Sexy Wife, Sexier Sister in Law Ch. 01

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The day Preethi married Siddharth, her older sister Madhu felt like she got a younger brother. She always wanted a brother, but her parents decided not to have any more kids after her sister Preethi was born. Madhu was 4 years older than Preethi. Growing up they were very close as sisters and always supported each other. They both were gorgeous women. Preethi and Madhu had killer hourglass figures and were very well endowed with ample breasts and round asses. Good genes handed down from their Mother. Their facial features were sharp and complimented well to their shapely bodies. The only difference between the sisters was their height, Preethi being a bit taller at 5’6” while Madhu was 5’4”. But both sisters look like sex goddesses if anything. Madhu was married to Ayush and they have a son together. Madhu put on a few pounds after her child was born but it all went to the right places enhancing her sexual appeal further. Both sisters married men they fell in love with.

Madhu was more than happy with Preethi’s choice. Siddharth was 2 years older than Preethi, which made him the perfect age for Madhu to boss around as her younger brother-in-law. She also liked that he was a very easy-going person who was funny and knew how to handle himself.

Preethi often joked that she feels as if she married Siddharth to give her sister a brother. That became an inside joke in the family. Preethi and Siddharth lived in the same city as Madhu and Ayush so every time they met for a family get together or festival, Madhu and Siddharth would be inseparable. They shared many similar interests between each other and would talk about everything for hours. Madhu loved spending time outdoors, whether it was to watch movies, eat at restaurants or just go for drives. Siddharth like a typical guy loved to drive. Madhu felt like she finally found a partner in crime.

No matter what anyone else was doing, Madhu and Siddharth would be immersed in each other’s company either chatting or going out for drives. Despite the fact that she was a very sexy woman Siddharth did not have any sexual feelings towards Madhu in the beginning. He enjoyed being her brother-in-law and pampering her as she loved.

Everyone was at Madhu and Ayush’s house for a week long family gathering. Madhu loved to watch horror movies, but she gets easily scared. After dinner she and Preethi decided to put on a horror movie. Madhu was sitting very close to Siddharth as he sat between her and Preethi. Every time a scary moment came up on the screen, she would get startled and hold his arm. During one such moment she grabbed him so tightly Siddharth felt her boob being squeezed into his arm. She has nicely shaped, 34 D boobs that he could not help but feel their softness every time she held him. This got him very aroused even though they were watching a horror movie! He wished for more scary scenes so Madhu would hold him and he could keep feeling her boobs. His wish came true that night and he ended up with a hard dick in his pants by the time the movie ended.

He could not stop thinking of Madhu’s boobs ever since then. He started paying more attention to her body, her boobs, her ass, her curvy waist. The more he observed the more he started getting sexually attracted to her. He felt so stupid he failed to notice her beauty even though she was always so close to him physically. He thought it was never too late and continued to cherish every single one of those kinky moments.

One day, Madhu and Siddharth were on their evening drive as usual. They were completely engrossed in a conversation with each other when the car in front of them came to a sudden stop. Siddharth hit the brake hard and stopped just in time before hitting the other car. Reflexively, he moved his hand to his side to hold Madhu sitting in the passenger seat so she would not fall forward. After a few seconds they recovered from the shock. Slowly as they came back to their senses, Madhu realized that Siddharth’s hand was on her boobs. In all that chaos, Siddharth did not pay attention to where he placed his hand. A split second later Siddharth turned to look at her and realized it. They both were shocked, and neither talked. Siddharth did not move his hand and kept it on Madhu’s boobs. He was very aroused, and instinctively pressed her boob slightly. “HAA!” Madhu let out a slight sigh, almost like a moan. While they were stuck in the moment, the traffic started moving and the car behind them blasted the horn signaling them reality kings porno to move. They both jolted out from the shock like state, and Siddharth quickly took his hand away. They adjusted themselves uneasily in their seats as he drove the car home. Neither of them talked for the rest of the drive back. When they reached Madhu quickly got out of the car and walked back into the house without saying a word. She did not talk to Siddharth for the rest of the evening. He too needed some time to process what had happened, so he kept to himself. He knew he was clearly aroused from the whole incident, but he wasn’t sure if she was. He desperately wanted to know but felt it would be better if he gave her some time and space to think.

The next morning, Siddharth woke up earlier than usual dying to see Madhu. He went to the living room and waited for her to wake up and come out of her room. Everyone else woke up and came out, busing themselves making breakfast, watching TV, chatting with each other or reading the newspaper. Madhu was the last one to come out of her room. She did not talk with Siddharth, did not even look in his direction and she kept some distance from him. She did not come and sit next to him while they all ate breakfast. Siddharth kept looking at her as often as he could without making it obvious to others. He waited for her to make eye contact with him, but she did not. The rest of the day she pretended to be busy with some chores around the house. Later that day, everyone planned to go out to the local community park. The grownups were busy having their tea with snacks and chatting with each other, while the kids were busy playing around in the park. Even when she was outdoors where she was her most excited self, she kept her silence and spoke with Siddharth only if she had to. She still made no eye contact. Siddharth was feeling bad and guilty from all this. Not only was she not talking to him, she was even avoiding him. He felt as if he had lost her and became anxious fearing, she would never talk with him. After a while Madhu told Preethi that she had a headache and that she wanted to go back home to rest. Preethi asked her if she was okay.

