Slash Fiction

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My name’s Chad. I don’t know how typical my psyche is or how weird this makes me, but I’ve always thought my little sister Judy is cute. At first, “cute” was all there was to it, but she started developing boobs and curves when she was in eighth grade and I was a senior. For that year, I was largely able to ignore her, because school and college preparations kept my pretty busy. My first couple years in college were even easier, except for the inevitable moment on each visit home when I saw her for the first time and had to keep from staring at her chest.

I remember how relieved I was when I came home my senior year for her 18th birthday. Judy was wearing a T-shirt that looked like it was designed for a Hooters girl a size smaller than her. Her shorts, however, were the perfect size. They showed off how round her hips were, and they weren’t really tight, but I could make out the contours of the region between her hips and her thighs. She didn’t look like a cute teenage girl any more; she was a sexy young woman. That night I jacked off while I imagined what was between those legs, and for the first time I only felt like a pervert instead of a criminal.

A month later, Judy was visiting colleges and she stayed the night at my apartment. The morning of her visit, I covered myself up in a bath robe when I went in to take a shower. I jacked off in the shower while I imagined her joining me and all the ways we’d pleasure each other. I made a point of washing and drying my hair, brushing my teeth extra thoroughly and then shaving, all without a towel around me. Much to my chagrin, she completely respected my personal space. That didn’t stop her from walking around the apartment in her bra and panties. I couldn’t avoid staring at her chest this time. Happily, she didn’t seem to get mad. As it happened, she ended up going to a college near our home in Toledo.

My job search hasn’t gone well since I graduated a year and a half ago. The best I’ve managed is a part-time position with a direct-marketing company. One day last month, I was the only one home during the day, and I did some fine-tuning on my résumé. I had it all ready to upload onto various websites, but my computer wasn’t getting the signal to our home network. I copied it onto a flash drive and took into Judy’s bedroom, hoping she used the same password on her computer that I’d given her when I helped Dad set up the home network. I was lucky. Never mind the password; she’d left it turned on. It was in sleep mode, and a picture of a guy in a Speedo was moving back and forth and rotating around the screen. As soon as I put the flash drive in, the screen saver went away. She had a word-processing file open. I saw from the title that it was a fanfic for Galaxy Corps, a science fiction show she really likes. Two words caught my eye in the text, though, “fuck” and “Thad.” I didn’t scroll up or down, because I didn’t want to embarrass her by letting her find out I’d seen it, but from what I could see, she’d named the First Officer of the ship Thad and inserted herself as some other crew member. She was sucking his cock and getting ready to take his thick cock into her slit (her actual words) when I got to the bottom of the screen.

I went up to the beginning, making note of which part had been on screen. Reading from the beginning, the ship was named the Toledo. The Captain and the ship’s surgeon were based on Mom and Dad, the engineer Tim was our brother Jim (who’s at another college), and I, her big brother Chad, had become Thad. I wanted to read some more, but I was more concerned with posting that résumé and I was a little worried about when she’d be home. I saved the file, saved it again to my flash drive and closed the file. I went about my business with the job site and then re-opened her file to the right spot.

I had to work that night, so I didn’t see Judy again till I came home. I spent my one break in the bathroom rubbing out a quick one while I imagined her doing all the things she’d written about us doing. She was in a long nightshirt that had the title image from Galaxy Corps on it. Having nothing underneath except maybe her underwear made her hips look even sexier than I’d remembered on her birthday. For once, I didn’t care if she noticed me staring at her tits, because I just didn’t want to make eye contact with her.

Our parents are on the board of a charity, and they had to go to a meeting the next night. That left me and Judy alone. Mom had made her veal parmesan that we both like. When Judy put it into the microwave student sex parties porno to heat it up, I got our red and white checkered tablecloth out and put it over the dining room table. Judy thought that was a nice touch, so she found a candle and lit it. “Planning a romantic dinner for two?” I asked.

