Sara’s Seductive Charms

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I always believed my girlfriend Sara, (who is the secretary where I work) was interested in a co-worker named Steve. He is somewhat of a ladies man, as I’ve heard stories of his escapades. He is a rather imposing fellow, standing 6 foot one, 260 pounds.

Steve would flirt with her whenever he had the chance even though he was engaged. I even asked her about him and she brushed it off saying,”big and hairy” wasn’t her type. I felt she was sexually curious about him, having heard about most of his conquests.

My girlfriend Sara is 5 foot three, 110 pounds. She has smallish breasts, but she makes up for it with a nice butt, fantastic legs and cute little feet.

One day my suspicion came to be. I was at work standing around the corner from the front counter. I overheard them talking about pool supplies and Sara told Steve, “I have some leftover pool supplies and equipment sitting around. You are welcome to have them if you just come over and pick them up. If you’d like, you can stop over tonight.”

“I’ll be over between 8-9…. with bells on,” was Steve’s instant reply.

The talk was stopped when a customer came in. Sara tended to him while Steve walked into the back by me. The customer finished his work and left, so Steve went back up to the front counter to talk with Sara.

She was standing at the counter with her shoes off. I could see that she was lightly brushing her toes against the carpet. Her feet on the carpet must have caught his attention.

Steve says,”MMMMMM, I spy a sexy new toe ring.”

Sara cheerfully replies, “Thank you for noticing, would you like to see it?”

I couldn’t see what was going on, but I guess that he was holding her foot and checking it out. Steve breaks the extended silence, “This ring makes your toe look extra sexy, good enough to eat.” Sara giggles at his remark and the phone rings breaking up their encounter.

Sara hangs up the phone and seconds later I hear her cry out, “ouch!”

Steve replies, “I am SOO SORRY.”

Sara then scolds him, “Watch where you’re walking!”

“Here, let me see it. Your big toe’s just a little red, but there’s a run in your hose. I’m really, truly sorry.”

Sara replies with a pouty, comfort me tone, “It reeeally hurrrttsss!”

“Would you like me to kiss it and make it feel all better?” asks Steve.

I stood there listening to this, wondering if I should go and check. A moment later I heard Sara giggle, “Your tongue feels really funny over my nylons.”

I was surprised that Steve would openly suck her toe instead of just planting a kiss. I was also surprised that she seemed to be encouraging him instead of stopping him. It seemed like eternity passed when she stopped him.

“That was really nice. My toe feels better, thank you……….but now my other foot is jealous.”

I stood bewildered. Jealous? See was teasing him and she wanted him to go ahead and kiss her other foot.

“Will you be a dear and slip my shoe back on over my wet toes?”

I was stuck. She was asking him to handle her foot? She had wet toes? Did he tongue all five? He doesn’t answer, but his next question answered hers.

“Since this foot is now jealous, would you like me to kiss it now?”

“I WOULD like that, but someone might come in,” she replied. She did want him to kiss her other foot. Would she try and pursue it today?

I moved away from the wall before they caught me spying on them. They both came back and went to work. I stopped by the front of her desk a couple minutes later and made small talk.

I stole a glance at her feet, which were resting on top of her shoes. I noticed that one of her nylons looked darker than the other. I dropped an invoice on the floor, giving me a chance for closer inspection.

Upon inspection, I observed the run in her nylon over her big toe and that her nylons were completely wet and sticking to her toes. He certainly gave her a thorough licking. As I continued to make small talk, I kept stealing glances at her feet. Sara was flexing the toes of her tongue lathered foot. No doubt she was reliving the tongue bath she just received and enjoying it as she talked to me.

I went back to work and a few minutes later, Steve stopped by her desk. I couldn’t hear what they were saying, but I saw Sara show him her foot and they were laughing. Sara then got up and went to the bathroom. She returned a minute later with her nylons off.

I wondered what might happen next, so I went to the bathroom in the back of the shop and closed the door without going in. I snuck back behind a shelf where they couldn’t see me. I saw Sara call out to Steve and stretch out her un-injured foot from under the desk.

She then looked toward the bathroom to make sure the door was closed. I saw Steve kneel down and take her foot into his hand. I couldn’t hear what they were saying, but Sara had a huge smile on her face.

