Society Ch. 07: Sister

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Society – Chapter 7


The weekend with Frida wasn’t a time to which I responded emotionally, unlike my relationship with Donna or Gretchen. Frida was very physical and I experienced sensations beyond my imagination, but no romantic element developed between us and that was perfectly okay for both of us. Just two women enjoying each other and the sexual pleasure we could give one another. I hope it will happen again soon, merely without any desire or possibility of falling in love, which I admit I am very susceptible to doing.

As usual, on returning to Beatrice’s house I was grilled as to my activities after the party ended and I related my experiences, in part, so as to satisfy their curiosity without giving away any of the more intimate moments. Emma and Chloe, Tina and Beatrice’s daughters, were home from college again and the expressions on the faces of all four of them told me they were more than happy with the tantalising descriptions I provided.

After each party, or our little sexy frolics (as I thought of them) in the house, there usually seemed to be a sort of anti-climax, no pun intended. A hiatus, if you will, where life resorts to normal and we concentrate on the business of living each day and the various aspects that comprise urban life. Eating, sleeping, housework, exercise, socialising, shopping. I suppose it is the contrast with these routine activities that makes the sex play so special.

Beatrice was dealing with some correspondence with a queried electric bill while Tina offered (un?)helpful advice which increased in quantity but deteriorated in quality in proportion to the amount of Chardonnay she consumed, as she had just gone through a similar problem herself as a result of the electricity company’s computer suffering a nervous breakdown. Having reached the point where she suggested kidnapping the clerk who was writing the electricity board’s letters and attaching electrodes to his testicles till he apologised, I quietly removed myself to the kitchen and started preparing the evening meal.

We’d had our walk and our exercise, our lovely lunch overlooking the river and with the serious business of the day completed, utility disputes notwithstanding, I felt a nice lasagne with lemongrass salad was needed to round the day off and help Beatrice after her afternoon of bureaucratic trauma. Might also assist Tina to metabolise the effect of a bottle of Chardonnay.

The doorbell rang and I heard Beatrice’ voice: ‘I’ll get it’ probably as a relief from her clerical struggles. Risking Tina’s continuing inebriation I took a second chilled Chardonnay from the fridge and took it into the living room….where I stopped in my tracks and saw the last thing I wanted or expected to see. My sister. Standing in the middle of the room was the final reminder of a life I had totally forgotten about these past months and which was completely incompatible with the lifestyle I now lived in Germany.

‘Wendy!’ she cried out and I was enveloped in a large and very genuine hug which I did my best to reciprocate whilst desperately trying not to drop the Chardonnay onto the carpet. Beatrice took the bottle from my hand and I was able to return my sibling’s embrace without fear of domestic catastrophe.

‘Ruth, what are you doing here?’ I finally managed to ask, although delighted to see her and overwhelmed by family affection.

Beatrice intervened: ‘Never mind that, give me your coat dear and take a seat. We were just about to have dinner and there’s plenty for everyone, Wendy always does ample portions and there’s no shortage of wine in the fridge.’ Hospitality was one of Beatrice’ strong points and now was no exception. So enquiries were made concerning her travelling (did she have a safe journey?), accommodation (lovely hotel thank you) and comfort (another cushion?). All seemed to be well and there was plenty of food and wine for everyone.

Tina then returned to my original question: ‘So Ruth, what brings you to Germany and Mädchenhaft Strasse?’ I had kept rather quiet during the meal and conversation, I knew I had some explaining to do and was wondering furtively how to keep my new life a secret from my sister. This was going to take some maneuvering.

Ruth finished her glass and looked at me: ‘I hadn’t heard from Wendy for months, all my letters were unanswered and telephone calls just ended up with messages left on the answer service, which is full now by the way. So I made enquiries with your neighbours and they said you had left an address where they could reach you in case of any problems with your house. After mumsy died I was worried something might have happened to you as I know how much of a stressful time you went through while caring for her. But now I’ve found you I can see you are happy and being well looked after and you are alright.’

Her motive was concern and I loved her for that. Much reassuring took place and I explained I just popped over here to visit but ended up staying for the friendship and company, and as a change from the czech sharking porno confinement of the house I had experienced for so long. Ruth understood that and the slight tension she was subconsciously emanating had subsided.

