Soothing Santa

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It is the evening after Thanksgiving, and as all around the town of Fairbush people were shopping, making merry and just enjoying the official start of Christmas season and in her warm home Amalia, the Good Witch was preparing her Christmas shopping list.

Amalia the Good Witch is… Well she’s is a Good Witch, with a capital G. And right now she’s laid out on the carpet in her hall with her notebook, fresh from her shower, christmas music playing softly, biting her pen as she calculates the raw materials she needs to start prepping for the christmas orders.

She feels a familiar tugging sensation inside her and she gets up, The sun’s about to set.

Amalia gets up and walks to the back door, to watch the sunset. It’s a routine she got into when she started on her 18th birthday when she started her journey to be a witch and now at 25 she still kept it. In fact, one of the reasons she chose to live in Fairbush was that the air was clear and pure enough that she could see the sun rise and fall with her naked eye.

As she stands in the doorway watching the sun slip into the horizon, She can’t help but feel a melancholy deep inside her heart. As christmas approaches the nights gets longer and the day shorter and her power as a Good Witch which comes from the Sun wanes in the season when she needs all the power she could get to fight the winter blues.

As the sun sets, someone knocks on the door.

Once, Amalia turns around and heads to the front door.

Twice, She realizes something is off, whoever is knocking is not banging on the door but she can hear a clear knocking sound all the way to the back.

Thrice, She almost falls down at the power released with the third knock, While she is a Witch of considerable power, she wouldn’t have this much power even when she’s a few centuries old.

Amalia, gathers her courage and slowly opens her door staying inside the safety of her threshold and sees a man standing on her porch, white beard,Tall, 6ft at least and large dressed in an immaculate white suit with a red shirt paired with a green tie which has Christmas trees on it, He wore an intricate lapel pin wrought as a snowflake.

Amalia’s first thought is to laugh at this modern hipster Santa, But the power in the air killed any humor she found in the situation.

“Good Evening, Amalia,” the stranger said. And she looked into his eyes black no blue, dark ice blue of peaks where the sun doesn’t shine, where the cold cuts flesh from bones.

She responds, “Good Evening…?”

“Please, Call me Kringle.” He smiles and the ice in his eyes turns warm, the color of ice in the lake when children play, the color of snow where couples joust and the old men drink warm coffee as they relive the past days.

Amalia feels the truth in his words “Good Evening, Sir. How may I help you?”

“I came here my dear, to offer you a gift, an opportunity.” He continued “It would be better to discuss this inside. May I come in?”

Amalia hesitated “I welcome you into my home, to share in the warmth I offer. Please enter.” she steps back not turning away from him.

Kringle his eyes dancing, “Thank you, for the warmth offered.” And he steps forward into her home.

He takes a seat on the couch and Amalia sits on the carpet cross-legged.

“Twilight will end soon, Amalia so let me be brief, You know who I am?”

Amalia nods, a little shocked at having Santa, No Kringle sitting on her couch.

“Christmas season has begun, And you little witch intend to help those for whom this is not a season of joy.” He stretches his hand towards her notebook and the book flies up into his hands. “Hmmm, Items of protection, Potions of Joy, Peace, and Lust.”

She bahis firmaları can hear the laughter in the last word. “Joy comes in many forms.” She snaps as she snatches her book back. “WHAT DO YOU WANT?” she asks firmly trying to hide her embarrassment.

“As I said, I came here to give you a gift, An opportunity If you chose to accept it.”

“I’m listening,” Amalia replies wishing she took the time to get dressed in anything but the pajamas and shirt she was wearing just for the little confidence boost she would draw from them.

“Tonight, Is the first night of christmas season. All around the world people are awakening to its spirit, to me. Their wishes, give me power. Their joy, give me power. Their laughter, give me power.” he paused “Do you understand what that means, Little Witch.”

“Umm, You have a ton of power?” she replies.

He continues as if she hasn’t spoken “It means I have a great deal of power, power that wants to be used. Power more than I alone can spend.”

“You… You… You want to…” Amalia stammers as she understands the implication of his words.

“Yes, You understand.”

Amalia moves closer to him “What exactly are you proposing?”

“I will give you a piece of me and in return, you can use it to as you see fit.”