Steve flexed her big toe and then he tickled her arch, which caused her to giggle out loud. I was shocked when bursa escort he took her big toe into his mouth. The five seconds that he sucked it seemed like five minutes.

Steve released her foot and Sara glanced toward the bathroom. The door was still closed, so Sara leaned forward and spoke to Steve. I still couldn’t hear what she said, but her actions spoke for her.

Sara took the lead and pushed her foot up towards Steve’s mouth. He took her cue and took her foot in his hand. Steve licked her foot from the heel up to her toes. He then kissed the four remaining toes, from the longest to the smallest.

The look of lust in Sara’s eyes was unmistakable as he kissed her toes. Instead of stopping, he sucked each toe into his mouth, starting with the pinky toe. Steve spent extra time sucking on the fourth toe and when he finished, I saw why. He released her foot, stood up and placed her toe ring on the desk.

Sara smiled and I saw her lips say “thank you” as he went back to work. I saw the bulge in his pants and I’m sure Sara did too.

I snuck back to the bathroom, opened and closed the door and went back to work. The next time I went by her desk, I asked, “Why did you take off your nylons?”

She told me, “I hurt my big toe and took my nylons off because they had a run in them.”

I replied, “I’d love to kiss it and make it feel better. Would you like me to stop by tonight and give you a relaxing massage?”

“I’d love that sweetie, but I have plans already,” she said.

“Plans?” I questioned.

“Debbie and I are doing a girls night out,” she replied. Having caught her in a lie, I kept a second eye on her throughout the rest of the day.

I noticed that Steve stopped by her desk several more times to talk. Hanging out in front of her desk was my favorite way to kill time during the day because I would get a view of her fabulous legs and feet.

Sara hates to wear shoes, so when she’s at her desk, I get treated to cute pantyhose feet. She loves to tease me by showing off her sexy legs and wiggling her cute little toes. Was she giving Steve the same leg and foot show that she gave me? I thought so after the toe kissing I had seen earlier.

The workday finally came to a close and we all went home. I decided that I would wait until dark and sneak by her place to see what her plans really were.

I drove by her house and saw Steve’s truck parked in the driveway. I decided to park down the road and snuck around the back of the house to her bedroom. As usual, the window was open and I could hear them talking in the family room.

Steve says “It’s all gone, thanks again for all the pool stuff. I’ve got to get going before my girlfriend raises a stink.”

Sara quickly chimes in, “Before you go, let me finish the rest of the tour.”

I lost track of them then I heard them nearing the bedroom. My eyes widen as I see what she’s wearing. She has on her one-piece skirt outfit with suntan nylons and no shoes, my favorite. My mind then goes into 20-question mode.

Why did she change into my favorite outfit? Why is she wearing nylons at home? Is she wearing a bra and panties?

My brain started to sort the questions out. First of all, when she wears this outfit, she doesn’t wear panties because of panty lines. I’ve complimented her many a time on how fantastic her ass looks in it. When she combines it with suntan nylons, I can’t keep my hands off her. She also hates to wear nylons, panties or a bra while lounging around the house. She already tossed the pair she was wearing this morning. I see Steve checking out her body as she shows him the room.

As I check her out, I see that her bra is absent. As Sara straightens out her outfit, I can see the tops of her nylons outlined against her skirt. Damn, she’s not wearing pantyhose or panties!

Sara was playing the tease with nothing on under her outfit except for the nylons. As Steve checks out her perfume selection, Sara sits on the edge of the bed, lifts her leg and begins massaging her injured foot.

It was then that I knew why she was dressed this way at home. She wanted to entice him into a repeat of this morning’s events. Would she try to take it further and sleep with him? My question was answered immediately as her next step was put into action.

Steve turned around and sees her massaging her foot. He just stood there watching her, not saying anything. Sara continued her slow massage of her foot giving him a great view of her pretty foot. Sara smiled, knowing that her foot had once again gotten his full attention. Was he thinking about kissing her toes like he did earlier this morning?

Sara looked up at him and spoke next, “Your little tongue treatment this morning was VERY NICE, despite the shortness. I’ve got a deal for you. How ’bout I trade you the pool stuff for an extended repeat of the foot treatment I received this morning? After all, you did step on my foot.”

This shocked me. She intended to sleep with him tonight. Instead of going bursa escort bayan through the front door and directly asking him, she opted for a toe treatment, which would most likely lead toward a sexual encounter.

