Sex and Polar Bears

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Andrew had visited Portland many times, always on business, and never had time to explore. This time, he was lucky: Friday and Saturday he had nothing “official” to do. But on Sunday, he was to head a major “wrap-up-and-report” committee. Only then could he leave.

An oceanographer and good overall naturalist, he’d heard about the Portland zoo, always in superlatives: it was large, complex, and eminently worthwhile. He decided to spend Friday there. He arrived via metro just at opening, exiting the train at what the system proudly claimed was the deepest underground transit station in North America.

Seniors got a significant discount, which was a hoot – he seldom thought of himself that way except when confronted by fares and admissions and such.

Once inside, he wandered a bit, scoping out the overall layout. He began almost alone, but by nine o’clock kids were swarming about in profusion, mostly under age ten and mostly in school groups and as families. At about nine thirty he was standing in the amazing polar bear exhibit, with its glass-sided tanks allowing simultaneous viewing of the huge bear above and below water, as the infinitely-bored beast paced and swam his circuit, mostly doing the backstroke.

As Andrew tried to watch the bear, the sea of kids formed a blooming, buzzing confusion around him. At one point he simply pulled back, giving up for a moment. Free of the press, he wound up twenty feet from the tank, standing beside a row of sofa-sized concrete blocks, usable for seating or (for small kids) standing upon to gain a view over others’ heads. Sitting on the nearest block was a pretty young woman: she grinned at him, shook her head and said “It’s more fun to watch the bipeds, don’t you think?”

Andrew nodded, studied her briefly. Attractive, slim, sitting legs-crossed and sidesaddle. Pretty legs – slender, muscular. She was dressed in short-shorts snug enough so that it was clear she was either sans undies, or wearing a minimalist thong. The shorts were complemented by a loosely-tied sleeveless blouse that provided occasional glimpses of considerable areas of the upper and inner slopes of her bosom. It was equally unclear whether she wore a bra – which of course meant probably not.

His complete scan took only a fraction of a second. Andrew was impressed – the package was better than nice, close to stellar. He saw a break in the kid-brigade and said to her “Back in a sec. Think I’ll try again!” He stepped forward; to avoid being a view-blocking device, he squatted down on the steps nearest the glass.

Almost immediately two young girls pushed in front of him, completely blocking his own view. He gave them the benefit of the doubt – they were chattering excitedly about the bear and seemed oblivious to his existence. From behind him came a sharp voice: “Janet! Clara! Be polite and watch what you’re doing. You just pushed in front of that man! That’s very rude of you!”

It was the seated lady speaking, and the rebuke brought the girls up short. They said, simultaneously, “Yes, Mom!” and turned to Andrew. The bigger girl said, contritely, “We’re sorry, Mister! We didn’t mean to be rude, but we’ve never seen a polar bear before!”

Her sister added “He’s HUGE! This is pretty exciting, being so close to him!”

Andrew grinned – he loved to teach, took the opportunity. He stayed in his crouch, keeping his eyes at the level of the girls’. “You’re both forgiven. Now, tell me, what color do you think the bear’s actual skin is, under all that fur?”

Mom stood up and stepped closer, where she could hear. The girls shook their heads, and he explained: “It’s black! Now, why do you suppose the bear’s hair is white?”

Several other kids turned to listen.

“After all, they live where it’s awfully cold and you both know that something dark left out in the sun will get warmer than something white. Shouldn’t a cold-climate bear have BLACK fur to help stay warm? What’s going on here?”

The girls engaged in speculation for a minute, dreaming up and then rejecting answers, until finally they demanded to know. By this time Andrew had a dozen kids – plus several parents – clustered about him, all participating.

He said “OK… Here’s what’s going on with the Polar Bear’s Hair! First of all, he has a really thick coat, and it’s very good insulation. If the fur were black, only the top, on the very outside, would get warm – but the bear himself is three inches farther down, under that blanket of fur. With dark fur, the surface would heat up nicely, but that wouldn’t get heat down to the bear’s body. So things work differently here. The hairs are pretty special. They don’t soak up water, so he doesn’t get wet when he swims. The hairs are also hollow, to help him float, and they are colorless like plain glass, so that they don’t absorb whatever sunlight and heat hit the bear. Each hair is like a little tiny light pipe, and together they carry all the light and heat from the sun down, down, through two or three inches of fur to that black skin, and the black skin absorbs the heat, and helps kartal escort keep the bear warm. Waterproof white fur, light-pipes, and black skin. This is one High-Tech Bear! Neat, isn’t it!?”

