Seeing Hammerbox

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Suzie, Dawn, and their friends Ian and Jamie stopped by my sparsely furnished apartment on Friday for beers and rock before we were to head down to the OK Hotel to check out Hammerbox and a few other bands. Suzie went straight into my room where I have racks and racks of tapes stacked up and pulled out Live at the Witch Trials, by The Fall.

“I fucking LOVE this band, and I’ve been jonesing to hear this one all day!” she said, handing me the tape. So I went over to my little black Sony boom box that I bought for $50 before I left Chicago and slapped it on. Then I noticed that Jamie was still in my room, looking at my tapes. He was wearing a black turtleneck and biker jacket with black jeans and those pointy black boots that zip up on the side, and he had a Depeche Mode haircut – parts of which hung down over his eyes – and he was standing there in my room by himself looking at my tapes. He looked up at me when I came back in and gave me that certain unmistakeable look when he said, “Oh hi, I just wanted to see your tapes. What you have. You have a lot of tapes. A lot of great tapes, man.” Then he smiled. That was annoying. Really annoying. Really intrusive.

Suzie’s told me that he’s really forward sometimes about sex because he considers himself too evolved to be tied down to monogamous relationships and believes monogamy is not natural anyway. That’s fine, and it doesn’t really bother me if he wants to test the waters, but he knows I’ve been going around with Suzie for awhile now, and yeah, we do have this open door policy, but she’s also here with Dawn, her main squeeze, the love of her life, the Frida Kahlo to her Josephine Baker, and you’re doing this now? In my bedroom? While she’s here? While they’re both here? In my apartment? Sorry pal, not cool. So I said, “Yeah, I do,” as I turned off the light and it took more than a moment of him standing in the dark to realize that was his cue to leave. He finally did, and he sat down on one of the three folding chairs I set up whenever I’m entertaining guests, but he was still real close to Dawn who was sitting on the end of the couch, and turned his attention to her, telling her she “smells nice.” This guy’s as subtle as a chlamydia test. They went back and forth for a short while, and she held her own, but was clearly uncomfortable. It was creepy. At any rate, Dawn was able to get away from him, moving to sit next to me on the couch, and he minded his own business after finally getting the hint.

Meanwhile, Suzie was telling Ian, a quiet guy in a Carhartt jacket, about Dawn’s old roommate from a few months back, Sheila, who owed Dawn a shitload of money in food, rent and utilities, but insisted she doesn’t have to pay because she was sick at the time. She even stole some of Dawn’s clothes. “If someone tried shit like that with me,” she says, “I’d kick her ass up and down Broadway! I mean, who the fuck does she think she is?”

“Well, I think my rent money was going up her nose. God! The whole thing makes me mad!” she said, her brow knitted. “I was so stupid not to see this coming. I “Babe, don’t flog yourself over this!” Suzie interrupted, going over to sit next to her on the couch. “The bottom line is she ripped you off.”

“Yeah, but I just…” she pauses, “I didn’t have a job and was low on money and I needed a roommate, and Stephanie knew her – they worked together – and said she seemed okay, and…well fuck, beggars can’t be choosers, you know? But I had no fucking idea she was anything like this. None! I did not see this coming!”

“I escort bostancı know you didn’t,” Suzie said, clasping her hand between hers. “You had no reason to think she would do this, right? The fault is hers. No one else’s. Her’s.”

“I knew she drank pretty hard when I moved in with her,” Dawn continued after a pause. “But she was otherwise normal. She had a job, and she paid her bills, and she minded her own business, and that’s all I cared about. Once I got a job, I started looking for my own place, so I figured I’d be out of there soon anyway, and didn’t pay attention to her. But I couldn’t find one and I had to stay longer than I hoped, and she started getting weird. I found out she – Oh my God – she lost her job. I found out after I left that she lost her job! She got fired! Stephanie told me she got fired! She didn’t say anything about it for the rest of the time I was there. About two months. She’d get up in the fucking morning and act like she was going to work…but she wasn’t going to work. I have no idea where she went. And then she was going out partying almost every night. Sometimes she didn’t come home at all, and when she did she was all wired and wound up. And then she stopped paying her bills. She just had one excuse after another,” said Dawn. “She was always short money, and kept saying ‘Thanks for helping me out, I’ll get you next month,’ but there was this illness or that. This anxiety or that. She was always feeling depressed about one thing or another. There was always some excuse for not having any money. And then there was her kid – I found out about this alleged kid a few weeks after I moved in, but I’ll tell ya, I lived with her for eight months, I never saw any sign of any kid. Not even one picture.”