So ease and informality prevailed and the conversation meandered from one subject to another, interspersed with much laughter and silliness and Chardonnay. Ruth was the first to yawn and that triggered off an avalanche of yawning and giggles and Beatrice called a cab for Ruth to return to her hotel. Hugs and kisses and goodbyes were said and resaid until the sound of the taxi horn drew us to the door and we waved goodbye as the car disappeared down the street.

The end of an evening when everyone is not drunk but has enough to make the world seem slightly distant. We sat in quiet for a while, Beatrice broke the silence: ‘Your sister is so nice Wendy, and she really cares about you.’

I could only but agree, she had travelled here out of concern and I should have contacted her before and told her where I was staying. But things had taken a different turn and my expectations had changed so I suppose had my mindset and world view, in which my sister was not involved. Main problem now was keeping it that way, ensuring the two worlds did not collide and Ruth was entertained and occupied till she could return to England and my new life here could resume.

Tina suggested something I should have thought of but didn’t: ‘Why don’t you call her tomorrow, take her round the shops, show her the town, lunch and coffee, just the two of you. Sisterly bonding and all that. Perhaps that’s what you both need, just some time together to catch up and become a family again?’

Good idea, and that should keep Ruth away from the house and my friends and too many questions about what I have been up to. This wasn’t something I had planned for, although I shouldn’t have waited till she came looking for me. Her visit was a surprise but she’s here now so make the best of it.

Tomorrow arrived and my suggestion was received warmly, so morning coffee followed by tour of the town and shopping. Lunch followed by more shopping and coffee and we sat in a lovely quaint cafe overlooking the river (I always seem to end up looking at the river) and we sat in the quiet and peace of low murmuring of conversations, the clink of cups and plates and a warm feeling of contentment.

‘I’m so glad I’ve found you Wendy, and found you happy. Quite frankly I was worried about you but you seem to have found some nice friends. Beatrice is so good to let you stay there and Tina seems easy going as well. Have they know each other long?’ Ruth was fishing and I was tempted to tell her about my sexuality and theirs, but it wouldn’t have achieved anything and now was not the time or place.

I said from what I knew they had known each other for most of their lives but become close friends after their respective divorces. She understood this, herself having gone through a divorce a few years ago. Ruth didn’t ask the question she wanted to but skirted around the subject: ‘So any boyfriends Wendy, no romances or ‘affaires de coeur?’

Simply shaking my head, I explained it was too soon and was just trying to regain some perspective on life. Ruth sensed my reluctance to discuss this so sensitively backed away from the topic. ‘So Ruth, how long are you….’ My question was interrupted by my phone ringing. Beatrice was calling and explained she and Tina had to collect Emma and Chloe as Emma’s car had broken down. The rep from the electricity board was arriving at Tina’s house, could I let him in and show him the meter and consumer unit….

So we returned to Beatrice’s house: ‘Ruth, could you stay here and answer the phone if my daughter calls?’ Of course, my sister was admirable in a crisis. I was dropped off at Tina’s house and sat twiddling my thumbs, awaiting arrival of electrician while Tina and Beatrice collected their two daughters and sorted out their car with the defunct engine….one of those crises in life which are annoying at the time but which you laugh about later.

So the man with the pliers arrived and I made him cups of tea with many sugars and then spent over an hour refuting his advances and wincing at suggestive comments regarding the sensuality of mature women and how he’d like to….etc. etc. Never really got on with the opposite sex and this experience reinforced my view even more. Finally my friends returned as Mr Electricity made one last attempt: ‘Sure you don’t want to take up my offer darlin’? Never know, someone your age might not get another chance.’

Tina rescued me and showed a side of herself I had not suspected before: ‘My friend is well aware the effect too much time working with electricity has on the size or effectiveness of a man’s assets and she doesn’t want to embarrass you when your current fails. So be a good chap and take your sexist comments with you when you leave.’ My German had progressed to the point where I czech streets porno could understand intonations and colloquial expressions so my translation sums up the gist of the conversation. Electrician turned bright red, hurriedly grabbed his toolbox and left.

