Secret Santa

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©2015 Dainii, all rights reserved

This was originally posted for the 2014 Winter Story Contest as “Special Occasions”…but needed some rework. Sorry it took so long to get done.


I glanced over at my wife, all muffled up in her parka and scarf, as we pulled up the long drive to her folks home. I quickly looked over my shoulder into the back seat to make sure that our daughter, swaddled up to look like a lump in her car seat, was still sleeping. Sandy had been born in September and this was going to be the first time that Sara’s family had seen her.

Sara and I live in Seattle. She had been going to school there and I am a new engineer working for the city. Now she is on ‘pause’ from school for a while due to Sandy. We had been going together for almost a year prior to last March when we found out that she was pregnant. We loved each other and were edging that way anyway, so it was really no great leap to make the life commitment that Sandy’s pending arrival was pushing on us. We had done the justice-of-the-peace thing to get hitched in a hurry, and then had a little get together in my parents’ backyard for my family and friends. Sara’s family who lived eight hours inland and were dealing with the spring birthing season for the herd on their small family farm at the time, couldn’t get there. While I had met them briefly two summers ago, this was the first time that I would be seeing them as their daughter’s husband.

Sara had made the point quite strongly that we absolutely had to go to her folks’ place for Christmas. We actually had a fight over it because I really didn’t want to drive that far, through the mountains, in the winter. But, she won. She always did. Not only was Christmas a special family occasion, but her younger sister, Stephanie, had her birthday on December 25th, and would be turning eighteen this year…tomorrow. For some reason it was imperative that Sara join her family to celebrate Steph’s birthday.

Last time I was here was just a quickie afternoon stopover while travelling, and I was only the new boyfriend at that point, so I had only briefly met Sara’s mother, Susan, and father, Tom. This would be the first time that I got to meet Stephanie, and Sara’s older brother Matt who was twenty five.

My bride is in her early twenties, short at five foot two, with long brown hair. As I glanced at her again, I couldn’t see the wonderful hourglass figure that she worked so hard to regain after Sandy’s birth, bundled as it was under her winter gear. She caught me looking and blessed me with that radiant smile of hers. All I could think of was the mental image I had of her standing in her t-shirt and nothing else as she completed the last minute packing this morning.

In the darkness — we were arriving late after our long drive – we drove around the two huge spruce, brightly lit and gaily decorated for the season, in her folk’s large front yard. They looked like two especially tall Christmas trees set there solely to welcome in the holiday. The early season snow was already piled around the yard and it was obvious that someone had had to shovel the driveway at least once. We pulled up to the side of the house. As we got out we could see that our arrival had been anticipated.

A tall man that I took to be Matt jumped down the steps in his sock feet, landing on the snow covered sidewalk, as Susan held the front door open and ran to help us with our luggage. He quickly shook my hand, saying ‘hi’, and gave a quick peck to Sara who was bending over in the back seat unbuckling our daughter’s car seat/carrier from the car. Briefly I thought I saw him drag his hand up her shapely ass as she was bent over, but maybe not. Then, between the three of us we gathered up four bags and Sandy and headed for the door that Susan was still holding open. We did not have any Christmas presents with us as Sara had been firm in stating that her family didn’t buy presents to celebrate this special occasion.

Up the steps, in the house, and there was a flurry of movement as we crowded into the small entrance. The house was a wartime build, a story and a half with three small bedrooms upstairs, a small kitchen, bathroom that everybody shared, and the living room downstairs. Glancing into the living room I could see a Christmas tree all decked out with the traditional decorations. I could also see six large and one small stocking, that I guessed was for Sandy, hung over the mantle of the old wood burning fireplace along one wall.

Our bags were dropped, Sandy in her carrier set carefully on the floor, and coats were pulled from us revealing me in my sweatshirt and jeans, and Sara dressed in her old gray t-shirt hanging loose over form fitting yoga pants that hugged her butt — we had dressed for comfort on the trip. Sara’s dad extended his hand to me.

Tom is a large man in his early fifties. Short gray hair and rugged face suited the gray cardigan worn over a plaid shirt and jeans. I could see the pipe sticking out of his shirt pocket as he gripped olgun porno my hand and welcomed me to their home.