“She said the father – some guy name Rick, right?” asked Suzie. “He’s down in-“

“He’s supposedly over in Bremerton, and she says it costs too much money to take the ferry over to see her kid. Really? It’s only like, what, six or seven bucks? You don’t have six or seven bucks to go see your kid?”

“That’s some fucked up shit.” Ian said.

“Yeah!” said Suzie.

“She made this kid up. She had to have!” said Dawn. “She needed money for her kid, and that’s why she kept asking for more time on the rent, and then she just stopped asking.”

“So what did you end up doing?” I asked.

“I kept covering her until I finally found a place, and right before I found it, she went over to Bremerton – supposedly – and that’s the last I saw of her. She didn’t call or anything. She was just gone. Didn’t tell me or the landlord anything. I moved out at the end of the month. Thank God we were month to month!”

“Unbelievable!” said Ian.

“Tell me about it!” said Dawn. “What a fucking psycho bitch!”

“What she is is a cunt!” Suzie interjected. Dawn started laughing. “Well she is. A stupid, selfish, psycho cunt…you know, I love that word. ‘Cunt.’ Cunty cunt CUNT!! People get so irate about that word, like it’s as bad as ‘nigger,’ but it just describes what something is. And in this case, what someone is. Right?”

“Well you’ve got Sheila down to a T,” Dawn replied, “but I don’t know about the rest of that.”

“It’s PC bullshit. These feminists who keep bemoaning that word…”that word”…can’t understand normal thinking,” she says cracking up. “See what I did there?”

“I did,” said Dawn. “I’m sure we all did.”

“See ya next Tuesday, babe,” she said as she gave Dawn a kiss, and then kissed her hand.

Time went on and ümraniye escort the beer kept pouring, and Suzie sat closer to me, taking my hand and squeezing it and sneaking small nibbles on my earlobes or licks only my neck behind them as everyone talked and drank and the music played loudly. She was the most sexually adventurous woman I had been with to date, and every time we were together there was always anticipation that something really hot and erotic and different was going to happen. We would be in a different world at that point. Transfixed in a new concupiscent universe. Alcohol was often involved. Drugs too, sometimes, and while the rational, mature, well adjusted Apollonian adult side of my psyche – the side that kept telling me I needed to grow up and stop drinking, partying, and listening to weird fucked up music and reading weird fucked up books and be responsible and get a job in the real world with a real company and wear ties and start thinking about where I want to be when I’m 30 – the side said that ultimately it was all artificial and a dead end. I knew she was in love with Dawn, and I was fine with that, and I knew that Suzie had baggage (she warned me about it at the beginning) and she kept me apart from it for the most part, and I wasn’t exactly looking for someone to drink piña coladas with at this point in my life anyway. She was part of this strange new trip I found myself taking in rainy Seattle, and my gut told me I should just jump in the river with her to see where it takes us. So I did.

After a couple of hours of pre-drinking, we headed out into the steady November rain down towards Pioneer Square and the OK Hotel. The place was packed, but we got in without too much of a wait. The Treepeople had just started playing, and The Mono men and Coffin Break were due to play before Hammerbox came on. Suzie kept telling me how great Hammerbox is and she couldn’t wait for me to see them because “Carrie Akre has so much power,” she said. The earlier bands rocked hard and people were slamming and moshing up front. We all got separated and got more beers and I talked with people I had been working with just a few weeks earlier, and Suzie and Dawn talked with some people from the restaurant Dawn worked at, and wall of us got lost in the whole loud violent spectacle of the music for awhile, and then Hammerbox came on. Suzie went straight to the front and was digging them big time, so I joined her and about halfway through the set she started to get desirous. She reached down for my hand during one song and found it and we began dancing close, even though the band was hardly playing slow numbers. We swayed back and forth and at this point we were having a little trouble maintaining our balance and some moshers came close to knocking both of us over a couple of times. She didn’t care and at one point came around and looked into my eyes and smiled and gave me a hot wet kiss, her tongue poking around the environs of my mouth. After a moment, I kissed her back and pulled her close and pushed my groin forward and I could hear her squeal above the din of the club, and then we looked at each other and non verbally decided we needed to cut out.

