Scheduling Difficulties

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She looked across the set at me again, and this time there was no denying what was happening. It was electric, and had been so since the beginning of the shoot, she continued to stare at me intensely as she pretended to listen to what the other actor was saying.

She laughed loudly which caused me to look over at her again. She was utterly stunning, the way the light hit her jet-black hair. Her perfect skin almost brown in it’s natural colour. Her body was that of an athlete, toned with barely any fat at all. Seeing the way that her costume clung to her in all the right ways, it accentuated her tight heart shaped arse and her small put firm breasts. God I wanted her.

She finished laughing and turned to me, catching me checking her out. But far from annoyed she just smiled knowingly as she looked at me over the lip of her coffee cup. Yes she knew exactly what she was doing to me.

I tried not to think about it. Shit had been going from bad to worse on today’s schedule. The day’s set ups where all complicated and taking far to long. And now at the end of the day the set of was basically a sauna. I had to try and get one last shot in the can before we wrapped for the day but my DOP was telling me we needed another forty minutes before we would be ready to go again.

“Fuck it!” I declared. “Let’s go home and start on this shit tomorrow.”

Hitting myself in the head with my rolled up script and slumped in my director’s chair and finished off my now stone cold coffee. Slowly rubbing my eyes with my thumbs I consoled myself that tomorrow wouldn’t be so bad.

Then I felt a soft touch on my mid-thigh, even through my jeans I could immediately tell it was her.

“Stop being such a bitch.”

Laughing as I opened my eyes again I playfully punched her in her flat stomach, “Who you calling bitch?” I asked.

“You, you bitch.” She replied and without missing a beat punched me in the shoulder. “See you tomorrow” she called out as she walked off, waiting a few seconds before giving me a flirtatious look over her shoulder, followed by tempting wink that just about floored me.

And that was where it all started for me with her, her ability to totally and unselfconsciously be one of the boys and in the blink of an eye turn into a seductress, she was sexy in every sense of the word.

“Yeah, get some sleep. I doubt I will.” I replied as I watched in an almost trance as her exquisite arse wiggled away from me.

Now I was I had to get my head back in the game I had to reworked the schedule to figure out what shots we could loose altogether, what shots we could amalgamate with others and what shots had to say where they where in the schedule. All in all a prick of a job that took far too long to do and was something that I didn’t trust with anyone else. I asked my assistant to get me another coffee before she left and started down to work.

I don’t know how many hours had passed, but the letters on the page had started to blur into each other, which let me know that I needed a break from the schedule . I fixed myself another coffee and started walking across the set.

It was a large corporate office, fully furnished and was a credit to the production designer. A giant cityscape trans-light covered the entire room. I went over to the lighting board and switched the trans-light on. Now I could’ve been on the 22nd floor of a skyscraper. The immaculate cityscape glowed through the false windows, creating an instant artificial night. I sipped it my coffee as I looked out the window and the view before me.

My thoughts drifted and suddenly the film schedule was the last thing on my mind. My every thought was on her, and what I would do to her giving half a chance. Thinking about running my tongue over her silk like skin. Thrusting deep inside her. It didn’t take long for my erection to become painful, aching for some attention. I was deciding on whether or not to masturbate, I had had work that needed to get done and knew that the easiest way to fix this problem with to fire off a shot and get back to it.

“What are you thinking of?” echoed across the empty set.

I didn’t even have to turn, I knew exactly who it was, and my heart rate quickened.

“Christ!” I thought. “You’re acting like a fucking teenager, get it together!” I turned to her, noticing that she was carrying a plastic bag before answering her question.

“Schedule, and the stuff…” I cut myself off before I could fuck things up any more. “Great fucking start you wanker!” I thought to myself, “Can’t even string a sentence together.”

She laughed, but wasn’t mocking me and the tone of her laugh helped to put me at ease, but only slightly. God she was stunning, even now with minimal make up and in her off set clothes she was breathtaking. She pulled up her chair next to mine. Then smacked her hand on the base of my chair indicating me to sit down, as she sat the bag she was carrying on her lap.

“I bought you some dinner in, I had a feeling you wouldn’t be getting any otherwise” she said in a relaxed bostancı escort and confident tone.

