Sorority Rule Ch. 05

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This story is the final installment of this series. I encourage you to read the earlier chapters. As for continuing the series…the possibilities are too endless so I dare you to use your imagination as to what happens next. Maybe someone you know may secretly be a member of this sorority.


Mary Francis McConnell spent the rest of the evening thinking about what to say to Tom Davis, Katie’s father. She had overheard her daughter Mindy talking about the sexual encounter she and Katie had with Tom. She was both shocked and aroused by what they had said. Mary Francis recalled the unexpected sexual encounter she had with her own father and felt she needed to intervene in order to save Tom and Katie’s relationship.

Mrs. McConnell could feel her pussy getting wet thinking about sucking her fathers cock and the mental picture she had of Katie riding Tom’s supposedly magnificent cock. Mary Francis decided that before she would be able to get to sleep that night she would need to relieve herself. Fortunately for her she had a nice selection of dildos for just such an occasion.

Mary Francis went to her bedroom and undressed. The forty five year old fourth grade teacher looked at herself in the mirror. Her 36b breasts looked as great as they did twenty years earlier. The only visible hair on her body was her eyebrow, lashes, and the short brown locks on her head. She had a woman’s body, not a girls, but she still turned heads and more than once she had caught the lustful stares of her student’s fathers on parent teacher night.

She opened the drawer of the night stand near her bed and took out the six inch pink vibrator, turned it on and lied down on the bed. She ran her left hand over her erect nipples and then traced the contour of her body down to her moist slit. Her fingers gently pressed against the wet folds of her pussy. She lightly rubbed her clit as the other hand with the vibrator made its journey to the same location. She removed her free hand and reached over to the drawer and pulled out the thick veined eight inch purple gel dildo. She licked the head of the purple love toy as she recalled sucking her father cock. She wondered if Tom’s cock was this big, when her own daughter was sucking it dry. She began to pant harder as she could feel her heart racing faster. Her orgasm was nearing, and at just the moment before the first powerful wave, a moment only a woman can know, she reached down and plunged the purple dildo deep into her wanton pussy, just as Tom had plunged his cock into his own little girls’ forbidden fruit. She clinched down on it as the overpowering wave of pleasure went through her.

Mary Francis decided at that moment that it had been too long since she had a real man.

Tom Davis had nightmares that night. He dreamed about being arrested, his face in the newspapers and crowds screaming at him. He dreamed about Mary Francis screaming and pointing a gun at him. To say he had a restful night would be a lie. Tom tried to imagine every horrifying scenario that may await him that evening. How much did Mary Francis McConnell know? Did she know anything? The day seemed to pass very slowly for Tom.

Tom arrived at Mary Francis’s house at 5:55pm. He was dressed in a pair of jeans, a light blue shirt and a tan blazer. He had never been this scared in all of his forty four years. He looked at the bottle of wine in his had that he had bought on the way over and realized how cliché he must look, but it was too late now. He rang the doorbell.

“Good evening Tom, I am so glad you could come her this evening.” A smiling Mary Francis said.

She was smiling Tom felt a little better. He couldn’t help notice how pretty Mindy’s mom was. She was dressed in a casual yellow sundress that extended to about her mid thigh, showing off her beautiful lightly tanned legs.

“Thank you for having vivid porno me this evening. It has been quite a while since we last talked. Here I brought some wine.” Tom said as he handed her the bottle.

“Thank you Tom, how thoughtful, let me get some glasses. Have a seat.” Mary Francis said.

Mary Francis went into the kitchen and retrieved two glasses. She had to take a deep breath. She had forgotten how handsome Tom was. She could not blame Mindy or even Tom’s own daughter Katie for wanting to fuck him. She could feel her pussy already getting wet. She was glad Tom brought wine because she would definitely need a drink to get this conversation started.

“Could you open the wine for us Tom?” She politely asked when reentering the room.

“Of course.” Tom answered.

“Mary Francis you said you wished to talk about the girls?” Tom asked.

“Let’s have some wine first.” Mary Francis insisted.

They drank some wine and talked about work, homes, the weather, had some more wine, talked some more, drank some more and then Tom thought he would approach the subject of their daughters again.

“Now, Mary Francis, I am curious, what is it about the girls you want to discuss with me tonight?” Tom asked.

“Tom, I don’t know how to say this, but I overheard a conversation between the Mindy and Katie the other day and, well, I decided I needed to confront them about what was said.” She nervously confessed.