He got a chorus of “Wow!” from the audience.

Moments after he stopped talking, the group dispersed like smoke. The two girls turned back to watch the bear again. Mom had moved closer during the talk, and smiled at Andrew as he stood up beside her – an absolutely beautiful smile. She was taller than he’d thought – only an inch or so shorter than he – and at 30 or 32, about 30 years his junior. He allowed himself one more scan of her re-arranged anatomy. Long, well-muscled legs supporting a truly lovely bottom half hinted-at and half-visible under the shorts.

She held out her hand and said “You’re a great teacher! You really had all those kids’ attention! Mine too, and also the adults. Are you a docent? I’m Judith, by the way.”

He shook her hand, introduced himself, then briefly explained his presence – the conference, his duties therein, his scientific background. He gestured at the girls: “I presume from “mom” that they’re both yours?”

She nodded, named them to him. Most of the “kids-with-parents” groups seemed to include both parents, and he looked about in the milling, flowing crowd, found no obvious solitary man as candidate to be their father. He asked, in perfect innocence, “Nice kids. Intelligent and polite. Where’s Daddy? Gone to the men’s room or something?”

Judith shook her head, shrugged: “Nope. No daddy – not for a bit over four years now.” She bit her lip, shrugged again, and confided “Turned out he didn’t actually understand that role, and couldn’t handle it. In the main it’s good riddance, I suspect. At least he pays support regularly.”

Andrew was a bit embarrassed by having caused the revelation, muttered his condolences and apologies for asking – not his business of course, hadn’t meant to be rude. She waved the sentiment and apology away as both inappropriate and unnecessary.

They stood silently looking at one another, both appraising, each aware of some sort of smoldering connectivity, neither knowing what – if anything at all – to do about it. They were saved from decision-making by the girls, who just at that moment turned abruptly from the tank and trotted over to them.

Clara looked up at Andrew, took his hand – the action clearly and thoroughly startled Judith – and said “Hey, Mister, you know a lot! Can you come with us and explain stuff? What you tell is a lot more interesting than the signs!”

Andrew shot a quizzical look at Mom.

She went pink, then said “Bold little squirt, isn’t she? You are quite honored, Andrew – she NEVER takes a stranger’s hand that way! Anyhow, of course we’d all LOVE to have you come with us, but we certainly don’t need to spoil your entire day: after all, you didn’t sign on to be a tour guide when you bought your ticket!”

He shrugged, extended his free hand to Janet, who took it instantly. “Absolutely!” he said to the two girls. “It’ll be fun. IF your Mom says it’s okay. I don’t have a family of my own and I simply LOVE to show off by teaching!”

Over the next three hours of wandering and investigations, Andrew and Judith found that they were uncannily and thoroughly comfortable with one another, to the point that they were soon walking close enough to do more than merely an occasional bump. At one point, near the rhino pen, they were miraculously alone for a few seconds: Andrew took a chance, laid his hand on her bare shoulder, then wrapped his arm gently around her. She looked at him with an unfathomable expression that was anything but negative, sighed, and leaned against him for a long moment. Judith was amazed at her own forwardness – and even more amazed at how comfortable, even safe, the contact felt. With a nearly-perfect stranger! Both of them were thoroughly rattled by the little event, but they held the contact until the girls returned, noisy and full of questions.

Lunch was easily arranged and quickly eaten, then they went back to the exhibits. Fifteen minutes later, as they turned a corner and encountered a bathroom, Andrew pointed at the little building and announced firmly “Ladies, I have to pee, and a person should ALWAYS take the opportunity to do that. Shall we take advantage of this situation?”

The girls giggled, agreed. Judith said “I don’t need to – I’ll just wait here. You three go ahead.”

Andrew took the girls by the hand, walked with them towards the facilities. Mom watched them go with amazement, and wondered silently to herself at WHY she felt so completely comfortable letting the girls trot away, even such a tiny distance and in plain view, with their brand-new acquaintance.

As they walked, Clara looked up at Andrew and tugged on his hand, asked “We think you should ask Mom out on a date. We already told her that, when you were away getting ice-creams.”

Clara chimed in with “Yeah! We can see that she likes you a lot. She doesn’t date very much, but it wouldn’t make maltepe escort bayan us mad or anything.”

