Sam’s Love Pt. 04

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Sometime around midnight I awoke with a gnawing deep in my stomach. I carefully got out of bed so as not to disturb Sam. I grabbed a robe and quietly went out to the kitchen.

I had just finished laying out the makings for a Dagwood sandwich when Sam appeared in the doorway.

“I wondered where you disappeared to. Got hungry, huh? While you are at it you can make a small one for me, I’m kind of hungry too.”

“All that fantastic loving we have been enjoying has really increased my appetite.”

After I had made our sandwiches I poured each of us a large glass of milk and we sat down to eat.

Around one mouthful I asked Samantha where she learned to be such a marvelous lover.

“I shouldn’t tell you, I’m not the kind of girl to kiss and tell.”

“Come on, what can it hurt?”

“Alright, I tell you on one condition.”

“Sure, just name it.”

“I’ll tell you if you promise to tell me who taught you.”

“I don’t have any problem with that. Okay, I promise.”

“It was my brother, Frank, that was the first to introduce me to the joys of love making. I used to fight him like crazy at first, but after the first couple of times I got to really enjoy it. Frankie would wait until he and I were going to be alone for a while. Then he would coax me into taking off my clothes and he would play with me. It got to the point that I never objected when he stuck his hand into my blouse to feel my breasts or reached under my skirt to pet my pussy.”

“Do you remember the first time he made love to you?” I asked her.

“Certainly, it’s one of my most favorite memories.”

“Would you mind telling me about it?”

“Not at all. Let’s see, the actual act has been etched permanently into my mind, but the details of how we got started are a little fuzzy.”

“Take your time, I’m not going anywhere.”

“Okay. It was a Sunday night, I think, and I was sitting in the family room watching TV. I can’t remember where my folks and my other brothers were but I know they were not home and wouldn’t be until very late.”

“The weekend before Frankie fucked me for the first time I had gone out on my first date. My date had tried very hard to get me to go all the way with him, but somehow I had resisted. I think the guy’s name was Mike, yeah, that’s what it was, Mike Palmer. Anyway, he had been trying to get me to go out with him for months. My parents were very strict and refused to allow me to date until my eighteenth birthday. Practially everyone who knew me also knew my dating situation. Well, Wednesday was my birthday and Mike had convinced my that he should be my first date.”

“We went to the drive-in. The movie was terrible but since it was my first date I didn’t mind being there. A lot of other guys were surprised when they saw me out with Mike and I knew I would be getting lots of other offers.”

“Sorry, baby, I keep getting side-tracked.”

“Don’t worry about it. Go on with your story.”

“We were at the show, trying to make heads or tails out of the plot of the movie, with little success. Mike got me to drink some beer and started kissing me. I guess I got a little drunk. Before I knew what had happened my blouse was unbuttoned and my skirt was pushed up around my waist. Mike was sucking on my tits and his hands were rubbing my pussy through my panties. As wonderful as it felt I told him to stop or I would scream.”

“I finally convinced him to quit feeling me up and demanded that he take me home, which he did.”

“Throughout the next week I thought I was going to go crazy. All I could think about was how good Mike’s hands and mouth had felt. Every chance I got I would explore my body with my fingers. Sex was constantly on my mind. I tried cold showers at first. But being naked in a cold shower just made things worse. As soon as I stepped out of the icy spray, my thoughts would turn to sex again. And there I’d be naked, my body inviting my fingers to touch. And touch I would. Touch until I would lean against the sink and cry out in an agony of an empty orgasm. It wasn’t enough.”

“At night I would toss and turn before giving in to the cravings of my body. I even tried wearing gloves when I went to bed but soon after laying down the gloves would be gone and I would be frantically trying to quench the fire in my pussy.”

“That Saturday night I tried to keep myself busy. I braided my hair and painted my nails. Whenever I started to think about sex I went into the kitchen and drank a glass of cold water. I was wearing a pair of tight jeans so I wouldn’t be tempted to touch myself. But the denims were so tight they kept creeping up between my pussy lips. The soft friction of my silk panties didn’t help much either.”

“I was slouched down in a chair trying to watch some dumb program on TV when Frankie came home early from an date. He went into the kitchen and I heard him pop the top on a can of beer and rummage around for something to eat. When he came back he dropped onto the sofa and stared straight tuzla escort ahead.”

“`Anything wrong?’ I asked.”

“`Just a lousy date, that’s all,’ he answered, sipping his beer.'”


“`Yeah. Susan Stillson. Damn it.'”

