Scott’s Vacation

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Ass Fuck

He looked around at his family. Everyone was out on the beach doing something: reading, building sandcastles, treasure hunting with a metal detector, napping. He was enjoying himself. He WAS. But…at the same time, it was 3 days without his secret life.

His “other phone” was hidden in his car. He couldn’t stand it anymore. Tomorrow morning he would sneak out so he could check his messages. Breakfast would be his cover story. There was a gourmet donut shop a mile down the road. Yes, he could make it through this vacation after all.

The next morning, he sat in the parking lot just outside the donut shop scrolling through the few private messages he received from the acquaintances he met through his numerous online chat forums. He didn’t have enough time to check any of public forums. This would have to satisfy his desires, nay, his needs for now. He started with the messages he knew would be pretty tame, and ended with the people that he knew would satisfy his deepest kink desires.

He absently rubbed the front of his shorts as he read a message from Katie. Hmmm…she could usually be more fun. This was just a quick boring note. But as he knew she had more possibility in the future, he typed out a quick reply. Then he moved on. When he finished, six messages later, he realized he had gone from absently rubbing his cock through the fabric of his shorts to having his hand under the waistband and tugging fairly hard and quickly.

He was embarrassed he lost control. He never looses control. Well, rarely looses control. He’s good about never revealing personal details. Safe to conceal his true desires behind a protected and encrypted device. Safe and in control. So why the hell was he acting like a damn teenager jacking off in his car?

Nine more days. He could last that long, he thought. He is in paradise. On the beach. Only an occasional conference call or email exchange for work, otherwise he was just sitting. And relaxing. How…boring.

He reluctantly quit playing with himself and tried to think of mundane things so his erection would subside enough for him to go inside the shop and purchase his cover story. As he was waiting, he glanced out the window on the passenger side of his car and noticed an attractive woman looking back at him. She smiled, winked, and got out of her car, sashaying her ass as she went.

He froze. Had she seen him playing with his cock? He wasn’t sure if he hoped she hadn’t, or if he hoped she HAD. His cock throbbed with the thought of her watching and getting turned on enough to wink at him. He didn’t notice anything else about her except the way her hips bostancı escort bayan made her ass move as she walked. A wink and a perfect ass. Damn. He was never going to make it inside to buy those donuts.

He looked at his watch and realized he had no choice. He adjusted his hard-on as best as he could and got out of the car. He walked inside the cool shop air, took a deep breath, and stood in line behind Ms. Wink. She turned around, glanced down his body to his shorts and slowly brought her gaze back up to his eyes. She grinned and said, “You look very familiar. Is your name Scott by any chance?”

Oh my god, is the tightness in his chest a heart attack? Who the fuck is this woman? She looked slightly familiar too. Is it a friend of his wife’s? He tried not to panic what did she see? What did she know?

“Are you ok? I’m Katie. Do I know you from chat?”

And just like that, the panic turned into curiosity.

“I promise I’m not stalking you,” she laughed. “I got sent to one of our branches to help out with a project. I know you are here with your family, so I’ll keep quiet if I see you around town this week.” With that, Katie turned around and placed her order.

After she paid and got her bag of donuts, and a large coke, she turned to him, leaned close to his ear and whispered, “I enjoyed watching you in your car. Maybe next time, I can help out.” Before he could think of anything to say, she walked out of the shop.

All day. He was distracted ALL day. She really didn’t check off his kink desires or fit in with his fetishes. However, in the forum, she was engaging, flirted with everyone equally, and kept the chatter going. She had only been a member for a couple of weeks, but it felt like he had known her for DAYS. He remembered her laughing at his silly little joke about that last week.

Why was he still thinking about her? It must be that damn little wink. It kept replaying through his mind on almost a loop pattern. Damn that wink.

He grabbed a beer from the cooler he brought down to the sand with him, took a large draw off the top, and closed his eyes.

He must have dozed off because when he opened his eyes again, his beer was warm and the sun was setting. He looked around and didn’t see his family anywhere. They must have gone back to the condo. He scanned the beach one more time and his gaze landed on a couple down the way.

The woman was half on top of her partner. She was laughing, and bent down to playfully kiss the man beneath her. First on the lips. Then she moved over to his ear and neck. The man flipped the woman over and pinned ümraniye escort her arms above her. The laughter stopped. He leaned over and gave her a long passionate kiss.