“Uhmm…what exactly did you hear.” Tom gulped.

“I know what happened between you and Mindy. I know you had sex with her.” She said.

“Mary Francis, I …I can explain…” Tom chattered.

“I also know about you and Katie…I know you fucked her too.”

“Oh….this can’t be happening..” Tom said as his eyes began to get watery.

“Tom, relax, I am not mad. I know why it happened. I know you and Katie were unaware until it was too late. I want to help you, I don’t want you and Katie to go through the same thing I did.” She said before she could stop herself.

“You did? I don’t’ understand. This happened because of some crazy rule their sorority swears them to.” Tom uttered.

“Well…my sorority had a crazy rule too when I was in college, but it was the initiation that cost me my…” She said before taking another drink of wine.

“Initiation?” Tom inquired.

“I have never told this to anyone before, but I think you need hear it. My sorority initiation involved getting a guy to cum in or on you and then showing the cum to at least two other sorority sisters. I was driven to an adult theater and told about glory holes. Well to make a long story short, I sucked off a guy who turned out to be my own father.” She bravely said.

“Mary Francis, I am sorry, you must have been devastated.”

“I was but not because of the blowjob. My father could hardly look at or talk to me again. We never discussed it and he died before we could resolve the issue. To tell you the truth I would have given him more blowjobs if he would have only let me back in his life.” She calmly stated.

“Weren’t you disgusted by him?” Tom asked.

“No, he was my father, he loved me and I loved him. I was an adult and so was he. He didn’t force me and we actually enjoyed each other until we found out who it was. I guess that is the real point. We enjoyed each other. Not because we were father and daughter but despite being father and daughter, just as you and Katie did. I know Mindy loved fucking you and I could tell Katie did too but she is afraid of what you will think of her. I am sure she feels that you will think less of her if she tells you she enjoyed your cock.” Mary Francis said.

“Mary Francis, I will be honest with you, I did enjoy fucking Katie and Mindy. If Katie enjoyed it too then we have nothing to be ashamed of. Maybe I need to talk woodman casting porno to her. Will you help us?” Tom pleaded.

“Of course I will, you just let me know when and all four of us will discuss it together. And if you and Katie and Mindy want to continue your escapades I want you to know that I am okay with it.” She stated.

“Thank you Mary Francis, you have been a big help, maybe I can sleep easier tonight.” Tom stated.

“No, I should thank you for letting me get that off my chest.” She thankfully said

“You know I am curious about something. What kind of crazy sorority rule did you have to abide by?” Tom asked.

“Our rule was that if we went on a date with a guy for the first time we had to get him off somehow.” She laughed.

“It was supposed to keep us from hopping from one guy to another.” Again she laughed.

“I bet you were glad when you graduated and didn’t have to follow that rule anymore.” Tom chuckled.

“Oh but I do, just as Katie and Mindy will follow their rule. This is a rule that is good for life.” She stated as a matter of fact.

“Well I guess it is my bad luck that this is not a date.” Tom laughed.

Mary Francis got a serious look on her face.

“You know Tom, I invited you over, you brought wine, and we drank, oh my goodness! I think this is a date.” She surprisingly said.

“I won’t hold you to your rule Mary Francis, after all it was not meant to be a date.” Tom kindly said

“But it did become one Tom. I am obligated to get you off somehow.” She said.

“You really don’t have to.” Tom protested.

“I know but I want to.” She confessed.

Tom looked into Mary Francis’s brown eyes and saw that she indeed did want him.

Mary Francis leaned toward Tom and pressed her lips against his. She was glad when he kissed back. Her hand immediately sunk to his waistband where she quickly unfastened and unzipped his jeans. Her hand plunged inside his briefs and found his thick flaccid cock.

Mary Francis McConnell, Mrs. McConnell to her students, stood up, and let her sundress slide off her shoulders and the rest of her body. She wore nothing under it. Tom stared at this beautiful woman. Her tits were smaller than Mindy’s but to Tom she was even more stunning. Tom stood and walked over to her, leaned toward her but she disappeared. Mary Francis had dropped to her knees and pulled Tom’s jeans and briefs to the floor. Tom quickly removed his blazer and shirt.

Mary Francis could not believe the beautiful cock hanging in front of her face. Not only was it large but it was just perfectly shaped and cut. Her mouth watered as she lunged toward this object of her desire.

Tom felt her warm wet mouth instantly engulf his cock. Her nose was pressed against his tight abdomen. He could feel himself grow in her mouth but she backed away.