I moved to my chair and sat down next to her, waving her off. “You didn’t have to do that.”

“I know I didn’t have to, hello I’m the star of this film.” she declared in her best impression of a diva.

“I was wondering if you’d every smile today.” she remarked looking pleased with herself.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“You lost your mojo today. You started stressing out about the schedule.”

“Yeah, I know. It’s a pain in the arse but we’re getting further and further behind-“

She cut me off waving her hands “I came back to help you relax not to stress you out again, so shut up! Shut up now!”

She smacked me on the arm mischievously and then dived into the bag she was nursing on her lap, coming out with two carry boxes.

“Which one do you want chicken or pork?” she asked as she held them up for my inspection.

“Sorry but I’m not really hungry.”

“That’s fine they’re cold anyway it took me too long to get up the courage to come….” she trailed off embarrassed with herself, causing me to look over at her.

“What do you need courage for?”

She looked at me for a tension filled second as she gently chewed on her bottom lip thinking something over in her head, she then blinked her beautiful almond shaped eyes at me before answering.

“To be alone with you in a dark room.”

My heart leapt into my throat and cock sprang back to life, had I really just heard that? I continued to look at her flawless face for a few seconds as I decided on my next move. I slowly got up from my chair and took a few steps away from her.

“We’ll you seem to have plenty of courage, you’re in a darkened board room with just me and it’s at night, who knows what I might do to you.”

She made no response, save for looking at me uncomfortably. Her look caused me to turn away from her, thinking that I’d blown it. I walked to boardroom table in the middle of the set and placed my palms down as I leant on it. I closed my eyes and the only thing that was going through my head was my sound of my own voice screaming “Well done you fucking idiot!!”

Then I felt her hands on my shoulders. Her touch was soft, almost timid as she started to rub my deltoids.

“You’ve got a lot of tension in you back.” She remarked.

“That’s not the only place,” I replied as I turned around to face her causing her to quickly pull her hands away. I caught them with my own and felt the muscles in her arms tense, but she didn’t pull away from me. I looked into her eyes longingly not even trying to hide my attraction for her now. I slowly started to pull her towards me, causing her to slowly lick her lips.

“I want you. I’ve wanted you since the moment I saw you. I’ve got to have you,” was the only thing that I could manage to say before I practically leapt on her with a fiery kiss. She instantly returned the kiss, opening her mouth. Our tongues met in the middle massaging each other excitedly as we both practically attacked each other.

She quickly brought me back to earth when she wrapped her right leg around mine and thrust her groin against me, engorging my already agonising cock. My hands let go of her and went straight for her hips, then I slowly slipped them under the tight top she was wearing to finally feel that perfect skin I’d longed to touch. She let out a sigh as I ran my hands excruciatingly slowly up either side of her flat, tight stomach and past the sides of her breasts, slowly pulling her top over her head and throwing it onto the table behind me. My hands then flew down to her well-toned arse, grabbing a cheek in each hand I lifted her up, causing her to wrap her heavenly legs around me. I spun around and sat her back on the table, lying her down on her back, all the while never braking the kiss. I rubbed my cock against her groin through my jeans several times, this prompted her to hands to go to work on me and she rapidly undid the buttons on my shirt and literally tore it from my back.

I finally broke the kiss and licked along her throat and neck tasting her skin and feeling her quickened pulse as my tongue passed over it. I slipped one bra strap off her shoulder and then the other. Then grabbed each cup and tore violently, there was a split second of resistance but I was so turned on at this stage I could have torn a sheet of iron in half, her lacy bra didn’t stand a chance and disintegrated into ribbons as I yanked it away.

Then I finally saw them, her magnificent breasts, without the bra they didn’t drop an inch they where slightly lighter in tan that the rest of her body and where crowned by large areolas and rigidly erect nipples. My mouth practically watered at the sight of them. I flicked my tongue over her left nipple like lightening causing her to breathe in sharply. I then gave her right nipple the same treatment causing her to sigh. Her hands wrapped around my head grabbing and handful of hair as her breathing became loud, causing ümraniye escort bayan my own lust to grow. I gently raked my teeth over her nipple and this time she moaned, causing my lust to jump another notch. I brought my hand down to her belt and fumbled for a second before managing to unbuckle her it, my heart raced as I urgently tugged her fly open. Finally pulling my mouth off her breast I sat back breathing in heavily as I drank in the vision before me before grabbing her jeans and yanking them down her shapely legs in one forceful motion that pulled her sandals off her feet as well.

