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She awoke just before her alarm as usual, but she felt different this morning. Maybe it was being back home in her childhood room, or that she felt like a total failure at life. Or maybe it was the strange dream she had in the middle of the night.

Meg had never had a sex dream. Many of her friends talked about having them, but she never had, until last night. In her dream a warm, hard body was curved behind hers. She wondered how often people remember smells from dreams, because she remembered a spicy aftershave mixed with a sexy musk.

The man in her dream lay spooned behind her, hand on her abdomen, she felt a thrill at his presence and started to turn to look at him, but his arm tightened around her and his leg went over her thighs, effectively pinning her in place. He nuzzled into her hair, warm breath on her neck, and she relaxed.

His hand began stroking her abdomen, then crept up her side, drawing her satiny nightgown up with it. When he reached the side of her breast, he used two fingers to lightly trace tiny circles, slowly moving down the side of her breast toward the nipple. Still with the satin fabric between his skin and hers, he drew circles around her areola, raising her nipple to a stiff peak, then gently pinched it, rolling it between his thumb and first finger.

She had moaned, pushing her head back toward him. He had lightly licked the outer curve of her ear, causing another moan to slip from her tight throat.

He cupped the breast he had been stroking, gently massaging forward again until he tugged and twisted the nipple with just the right amount of force.

His hand slipped up the breast, pulling the last edge of the nightgown up as he did. His hand came back to rest just below the curve of her breast, and again he traced circles with the tips of his fingers, slowly working back down her abdomen and toward her pubic bone. When he touched the edge of her trimmed pubes, he began moving to the side, going slowly from one femoral crease to the other, just above her mound.

She did something then she would never do while awake: She took his hand in hers and moved it to her warm slit, her middle finger pushing his middle finger down the center, over her engorged clitoris, and back again. He let his hand be guided back and forth a few times, then he slipped his hand out and pressed her hand into place, continuing to massage her wet cleft in deeper and faster strokes. She didn’t remember waking up, but she found herself awake, hot, wet and throbbing, so she had finished what the dream had started, only mildly disappointed to be alone in her bed when it was over.

That had been a doozy of a dream, but it was morning and the sad reality of her life was back to get her. She graduated from college six weeks ago, and had yet to find a job. She had applied everywhere it seemed, used the university’s employment assistance, worked the internet, networked, and still she hadn’t gotten past a first interview anywhere. Thus, she was back home in her old bed, living with mom, again. What a loser!

The day went by slowly. She did all the things she was supposed to do to find work in her field, marketing, but no one wanted a new grad these days. She went to bed depressed again.

The dream came back, only more so. The warm body was spooned to her, the hand began its slow circles, then caressing her breast, while the tongue lapped at her ear, the lips nibbled her neck and eventually her earlobe. She kept her eyes closed, pendik escort not wanting to see who her subconscious cast in the role of her secret lover. Tonight his hand didn’t hesitate for long at her pubic hair, but followed the crease of her thigh on one side down, the other side up, then down the center with a feather-light pressure that made her buck into his hand for more. She heard a soft, deep chuckle reverberate in the chest pressed against her back.

He rubbed gently in tiny circles directly over her clit, then with more force he would stroke down toward her very wet vagina. The third time he did this, he continued to press until his first two fingers just entered her cunt. Again she bucked for more, and again he chuckled, more a rumbling in his chest she could feel than a sound she could hear.

He rubbed downward again, pushing deep into her. She moaned, pressing into his hand. He pressed forward into her sweet-spot, gently massage with two fingers inside, his thumb on her clit. It was so delicious she didn’t ever want it to end, but he thrummed her so perfectly, she could feel the excitement building.

Her breath became short, and she squirmed against the hand expertly bringing her to climax. She heard her breath rasping, “yes, yes oh yes!” as he rubbed faster until she shuddered in wave after wave of ecstasy.

She fell limp against her pillow. Her body stilled hummed with the after-shocks of her orgasm. Her dream man was gone, but as she rolled onto her back, it seemed like the space behind her was warm, as if a body had recently lain there. As warm as she was, she probably had the entire bed super-heated.

The next day followed like the others, only she spent a little more time watching daytime TV, and she went to bed earlier because she just couldn’t stand to do nothing any longer.

Climbing into her bed, she caught a whiff of her dream man’s cologne. She hesitated, sniffing the covers to find she thought she smelled it, but then it was gone again. Just wishful thinking.

She thought about her dream man. She got hot just remembering those great dreams. She started to rub her breasts, then her cunt, thinking about his hands on her. It felt good, but she never was great at masturbating, so it left her unsatisfied. She thought of her boyfriends in college and how she had to fake orgasms to make them feel better. She never had been easy to get off. Funny how a man in a dream could get her off better than the real men she had dated.

It took a while, but she eventually fell asleep. He came to her dreams again, starting caressing her belly, then her side, then her breast. He nibbled her ear, licked at her jaw, plunged his tongue into her ear causing her to moan deeply and reach behind her to find his hip. She caressed his hip, drawing his body closer to hers. She felt his erection pressing into her butt, her back. She stroked down his thigh, pulling his leg up and over hers. She stroked tiny circles up the back of his thigh, then took a long stroke up his crack. He moaned and pushed his hard cock into her backside.

He shifted away from her and she started to roll over, but he caught her shoulder and held her on her side. He returned to spoon up against her, but now his cock was pushed forward, rubbing her wet cunt. She attempted to move up the bed a little, to get the angle right to move his cock inside of her, but he held her in place. He began to rock his hips, rubbing his hard cock back and forth against her eager escort pendik pussy. He did that for more than a minute, while she squirmed.

A whisper came from right beside her ear, “What do you want?”

Without a second’s hesitation, she answered, “Your cock inside me.”