Scott couldn’t help but watch. Especially when the man started inching down the straps to her tank top. It wasn’t long before a pair of creamy white breasts were exposed. The couple seemed to be oblivious to anything happening around them. But as Scott observed, the beach was nearly deserted anyway.

The man took out a camera and started posing the half naked woman in various positions before snapping a picture. Each pose getting more erotic. He couldn’t look away. The man kissed and caressed his model with every limb he moved, and every piece of clothing he shifted or removed.

The man behind the camera looked around and caught Scott’s stare. The man grinned and started walking towards him. “Excuse me sir. Would you mind helping me with this photo shoot? The light is almost gone, and there are a couple more shots I want to get. I would like to do a few silhouette shots of a man with my model. I promise it will only be a silhouette and I will not photograph any of your identifying features. I will delete any you ask me too.” Scott looked around at the nearly empty beach one more time before he agreed.

As he got closer, he noticed the model was the same woman who had been occupying his thoughts all day. He started to say hello and she burst out laughing. Uhhh…?? Why was she laughing??

“Are you stalking me,” Katie asked between giggles. “Of all the places and all the people, Skip found you to help. Nobody in the group would ever believe this!”

“No, I’m not stalking you! I’m on vacation and my condo is right over there,” he said quickly; tripping over his words in a rush to get them out.

“Relax. I’m just teasing you. Scott, this is my lover, Skip. Skip, this is Scott. He’s the guy who runs that chat room I told you about.”

After quick greetings and pleasantries were expressed, Skip got right down to business. “The sunset colors won’t last long. Since you both sort of know each other, I wonder if you will allow me to photograph provocative images of the two of you together? Again, you will have the right to request any image deleted, and can have a copy of any I take. Are you okay with that?”

Scott looked over at Katie. She looked back. “Well,” she asked. “Are you in?”

He looked one more time around the deserted beach and then back again to the couple. “Sure, I guess. Katie, are you okay with this?”

“Uh, I think it will be really exciting!” With that proclamation, she took his hand escort kartal and led him over to the water’s edge. As the waves washed over their feet, Katie leaned in and kissed him. He vaguely heard the click of the camera shutter but as the kiss deepened, he soon forgot all about the man with the camera.

Soon, too soon, Katie broke the kiss. She looked into his eyes as she trailed her hands down his chest. She hooked her fingers into the waistband of his swim trunks, smiled, and brought them down as she kneeled in front of him, her gaze never breaking away from his stare.

“May I?” She nodded slightly towards his protruding cock. He couldn’t seem to get his mouth to work so he just nodded his consent. Luckily, she didn’t have any problems with HER mouth. One hand rested on his thigh while the other gently cupped his balls. Her tongue darted out and played with the head of his cock. Her tongue circled the head teasingly. And then she stopped.

She continued to look up at him with big brown eyes until she opened her mouth and took the length of his erection deep into her mouth. He couldn’t look any longer. His eyes closed involuntarily as he’s savored the sensation of her moist mouth wrapped around his cock.

His fingers laced themselves into her hair, and as he held her head in place he began to move his hips. As she continued to massage his balls with one hand, the other moved behind him and squeezed his ass as he began to pump himself in and out of her mouth faster.

It felt so amazing he just couldn’t last long. Feeling her fingernails dig into his ass cheeks was the thing that brought him over the edge. He leaned backwards slightly as as he thrust his cock in deep and squirted stream after stream of warm gooey cum into Katie’s mouth. She swallowed instantly, then stood up to kissed him.

He hadn’t caught his breath yet but the taste of her tongue mingled with the flavor of his cum tasted delicious. He wanted to do so much more with her. He reached down and started playing with her hard nipple. He couldn’t wait for a little taste.

*Ring* Scott’s phone started ringing somewhere nearby. He recognized the ringtone for his wife. He found his phone and as he answered it, two large golden labs came running towards him. He quickly turned his back in the couple and answered his phone while also tugging up his shorts – just as the labs jumped on him.

“Down guys! Hello?”

“I guess the dogs found you. Are you coming back to the condo soon? I’m craving pizza and margaritas tonight.”

Scott tried to keep his rambunctious fur babies from jumping on him as he answered, “On my way now.”

He looked back and saw the couple looking at the camera. He had forgotten all about the camera. He wondered what the images would look like. He would make sure to message Katie tonight. But for now, it was time to head back to the condo for pizza night.

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