“`Susan is really pretty. Lots of guys are trying to date her.'”

“`Well, they can have her.’ Frankie went on sipping his beer. He had on a western shirt and a pair of Levis. I wondered how the girls could resist him. If he wasn’t my brother I would have probably been wild about him.”

“I tried to concentrate on the television, but his comments had sparked my curiosity. It was rumored that Susan was really wild in bed.”

“`What happened?’ I asked, pretending not to be interested.”

“`Oh, nothing much. She didn’t want to do it in a car. In fact she really didn’t want to do it at all.’ He reached into his pocket and tossed something on the coffee table. `Then there was this.'”

“It took my a moment or two to focus on the object. It was white and cylindrical with a little string dangling from it. With a shock, I realized that it was a Tampax.”

“`She. . . she you t-t-take that out?'”

“`Oh, I don’t know if she let me or not. But I took it out anyway.’ He took a big swallow of beer. `I really wanted to put something in it’s place but. . . ‘”

“`Frankie, you’re terrible.’ I was blushing. But something else was happening between my thighs. I wiggled in the chair, trying not to act obvious. `Sometimes a girl doesn’t feel like doing it during her period. You can’t blame Susan for that.'”

“`She missed something good,’ he leered. I had the uncomfortable feeling of being stared at. He was giving me a lusty look of want. It was unmistakable. I changed my position again, pulling a bare heel up against my crotch. But it only made things worse. Inside my panties, my pussy had been stretched open and the juices were leaking out. He smiled as if he knew exactly what was going on. I squirmed again, trying to think about something else.”

“`Would you get me a beer, too? The folks won’t know.'”

“Frank returned from the kitchen with a frosty can and opened it for me. He stood there next to my chair and watched me take the first sip before going back to the couch to sit down.”

“`Since you turned sixteen, you sure ask a lot of questions.’ he said, smiling again.”

“`Well, a girl has to know what to expect.'”

“`I can show you that.'”

“`I’ll just bet you would love to. No thanks. You’re my brother, remember.’ I turned back to the TV and pretended to watch the program. Frank leaned his head back and closed his eyes. The program got dumber and dumber but I tried hard to watch it. I wanted to run upstairs, rip off my jeans and take care of business. But I was determined to make it through one night without fingering myself to an frustrating self-inflicted orgasm. A snore coming from the sofa told me that Frankie had dozed off. The program had really gotten dumb. I couldn’t follow the story line at all.

“`Oh, God, help me.’ I breathed, looking at Frankie again making sure he was still asleep. Then I unbuttoned the front of my jeans. Three buttons gave me the room I needed. I slid a hand into the front of my panties. The clingy silk was plastered to my pussy lips. I peeled it away gingerly and stretched it to one side. Then I pressed a finger to the hot, plump lips. They parted with a wet snick and my finger searched out and found the hot nub of my clit. The little bump of sensitive flesh was already bulging from it’s hood. It rose against my touch as I began breathing in long, even gasps.”

“The pressure of my finger caused more juice to flow. My hips began a slow up and down movement. My clothing was restricting my movements. I was used to bringing myself off while experiencing the freedom of complete nakedness.”

“Slowly pulling my fingers from my panties, I got up and went to the downstairs bedroom. The blanket at the foot of the bed was perfect for my needs. I draped it over my arm and returned to the family room. Frankie was still snoring as I stripped off my blouse and jeans. Sinking back into the soft cushions I pulled the blanket up to my neck. My nearly naked body was entirely hidden from view.”

“`Oh. That’s much better!’ I whispered to myself. My fingers went eagerly to my pussy again, pulling the crotch-band aside and dug deep into the slippery folds. I was sitting tailor fashion, my slit stretched wide. I massaged my clit with my thumb as I felt the waves of pleasure wash over me.”

“I closed my eyes completely and let my head lay back. The television rattled on, but I wasn’t listening anymore. I was dreaming of so many nice things. A field full of cocks growing upwards. I was dressed only in a filmy gown as I pranced through them. They beat against my ankles, touched my calves. Then, on an especially big one, I squatted down. The head of it brushed my pussy open and I bent further, letting it skewer me. throwing my head up to the sun I bounced up and down on the imaginary tuzla escort bayan prick until I cried out in the throes of orgasm.”

“Back to reality and the family room, I felt myself teetering exquisitely close to the final release. And then the blanket was suddenly stripped away from my body. My eyes flew open and saw Frankie standing in front of me. He was standing there in his cowboy shirt and nothing else, his big cock throbbing up and down.”