There was nobody to interrupt them this time. He could take his sweet time enjoying her cute little feet.

Steve stared for a moment and replied, “Sounds like a deal to me. I step on your foot, get pool supplies and I end up kissing your toes. Would you like the basic or the deluxe toe treatment?”

She responded seductively, “My ENTIRE foot would like the deluxe version, there are no customers to answer too now.”

Steve knelt down beside the bed as Sara offered her foot to him. Sara loved to get her feet pampered. I massaged and kissed those perfect little toes every chance I could. As Steve took her foot in his hand, Sara asked, “Does the tongue cover the whole foot or just the toes in the deluxe version?”

Steve didn’t say a word as his tongue did the talking. He flicked out his tongue and traced it all around her foot. Sara showed her approval with a drawn out, “mmmmmmm.”

My heart sank as I realized what was going to happen next. Steve would massage her foot and slowly kiss those little toes. This time, he could and would take his sweet time enjoying all her little toes, with no chance of getting interrupted. Sara offered herself to him, there was no way he would turn her down.

As he began massaging her foot, she said, “This morning you said I had pretty feet, did you mean it?”

“Yes, you have very lovely feet,” he replied.

“How are they lovely?” she asked seductively.

His response was direct. “The feet are one more part of a woman’s body which can be visually stimulating. I personally prefer smallish feet like yours. As he said this, he grabbed her other foot and held them together for her to see. Your toes are perfectly sized from the big toe down to the pinky toe. See how they each get smaller in unison? The pink polish and your toe ring make your toes look absolutely delicious. Personally, nylons make a foot look extra delicious. Many a time I’ve gone by your desk stealing a glance as your feet were resting on your shoes.”

A sexual tension seemed to hang in the room after he finished praising her feet.

Intrigued by his response, Sara asked, “When you walked by and checked out my feet, what were you thinking?”

Sara didn’t wait for a response. She moved her foot with the toe ring to his mouth and asked, “Did you wish that you could kiss my toe ring?”

As she said this, she placed her ring-covered toe into his mouth. He took the cue and lathered her toe with his tongue. Sara’s moan of approval gave him the signal of upcoming sex, if he hadn’t already known where it was going.

She reached back and grabbed a pillow to rest her head. She leaned her head back on the pillow and closed her eyes. Sara then started to part her sexy legs.

Steve’s gaze quickly went from her foot up her leg. He might have had a bullseye view of her shaved pussy. Neither of them spoke, but Sara started to moan softly. Her soft moans of pleasure were starting to have an effect on me. I’m sure Steve was also affected.

He stopped for a moment and adjusted his position on the floor. When he resumed the massage, he held her foot up near his mouth. No doubt that this was done for a better view.

A minute later, Sara moved her free leg from the floor onto his thigh. As he continued the massage, she began running her foot up and down his thigh. He was about five minutes in when Sara finally spoke, “You give a excellent massage, I would love an hour of this.”

“The pleasure’s mine,” was all he said.

Sara surprised me when she said, “Dan really likes to massage my feet.”

Steve answers with a chuckle, “I can certainly see why, he’s one lucky man. I guess I’ll just have to step on your toes more often.”

Steve flicked out his tongue and licked her foot from heel to toe. Sara moaned her approval. He then blew on her foot, which caused her to jerk in surprise.

He took her foot and sucked her big toe in his mouth. Sara replied, “mmmmmmm, that feels fantastic.” I just witnessed in front of me what had happened this morning at work.

He released her big toe and proceeded to slowly encircle each remaining toe. Steve then licked up and down the length of her foot. It seemed like minutes had passed when she said, “Your tongue is magical, would it be easier if my nylons were off?”

“Whatever you like, I can work with nylons on or off.” Sara giggled and said, “I’d like to feel that tongue between my toes again.”

Steve looked at her and replied, “No problem with that, but I’m going to need a break for some relief fairly soon.”

Sara smiled with her approval, knowing her free foot had brought him to full attention. Her leg was still moving back and forth as she spoke, “I think I might be able to lend you a hand if my feet give you a passing grade.”

I could see that escort bursa her foot stopped at the top of his thigh. Her foot then moved right to left causing Steve to let out a moan. He responded to her manipulations by sucking her toes into his mouth. Sara then began pressing her toes up and down the length of his hard-on.

