Sister Wants Me to Take Her WHERE?

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This is a story of fiction. All of the characters are from my own sick mind and over the age of consent in all states.


My younger sister is growing up. I am only a little over a year older than she. It just seems that it is taking her a long time gain some poise and adult thinking. When her 22 birthday rolled around I had given up hope of her ever becoming really adult. I love my sister anyway. I have always protected her from herself which may have been part of the reason she was so naive. But I felt, and still do, that part of my responsibility was to look out for her. Since it becomes important later I should describe her for you. She is fairly tall with blue eyes and a megawatt smile. Her figure is not porn star curves, but very nice. Nice bust and great ass. No, I do not know her measurements. She has what is called a sensual mouth by some of my friends. Beautiful blue eyes that have a sparkle when she is happy. Auburn hair that is always neat and well done. She had gotten a job in a real estate office as a kind of gofer while still in high school which led her to a real estate license after graduation so she didn’t go to college. She must be doing well. She drives a new car every couple of years and has bought her own home. She would stop by every so often to take her poor college student brother out to dinner.

We were close as sibling go. Not so close we discussed sex or anything close to that but, she would ask my opinion of a guy she was going on a date with or what she should wear if she was going to a new place, so I was very surprised when she asked me to take her someplace I never thought she even knew existed.

She called one evening about 4:30 and asked if she could visit. We visited back an forth on occasion so no surprise. I said sure. She said she would bring some wine and we could hang out.

OK, that was a bit different, but no alarm bells were sounding in my head. Yet.

She arrived about forty minutes later with a bottle of blackberry desert wine from the local winery. Now I was curious. That wine was one of the fortified wines they sold and could really knock you for a loop if you weren’t careful. I knew she wasn’t much of a drinker.

“Hi, Jen,” I said as I gave her the brotherly peck on the cheek which she returned with a “Hi, Johnny.”

I reached for the wine to put it in the refrigerator. As I took it and turned toward the kitchen she piped up with, “Johnny, would you mind pouring a glass of that over ice for me? A tall glass?”

OK, now the alarm bells were ringing. Not really loud. Just noticable. “What’s up, Jen?”

“Please, Johnny? I am nervous and need to ask you for a favor and if you say yes, I am going to need a couple of those, I think. No questions now, I’ll ask in my own way and at my own time. Just put up with me a while longer.” I turned back toward her. She did look nervous, but she also looked determined. ‘What is going on?’ I let it slide.

“Sure, Jen. If that’s what you want.” I went to the kitchen to get the ice and a couple of glasses. I took one smallish wine glass for myself and a tumbler for Jen, put ice in both as the wine was too warm to drink as it was. That done, I headed back to the living room to find Jen on the sofa with her back in the very corner, feet curled under her and her arms across her chest. A very defensive and self protecting posture. I handed her the tumbler of wine and sat in the recliner across from her. We were face to face with about five to eight feet separating us. I didn’t say a word, I just sat, took a sip of wine and waited. I knew that when she was ready she would start the conversation. She was nibbling on her lower lip, something she did when thinking really hard about something.

We sat like that for a few minutes when she suddenly looked up seeming to realize where she was, looked around for a moment then asked, “Can we order some take out from that Japanese place I like? I’ll go get it and even pay! You can’t ask for more than that.” She even had a small grin as she said it. She had made her decision, whatever it was.

“Yes, no you won’t and you sure will.” She gave me a blank look, so I explained. “Yes, we can order some Japanese. No, you will not go get it.” This last with a pointed glance at her almost empty tumbler of fortified wine. “And you sure will pay for it,” I grinned. Widely.

“If you are going to leave me in my hour of distress just get food, you must at least refill my glass before you go.”

She got her glass of wine and I got the food. We ate in comparative silence and shared each others take out, as usual. When we were comfortably ensconced in the living room once again she slowly started to talk. With a few hesitations.