Judy gave a sarcastic laugh. She was about to sit down, and then she said, “I just got an idea. Be right back.” When she came back, she was wearing an ensign’s shirt from Galaxy Corps.

“Did they ever serve veal parmesan on the Canaveral?” I asked.

“Once, but they made the sauce from Carbossian tomatoes. It was the B story on an episode that was mainly about the doctor.”

I took a bite and said, “Earth tomatoes are definitely better.”

“How’s that?” Judy asked.

“Juicier. And easier to eat,” I answered.

I practically spit my food out when she said, “So are Earth women.” I looked at her for a moment. She stood up and walked in front of me. “Did you like the story?” she asked. I didn’t answer. “There was a power outage yesterday evening.”

“I wondered why my alarm clock was flashing. So?”

“So I wondered why I didn’t lose my story, and I noticed it had been saved. So, I’ll ask again. Did you like the story?”

I stammered. “Umm … yeah?”

Judy put her hand on my thigh. “I was hoping you’d say it a little more enthusiastically.”

“To tell you the truth, I was hoping I could say it a little less enthusiastically.”

“What for?” she asked.

“Uh, because I’m … your brother? Because I don’t want to admit I’m some kind of pervert … who thinks about his sister’s tits?”

The last part brought a smile to her face. “You do, huh? Good! ‘Cause your sister’s been thinking about your cock, too!” Then she pulled her shirt off. She was topless.

I couldn’t hide it. My dick sprang up in my pants. I stood up and said, “Then I guess we’re even!”

“Not yet we’re not,” Judy said. She lifted the hem of my shirt. I took it off, and she ran her fingers through my chest hair. “Just like I remembered it. Did you notice that’s the first thing I described about Thad?”

“I have to admit, I wasn’t reading it for that kind of detail.”

“Did you remember this part?” she asked. She pulled my face down to her tits. Since I had a nipple right in front of me, I put my tongue out and licked it. “Oh, Chad,” she cooed.

“You’re out of uniform, Ensign,” I told her.

“Not yet I’m not,” she answered. “How ’bout a hand?” I put my hands on her hips. She undid the button on the front of her jeans, and I pulled them down to her knees. I could already see a moist spot on her pink panties. I ran my fingers across the top. Apparently that was the center of her pussy lips.

“I could use a hand too,” I told her. I unbuckled and unzipped my jeans.

Judy pulled them all the way down to my ankles. I got back on the chair and took off my shoes, socks and pants. Judy did the same and sat on my lap. She wasn’t on my dick, but she was next to it. “Isn’t it time for my performance review, Mr. Wicker?”

“I can’t do that, ’cause you haven’t performed yet.” She moved to the other leg and started rubbing my dick through my underwear. “That’s a good start, though.” She kept rubbing me while I licked and caressed her nipples. One of my tongue gestures elicited a moan. I backed away and put my finger over her crotch. I went back and forth like a windshield wiper, which seemed to tickle her.

“You’ve thought really nasty things about me, haven’t you?” Judy asked.

“I never told anyone,” I said. “It’s too embarrassing.”

“That’s okay, I’ve never told anyone all the things you make me wanna do either,” she said.

“Like what?” I asked.

“Well, you saw how we started in the story.”

“Oh, I’ve thought about that a lot of times!”

“Then let’s do it,” Judy said.

“Where?” I asked.

Judy thought for a second and said, “The naughtiest place I can imagine.” She got off my lap and walked away. I could tell where she was headed by the direction she turned.

We were on our parents’ bed. Judy got on her back and summoned me. I had to stop to take my underwear off, but soon I was on the bed with her. She’d separated her tits, and my cock was between them. “Your tits are even more delicious than I imagined,” I told her.

“And your dick is longer than I imagined it,” Judy said with a smile. She pushed her tits up around it, and I thrust back submissive cuckolds porno and forth.

“Aren’t you going to suck it?” I asked.

“Not yet,” Judy said. “I’ve been dreaming about this ever since I heard one of my girlfriends talk about doing it with a guy at a party.” She kept one hand on her boob. With the other, she reached around to keep my butt in place, and the arm kept the boob where it needed to be.