“Yeah I am fine,” Madhu said right away. “It’s just one of my usual headaches, don’t worry. I want you all to keep having fun. I will feel better after I take a small nap.”

Siddharth knew she was lying and that she was saying that just to be by herself. He thought to himself that this was his best chance.

“I can take you back home Madhu,” he volunteered.

“No, you should stay and play with the kids. They like to be with you,” she said. “Just give me the keys and I will drive back.”

“It’s not good to drive by yourself when you have a headache,” Siddharth interjected. “It’s okay. Come on, I will drive you back.”

“What wrong with you Madhu? You never say no to driving with Siddharth? Is everything okay?” Preethi asked slightly concerned about her sister.

“Nothing’s wrong with me,” Madhu said back sharply. “Okay fine let’s go then,” she said not wanting anyone to think too much of it.

Siddharth and Madhu got in the car and he started driving back. She was quiet the whole time, so Siddharth tried to talk.

“Are you okay Madhu? You want to talk? We are just by ourselves now so it’s okay” he said to her.

“No,” she said back plainly.

“But it will be good to talk about what happened,” he said trying to get her to talk. “It’s always good to express what you are feeling.”

“You mean I don’t know how to express my feelings?” She retorted back.

“Come on, that’s not what I meant. You know what I’m talking about?” He said.

She was quiet and did not say anything for the rest of the drive back. As soon as they reached Madhu got out of the car.

“Go back to the park,” she said, and she quickly walked back towards the house. She unlocked the front door and went in.

Siddharth got out and stood by the car pondering if he should let her be and drive back to the park, or if he should go in and talk with her. He thought for a few minutes. He closed the car door and walked towards the house deciding to listen to his inner voice. When he got inside, he started looking for her everywhere in the house. She was not in the living room or the kitchen. He checked the bathrooms, but they were empty. He then went into the master bedroom. She was leaning on the dresser deep in thought with a solemn look on her sexmex porno face. She looked up in disbelief as Siddharth walked in..

“I told you to go back to the park! I don’t want to talk to anyone right now!” she said back visibly angry.

“I’m Sorry!” Siddharth said.

She was taken aback by the abruptness of the apology. But it did help her calm down a bit.

“I’m Sorry,” he said again, “for what happened last night. I did not mean to touch you the way I did. My genuine intention was to brace you so you would not fall forward and hurt yourself. It was unintentional. All I was trying to do is protect you” he blurted it out without giving her any chance to interrupt him.

Madhu listened to him for a few minutes quietly “I understand why you did it. To be honest that not why I’m angry.”

“Then, why are you angry?” Siddharth asked puzzled.

“Really? You still want to pretend like nothing else happened?” She asked in a frustrated tone. Siddharth looked at her in silence waiting for her to finish the sentence. “Fine. I will just say it then. You just kept your hand on my breasts even after you realized where it was. Instead of removing them you then went ahead and pressed them as if holding them was not real enough!”

Siddharth kept quiet thinking about the best way to express what he has been feeling for so long, “I’m sorry about that!” he said finally. “I know I should not have done it. But I could not help myself.” He thought hard about what he wanted to say next. He did not want to risk losing her forever, but he did not want to hold back any longer. “I have had feelings for you for some time now. I know that was not the right way to express it. But I was too aroused, I wasn’t even thinking straight.”

“Aren’t you ashamed to say that?” She retorted back, “you are married to my sister! I am your sister-in-law! How could you think about me like that?”

“Madhu, I’m not trying to justify what I did.” “I love Preethi a lot, but that does not mean I cannot or should not have feeling for other women. Just because I have feelings for you, it does not mean I love Preethi any less. I know that you too have feelings for me more than what you are letting out” Siddharth said.

“That’s not the point! I’m your sister in law! I look at you like a brother! How did you think it would be okay for you to have feelings for me?” She asked back, now a bit concerned than angry.

“Listen, I could have just hidden my feelings for you and pretended to be like a brother. Maybe even try to take advantage of my relationship with you. But I know that’s not right.” Siddharth kept talking as Madhu listened quietly to him “We both share so much in common. Every time we talk, we feel so invigorated by each other’s company. You know it’s not easy to find such an amazing chemistry between two people. We cannot force ourselves to be attracted to someone, nor can we force ourselves to stay away when we want to be with them.” “I know we have these so-called roles that society wants us to put on, but at the end we are just two people that want to feel loved.”