The girls looked exhausted but at least were safe, so leaving Tina and Emma in their home, Beatrice and I returned with Chloe to Beatrice’ house. Relieved as one is when such emergencies are over, we gladly shut the door as at last we returned to the comfort of home once more. ‘I’ll put the kettle on’ said Beatrice and I walked into the living room and slumped down into the sofa while Chloe went to her room. Ruth was watching television and never even looked up when I walked in, must be a good movie. ‘What you watching sis….’ my question dried up, unfinished as I saw she was watching the DVD of the Wendytoes session with my friends and their daughters.

When that time happens when everything you have tried to avoid out of fear eventually occurs, there is sometimes nothing you can do or say. Even if I had tried I couldn’t have said anything, my embarrassment level was off the scale and I just sat frozen in my seat. ‘I was looking through your things in your room, just to make sure you had everything you needed, and I found this’ Ruth explained. She had watched almost all of it so I couldn’t pretend it was something other than what it obviously was.

‘Ruth, I….’ Words failed me and I could only glow beetroot red and sit speechless and ashamed in front of my caring sister who had only come to see me out of concern. Beatrice walked in and took in the scene immediately. Ruth did not take the proffered cup of tea and instead grabbed her coat, calling the taxi firm on her way out the door.

Tears, tears and more tears. Beatrice was sympathy itself as I lay my head on her shoulder and soaked her new top thoroughly. She cradled me in her arms all night and I fell asleep still crying and ungrounded, having lost another pillar I had relied on all my life to give some foundation to my journey through this unfathomable world.

Slept on till late morning, unusual for me. House was empty and I sat with coffee after coffee and wondered if it was too early to hit the booze. Looked only once in the mirror, shit I was a sorry sight. Might as well make plans to return home to England and sort out some semblance of a plan for the rest of my life, not that there was anything to return to.

Door slammed, Beatrice was back: ‘Glad you haven’t hit the booze yet Wendy.’ My expression said it all but I smiled as best I could and thanked her for looking after me last night.

Another coffee and long silence: ‘Just been to talk to your sister’ Beatrice explained. My groan was the only response I could muster. ‘Been chatting for a few hours, she’s quite a woman.’ No sound this time, only a resigned grimace filled with dejection and hopelessness.

‘I explained the situation in full, as she has seen the DVD there is nothing to hide anyway. She didn’t say a lot but she loves you very much and I think she regrets walking out last night, although there probably wasn’t much else she could have done then. You two really need to get together and talk about things yourself. I understand your embarrassment but Ruth is the only family you have.’ Beatrice was talking sense, I just didn’t want to hear sense right now.

The rest of the day passed in one long daze, early evening and I decided I needed a shower. Beatrice called to say she was going over to Tina’s briefly and I immersed myself in warm water till the sweat of today and the pain of yesterday had been washed away. I walked into the living room still drying my hair and saw Ruth standing by the door. I wasn’t prepared for this, although to be fair I haven’t been prepared for anything for some time. Events having overtaken me by some few light years.

Without saying a word Ruth walked over to me and instead of the scolding I anticipated she put her arms round me and hugged me tightly. Tears began again and I soaked another nice top. Washing machine going to be working overtime again.

I tried to apologise and explain but Ruth put a finger to my lips and shushed me before I could say a word: ‘I understand Wendy, Beatrice explained everything this morning. Thing is sis, you’re happy. Not in the way I expected you to find fulfilment, but you’ve found your niche in this world and people you can share it with. And that’s not something everyone manages to do.’ Relief flooded me and we hugged again.

Tea not really appropriate so glasses and Chardonnay and time for some serious girly talk. I spent some time giggling with relief, thankfully Ruth knew me and understood. ‘I always thought you might be gay Wendy, but you seemed reluctant to share it with me so I didn’t pursue it. And when you sacrificed everything to look after mum I didn’t have the heart to ask you, just hoped you would be able to find a life afterwards, and now you have.’