She lay before me now naked save for the barest of sheer t-strings. I looked her up and down as my head swam. My hands as if under there own power caressed their way gradually back up her velvet smooth legs gently parting them at the same time.

Our eyes met again and she smiled at me as I dropped to my knees before her. In seconds my mouth was sealed to the crotch of her panties and I was lapping at her dripping cunt through the sheer satin fabric. She gripped my hair, bucking against me as I worked.

“Oh, yes,” she moaned. “Oh, please.”

She groaned loudly and raised up off the table grinding against me as her pleasure rose. Every time my tongue brushed her panty-clad clit, she moaned louder.

“You like that?” I said into her skin.

“Oh, god yes!” was her gasped reply before I continued.

I could smell the scent of her excitement and her panties where now wet against my mouth.

“Stand up.” I commanded and she did without a second thought. She looked me in the eye again, her eyes sparkling with arousal as the heady scent of her sex filled my nostrils. I kissed her deeply and slowly started tonguing my way down every inch of her angelic body. My tongue glided over each of her tits and across her flat stomach where I could feel each of her muscles contract under my tongue. I threaded my fingers through the waistband of he t-string and pulled it down her legs. She helped me by stepping out of them before I through the delicate underwear into the darkness.

“Turn around.”

She did so without a word, giving me my first look at her naked arse. Not wanting me to pause any longer she jutted her perfect arse towards me, wiggling it ever so slightly. I cocked a lop sided grin to myself and lashed my tongue across each arse cheek then sank my teeth into her right cheek causing her to moan loudly. Without stopping I spread her arse cheeks and ran my tongue down the length of her crack causing her legs to shudder, she then bent over the table, giving me easy access to her now dripping cunt.

It felt like heaven as I used my fingertips to slip her pussy lips apart. I paused for the briefest of seconds to gaze upon her womanhood as my hot breath fanned the silky folds of her flesh, this was when I noticed that she was hoarsely whispering one single word over and over, “Yes, yes, yes.”

I grazed my tongue over her outer lips barely touching her, teasing her, drawing out her pleasure before licking up to her tight arsehole. My tongue darted back and forth over her sphincter which spasmed causing her to moan again in ecstasy as she reached back, grabbing the back of my head and thrusting her arse against me. My tongue continued to work over her puckered arsehole circling it in rapid succession, her moans grew louder until she pulled me away suddenly.

“Stop,” she said breathlessly as she turned to face me. Thinking I had done something wrong I started to get to my feet but she pushed me back down to my knees.

“I want you to eat me,” she said as sat back on the conference table and spread her legs for me. “Now.” She hooked her left foot around the back of my head and pulled me into her waiting pussy before I had any chance to do otherwise.

Now I stopped teasing her and devoured her mercilessly, my tongue like that of a humming bird’s wings as I whipped it up and down her labia causing her moans to become rhythmic like her haggard breathing. I looked up at her my eyes holding hers for a moment before I noticed her hair, mussed and loose as it hung around her shoulders and her fringe clung to her forehead, her skin now flushed and glowing, as she bit at her bottom lip.

“Come for me,” I instructed before I ducked my head back down and went back to work. She groaned even louder and pressed her clit firmly against my mouth sealing us together with her own hot slick juices. She bucked against me violently, grabbing at the back of my head and pulling with her arms as her cries got louder and louder. Using my fingertips again I spread open her lips and let my tongue attack her now throbbing clit before working first one finger then two into her burning canal. This caused her to start a steady dialogue of dirty encouragement and sounds as I licked at her delicious cunt. It didn’t take long for the muscles in her hot wet passage to start tightening around my fingers. Her head sank back with a shaky sigh and her inner thighs opened and closed on the sides of head. I could feel kartal escort every muscle in her entire body tense as one, as she literally smashed her clit against my mouth, and immediately I felt her sweet nectar cover my tongue and lips.