“`Frankie! What are you doing?'”

“`I was going to ask you the same question,’ he said, falling to his knees before me. I tried to push him away but my muscles were to weak from the things I had been doing to myself. Frank shoved me back and ripped off my panties.”

“`I’ve been dreaming of doing this to you for years,’ he said, staring at my pussy. Then he grabbed my knees and pushed them wide. He sank his face into my steamy wetness and I cried out and squirmed in panic. In less than a minute my frantic cries had turned into gasping moans. Frankie’s tongue was doing marvelous things to me.”

“`Frankie, we can’t! Oh God, no! We just can’t!'”

“`Sh,’ he soothed, licking me with furious, long swaths of his tongue.”

“I felt myself slipping lower in the chair. My legs were over the tops of his shoulders and I didn’t care anymore. He feasted slowly on my sweet pussy, as if it were some exotic dish he wanted to savor.”

“`I’ve been wanting you so much lately,’ he said, his fingers closing around my breasts. `So what if we are brother and sister. If we bring pleasure to each other, it doesn’t matter.'”

“`It does too matter,’ I protested but then Frank was teasing my clit again with his tongue. I squirmed sideways in the chair as the storm of pleasure choked off my words.”

“`Come on. Let’s fuck!'”

“`NOOO. . .!!!'”

“Frank pulled me up and then pushed me down on the sofa. I struggled to get away but he fell on top of me and wiggled his hips between my thighs. I beat against his chest and tossed my head but his strong hands forced my thighs apart. I felt the head of his cock pressing against my clit. It was as hot as I was.”

“`Oh God, Sam, your body is so neat. I think about you all the time when I jack off.'”


“`You won’t say that when I get my cock inside you.'”

“I managed to slip a knee between his thighs and bring it up. I felt his balls being flattened up against his body and Frank rolled off of me in pain. I scrambled off of the sofa and got as far as the stairs when he caught up to me.”

“`Okay, if that’s the way you want it!'”

“He had pulled his belt loose from his jeans and wrapped it around my wrists. He bound them behind my back and tested the job to make sure I couldn’t wiggle a hand free.”

“`Oh, God, no.'”

“He picked me up in his arms and carried me upstairs to his bedroom. After putting me on his bed he left me there to go back downstairs. I knew what he was doing, he was picking up my clothes and putting them in my room. Then I heard him close my door. He knew that our folks never disturbed me when my door was closed.”

“Frank came back and closed his door. He lit a candle, turned on some soft music and turned off the light.”

“`You know this can’t happen,’ I told him.”

“He didn’t say anything and pulled off his shirt so that he was as naked as I was. He fisted his cock until it had regained it’s full length.”

“I writhed on the bed, demanding to be set free. But he positioned me on the edge of the bed and lifted my legs over his shoulders. I was completely vulnerable and he knew it. He stood on the rug and leaned over me. With one hand he slid his cock-tip up and down my slit, gathering more and more moisture with each pass. Then he placed the engorged tip against my cherry and I began to sob.”

“`I’m still a virgin, Frankie! I’ve never done it before!'”

“`Why not me for the first one then?’ he smiled, caressing the plump lips of my pussy. He leaned forward a little more, stretching my cherry. He bent down and licked my tits, sucking my hard nipples into his mouth. I couldn’t believe how excited that made me. I tried to control my passion but Frankie’s tongue cut through what little resistance I had been able to muster. I tossed my head and begged for him to stop.”

“`I’ll let you tell me when you want it,’ he breathed, opening his lips again to suck one of my breasts between his teeth. I felt the him softly chew on the erect nipple, sending a rush of pleasure through me. I tried to keep my hips still but the sensation of being touched only on my tit and pussy were to strong.”

“`I don’t know what’s happening to me,’ I wailed.”

“`You will in a minute,’ he gasped, kissing my neck. `and you will love it. You’ll wish you could spend you whole life making love when I’m through with you.'”

“`Oh. . . Oh, Frankie,’ I cried, jerking my arms against his belt. I knew I would have to let him do it. He was going to fuck me, my own brother was going to pop escort tuzla my cherry and fuck me.”

“Then he was kissing me again, kissing my neck and ears and face. His mouth opened over mine and he seemed to be trying to suck my breath right out of me. I whimpered but he wouldn’t stop, I couldn’t think straight anymore. I could only feel that hard shape, the swollen knob of his cock pressing against my soft, vulnerable pussy. I began rocking my hips, crying.”