He let go of my hand to be replaced by Matt’s. As I said, Matt is a big man, easily six inches taller than my five foot ten, and a couple of inches bigger than his dad. Big in the chest with arms and legs apparently carved out of large trees. I could tell that the work on this family farm was keeping both him and his father very fit. I could also now understand better my wife’s focus on getting back in shape.

Matt was replaced by Susan, who came in very close to hug me tightly. Susan, also in her early fifties, is even shorter than Sara, barely five feet tall. She was wearing a flowing red dress, belted at the waist, with a stylish sweater, unbuttoned, over the top. I noticed the unbuttoned sweater as she pressed herself into me because I could very easily feel the nubs of my mother-in-law’s nipples push into my chest through my sweatshirt. Momentarily I tried to pull back but she maintained her grip, shifting her hands up to pull my face down into a kiss causing her nipples to drag up my chest. I expected a motherly kiss on the cheek so I was again surprised by the open mouth that met my lips. In a second I could feel her tongue press into me and I was too shocked to resist.

My eyes flew around wildly as her tongue twirled around mine and I could clearly see my new father-in-law bending over my wife, his daughter, also obviously thrusting his tongue into her mouth. The only difference was that my wife was apparently eagerly returning the favour — and I swear I saw his hands brush up and down her t-shirted back before one hand swept out of my sight, in between them. I couldn’t see to know for sure, but if it was me, with my hand there, my hand would be cupping one of her delectable breasts.

My attention refocused upon Susan as she gave my butt cheeks a squeeze and then stepped back from me. “It is very nice to have you join our family, David, and especially to bring our daughter back to be with us on this very special occasion. Thank you,” she said with a sweet smile. My face was flushed and I could feel a semi-stiffy straining in my jeans.

I was still thunderstruck as I nodded to her. Her husband stepped back from Sara and was replaced with Matt as Stephanie enveloped me in a hug. Steph is a little taller, but still short, standing about the same height as Sara. Steph’s hair, a mousy blonde similar to Sara’s, is different than the long flowing locks that my wife and her mother sported as she has hers done in a short page boy cut that frames her face giving her a pixie’ish appearance. She looks very young, and very beautiful. Steph was wearing a shorter white cotton dress without any adornment. It came to her knees and there were buttons from the waist up the back. I could see the straps of her bra showing through the white dress.

Steph also reached up with both hands to pull my face down into a kiss while pressing into me in a full-body hug. My semi immediately stiffened to full on ‘hard’. I was better prepared for the kiss and opened my mouth to accept this sweet girl’s tongue right away, while trying to angle my lower body away from contact. She had a delicious taste to her — not that Susan had tasted bad!

From the corner of my eye I could see Matt step into Sara’s open arms, and I swear I saw him blatantly draw his hands up the front of her leg as he murmured something into her ear. His hand remained there, out of my sight, for a moment while my wife nodded her smiling face at her big brother. Then I could see her butt arch suddenly away from the hidden hand and her lips opened into a laugh accompanied by her waiving a finger in his face. Then Matt swept my wife into a full-on lip lock, and I could clearly see her cheek billow as his tongue invaded her mouth!

I was distracted by the fingers curling in my hair as Steph sucked on my tongue. She is such a sweet kisser!

“Ok everybody. That is enough for now. We’ll have some more fun later…let them get settled,” this from Tom as he bent to pick up Sandy, and then stood back a bit with a huge smile on his face. Matt and Sara broke their embrace at the same time as Stephanie stepped back from me. I was very glad for the jeans I was wearing and the long sweatshirt hanging in front of them because I was sporting a boner like no tomorrow. “Sara, you and Steph help your mother finish setting the dinner out. Matt, help Dave take their things up to your room.”

Tom led the way out of the entryway. Matt grabbed a couple of suitcases and started up the steep stairs. I grabbed the other two bags and went to follow him. Sara paused and grasped my elbow, holding me back for a moment. She looked at me, her hazel eyes looked darker and smokier than normal, and her face looked to be lit from within. She leaned into me and whispered, “I …I guess we should have talked before we got here. It’s too late now, but David, please just ‘go’ with things. It is a special occasion. I’ll playboy porno explain it all to you later.” With that she gave me a wet, open mouth kiss and then turned to follow her family into the kitchen.