He shifted slightly, and pulling her upper thigh more to her chest, his cock circled the outer edge of her vagina.

“Yes, please! Give it to me!” she whispered, pulling on his hip.

He slid into her slowly. He was long, and thick, and, oh so hard!

She shuddered immediately into an orgasm. No man had ever made her come just by entering her. She began to think dreams were pretty amazing when he started to pump slowly in and out of her. She had never had multiple orgasms, and men seldom even tried for them with her, but she felt the increase in excitement right away. She arched her back, giving him better penetration. He moaned and increased his speed, giving a long slow thrust after about every fifth faster, shorter thrust.

His hand had continued to caress her breast, pulling and rolling her nipple. Now it left her breast and went to her clit where he rubbed with his middle finger in time to his thrusts. He stopped the long, slow thrusts, increasing his speed and the pressure of his finger until she was gasping and bucking her hips against him in perfect rhythm.

They came just seconds apart, her with spasms of pleasure, him thrusting deep inside her. For a few moments they lay still, basking in the afterglow. Then he wrapped his arm around her tightly and held her spooned against him. He was warm and strong and she immediately fell into a deeper sleep.

In the morning she noticed her bed was damp near her crotch, and she wondered if her cum had been so much she wet her sheets. She smelled the fresh, ‘swimming pool’ scent of sex, and for the first time seriously considered that a real man may have climbed in her bed these last few nights!

That was impossible. Her mother lived alone, and her room was on the second floor! But those were some really good dreams!

The day went a little better. She got called for a second interview with a local firm. The job wouldn’t pay much, but there was plenty of room for advancement if her work was good. She came home happy and fixed a nice meal for her mother for dinner.

When she went to bed that night, she was determined to find out if her dream man was actually a real man. She tried to stay awake, but she dozed around 2:30. When she awoke again, he was behind her. She tried to turn to look at him, but he held her fast.

“Are you real?” she asked, in a whisper as he began to caress her abdomen.

“Do you want me to be?” he whispered near her ear.

That was a good question. Did she want him to be real, or did she want to go on enjoying his nightly attentions in the guilt-free guise of dreaming?

“I think I want you to be real,” she finally answered as he circled her nipple with his finger.

“Then I’m real,” he answered.

“Who are you and how do you get in here every night?”

“I’m an old friend, and I still have the key you gave me in ninth grade,” he rasped , rubbing his throbbing cock against her butt as he massaged her breast.

Ninth grade! Her best friend in ninth grade had been Kyle Jerome. They were inseparable until his parents moved away just before tenth grade began. They had exchanged letters for a time, but eventually they both moved on, the way children do.

He pendik escort bayan was nibbling her ear when she said, “Kyle?”

“Meg,” he whispered, just before thrusting his tongue in her ear.

“Ohhh! Kyle, is it really you?” she moaned.

He rolled her toward him at last. He still had the dark brown, wavy hair, and the blue eyes she remembered, but he was a grown man, with a square jaw and high cheekbones. He had a 2-day growth of stubble that made him look a little dangerous, and a lot sexy.

His mouth found hers and she opened to him, ravaging each other with their tongues.

“I can’t believe it’s you!” she said as he kissed down her throat and along her collar bones, “But why? Why did you come to my bed and pretend to be a dream?”

He took her hand and rubbed it down his chest and abdomen. He was rippled and dipped as if his skin had been slashed and healed badly. He rubbed her hand down the side of his face that was all in shadow, and it felt the same way.

“I was in love with you in ninth grade,” he explained, still kissing her face, her temples, her earlobes. “But my family had a fire in the spring of tenth grade. I was badly burned trying to rescue my little sister Claire. I lived at a burns hospital for the next six months.”

“Oh my god, Kyle! Did Claire make it, your parents?”

“Yes, they were all fine, but I was horribly scarred. I eventually healed, and went back to school, but kids treat you differently when you look like this. I never really dated. But I thought about you a lot.”

“How come you’re here?” Meg asked, still caressing the scars on his chest and back, but noticing the solid muscles beneath.

“I moved here and became a fire fighter. It was what I decided to do while I recovered from my burns. I hoped I would get to see you, but I didn’t want you to see me. Then when you moved back, you looked so sad.”

“You saw me move in?”

“I live just a few doors down and across the street. I watched you look so forlorn, and I couldn’t stand that you were so close, yet I couldn’t comfort you. I let myself in, and curled up behind you. I never intended the rest to happen, he paused, “Do you want me to leave?”

She lifted her head and kissed him again deeply. She ran her hands down his scarred back to his smooth butt, and pressed his pelvis against hers.

Kyle kissed and licked at her neck. The excitement was building in her as he flicked a nipple with his tongue.

“I was in love with you in ninth grade, too,” she finally said, as he took her nipple into his mouth, suckling and nipping at it lightly.

“Really?” he asked, voice catching.

“Yes. And no other man I ever dated lived up to you.”

“Do you think I’m hideous?” he asked, turning so the scarred side of his face caught some light from the alarm clock.

“I think you are gorgeous, and brave, and a spectacular lover,” she replied, honestly.

He moved between her thighs, kissing her gently. She reached down and guided his cock into her wet center, and gasped his name as he entered her. He rocked slowly and deeply, kissing her, licking her, and caressing her.

Their speed increased, and he whispered, “I love you,” in her ear just before she came. Her vagina spasmed around his penis, and she gasped,” I love you, Kyle,” bringing him off as well.

As they lay relaxed, Kyle cradling Meg on his chest, she traced her fingers over his scars, again feeling the tight ropes of muscle beneath the ravaged surface. “I’m glad you came to comfort me,” she whispered.

“I’m glad you can see past the scars,” he replied.

Thinking about her own life lately, Meg said, “We all have scars, you just wear yours on the outside.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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