“`NO. . . OH, we’ll go to Hell for this!'”

“`It sure will be fun getting there,’ he whispered, gnawing on my earlobe until I was left breathless again.”

“`It’s hurting, you are tearing me!'”

“`I told you, I won’t fuck you until you beg for it.’ He eased his cock-tip up my slit until I felt it brush against the hard nub of my clit. My hips really started to plunge then, I was safe from penetration at least for the moment. That little nub of sensitivity just had to be scratched, it was tingling with an itch of maddening pleasure.”

“`Oh. . . Oh, shit. . . ‘ I cried, my hips lurching violently as Frankie pressed his glans tightly upon my clit. My juices were really flowing, seeping out of my pussy and dripping down the crack of my ass. My nipples were as hard as little stones, begging to be sucked. Frankie noticed their condition and his head swooped down, engulfing first one, then the other, between his lips and teeth. I squealed with the consuming joy that wracked my senses steadily.”

“`Frankie. . . I’m getting so hot! I don’t care about anything anymore!'”

“`Yeah, darling sister, yeah. . .'”

“`Oh, Frankie, aren’t you afraid?'”

“`No. Not even a little bit.’ he groaned, holding my face in his palms while he kissed me, kissed me until my lips felt heavy and swollen. Before he was through I was thrusting my tongue between his lips, gasping with desire.”

“`You want it now?!'”

“`Ohhh. . . . oh, I don’t know!'”

“`You want it. I can tell!'”

“`Yes. . . No. . . I mean. . . I can’t let you. . . ‘”

“`Oh yes you will. You want me to plunge my hot cock deep into your hot pussy! You can’t wait for me to fill your little pussy! Do you have any idea how it will feel?'”

“`A little. . . I mean I think I do. . .'”

“`No you don’t! It’s better than anything you have ever felt before!'”

“`Oh, Frankie. . . Do it then! Fuck me, fuck me good!’ I pitched my ass up and down as I begged him to ram his meat into me. I was panting like a dog as he fit his cock in place. Then he was pushing, pushing so hard.”

“`Oh. . . It hurts. . .Ow. . .’ I cried, still wiggling. I felt the tear start. Then it was over with a sting of pain and the sudden thrust of his cock deep into my pussy. The feeling of being completely filled overwhelmed me. It swept away the small hurt and I flopped around under him.”

“`Oh God! Sam, your pussy feels so good, so tight!’ He kissed me passionately and I pressed against him.”

“I felt a warm trickle of blood run down one ass cheek. I surprised me that after all the fretting I had done about losing my virginity it didn’t seem to matter to me now that it was gone. I couldn’t have cared less. All I cared about was the fantastic sensation of having my pussy full of hot, throbbing cock. My brother’s cock!”

“`Oh, Frankie. . . It feels wonderful. . . Wonderful!'”

“The belt binding my wrists hurt a little and I found that it added to my excitement. I really felt helpless under his driving hips. He was actually raping me and I loved it.”

“I marveled at the way his cock was sliding in and out. How could it fit so easily? It was tight, sure, but my buttery juices were making up for the close fit. I plunged my ass around in jerky circles as he fucked me. My legs were still hooked over his shoulders, stretching me so helplessly that I wondered if my little pussy would ever be the same.”

“Then Frank did something strange. He eased his cock out of my pussy, teasingly stroked my clit with it’s head then he stood up. I was hanging off the edge of the mattress, both feet kicking in the air, my hips working up and down. Once more I jerked my hands against the belt but it still held.”

“`Frankie! What’s wrong?’ I said, panting so hard I could barely speak.”

“`I just wanted to see how much you were enjoying yourself,’ he said. The glow from the candle made his cock glisten.”

“He got down on the carpet at my feet and laid back, hands under his head. He had a mischievous look in his eyes. His cock had lost none of it rigidity and it’s throbbing length made me lick my lips. As perverse as his game was, I knew I had to have his cock in me again.”

“I rolled over onto my stomach and slid down to the lug. On my knees, I walked over to where he laid waiting. His cock was up along his belly, stuck there by the hot juice I had swathed it with.”

“`That’s the way, little sister,’ he teased, `come and get it.'”

“`Damn you. . .’ I muttered, almost falling. If I did, I wouldn’t be able to catch myself. I finally managed to straddle his body and slid my belly up along his.”

“`Mmuuhhhh!’ I gasped with lust. I pumped my hot pussy against his cock uselessly. There was no way for me to get it inside me with my hands tied.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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