“Johnny, I have some things to say before I get to this favor I need to ask of you. We know each other really well and we trust each other. We have never talked about sex. That is just too personal, too intimate even for Siblings as czech gangbang porno close as we two, but tonight I am going to talk about sex. I lost my virginity in the back seat of a car to my boyfriend after the senior Prom. I don’t know if Pete was a virgin or not, but I do know he was very inexperienced, just like me. It was a painful, messy experience that left me feeling somehow both ashamed and used at the same time. When I tried it again a couple of years later, the man was just wanting to use me to get off with no thought of me. I was just a handy tool to be used, I guess. Those are the only times I have ever been intimate and neither was at all satisfying to the point of convincing me that all of the hype about sex was just wishful thinking on the part of women.

Last month a new gal joined our office and we became instant friends. We have lunch and go pub crawling together. And we talk. We got to talking abut sex and what we thought about it. When I told her of my two experiences and told her I was not sure I wanted any more, she grabbed my hand and said how wrong I am. We talked that night into the wee hours. Toward morning she told me she felt similar after the first couple of times having sex. Then she found something that showed her how good it really could be. Actually she told me where she went and how it helped her. Tonight I want to go there at least once and do what she now does a couple of times a month and I need you to help me. To be with me and protect me just as you always have.”

As she paused for a breath I said, “Jen, you know I will always be there for you. If you need me to help you with something, I will. So quit dancing around and just tell me what it is I am supposed to help with. You say you want me to protect you. Are we going somewhere I need to carry my gun or will just my presence and fists do the job?” I had to chuckle inwardly about the bravado of that last.

“Oh, Johnny, it’s nothing like that. Just you being with me will help. I need someone who knows me and won’t judge too much to help me through this. OK?”


“Johnny, I want you to take me to an adult book store. One that has an arcade in the back along with whatever else one of those places normally have and I want to go tonight.”

She was biting her lower lip again with her face lowered, but I could see that she was still looking at me, trying to judge my reaction I suppose. “Am I to assume you don’t want me to just drive you there and wait in the car for you?”

“I don’t want you to leave me for a second! If you need to go to the bathroom, I am going in with you. I won’t look or anything, but I also won’t stand in the hall waiting. Same for you if I have to go. Please don’t leave me alone no matter what! Promise?”

“Whoa, I haven’t agreed to any of this yet.”

“Oh, Johnny, you have to. You just have to! Please? I’ll even agree to come over twice a week and clean your whole place for you, if you will do this for me.”

I deliberately used her full first name, “Jennifer, we have never ‘traded favors’. If you need to do this I’ll help. Do you want to go now, or do you need to stoke your courage with more wine?”

“She perked up and smiled one of her patented 50,000 lumen smiles. “Thank you, Johnny! We may never trade favors as you put it, but I owe you big time! I’ll take a glass of wine with me and lets go now.”

I reluctantly kept my mouth shut about the whole drinking in the car thing. I doubt any cop is going to pull over a car with a woman drinking from a glass. It could just be Pepsi for all they knew. There are two adult book stores in our county. One is about 15 minutes south, but I was not going to take my sister to that seedy place. The other was about 35 minutes east and seemed to be pretty well run. At least it was clean the few times I had been in there. My sister had mentioned the “arcades” and I wondered if she knew they were not just to watch porn, but they all had glory holes. Hell, I wondered if she even knew about glory holes. She wanted a night of discovery and I decided not to fill her in on that.

I drove extra carefully for the first few miles due to the wine Jen was drinking, but she had that down in about 10 minutes or less so I drove the rest of the way at the speed limit so it took us about 40 minutes to get to there. The parking lot only had a half dozen cars in it at this time of night. I expected Jen to jump out as soon as the car stopped, but she sat there nibbling on that lower lip.

“Having second thoughts, Jen? It’s alright if you are, we can just head back home or stop at a bar and do some clubbing if you want.”

“No, not second thoughts exactly, I just wonder … Tell me about the arcades.”

“Well. This one has arcades that you pay to watch a variety of porn. They have a menu of various types of porn, Oral, straight, homo, anal, what have you and you select the one you want. Then cycle through the movies czech harem porno ’til you find one you like. They run about five or ten minutes each and they have a board that tells them which room is occupied and if the movies are running. If they aren’t they come back and tell you to either pay the piper or leave the area. The movies cost a buck a throw and you can get change at the desk up front. They give you a key which you turn in when you are through. And you they will probably card.”