I turned and followed my new brother-in-law up the stairs. At the top was a little landing from which you could look down on the living room followed by a short hallway with a door off of either side, and one at the end. He pointed to the one at the end, and said, “my folks” and then at the door on his left “Steph’s”, and then he opened the door on his right saying, “mine, but this is where you guys are staying.”

I followed him into a small bedroom. There was a double bed — which for a man his size would probably still be a little small — and a chest of drawers. He pointed at a crib pushed into a corner, “we dug that out of the shed when we knew you were coming and I cleaned it up real nice for Sandy.” I took a look. This wasn’t one of the modern, cheaply built cribs that you could buy today, but solid wood construction. “My dad made that for us when I was born. We’ve all been in it in our time,” he grinned. We set the bags down at the end of the bed, and headed out. I asked, “if we are in your room, where are you staying Matt?”

He pointed at Steph’s door, and then just opened it, “I’m with Steph, but don’t worry about it, we’ll get along fine,” and he closed the door again. My brief view had shown a mirror image of Matt’s room, with one double bed but without the crib. Huh? Was he going to sleep on the floor?

In the kitchen Tom was sitting at the table and the ladies were putting the last dishes out. They had obviously held supper for us even though we had arrived late. It was after ten. Everybody was smiling and talking, with my little daughter being cradled in her grandfather’s arms.

Dinner was served at the table sandwiched in between the kitchen and living room. It was oval with no real ‘head’ of the table spot, and with all of us there it was a tight, but comfortable fit. I sat in the farthest corner — almost like they wanted to ensure that I wouldn’t be able to get away. Sara was beside me and her father beside her. Opposite me was Stephanie, then her brother, and Susan was opposite Tom. Tom had set Sandy down on the floor beside him.

We devoured the supper with very little impact upon the talking. My wife had a lot of catching up to do with her family. Everybody was kidding Stephanie about her ‘special occasion’ although I didn’t understand exactly what they were talking about. All of them, including my wife, were joking about ‘the last time they would see that white dress’ and ‘no more bra straps sticking out’. Steph blushed for the first while, but seemed to settle down as the same comments surfaced repeatedly. Sara obviously had a very close knit family and I was starting to feel bad that we hadn’t made the effort to visit before, and especially bad about putting up a stink about travelling out here for Christmas.

At one point I had to excuse myself to go to the bathroom. As I struggled to stand I noticed that Tom had his hand on Sara’s thigh and it looked like he was softly squeezing it. I rounded the end and lost my balance a bit so put my hand down on Steph’s shoulder. I could feel her bra strap under her white dress. I squeezed past Matt and Susan, looking down so as to not lose my balance again, and as I put my hand on to Susan’s shoulder I noticed two other things. It looked like Susan’s dress was bunched up on her lap, and I swear that Matt’s hand was resting high on her bare leg. I paused and blinked a moment and also realized that I did not feel a bra strap under Susan’s dress. Hmmm. Quickly I moved on, found the bathroom off of the entryway and did my business. When I returned via the same route Matt’s hands were both on the dinner table. Finally gaining my seat again I looked down at Sara’s lap again only to see her hand resting high on her father’s lap!

Eventually we were all done and leaning back in our chairs. It had been a good meal, a ‘light’ one as the turkey would come out tomorrow. Tom was leaning back in his chair slowly stuffing his pipe with some aromatic tabac when he slapped his own head, “damn! I almost forgot.” He set his pipe down and rose to the kitchen cupboard, returning in a moment with a number of small glasses. Then he went to the freezer — which was in the mudroom just outside the backdoor — and came back with a quart sealer of clear liquid. Everyone started hooting about the ‘home made hootch’ as with a grin Tom started to pour a liberal dose into each glass. Sara put her hand over one glass, shaking her head, “I can’t this year dad. I’m feeding Sandy,” and with her other hand she grabbed her own left breast and bobbed it up and down under her t-shirt, “sorry.” My eyes almost popped as I watched my wife waving her covered tit at her family.

“That is ok baby girl,” he replied. “Your husband can have your share,” and he poured the extra glass, setting two in front of me.

“Ok pornhub porno everybody, down the hatch!”