With her help, I kept going like it was the biggest pussy I’d ever had. Before long, I knew I was going to explode. “Tell me where you want it,” I said.

“Scoot back,” Judy said.

I did. Most of it got on her stomach. Some of it got on her tits, and a little landed on her pussy. I only had a moment to think, “Oh, shit,” before she had me on my back.

She moved around until we were in a 69. “I told you this would come later.” I put my hands on her ass and licked her pussy while she licked my cockhead. She held it down and licked the underside from tip to balls and back before she took it in her mouth. I didn’t get as hard as I should have, because I was too enthralled at finally getting a look at the pussy I’d dreamed about for so long. I separated her lips and licked around the edges before I went inside. “Oh, God, Chad, I want you.”

“I want you too, Judy,” I panted.

“I want you inside me!”

“You got it, Babe,” I said. I got off her and moved around.

I kissed her and prepared to lower my hips, but she said, “It’s too risky here. I don’t wanna chance it.”

“Where, then?” I asked.

“Come to my room!”

As I followed her, I told her, “Damn! I knew you had nice tits, and I figured you had a beautiful pussy, but I never noticed what a hot ass you’ve got!”

Judy stopped in her tracks. She turned her head and wiggled her ass. “Glad you noticed!” she said.

She started running, and I chased her into her room. “Oh, I noticed!” I did.

Judy jumped onto her own bed and spread her legs wide open. I wanted to fuck her, but first I wanted to finish what I’d started. I put my hands under her buttocks and licked every place on her pussy that I could find. I brought one hand back out and used it to pull each cunt lip out so I could lick between the folds. It seemed like she was pushing me away with one hand and pushing me down with the other. “Fuck! Eat! Fuck! Eat!” She couldn’t seem to decide. Eventually she pushed me away. I moved up to kiss her on the lips. We could taste a little of our moisture, and I stuck two fingers inside me. “Not that!” she moaned. I looked at her. “Well, maybe another night. But right now, I want your cock!”

I didn’t feel like playing games any more either. I hopped over, and I was between her legs. She pushed me up. “Second thoughts?” I asked.

“No, but I wanna see it!”

“Now that you say it, I’d kinda like to see the hottest pussy ever in action too!” I held myself up as far as I could. I moved my hips in, and her pussy took my cock in slowly. I could see her pussy lips separating as I went in.

“Oh, Chad, give it to me!” I was all the way in now. “Fuck me!”

I lowered myself so I could feel her tits against my chest. I’d never really paid attention to how my chest felt, but the fact that she liked my hairy chest made me feel the individual hairs where she was pressing them. Once I was securely in place, I pulled back and went back in. I could feel her pubic bone rubbing against my cock as I went. I felt the ridge of my cock at the bottom of her pussy. I even felt my foreskin getting pushed back as I went deeper. Judy put her arms on my butt and pushed. “Oh, Judy,” I said. When she tickled my ass, I said, “Judy, Judy, Judy,” and it was the first time I hadn’t said it like Cary Grant.

“Harder!” she yelled. I stopped worrying about how deep I could go and just concentrating on pure force. As long as I felt her mound firmly, I figured I was doing what she wanted. Her moans of ecstasy helped too, of course.

I got selfish again. I pushed myself up so I could see where we joined. “You have such a beautiful pussy,” I told her. “I just want to fuck it all night long.”

“I want you to, too!” she said.

“But I can’t,” I said. “‘Cause I’m gonna come!”

“Oh, God!” she screamed.

I wasn’t sure whether that was an “Oh God” of pleasure or the “Don’t knock me up” kind. “Are you safe?” was the best I could manage at that moment.

“I’ll deal with it,” she said.

Of all the things I’d done since I taboo heat porno started thinking of my sister sexually, I was most ashamed that, at that moment, I thought that was good enough. “Then get ready,” I told her, but I was still trying to hold back.

“Oh, yeah,” Judy moaned. “Fill me up! Fill me up!”

