Sandy Chronicles – Blue Light Ch. 01

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Sandy and Austin had two kinds of fun, planned fun and unplanned or spontaneous fun. Their sexual activities included giving and receiving oral sex, threesomes, toys (vibrators/dildos/etc.), light bondage, domination, submission, candle wax, mutual masturbation, participating in erotic photography, voyeurism, handcuffs/shackles, breast and nipple clamps, blindfolds, and massage.

Locations for their sexual encounters include a bed, middle of a park, private club, lounge, movie theatre, swimming pool or hot tub, store dressing room, elevator, seaside, golf course, and hotel room

Sandy and Austin decided to go out have an adventure while having an afternoon glass of wine at Nora’s Blue Light ocean lounge. Nora’s faced west located on water overlooking main ocean bay shipping entrance.

Arriving at Nora’s Austin valets their car steps out to open Sandy’s door. Sandy stepped out as low afternoon sun caught her blond hair, which silhouetted and framed her statuesque face, against dense green foliage. Once inside, they found a comfortable spot at bar end ordering two glasses of Special Reserve California Napa Valley Merlot.

Barkeep James poured merlot into their glasses. Afternoon sun rays caught bright red wine color reflected it in long shaded shadows across lounge room. Slowly sun dipped heading down into water horizon, with its last rays iridescently brighter than anyone had seen in a long time.

Sun warmth cast its glow into hearts of all in the lounge. One could have not created a better setting for this day’s late afternoon. Ocean air was fresh, autumn scent of Eucalyptus trees wafted everywhere.

Sandy and Austin made small talk while standing at lounge bar while Sandy caressed Austin’s cheek. Austin had his hand on Sandy’s waist around her back just above her waist line massaging her slowly on small of her back. Sandy bursa escort responded with a whisper, which in combination with her first sip of merlot relaxed her.

She climbed up on an open barstool then swung around facing Austin, opening her legs slightly in direction of low sunlight. Across from where both Sandy and Austin sat was a lone businessman. He looked out of place appearing very conservative. He was a perfect target for Sandy’s tease.

Sandy was facing Austin, but also facing businessman’s booth where he was enjoying his cocktail. Sandy fixed her eyes on this gentleman flirting then toying with his vision while her legs opened up wider.

Sandy had calculated sunray’s descent perfectly; faint sunrays were now reflecting into the lounge through a large glass window. One lone light shaft was shining in at a downward angle crossing Sandy’s breasts slowly moving downward.

It was as if one were purposely were moving a stage spot light toward a main attraction. Sandy was wearing a white sheer blouse without a bra. Bright sun rays x-rayed through her blouse allowing an observer to plainly see her reveal uniquely large aureoles and perky round nipples.

A strong lone ray was reaching her skirt hem shining up into her legs directly up past her knees highlighting her crotch. Of course Sandy was not wearing panties. Setting sun light shaft caught businessman’s eyes transfixing him on sight of Sandy’s smooth ripe vaginal lips.

Just as this single lone ray reached center of her vaginal lips, a loud coughing sound could be heard from businessman’s booth. Apparently he may have taken his drink down wrong while transfixing his eyes on Sandy.

Almost as quickly as sun highlighted Sandy, it vanished with sunset. Sandy kept her eyes targeted on businessman as he struggled to regain composure. Once settled down, he ordered two bursa escort bayan drinks for both Sandy and Austin. Bartender James brought quickly this offering from the businessman, while James whispered in Austin’s ear that these drinks were compliments of Walter, our lone booth businessman.

To acknowledge Walter’s drink gift, Austin turned around, said thank you then asked him to join them. Walter came over introducing himself as Vice President of Marketing for a national software company with a local operating subsidiary.

Walter had stopped Nora’s by after a very stressful day, looking for some private time to refresh from his hectic executive day. Walter rose from his booth bringing his drink then stood between both Sandy and Austin.

Walter was obviously taken with Sandy as he positioned himself to right of Sandy, facing Austin on her left.

Walter took possession of his space without hesitation reached around Sandy with his arm placing his hand on her waist. Sandy gladly welcomed his being forward. Walter smiled and was obviously getting into a mood of this small impromptu party.

In front of Walter, and out of view of others in the bar area, Sandy down reached into Austin’s crotch, then gently massaging his balls. Walter grimaced going suddenly silent, as if to say, ‘my pleasure is yours.’

Instinctively Sandy turned her head, looked up at Walter asking him to put his hand above her knee massaging her inner thighs.

Walter knew how easy it was to access Sandy. Her direct invitation was more than he imagined.

Walter gladly accepted the challenge, as Walter fumbled with Sandy’s skirt, trying not to make it obvious as to his intentions, Austin stepped in front shielding both Sandy and Walter from anyone’s view.

Sandy began flirting with Walter and now was seducing Walter.

Walter found a comfortable escort bursa relaxed position, now facing bar between both Sandy and Austin. Walters’s hands were warm to Sandy. She invited him to hike his fingers higher. Walter was being pulled by magnetisms of Sandy’s animal sensuality and eroticism.

With a natural instinct, Walter quickly found Sandy’s vaginal lips, discovered them wet, and then finger fucked Sandy. She responded with soft whispered moans while simultaneously sipping her wine warming her lips. Walter had an urge to kiss Sandy’s lips, but was too conservative to risk this in public, especially with Austin there. What would this seaside society think?

As Walter massaged Sandy’s lips slowly, she reached down into his pants touching his hard cock to masturbate Walter. Sandy began moving her fingers slowly on his cock capturing his pre-cum which moistened her fingers making it easy for her to slide across his sensitive skin. More she stroked him, the more his pre-cum oozed from his cock head. In a few moments, Walter could not stand her pleasure. Walter’s face was flush while he breathing was noticeably faster and deeper in short breaths.

Like his prior cough, Walter let go with an uncontrollable loud unfamiliar sound, as his cock erupted in his pants with a forceful release of a large amount of cum. Sandy felt his warm thick creamy cum flow around her fingers, and continued to hold his cock as Walter kept cumming. As Walter was cumming she used her tongue to wipe her lips, while she looked directly at Walter.

Sandy continued massaging Walter’s cock head he ejaculated his final flow of semen. In his moment of passion Walter could not sustain finger fucking Sandy. His orgasm completely paralyzed him. Slowly Sandy brought Walter down into a normal breathing range.

Walter’s surge of adrenalin caused him to require a seat, so he pulled up a vacant barstool then sat alongside Sandy ordered a fresh round of drinks. Walter’s sexual scent was unmistaken.

Walter now speechless had just orgasmed in Public.

— End for now

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