I watched as Susan, Stephanie, Matt and Tom all downed their glass of liquid in one swallow. Then I shrugged and did the same with one. “Holy shit!” I choked as the fire burned down my throat. Everybody laughed and started talking about the family tradition of ‘having a glass’ at special occasions. Matt explained that they made it themselves and kept it in the freezer, then he slapped me on the back and reminded me that I had Sara’s share to take care of. Through tearing eyes I downed the second one. I could feel my whole body getting warm immediately. I grinned and Matt continued saying that the whole family gets a shot at every special occasion, so I could look forward to many more shots in the years to come.

Then Susan arose, announcing that it was time to draw for Secret Santa. I quickly looked at my wife because she had pointedly told me that there were ‘no present giving’ at Christmas at her folk’s house. She saw my look and quickly understood the consternation on my face. She leaned over and grasped my head in her hands and quickly kissed me before whispering, “no, no…don’t worry honey. It is ok. I’ll explain everything later.”

Susan returned with two bowls that she had retrieved. I could see that there were folded up pieces of paper in them. She stood for a moment looking at everyone and then she focused upon me. “David, you’ve been a real good sport, and I can see that Sara has prepared you well to be a member of our family.” I did not understand that statement. “I…we… are glad that she chose you.” She paused for breath, “and we thank you for being here, and bringing our girl home to celebrate Stephanie’s birthday with us.” She smiled at me and then faced the others. “Now you know what to do, reach in here and pick a piece of paper. On it will be the name of the person that you are the Secret Santa for this year.” With that she bent over and started to hold the bowls in front of us. One bowl was for the men and the other bowl for the women.

When it was my turn I reached in and pulled out a piece of paper. I opened it to see ‘Stephanie’. I had seen that everybody else was keeping their slips of paper private, so I did the same. What the hell was I going to get Stephanie before tomorrow morning? I looked at my wife, who was glancing up at her dad, and I wondered why she hadn’t let my buy a present. It was obvious that this was a family tradition and I needed one!

At that moment Sandy started to bawl. Sara immediately got up and said that it was her feeding time. The kitchen — living room area was an L-shaped room with the table in the space at the corner of the L. We all watched as my wife pushed her chair back as far as it would go, turned and bracing herself on her father’s shoulders, stepped across his lap. She was facing him and he put his hands on her hips to pull her down to momentarily sit on his lap as she moved across him. I watched silently, feeling the hootch do its work, as Tom moved one hand up from her hip to caress the nipple poking out of her t-shirt. Sara quickly looked at me and saw the hootch-induced expression of bemusement on my face and then leaned down to kiss her dad. The quick peck extended to include a bit of tongue twirling before she stood again, patting Tom on his cheek and whispering, “not right now daddy. Sandy is hungry.”

She picked Sandy up from her seat beside the table and took her to the living room and sat down on the couch, cradling our daughter in her arm. Then she struggled for a moment trying to raise her t-shirt on one side before pausing and looking at Matt. “Can you help me please?”

“Sure,” from Matt as he arose and went over to them. Sara held one arm in the air and Matt reached down to grasp the hem and arm of her t-shirt, pulling them gently up exposing my wife’s perfect breast to the world.

Sara shifted Sandy to her free arm and then held up the other, “just take it off please.” Matt glanced back at me and then grabbed the other arm of the t-shirt pulling the whole thing up and off of my wife, tossing the t-shirt to the rocking chair sitting beside the couch. Matt sat down on the couch beside my half naked wife as she brought Sandy’s mouth to her nipple.

Sara had never been shy about feeding our daughter in public, but had always made some effort to cover up the exposed breast as Sandy was sucking. My wife being fully exposed like this, in front of her whole family, had my mouth hanging open in surprise. I quickly glanced around the table and saw that everybody was watching her feed our daughter although none of them seemed to be too surprised by her semi-nudity.

Sandy was sucking greedily on Sara’s right tit. Matt commented, “they sure do look full” and he took my wife’s left tit in his hand and bounced it in his palm, gently holding it.

My wife had that loving, sweet look on her face that appeared every time she was feeding our daughter. She looked down at her brother’s hand on her breast and then into his face, “they are full, and heavy, and…” At that moment Matt’s squeezing produced a shot of mother’s milk which squirted out across the floor. Sara laughed as did everybody. “You better watch out bro, I’m armed and dangerous.”

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