turned to face him again and he knelt to scrub up and down her legs, spending extra time at her crotch as he did so. Then he gently soaped her vulva, pushing his finger between the labia and inside her vagina. She moaned as he did so and then as he slid his soapy finger repeatedly over her clit she came with a squeal as her body shook.

She calmed down and took the soap. She scrubbed him back and front, arms and legs, finishing by spending significant time soaping the large pendulous tentacles. Then she worked his penis, but only briefly since she wanted to save his hardness for the bed and her vagina. She stepped out of the shower and he followed. She dried him off and then allowed him to dry her.She went to the bed and lay on her back, her arms and legs spread.

He knelt on the bed next to her and looked over the smooth, young body. This was the first time he’d been able to examine it in all it’s glory. Why did this thin young woman have such a hold on him. No figure, flat chest, her face was plain at best. “God, you’re sexy.” he told her.

Well, thank you, Mr. Malone,” she answered and began playing with his foreskin.

“You seem to enjoy sex and know how to please me.”

“Well, I do my best.” She smiled an attractive kind of half smile.

He had to ask her, “Have you had much sexual experience?”

Her answer surprised him, “Three, four times a week.”

“For how long?” As soon as he asked he felt it was inappropriate but she answered without a blink.

“Since middle school.”

“Oh!” He changed the subject, as she moved her attention to his balls. He began to gently stoke her large, hard nipples and stated, “Sarah says you’re a straight A student and have a scholarship to Stanford.”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“But Sarah’s so different, how are you together.”

“We were best friends in middle school.”

“Oh, Really?”

“Yes, you don’t remember? I used to spend a lot of time at your house but we kind of moved apart in high school.” now she was moving her hand through the hair on his chest and rubbing his nipples.

“What got you back together?”

“In high school we were separate because we were in different social groups. Now were back together because we like the same things.”

“Oh, like?”

“Like sex, silly.” She laughed lightly, “we used to share guys in middle school.”

He’d had no idea that his step daughter was sexually active back then. “Guys? How many have you been with?”

“I don’t know, I’ve probably had sex with over a hundred different boys. But they’ve all been boys, not men .” She moved her hand down his abdomen and grasped his penis firmly as part of her emphasis on “men.”

What do I Like

“Let’s play a game,” she said suddenly.

“A game?”

“Yes, here’s how it works: I tell you something I like about you and then you tell me something you like about me.’

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