Should Mother-in-law Move In?

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“Piss on you,” thirty-year-old Sheila shouted angrily at her husband.

Her husband John laughed, “That’s exactly what I want to do with you.”

“We’re arguing over nothing, aren’t we,” she asked.

“Yes, dear,” he replied in a mocking tone of voice. “I’m sorry I said that your mother was a pain in the ass. She can visit and stay overnight if you want her to.”

“I’m sorry that I shouted back at you,” she said as she smiled coyly.

“If you really want to piss on me, we can kiss and make up and then take a shower together. I enjoy looking up at your pussy and watching the pee come out of you.”

“I like doing the things that were taboo when we were single,” she responded.

“Me too,” he replied.

“Last one in the shower gets pissed on first,” she ruled. Then she commanded, “Lock the front door so no one can interrupt us.”

Thirty-two-year-old John dutifully locked the front and back doors of their modest home and went upstairs to the bathroom. He found his wife of ten years had arrived before him. She was dressed only in her bra and panties, sitting on the built-in seat of their shower stall.

“Looks like you’re the last one in the shower. Take of your clothes and sit on the shower floor. I am going to give dvd porno you a worm’s eye view of a woman pissing all over her husband.”

“You cheated when you sent me to lock the door.”

She smiled.

“All’s fair in love and war, and I’m in love with you,” she said.

While Sheila removed her bra, John removed her panties. He kissed her pubic bush and sat on the shower floor. She spread her labia and aimed her peephole at John’s face.

First a squirt, then a steady stream of urine poured onto John’s face and down his nude body. He could barely hear her say, “I saved this all afternoon for you.”

“Did you see enough, husband, dear,” she asked when she stopped peeing.

“I couldn’t see a thing once you started to pee.”

“Then you’ll have to look carefully when you suck my clit.”

Sheila sat on the shower’s built-in seat, took John’s dick in her hand, and said, “You pee, I’ll steer.” With Sheila’s hand acting as guide, her hair strained all of John’s pee before it flowed down over her face, tits, and into her pubic bush.

When John finished pissing on his wife, he kissed her gently, and the loving couple showered. As was their showering custom, John carefully washed Sheila’s crack from ensest porno her pubic bush to her backbone. She, in turn, washed his dick and his balls, first with soap, water, and her hands, then with her mouth and tongue until semen ejaculated into her mouth. Then the couple rinsed with the warm water of the shower.

The couple dried one another and dressed for an evening at home with Sheila’s mother.

When they arrived at the kitchen, they found Sheila’s mother Florence had arrived and was sitting at the table sipping a cup of tea. Florence was in her mid fifties and had retained the attractive shape of her youth.

The threesome cooked and ate a modest supper, and eventually adjourned to the living room to watch an old movie on TV. Then they watched the eleven o’clock news and went to bed; mother to the guest bedroom and John and Sheila to the master bedroom.

A hard-on straining to fuck waked John at three in the morning. He patted his wife’s buttocks. She didn’t react. He reached for her tits, found them, and fondled them. She turned and said inquisitively, “John?”

John cocked his ear. She didn’t sound just right. “You sound like your mother.”

“John, fuck me, John,”

Half asleep, John rolled czech amateurs porno onto his wife, felt her pussy, found it clean-shaven, and jumped back. His dick withered.

“You’re not Sheila.”

“No, but I’m a good fuck and you have Sheila’s permission to fuck me. So, fuck me, John.”

John realized it was his mother-in-law. Ever since he married Sheila, he had wanted to put a good fuck in Florence’s cunt. She took his limp dick and massaged it back to life, guided it into her love hole, and said, “Fuck me good.”

He drew his penis almost out of her. She dug her heels into the bed and lifted. He held his dick as still as he could while she fucked but her motions soon sucked all his cum into her vagina. He lay on top of her drained.

She rolled him off her. “You sleep. You can fuck me again in the morning.”

John was too tired to say anything. He lay back and slept.

When he awoke in the morning, his buttocks abutted female ass. He wondered, “Is it Sheila, or is it Florence?”

He rolled over and reached for a tit. A hand clasped his and held it to a breast. A voice that he recognized as Sheila’s asked, “Did you sleep well last night? Is Ma as good a fuck as she claims to be? Do you think she’s pretty when she’s naked?”

“I didn’t see her naked. We fucked in the dark. She has powerful hips.”

“She said she likes the way you fuck and wants you to fuck her regularly. Can she move in with us? If you let her, she’ll put out for you whenever you want and I won’t complain.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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