“And what will you get out of this?” Amalia asks, it’s not a trade if it’s not an equal exchange and Amalia had no intention of being in the debt of anyone this powerful no matter how benevolent they are.

“Power is meant to be used, Power unused is Power squandered, And of course in your hands, my power can touch those who do not fall under my rule.” Now he was smiling outright. “Think about it Amalia, With a piece of me you can have more power at your fingertips that what you have at the height of summer.”

And Amalia knew this was an offer she couldn’t refuse, with even the smallest part of the power she felt coming from him she could do so much good and felt the pull from the purity of his power like water from an icecap clear and pure.

She nodded “I accept.”

He held out his hand and she took it, and her clothes disappeared, Amalia shrieked.

She covered herself as best she could, she saw the smile on his face and realized what just happened “When you said, ‘Take a piece of you in me’…”

“Yes,” his voice low and lustful as he took in her body, nude between his legs “I am an ancient spirit, my dear, We seal deals the old way. Quickly now, Twilight is dwindling.”

Amalia was no prude and It wasn’t as if she got such offers daily from gods. She already made her decision.

She lowered her hands letting him see her fully, her body fully shaved, her nipples erect, her raven black hair clinging to her body and by the growing bulge, she’s seeing she knew he appreciated what he saw.

Amalia scoots closer to him, sitting up on her knees and starts unbuckling his belt and stops.

“Why am I undressing you?” she asks with a mischievous scowl.

He smiles “Because I enjoy the sight of a beautiful woman undressing me. If you’re impatient I can always accommodate you.” and with a snap of his fingers, he’s nude on her couch. And his penis free of its confines springs loose to rest against his thigh.

“Ho, sweet Santa!” Amalia exclaimed looking at it. His penis is proportional to his size, large almost a foot long and thick enough she needs both hands encircle it. And it’s still only semi-erect.

She reaches out to touch the cock head, and it gives a twitch as blood rushes in greeting her warm touch.

Amalia reaches out with both hands and pushes his legs apart, moving in and gently nuzzles his cockhead, letting her hair fall all over his lap and kaçak iddaa gently brush him as her head moves as she nuzzles his cock just touching their skin together she reaches his base and looks up to find him gripping the couch with both hands, tight as to stop himself.

Amalia only smiles in response as she pulls back and starts stroking his cock at the base.

His cock is not pulsing as the blood rushes in, It’s straining to reach her mouth now just inches from its tip.

Amalia feels the pressure in his thighs through her forearms, she can’t help but be apprehensive looking at his cock now almost fully erect, measuring almost 14 inches now just above her face.

As she continues to store his cock, she feels a shudder run through him and his cock now fully erect as she watches, the first drop of pre-cum oozed from his head, she leans in intending to lick it off but on touching it, on tasting it she explodes, her body reacts to the taste, to the power in that one drop, and she cums as she had never cum before, her mind feeling the joy, the ecstasy of hundreds of thousands of people and her body reacts to it buckling and she cums screaming as pleasure tears through her body numbing her mind, she’s laid out on the carpet her back arching, her body buckling as she keeps coming off the carpet, gravity the only thing holding her down, her vagina explodes showering the carpet and her thighs in her juices, her mouth open in a scream of silent pleasure. Her mind shuts down.

Amalia, becomes aware of her surrounding, her body still thrumming with pleasure, she’s on the carpet and HE is leaning over her his hand on her chest, her chest heaving, she can see her nipples hard, erect. She tries to move her legs but stops as she feels an another orgasm building from her vagina just by the brush of the carpet on her wet lips.

“How.” she licks her lips, “How long was I out?”

“Barely a minute.”

She closes her eyes, feeling her orgasmic body react to his hand on her chest. Panting to get more air she blurts out “Not sure… If I can do it again.”

“You can, I gave you a gift now you can contain my power safely.”

She pulled herself up and saw on her chest, on her heart a tattoo of a snowflake, in a deep blue, She lets her head fall back.

“Ha, give me a minute.”

With a trembling hand, she reached out to touch his penis, and runs a finger up his slit eliciting a growl and brings it to her mouth and tasted it before her courage fails her, this time she tastes just his cum.