Andrew was nonplussed, but managed to reply, with a half-embarrassed chuckle, “And tell me, girls, what did she say to your suggestion?”

Clara shrugged: “She laughed but her face turned all red. That’s how we know she likes you. We have a bet that if you ask her for a date, she’ll accept.”

Andrew thanked them for their efforts on his behalf, and scooted them into the ladies’ side of the facilities.

Being male, he was quickly done and exited the facility long before the girls. Independently from the girls’ advice he had already decided to ask Judith out, but hadn’t come up with an acceptable-to-himself plan for doing so. As he walked up to her, she was just finishing a cell-phone call. He overheard a final one-sided snatch of conversation: “…NO!” she said emphatically, then, catching sight of him, she continued hurriedly and much more softly, “… NO, sister mine, I haven’t gone crazy, and YES, I think everything will work out just fine. It’s certainly worth a try! Thanks a million or two, Sis – see you shortly!”

Judith snapped shut her phone, then looked speculatively at him as she put it away. He sensed that she wanted to say something, and therefore waited while she sorted things out. She was a bit flushed and breathing differently, albeit subtly so. Finally, she said “Um… it’s been very, VERY nice having you with us. Are you – seriously now, are you actually free for the entire day, like you said? And evening, too? No duties, no visits, no local relatives, or other such stuff?”

He nodded: “I’m perfectly and completely free the rest of today, and all of tomorrow. And it has been an absolute HOOT doing the zoo with you three. But we’re not quite done yet – there are a couple more whole sections that we’ve not gotten to.”

She smiled at him, shook herself as if to pluck up courage. “I think that both the girls and I are about burnt out for the moment. With you along it’s been pretty intense, quite special. The zoo isn’t going anywhere, we can always come back to visit the rest.” She paused, then smiled rather shyly at him, laid a hand gently on his forearm and said more privately, “Andrew, I haven’t had such a nice time for years, such good company and with such a compatible person. Compatible MAN, in particular. In fact, it’s positively eerie how comfortable I feel with you. Very rare, sort of scary. And the way you’ve dealt with the girls is also something rather special. Anyhow, I’d like to thank you somehow for all your teaching, for giving up your planned “alone-time” to be with us.”

She looked squarely into his eyes.

“Would you accept a dinner invitation for tonight? You have to get dinner SOME-where! I actually cook pretty well and would love to show off for you – a little bit of turn-about! You said you came to the zoo by metro, so you don’t have a car here: ours is plenty big enough for four. Then after dinner, I could drop you off wherever you need to be.”

Andrew’s face showed such surprise and delight that it decided her completely, and she continued, hurrying to be sure she couldn’t change her mind. “I just got off the phone with my sister – she lives near here, and she says she can take the girls for a while, so you and I can have dinner. By ourselves. If you want to. And…”

She paused, studying him, inventoried the swarm of butterflies in her lower abdomen, took passing notice of the drooling wetness of her pussy-lips and the sensitivity of her nipples, then finally said in a whisper, “She says she can take them overnight.”

He looked at her for a very long moment, then reached out and settled his hands on her hips, shook her slightly. “I’m astounded and honored and flattered. Of course, I’d love to. But Judith, are you absolutely certain? I’d hate to be the cause of any future regrets…”

She nodded firmly: “Quite certain. The invitation is smells pretty strongly of “Carpe Diem”, yes, but I feel it’s much more than that. Please accept, Andrew!”

He did – with a kiss that startled her with its intensity, turned her bright pink, and amused a good many passers-by. She responded perfectly… and the girls stood there watching intently, grinning to one another.

Judith and Andrew dropped the girls off with their aunt, after providing minimalist explanations. The girls weren’t fooled, and as they parted company Clara asked Judith, while looking squarely at Andrew, “Mom! Are you and Andrew going on a DATE?”

The girls got no very precise answer, giggled at Mom’s discomfiture, and headed into the house with their aunt, who said to the couple “You two had best get along gone right now, or something seriously embarrassing might happen right here and now. Go! We three girls will all be fine here, however long you two take. Have fun, find something you’d really like to do together. Enjoy yourselves, and that’s an order from Judith’s very own Big Sister!”

Clara looked at Andrew, then at Judith, then back to Andrew: she giggled escort pendik and said “WE TOLD YOU SO!”

At her house, Judith led him into the living room, where they stood a foot apart for a few seconds, neither one knowing quite how to start, until Judith took his hand and said “Maybe we should begin with a little tour of the house?”