We snuck out the back door into the alley, and even though the rain was coming down pretty good at this point we started kissing passionately. She pulled me forward so she could reach my earlobes and she nibbled on them again slightly, then more strongly as she pressed herself into my groin. We clutched each other and kissed and kissed while kartal escort bayan the rain poured down on us as if it might be the last time we ever see each other again. She kissed me and bit my lips, pawing all over my chest. I looked just beyond her and found the ledge of a nearby loading dock a few feet down from the doorway, and I took her there. There was plenty of space between the edge of the dock and the big metal door which was pulled down, and I hoisted Suzie up on the edge and looked into her bright blue eyes and soaking wet face and she smiled, so I reached underneath her skirt and pulled her tights off, then her cutoff shorts, and then…finally…her navy blue lacy floral panties. She opened her legs and kicked them up and I went to town on that warm and rainwater wet vulva. Suzie is incredibly orgasmic, and this situation practically made her non compos mentis. She didn’t register at all that she was laid out on a hard surface. I licked around the edges and slowly made my way toward the center of her pussy, flicking her clit with my tongue and making her cry out. She pulled at my long wet hair so hard some of it almost came out and I kept licking. She implored me to insert a finger, and then two, and after about a minute or so of this, she said, “enough of your fingers, give me your cock!” So I stepped back, hopped up on the ledge and lowered my pants and she climbed on. She rode me for only about 45 seconds or so and that was all she needed before she screamed out multiple times and it echoed off the walls of the alley. She collapsed on top of me and breathily said, “I can’t move. I can’t fucking move,” but she did, and she got off me and slowly and steadily finished me off with her hands and mouth, taking my stormy ejaculation to the last drop.

She caught her breath and stood up and put her clothes back on. Then she jumped off the ledge and gave me one more long wet kiss.

“I’ll see you inside,” she said with a wink as I was zipping up, and as she headed back inside, I saw a homeless guy out of the corner of my eye, lying on the ground in the rain about five feet or so from us with a 40 of 11-11 Malt Liquor in his hand and at first I thought he might be out for the count, but then his eyes opened and he was looking straight at me, and then he smiled, and started laughing.

“You crazy son of a bitch! What the fuck?” he said as he guffawed and hacked, as he stood up, and took another swig from his 11-11, finishing it off and tossing the bottle away. I couldn’t help but laugh with him, even as he started mumbling incoherently.

“Do you need anything?” I asked him.

“Nawww, don’t worry about me. Go! Don’t keep your lady waiting, know what I mean? You don’t wanna keep a girl like that waiting!” he replied, and then started laughing and hacking again. I reached into my wallet and gave him a 10, because that’s all I had left. “Thanks brother, thank you kindly,” he said taking the bill, and then he stumbled along the alley, around the corner, and out of sight.

I walked back inside, sopping wet. Hammerbox finished playing and were breaking down the stage. The crowd was thinning out. Closing time would be soon. I found Suzie talking to Dawn, who looked at both of us and grinned.

“Were you outside?” she asked, giggling.

“Yes,” replied Suzie.

“Yes, we most certainly were.” I chimed in. She looked at us both with a big smile on her face.

Jamie looked at both of us and was equally flabbergasted. Ian just shook his head and laughed. “Unbelievable,” he muttered as he drained his glass.

Suzie wanted to go home, and Dawn wanted to stay. So Suzie gave her some money for a cab, and we got one of our own and went back to my apartment, and resumed the festivities, this time with a roof over our head and a nice dry bed.

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