The smile on her face was a dead give-away that she approved what he was packing. Steve responded with a drawn out moan. If that were I, I’d be nearing orgasm from her toe massaging.

Sara then spoke to him, “You must be hurting, go ahead and give your buddy some air.”

Steve released her toes and in seconds had his shorts and boxers off exposing his impressive organ. Sara’s wide-eyed look of approval confirmed what her feet had discovered. I was startled that he dropped his shorts instead of just pulling it out.

Steve went back to work massaging her foot and Sara decided to continue her cock teasing. She ran her toes along his length and then ran her foot against his balls. Steve leaned his head back and let out a drawn out response, “Oh baby, your silky toes feel soo awesome on my cock.”

Sara then massaged the head of his cock with her toes and began rubbing it up and down. This caused Steve to stop the massage and let her other foot go. Sara then put her feet together and slid his cock between her arches. He was getting his payment before he finished the job.

Could it be that this was only an appetizer instead of the main course? Steve’s words of approval showed he was near erupting, “Your feet are fantastic, baby. This is soooooo good, I’m getting close.”

Sara took his cue and went for her finishing move she used on me many a time. She pinned his cock against his abdomen and began rubbing him up and down.

Sara’s words of encouragement sent him over the edge. “Cum for me baby, unload your big cock all over my pretty little toes.”

As he came in several spurts, Sara put one foot over his cock making his cum completely cover her other foot. When he finished, she rubbed his giant load over each foot. I was floored when she sat up and lifted a cum covered foot to her mouth. She opened her mouth and sucked her big toe.

“Mmmmmm……..your cum tastes sooo sweet, baby. Sara then proceeded to lick the rest of her foot clean. That was one tasty treat. I can’t beleive how much tasty cream came out of that lovely cock.”

She then raised her other foot to Steve’s mouth and he sucked her big toe into his mouth, cleaning it. Sara then lifted her skirt, exposing the tops of her nylons. He now had a close-up view of her pussy! Steve took his cue, released her toe and ran his hands up her legs to her nylon tops.

He paused for a moment, no doubt relishing in the site of her open, shaved pussy. He slowly repeated running his hands on her legs, no doubt enjoying the view and the feel of her sexy legs. He slowly rolled one nylon down her leg, planting kisses the whole way down. Sara’s moans of pleasure increased.

When he was at the ankle, he stopped and held her leg in the air. Sara moaned like a little kid that just had her toy taken away. He readjusted next to the bed looking at her cum covered foot while taking the remaining nylon off.

He started by licking and kissing her ankle and then her heel. Ever so slowly, he licked and kissed his way up her arch. I watched in wonder as he traced little circles with his tongue up and down her foot.

I should’ve been angry sitting outside the window, but I couldn’t have been more excited. When he reached the toes, he stopped. Sara quickly asked, “Are you done, baby?”

Steve replied, “After that AMAZING footjob, I’m at your mercy. What do you want me to do next?”

“I want you to lick and suck my toes with that amazing tongueof yours!” He took the cue knowing that his fun was only beginning.

He started with the little toe and moved up. He encircled each toe, sucking them long and slow. Once again, he spent extra time on her toe with the ring on it. When he finished that toe, he held out his tongue showing Sara the prize he was taking home with him.

I was amazed at his patience. He spent a good five minutes licking, kissing and sucking her foot. There was not an inch that he didn’t lick. He stopped his foot assault and grabbed her other nyloned foot.

I saw the look of lust in Sara’s face. As Steve ran his hands up her nyloned leg, Sara pulled her skirt up to her waist, fully exposing herself to him. He took the cue and climbed up for a better view. He licked her pussy from the bottom to the top and Sara melted in his hands.

“Oooohhhhhh, mmmmmm” she purred. “Please don’t stop, I need that magical tongue. I’m sooo wet, so wet.” He was in no hurry to proceed.

Steve licked around her pussy and ran his nose against her clit. Instead of eating some pie, he went to her other leg and started to roll her nylon off. Sara pulled her leg back. “Stop teasing me! I neeed that tongue inside me!”

Steve grabbed her leg and said, “I want you to touch yourself while I enjoy this fabulous leg.”

I was surprised when Sara obeyed and started to play with her clit. He ran his hands up and down her leg, watching her the whole time. “Are you soaking wet?” he asked.

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