“Ok,” she said. I’ll give you $40.00 to get the change and we can get this show on the road.”


“What do you mean, no. You said you would help me do this.” She sounded desperate.

“Oh, I’ll keep my word and be with you and protect you, but this is your fantasy and you have to be the one to do it. You want change for the arcade, you get the change for the arcade. You don’t want to get $40.00. worth of quarters. Ten should do it. That will last a couple of hours, I think”

She was silent for just a moment then, “OK. I’ll get two rolls jus to be sure. Let’s go in.” And with that she got out of the car. I thought sure she would change her mind with my edict so I was a little slow reacting and opening my door. We entered the the adult book store. The first time I had ever entered one with a girl. Several pair of eyes locked on her when we entered. I have never had any carnal thoughts about my sister, but I had to admit she was indeed worth checking out. Jen is fairly tall at 5’8″. A nice C or D breast cup and a really nice ass. What I call an apple butt. I suppose her waist is around 24″. All in all I had to admit, sister or not, she is an eye catcher. Even the other two women were checking her out.

Jen didn’t go straight to the counter, but did acknowledge the “good evening” from the guy at the desk. Instead she started to roam about the store. She checked out the toys even picked up a few to examine then replace them on the shelves. She was walking down a row of DVDs when she saw the clothing. Trust a woman to check any feminine attire. She pulled out a Bustier, then a few thongs, One was even crotchless, a few of the sexier bras. I caught myself thinking that if she bought one I would know her bust size. Yeah, I admitted I was curious about that. Aren’t all men? But she put it back. Finally she turned toward the desk, got her change and a key. She just looked at me and started toward the door to the arcade. I still hadn’t mentioned the glory holes. Frankly I was curious why she would come all of this way with all of the thought and ask me to go with her just to watch porn. She knew I could get her all of that stuff to watch in the privacy of her own home.

We entered a hall way with two aisles and she went down the left one with me right on her heels. She put her key in a door and we went in. Then she turned to me with that determined look on her face.

She turned to me and said, in that voice she used when she wanted no argument, “Johnny, you are going to see more of me tonight than you might like and watch me do things that might appall you, but please just let me do this without judging me too harshly. I didn’t come her for the porn. I came her to be the porn. I am going to suck and fuck a few cocks, if I am lucky, and I don’t want you trying to stop, me or interfere in any way. OK?”

Major curve ball!

That caught me. She knew what this place was for and she came here just for that purpose. That must have been some conversation she had with her friend to bring this about. I am not sure I am prepared for this. Many of the guys want to see and feel the tits and pussies before the main event. Some to assure themselves they have a real female on the other side of their glory hole, but mostly to finger fuck and cop a feel. I was too stunned to speak. Literally. When she turned to put money in the video machine I recovered enough to try to speak, but she interrupted me before I got the first word completed. “Please, Johnny, just support me and be with me and protect me. Let me do this. I need to do this. I need to find out just what my own sexuality is. Maybe to awaken it or something. I am a little confused about that, but what ever it is I NEED to do this. Please?”

I shut up and just nodded. Now I am the one that isn’t prepared. Or at all comfortable. She hadn’t even looked at me. She made a selection and then looked at me. “How do I let them know I want a cock in that hole?

I said in what turned out to be an amused voice, “What makes you think I know?”

“Johnny, I am not going to beg any more. Just answer me, please.”

“Whew. Put a couple of fingers through the hole until you get a response. It may take a minute or so, but maybe not. The guy up front will tell anyone that asks what room you’re in. They work it different for the guys. The first guy gets the key and then just lets the others in while he returns the key to the desk so there may be a half czech sharking porno dozen people waiting in line. You choose when to start and when to stop. If you see any warts or they smell, just tell them to go away.”

She leaned down to look through the hole and whispered, “There is a guy in there and he has his cock out!” Then she put two finger in the hole and a male voice said, “Let me feel that pussy. I want to make sure I get the gal not the guy.”