As she heard him speak Madhu was now thinking about everything he had said. After a few minutes, Siddharth spoke again “As long as it’s okay for you, I don’t care what anyone else thinks. If it comes to that I can even talk to Preethi about it openly, and I know she will be okay about it,” Siddharth said back as a matter of fact.

Madhu was taken aback hearing how sure and confident he sounded. It actually made her feel good that someone had such strong feelings for her. She knew deep down that everything he said was true. She does not have to force herself to be happy when she is with him, she simply is! Like he said, you cannot deny such a strong attraction from happening. “But, what about the people? My Husband? Our relatives, the society?” she asked, questioning herself rather than him.

“It’s up to you if you want to tell Ayush or not. I don’t mind either way,” Siddharth said maintaining his stance. “As for the others. I don’t care about those who only want to pretend that they care about others. Why should we be afraid of being true to our feelings because of them?” he continued, “Besides, none of them have to know. They won’t even understand anyway.”

Madhu could not believe what she was hearing. Siddharth kept looking at her, and she could feel his love for her in his eyes. She always did. That’s why she felt so comfortable with him. Even sindrive porno though she really did think of him as a brother she knew she had feelings for him that were more than just brotherly. Ayush is a wonderful guy. He takes care of her and she loves him, but over the recent years she has not felt the same kind of love from him as she did before. She knew he too was feeling that change. There were days when she felt drained being in such a relationship constantly wishing for something to change, something to make her feel alive. She knew that no one can make anyone love a person a certain way. It just has to happen. She knew that she wanted to be loved like the way Siddharth did. She also wanted to show him how much she loved him.

She came back to reality and looked at Siddharth who was still standing in front of her. She looked at him properly. He was 6 feet tall with handsome features and a well-built body that wasn’t too thin or too bulky. He had this glowing charm about him, which she loved the most about him. She feels so comfortable every time she even stands next to him. As much as she was feeling aroused, she was still uncertain. “But wouldn’t this be considered cheating?” she asked doubtful of the righteousness of her feelings.

Siddharth smiled. He looked into her eyes and asked her “If it’s a sin to want to be with someone else other than your spouse because you are not happy, then what about cheating yourself to live a life pretending to be happy because you are too afraid to love?”

Those words hit her hard like a rock. What’s the point of simply living for the sake of satisfying others, when you don’t feel happy? She knew many who pretend to be righteous, who would be ready to point fingers and blame others. But they were cowards who wished others to fail because they lacked the courage to follow their hearts. She vowed never to be one of them. She looked at Siddharth who was still standing graciously in front of her.

“I want to ask you something directly, and I want a direct answer”

“Sure. Go ahead,” He said.

“How much do you love me?” She asked.

Siddharth thought for a few seconds. He swiftly moved towards her, took her face gently in his hands and kissed her on her lips. Madhu was shocked! She did not expect that. She instinctively pushed him away and slapped him on his cheek. Both of them were quiet for a few short seconds. She quickly realized what she did. He was calm without any notion of anger. He simply looked at looked at her with love. Madhu looked back into his eyes. She realized what she wanted, what she had been missing. She quickly moved towards him, placed her arms around his neck and kissed him on his lips. He took her into his embrace placing one arm around her waist and another around her neck locking her tightly as he kissed her back. They both kissed passionately like two long lost lovers finally reunited. They opened their mouths wide pushing their tongues into each other’s mouths and kissed harder.

“I love you baby! I love you so much!” Madhu said back in between smooches.

“I love you too honey” Siddharth said kissing her with more vigor.

He picked her off her feet and placed her on top of the desk right next to them and continued to kiss her. She crossed her legs behind his back pulling him into her. They were going at is like teenagers, their bodies flushed with hormones flowing vigorously through their blood.

“Haa!!” Madhu moaned as he bit her thick lips in between kisses. She bit him back and they giggled like kids.

They heard the sound of cars coming into the driveway. They stopped and looked out the window. The rest of the family had just come back from the park.

Madhu looked at Siddharth “Looks like we have to hold off our fun for some time,” she said with a naughty smile teasing him with her big brown eyes. She pushed him back slightly as she got off the desk.

“How much time is some time!?” Siddharth asked visibly frustrated they had to stop.

“You will have to wait to find out” She smiled biting her lower lip. She turned around and ran downstairs.

Siddharth stood in the room reeling from what had just happened. He smiled and thinking about the way things turned out over the course of the day. He then went downstairs a few minutes later. Everyone was inside and they were all talking with each other.

“How are you feeling?” Preethi asked Madhu.

“Oh! Much better!” She smiled and said. She looked at Siddharth as he was coming down the stairs and winked at him “my little brother took good care of her.”

“That’s awesome!” Preethi said excitedly. “I was worried that you were sick or something. I am glad you are feeling better.”

“Yes! I am too!” Madhu said smiling.

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