“You want me to come in your cunt?” I asked.

“Yes! Yes! Come inside me!”

“With all that baby-making juice?” Judy held me close and nodded. My regret was short-lived once I understood what she was feeling. “Here it comes!” I told her. I stopped trying to hold back. I blew my balls inside her beautiful pussy. I straightened my hips so my sperm would have a straight shot into her womb.

“Give it to me, Chad! I want you to come deep inside me.” At this point I was too weak to move even if I’d wanted to resist. We lay there and we shared the sensation of what seemed like a river of cum flowing directly from me into her.

After a few minutes, Judy noticed that my dick was so soft, it had come out of her. She moved me onto my back. She leaned down and shook her chest. “So, you like my tits, do you?”

“Do I ever,” I said.

“I like your dick, too,” she told me. She sat up straight and started rubbing her pussy across my cock, and it started getting hard again.

It popped up into the air, prompting me to say, “Apparently it likes you, too.” Judy raised her hips, pointed my cock straight up and slid down, taking it inside her pussy again. This time she did all the work, moving up and down, jiggling her tits and never moving back or forth except to rub her hands in my chest hair. On one such occasion, I could see her tits up close. I held her in place just long enough to suck on one of her nipples. She moved forward, and now she was fucking me at an angle that had my cock going forward. “Oh, Judy,” I grunted.

“Yeah?” she asked.

“Nothing,” I said. I had started to say, “I love you,” but I didn’t mean it the way it would have sounded. “I just … really love fucking you. Fucking my sister.

Judy had broken free and was rocking back and forth. “I love it too,” she assured me. “I love how your cock feels as it crosses my opening, as it moves through my cunt. I love how it feels when you shoot your cum inside my cunt. I love the thought of one lucky sperm getting up there at the right time so we …”

I pulled her down and kissed her on the lips so she couldn’t finish the sentence. She kept fucking me, but now she was doing it by moving her ass back and forth. I felt one of her nipples on my chest, and it excited me even more. “Like this?” I asked. Everything else we were doing was so intense that I didn’t even realize I was coming until I told her.

“Oh, fuck,” she groaned. “Oh, yes! Come in your sister’s pussy, Chad! Come inside her! Give it all to me!” I gave her one more load and then I went limp. Not just my dick, my whole body.

It took twenty minutes before my brain was getting enough oxygen for me to think, let alone talk. I remembered where we’d started. I looked at Judy next to me and asked, “Lemme get this straight. You didn’t want to leave cum stains on Mom and Dad’s bed because they’d know what we did, but you’re okay with getting pregnant?”

“What can I say? Love makes you want funny things.”

“I love you too, Judy. But pregnant?”

“I’m guessing you only saw one story,” she said.

“Yeah …” I said.

“The next one’s titled ‘Second Generation’.”

I bought condoms the next day. I’m not giving up the best fuck I’ve ever had, but one of us has to be the adult in this relationship. Now that I know what a great ass she has, maybe that’ll help keep us safe too.


My name’s Judy. When I was a teenager, my girlfriends all thought my brother Chad was hot. Hell, even the two gay guy friends I had thought so. I tried to ignore it, but the day I saw him mowing the lawn without a shirt, I was drawn to his hairy chest. On my 18th birthday, I caught him looking at my chest, and I thought he might even have been looking between my legs. Last month, I started writing some slash fiction about Galaxy Corps, and I realized I was writing out my fantasy about Chad. I rewrote the rest of the crew to be about our family. When I finished the story, I had a flash of inspiration. I knew Chad would be home alone, so before I left, I opened up the word-processing file that had the story. I had to make it look like I’d forgotten it, so I went to the second page. Dad’s computer is in a locked room, and Mom takes her laptop with her wherever she goes, so all I had to do was change the WiFi password and Chad would have to come to my room if he wanted to do anything online. He’s so nice, he’d probably even save the file so I wouldn’t lose any changes I’d made.

The next night I had my chance to call him out on it …

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