“So the mark collects the power, and I can draw on the mark.”

“Yes, little witch.” He chuckles, “Now let’s see how much power you can draw from me, Twilight is ending soon.”

She gets up gently so as not to excite her throbbing nipples or cunt anymore and once again approaches him, this time on all fours.

Time is running out and she needs him not just for power but also for pleasure. She doesn’t waste any time, she takes in his cock head into her mouth, and as she bobs her head on the first few inches, she lets her tongue dance.

She teases him mercilessly, her tongue tracing his muscles, teasing his slit, teasing him electing a growl from his throat, shocking him at how fast she recovered.

She leans back sitting on her feet, careful not to brush herself against her cunt, which is begging for attention, drooling, her juices running down her thighs, She brings her hands and starts stroking his huge cock working it from base to tip. As her mouth is locked on his tip.

After a few strokes she can feel the nerves on his cock, pulsing against her hands and she releases the seal she’s formed around the tip letting her drool drip down his cock, with kaçak bahis one hand she spreads it on his cock white with the other she grips his balls now wet and plays with them, rubbing them against each other, stimulating them.

His cock now glistening with her drool, she redoubles her efforts now sucking on his cockhead licking the shaft all the way to the base and back to the tip, before she sucks the cockhead once again drooling on to it. When suddenly with a growl he grabs her head.

He pulls her up by her head, his hands firm but not hurting her. As she comes level with his eyes she now sees their color, dark blue like a stormy sky.

Once she’s upright he grabs her by the underarms and slowly lifts her until she is completely supported by him and her cunt is just above his cock.

They are both breathing deeply, his cock flexing in tune it his breath and her breasts heaving for air.

He lets her down slowly, as his cock enters her cunt his cock scraping against her cilt she has an another orgasm, miniature compared to the one she has a handful of minutes ago but one that sets off her sensitive body.

Amalia withers in his hands, trying to bend, to buckle, to take the pleasure she’s feeling to the peak but his hands firmly glide her down and down on his cock and her body is impaled on his cock one inch at a time.

Once he is fully sheathed inside her he pauses, releases her her body limp over his, her erect nipples cutting into his flesh, her open mouth drooling on to him as she rests her forehead on his shoulder. Her eyes lost in pleasure.

She knows that if it were anyone else she would be in pain, she would, in fact, be in a hospital if she ever took in something this big. But now all she could feel was the pleasure as even stationary his cock throbbed deep, deep inside her.

“Fuck me.” she rasps.

He leans her back onto the carpet electing a low moan from her and with her head resting on the carpet, her hips lifted up to rest in his as his cock remains sheathed inside her.

He starts to fuck her.

He starts slow, just letting out an inch or so before plunging back into her, And every time he does his balls slapping her he whimpers and moans, and every minute or so he pulls back a little more and fucks her a little bit harder and below him under his hands her flesh withering.

This continues until its only the tip that remains inside her as he fucks her and Amalia impaled on his cock is reduced to just a writhing mass of flesh, drool running down her mouth, drool and semen running down her cunt. Her body fighting itself until it hard to tell if it’s fighting to get away from the pleasure to for more of it.

The room is filled with their noises Amalia’s whimpers and moans and Kringle’s animalistic growls and the steady sound of flesh striking flesh.

And through the pleasure coursing through her body, Amalia feels the pull of twilight beginning to end and Kringle speed’s his strokes, beginning before his earlier stroke has finished ending. And finally with a roar he cums buried deep inside her, His cum pumping into her body and at feeling his warm cum fill her Amalia too cums once again. Her fingers digging into his back as she tries to pull him deeper into him, push his cock deeper into her cunt.

Sated his body rests on top of her, his cock slowly flexing pushing the remnants of his cum still in him into her wet wanton cunt. He whispers “Call my name when you need more.” as he disappears with the fading twilight.

In her warm home, Amelia the good witch lies sprawled on the carpet, her body quivering with tremors of pleasure from her cunt, her nipples still hard, her cunt drooling cum onto the carpet, the wet carpet sticking to her body. She brushes the snowflake mark on her chest triggering another miniature orgasm, she lies there exhausted. She lets her mind drift into the night welcoming sleep, as she thinks “I will.”

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