“OK. Just give me a minute to get out of some of these clothes.” With that she started a complete strip. Not sexy or anything like that she wasn’t putting on a show, she was shedding clothing. When she was naked she told the guy to take a look and tell her if he like what he sees. Damn! I like what I am seeing. Her pussy had just a small inverted triangle of well trimmed hair pointing right to her sex. The rest was bare and very inviting. I could see just the hint of her clit pointing through her folds. Her tits were firm looking and had a rather large nipple, about the size of a dime, and somewhat flat surrounded by a silver dollar sized, almost tan, aureole. My thoughts are suddenly anything but brotherly. For my SISTER! I am ashamed of myself, but that didn’t stop the thoughts gong through my head. For the first time in my life I was seeing my sister as a sex object and I liked it. I must be sick. Very sick. That didn’t stop my thoughts either.

“Yeah! That is what I want. You are really built, Honey. I still want to feel that pussy, but now I would like to feel those tits also.”

“Anything you want, Babe.” My sister, the slut. Who knew? She got closer to the hole as a hand came through it. Not a big hand nor a dirty one from what I could tell, but definitely a man’s hand. Jen went closer to the hole and he started to feel her up. I am sure he has a finger or two inside her because she let out a moan. A couple of minutes later he said, “Now the tits.” No please or thank you. My sister was just a whore to do his sexual bidding. She didn’t get courtesy. I am getting pissed. I told her I would protect her, but how do I protect her from what she wants to do? Actually begged me to help her do? I am now officially conflicted.

The hand went away and a cock took its place. Nothing spectacular, just an average cock. A little smaller than mine perhaps, but probably not by too much. Definitely thinner.

Jen immediately goes to her knees and licks the head then down the shaft all the way to his balls. She sucks on into her mouth for a second then goes back to licking up to the head. She put just the head into her mouth and holds it there for a moment then starts to bob her head up and down on that rod.

“Not very good at this are you,” I hear him say. “Use your tongue more and actually suck on it.” The bastard was giving my sister instruction on how to suck cock. That should be my job! What the fuck? Where did that thought come from? I try to tell myself that she is my sister. I can’t have those thoughts about her. It didn’t help. I wanted to get out of there, but I gave her my word. I think I am going to be sick and wouldn’t that be a show stopper?”

Suddenly there is two sharp raps on the wall. The signal that he was about to cum. I expected Jen to pull back, but she doesn’t. Well she does, but only to the tip as far as I can tell. He explodes in her mouth. I hear her swallow a few times until the guy is done then she milks the shaft with her hand to get the last drop. WOW! Where did she learn to do that if she has only had a couple of unsatisfactory lovers? I have to ask her about that, but later. My job right now is just to be here for her.

As the guy’s cock disappeared back through the hole she turned to me saying, “Alice told me how to do that. I thought it would be nasty and gross, but it wasn’t. I kind of liked it.” she swiped a string of it from her chin and stuck her finger in the mouth to eat it. “Doesn’t taste bad at all. A little salty, but nothing like I was imagining. I warned you that you would see more of me than you might like. Now you’ve probably seen me do more than you expected and I am going to do more. Are you OK?”

“I won’t lie. No, I am not OK. But I will live. I may get sick, but I’ll try not to. We can get through this since you seem to be OK with it. If you get to where you want to quit just say the word.”

“Johnny, you are the best brother any girl could have. I will come up with some way to re-pay you, at least a little for what you are going through right now. Tell me the truth, do you like my body? Is it OK? If I weren’t your sister would this be a body you could love and fuck a few times? Not just a one time thing?”

She needs an ego boost that was all. Just an ego boost. “Definitely. No question about it. You have no worries on that score.” I sound sincere because I am sincere and that disturbs me. I have to get these thoughts out of my head! She is my sister!

She just smiles at me. Then she does the strangest thing. She gets up and walks over to me and gives me a kiss. Not a peck on the cheek. A real kiss. Not long and not overly passionate, but not overly sisterly either. Smiling still she walks back to the hole and puts two fingers in the hole while still looking at me.

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