Rather czech super models porno like the peace after the storm I sighed with relief and relaxed once more. Never occurred to me to ask about Ruth’s sexuality, after all she had been married and had two kids. I think Beatrice had been keeping away to give Ruth and I a chance to clear the air, and I was grateful for that. When she returned we all joined in general and uncomplicated chatter, about anything other than the situation here. Finally Beatrice said: ‘I’m glad you two have both been able to work out things between you.’ She wasn’t the only one. Beatrice left in her taxi with everyone in a different mood this time

Next morning after breakfast Beatrice suggested I spend the day with Gretchen, she was very experienced and perhaps she could clear up anything I was still unsure about. Also maybe provide reassurance as families are difficult and Gretchen seemed to have more experience than most in this area. I showered and called Gretchen who thought it was an excellent idea, so I called a taxi and left Beatrice to do the hoovering and cleaning.

Gretchen was understanding herself, totally sympathetic. Coffee and empathy rather than tea and sympathy. Some tears, some laughs, many cuddles. Comfort food lunch and soporific afternoon relaxing in her large and well appointed living room. Gretchen suggests physical release, simple sex. I strip and lie back in her arms on the sofa. She knows what I need, my sensitive parts get the stimulation they require. Nipples stroked and hard, pussy lips swollen and moist. I turn my head and kiss her deeply and affectionately. ‘Do you trust me Wendy?’ she asks. I assure her I do. ‘Good’ she replies.

Gretchen places me in front of her in the same position as when I first met her. Folding my arms behind me in the small of my back, I am immobile and she completes the arrangement by moving her legs over mine and opening my thighs. She rings a bell. A little brass bell on the small table next to the sofa. It rings with a tinkly sound followed by footsteps in the hall. The door opens and Ruth enters the room and takes in what she sees. ‘No’ I cry. My sister knowing about me is one thing, seeing me like this is another and more than I can take.

‘No Gretchen, this isn’t what I want. Please, not my sister. I don’t want Ruth to see what I do, what I become, when I’m….submissive.’ I beg her, plead with her.

Gretchen kisses my neck ever so gently. ‘I know it’s not what you want Wendy, but it’s what you need and what Ruth needs. You said you trust me, just relax for me sweetie.’ I didn’t feel like a sweetie, I felt trapped and helpless.

Ruth walked up to me and stood over me. I began whimpering. She is an inch taller than me and a year older. The same full curvy figure and a head of wavy light brown hair. I finally look up, into her eyes. I hoped to see pity, mercy. But all I see is a side of Ruth I hadn’t known before. A ruthless side (no pun intended) that sees my submissive nature and has every intention of making the utmost of it. I whimper again and try one last time: ‘Please Ruth….’

Again she places her finger on my lips and shushes me. But this time her finger slips between my lips and inside my mouth, Ruth slowly moves it around. Over and round my tongue, in and out my lips. The first penetration.

Removing her finger, she strokes my nipples. I moan for her for the first time. She smiles. Her fingers continue their movements, slowly, inexorably. Her eyes fill with desire, I realise she won’t stop and this is just the beginning. I’m being seduced and aroused by my sister. Somehow more humiliating than anything before. She knows me, everything about me. My weaknesses, my history, my life. After about five minutes I begin my mewling. Her smile widens.

Ruth moves her fingers down my tummy, Gretchen takes over stroking my nipples. Ruth touches my pussy lips and I almost faint. She strokes them, both sides. I cry with pleasure and shame. She moves her face nearer to mine. I see her eyes wide and bright and she looks into me, into my soul, which is laid bare. The second penetration.

One finger inside me, my mewling becomes louder. Two fingers inside me and I’m whimpering. Two fingers removed and placed on the lips of my mouth: ‘Open for me darling’ she commands. My submissive side responds and I open my lips as she slides my pussy juice soaked fingers into my mouth once again. The third penetration.

‘Lick them for me Wendy’ my sister does not let up. I have no resistance and lick my own juice off her fingers. I look into her eyes once more and see the pleasure and desire. She is stronger than me and I feel the last barrier inside me bend and shudder. Her fingers work my nipples again and I moan once more. My open lips are hers for the taking and she kisses me with her tongue pushed deep inside my mouth. Our tongues swirl round each others and for the first time part of me wants this, wants her. The part that’s left still resists.

Ruth moves away and Gretchen….I still don’t know how she did it. Somehow she slides me off her lap and onto the floor. Keeping my arms between our bodies so I am still immobile she pushes me onto the floor but manages to fold my legs under me so my heels are next to my hips. I lie on the floor unable to move at all, forelegs under my thighs and arms folded under my back.

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