Andrew shook his head, pulled her towards him, and as their mouths neared he muttered “No, thanks – later for that. I think we should begin with me taking a detailed tour of this beautiful body of yours.”

She pulled back slightly, said shyly “It’s been three years or more since I was really kissed… and a lot more than that since I did anything more adventuresome…” Then it was she who initiated the kiss, saying as their mouths met “Watch our, Mister… I am hungry to the point of starvation! No sex for three years, and not even masturbation for the last six months. Your little Judith is a very needy girl! And I plan on being just hellaciously aggressive tonight. Hope you won’t mind too much!”

Their bellies were pressed together, trapping his hardon: she rolled against it for a second, sighed “Oh, MY! Who’d have thought you’d have a teenage version of that thing on you?” Then as their tongues met, her fingers scrabbled determinedly, almost frantically, at his shirt buttons. Thirty seconds later, there was a Hansel-and-Gretel trail of clothing from living room to bedroom.

He’d been right – thong yes, bra no.

Judith was spectacular in the nude – something he let her know in no uncertain terms. His obvious entrancement doused her worries and fears, enhanced her ability to relax and flow. As he picked her up and laid her on the bed, he paused, held her face in his hands, and said softly “So it’s been a long time, has it?”

She nodded, tears glistening but not quite spilling. “Then, my lady Judith, this entire afternoon is for YOU. Which will make it for US too, but you are NOT to do anything except lie back and enjoy. Don’t worry about me – I’ll be enjoying myself. Every second, every minute, every touch. Okay?”

She nodded, lay back, waited, trying to relax. His first few moves and touches convinced her that he was an artist: he pressed his face into her pits, licking and nibbling where no man had ever gone. That alone produced an instant gusher between her legs. The flow increased as he rapidly, lovingly, slid his mouth over her taut breasts and erect nipples, then along her midline until he enveloped her clit and began to nurse.

She wasn’t quite a screamer, but it was good that she lived in a house rather than an apartment.

He started her coming -that took perhaps two minutes- and never let her settle: she was so high that everything was a whirlpool of blue-white electricity. She didn’t in the least isolate the sensations of his mouth on her clit from the sensations of his fingers as they probed deeply into her pussy and bottom… it was all a delicious, powerful, hyper-intense blur. In short, it was absolutely wonderful.

After riding her personal tsunami, it took a long time to recover to where she could speak. He held her snugly, his hands never ceasing their roaming and stroking. Finally able to breathe and talk once more, she bit gently on his trapezius and said “God almighty, what a wonderful, incredible roller coaster that was!! Thank you, Sir Andrew. I don’t think I have ever, in my entire life, come that hard! It was spectacular – and your mouth should be designated a National Treasure!”

Then, a moment later, “I don’t want this whole time to be entirely about me, that’d be completely unfair. So, Mister, tell me – what is YOUR favorite lovemaking activity? Since you haven’t come yet – which is certainly very gentlemanly of you I’m sure – let’s do your favorite, just for YOU. Please? Pretty please? Turn about should be fair play! What’s YOUR pleasure?”

Andrew slid a hand down to cup her buttocks, gently pressed a fingertip against her anus: she understood instantly and shivered, more from excitement and anticipation of the unknown than from any upset. He told her, softly, “If I could have my druthers, it’ll be to get into your bottom, which has to be the most beautiful butt I’ve seen in decades. If you wouldn’t mind, or if you could be persuaded. My fingers have already told me how nice and tight and receptive it is, and butt-fucking is my absolute personal all-time and forever favorite. Done correctly – meaning both slow and powerful, both partners can get the best orgasms in the universe from it – much more intense, actually, than what you just went through with my mouth. If such a thing could possibly interest you, perhaps we might give it a try?”

She shivered again as his fingertip started to enter, and goose bumps ran in riotous swarms over her thighs and chest. She pulled back slightly, took his face in her hands, kissed him hard, and said in a whisper “That’s something I have never, EVER done! Not that I haven’t heard about it, and wondered about it, practically forever. So- I’m still an anal virgin, Andrew. You can fix that if it’s what you’d like most to do… I assume you’ve got experience or you wouldn’t call it your personal favorite. You’re a good teacher, I know that. So- I’ll be your pupil, you be the teach, and show me. But please… slow and gentle. And LOTS of clit!”

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