Mary Francis was enjoying the taste of his cock flesh. She could feel him growing harder and longer. She finally removed her mouth from his cock, only because she wanted to see it again. Tom’s cock was fully hard again. It was one of the largest she had ever had the pleasure of touching, and definitely the most beautiful. She leaned in and licked Tom’s balls and then glided her tongue up the underside of Tom’s cock, wrapped her lips around it and slowly slid her lips forward until she was once again pressing against his abdomen with her nose. She was working his cock over with her tongue while it was down her throat.

Tom had to admit that although Mindy inherited her mothers’ talent for blowjobs, her mom was still better. Mary Francis lightly fondled Tom’s balls with one hand while reaching around his legs with the other. Tom was in fellatio heaven. He could feel his juices building as she fucked his cock with her mouth. His breathing quickened and he türkçe alt yazılı porno knew it wouldn’t be long now. All of a sudden he felt a small finger enter his ass and he could not hold back any longer.

“I’m going to cum!” he shouted.

He exploded into Mary Francis’s mouth with such force that she could feel the cum splash off the back of her throat. She slid her mouth back on his cock but never released it. Mrs. McConnell wanted to taste his delicious cum and not just blindly swallow. Tom’s cock continued to spasm in her mouth until finally it was empty.

Mary Francis slid her lips off Tom’s cock looked up directly into his eyes and opened her mouth. Tom gazed down at the beautiful woman, her mouth open, the large pool of his semen resting there. She then closed her mouth swallowed, and opened it again to show Tom that part of him was now part of her.

“Mmmmmm, delicious.” She cooed.

Tom reached down had helped Mary Francis to her feet.

“My turn.” He said as he leaned her back in the sofa.

She spread her legs and Tom knelt before her. Her pussy glistened with her own juices. The lips of her pussy protruded greatly from her slit, and her clit invited him closer. He could smell her sweetness as he licked all around her hairless pussy coming close but not quite touching her sensitive clit. Mary Francis could take it no more and pulled his face into her.

“Please! Oh God please eat my pussy!” She screamed.

Tom licked her clit and nibbled on her labia. He placed his long middle finger into her drenched pussy. He could feel the rough wall of her vagina and knew he was near her happy spot. He massaged her from the inside and licked her clit mercilessly. She writhed in ecstasy.

“Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh yes! Oooh yeeesssss!” She screamed as the intense orgasm erupted within her.

Tom raised up, his cock now rock hard again. He positioned himself and easily pushed his big cock into her waiting pussy.

Mary Francis tried to scream but could only manage a gasp as she felt her pussy stretched.

Tom buried his cock deep within Mindy’s mom. Mary Francis thought of her daughter and how right she was about Tom’s cock. She knew that Katie had to love getting fucked by this cock even if it was her dad.

“Fuck me hard; fuck me like you fucked my daughter!” Mary Francis screamed

“Fuck me like you fucked Katie!” She yelled again.

Tom hearing the encouragement began ramming his cock into her wet hole.

“Daddy!” Katie shouted as she and Mindy walked in the door.

“Mother!” Mindy exclaimed with a smile on her face.

Tom and Mary Francis quickly leaped up off the couch and faced their daughters.

“Mindy, I know about what happened between you girls and Tom; I overheard you the other day. Tom and I talked and we agreed that we are okay with it.” Mary Francis proclaimed taking charge.

“Katie, I love you and I will always be your father, but I want to tell you that I am glad we got to …share each other. If you never want to do that again I understand but if you do I am here for you.” Tom confessed.

“Daddy I am also glad we did that, I’ve always had a crush on my dad. I just never thought it would happen, and when it did you would hate me.” Katie said.

Katie stepped forward and hugged her naked father.

“Okay girls, now that we understand each other I want to go back to getting fucked by this great cock. You can either go into the other room or get undressed and join us.” Mary Francis brazenly stated.

Mindy’s clothes hit the floor almost instantly. All eyes were on Katie.

Katie looked down at the floor.

“Well Katie?” Her dad said.

When she looked up she had a big smile on her face, tore off her clothes and dropped to her knees and slid her mouth over her fathers cock.


Katie and Mindy officially became step-sisters six months later. Tom and Mary Francis Davis have a very active sex life with their daughters. They did have to establish one House Rule though, anytime Mindy or Katie want to have sex with a new guy for the first time, they must do so with the family. Don’t you just love rules?

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