“Oh, fuck!” she cried as she went limp.

Pleased with myself I licked my lips of her essence before gently kissing her inner thighs letting her bask in the afterglow of her climax, but in was only a few seconds before she sat back up, looking at me with her trademark mischievous lop sided grin.

“My turn.” she declared as she pulled me to my feet before kissing me hard on the mouth before reaching down to my pants and unbuttoning them then pulling my zipper down. She spun us around and I settled against the table as she slowly inched her hands into my underwear.

Her fingers where warm and had an almost electric touch to them as she caressed them up and down my pounding shaft, causing me to choke out a moan of desire. She smiled at me again before kissing me and pushing me back onto the table. She straddled me grinding her boiling sex against my cock as she moaned into my mouth, them she slowly snaked her way down my body with her pink tongue, all the while I could feel erect nipples as she dragged them down my chest and over my straining abdominal muscles. Fuck she new exactly how to send me wild!

Then she hopped off the edge of the table and pulled my pants down to my knees, my cock finally sprang free slapping against my abs. She wrapped her left hand around the base of the shaft. She played with my cock and balls for a while, caressing them with expert fingers. Her power play was incredible, as she’d get to a whisker of putting her lips on my dick before she’d draw back, she continued this until a drop of pre-come had formed at the head of my dick. She gathered it up on her fingertip before rubbing it on lips.

Being an actor in every sense of the word and loving an audience she held my gaze as she wrapped her lips tightly around the head of my cock in and exaggeratedly slow manner. This caused me to make a low guttural moan, which steadily grew louder as she drew more of the length on my shaft down her throat. She enveloped my cock with her warm wet mouth, her tongue hurriedly swirling around the head.

She cupped my balls with her right hand as she continued to suck me. Now I was completely contained within he mouth and fist. Her soft hair rubbed against the sides of my legs, and that tickling caress had me panting and arching my hips forward and back. I quickly roved my hands through her silky black hair and wound it around my fist to control her rhythm. I directed her pace as her head bobbed over my rod, her tongue swirling around the crown of my cock with each upward motion.

I continued to watch her as she gave me what I thought was the most deliriously sexy blowjob ever. It wasn’t just the wet affection that her tongue and mouth was expertly applying, she had her whole body in on the act. She was grinding her hips back and forth all the while her tongue was lathering my engorged shaft and balls. She continued to wiggle her arse up and down as she worked me, and finally I realised she wasn’t doing in only for my benefit. Understanding her craving I let my hand connect with her naked arse.

This caused her to moan loudly whilst my cock was still halfway down her throat, the vibrations from her mouth where like nothing I’d ever felt before, they where amazing. I continue to spank her tender arse cheeks letting her know whether to go faster or slower with the pace of my spanking.

Soon I felt my balls tighten and knew that I wouldn’t be able to hold off much longer. “If you keep this up I’m going to come,” I rasped.

“That’s what I want you to do,” she slurred because my cock was still in her mouth, and then picked up the pace.

My breathing quickened and became shallow prompting her to meet my gaze again before giving me a seductive wink. Suddenly her head jerked downwards and before I could realise what she was doing I felt her nose pressing into my pubic hair. Her deep throat technique was unimaginable she had pushed me right to the very brink of orgasm but somehow managed to hold me there. It wasn’t until I felt her tongue slide along the underside of my shaft and then start tonguing my balls that she pushed me over the edge.

“Holy, fucking shit!” I screamed. And with warrior like shriek I irrupted, firing off what felt like a gallon semen down her throat. It was the most intense orgasm of my life. It felt like my entire body was being pumped out the end of my dick. And much to my surprise she clamped her mouth down and proceeded to suck every last drop from me.

I collapsed back on the table banging my head against it, but in my current state of euphoria I hardly noticed. She slowly licked my cock clean as she smiled, all the while meeting my eyes.

“You taste amazing,” she said as she climbed up on the table kissing her way up my chest as he curled up beside me. I ran my fingers through her now damp hair, kissing her deeply before I let my thumb linger along her lower lip. She drew it into her mouth and sucked gently, before looking down at my still glistening cock, which started to stiffen once more. She continued sucking my thumb, which hardened my cock even more.

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