South Carolina for the Summer Ch. 07

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Amy knocked on the front and waited. Nothing happened. She knocked again. From the backyard came a sound like a lawn mower, which she was sure was Todd, but no one answered the door.

Amy left the front porch and walked around to the back of the house. Todd was on the lawnmower, driving it around the big backyard like a racecar going for a win. The sight made her giggle and she raised her hand to her mouth automatically to cover her braces.

She watched him zip around the tiny baby trees speckled around the yard and weave in and out of the lawn furniture around the swingset and picnic table. He wore no shirt and his back glistened with a coating of perspiration and droplets of sweat. She thought he looked incredibly sexy. His muscles rippled when he turned the wheel.

He turned hard one last time and headed for the red tool shed at the back of the yard, where he parked the lawnmower and shut it off.

The yard look beautiful, like a perfect little eden in the middle of a vast farm field. Amy was delighted.

Todd emerged from the shed like a man on a journey across a desert who discovers a modest oasis. He wiped his face with his t-shirt, which was wadded up into a little ball, and stood with his hands on his hips, inspecting his work.

He noticed Amy standing on the porch, looking out at him. She looked young and innocent from that distance, but he knew how wild she actually was. Not like Pam, of course, but Amy was just as precocious and liked sex just as much. Her dark hair draped back over her shoulders and her dark eyes glowed with lust.

Todd walked to the porch. Amy luxuriated in every step he took toward her across the sun-soaked lawn. She loved to look at the sinewy muscles under his skin, especially the lump in his shorts. She licked her lips and stared at it as it moved side to side when he walked.

“Hi,” Todd said, and climbed the few steps to the porch.

“Hi,” Amy smiled back. She wore a yellow halter top, a short, yellow skirt, and a yellow bow tied in the back of her hair. Her bare middle looked soft to the touch, and her cleavage, which disappeared under the snug top, looked very inviting. Her bare legs looked supple, yet strong.

“Were you expecting to find Pam?” Todd asked. He tossed his t-shirt on the back of the rocking chair and leaned back against the railing.

“Yeah. I didn’t know she was going out.” Amy appeared a little nervous.

“Did she know you were coming over?”


Todd looked back out into the yard. A robin hopped across the grass, cocking its head side to side.

“Would you like to come inside and have a glass of lemonade?”

Amy looked up and smiled broadly, showing her silver braces. “Sure,” she said.

“Come on in.” He opened the door and she went inside. Todd looked down at the back of her bare thighs as she walked in front of him. Her young skin was soft and firm and lightly tanned, more like the legs of a woman in her twenties than a girl of barely fourteen.

Amy leaned against the counter while Todd poured two tall glasses of lemonade. Todd set the glass on the counter and she sipped it quietly. Todd drained his glass and poured anther, which he drained.

“It’s so hot out there,” Todd said, wiping his forehead again. “I’m sweating like crazy.”

“I like the sweat. I think it makes you look sexy.” She blushed and took a sip of lemonade to hide her smile.

Todd stepped around the counter. “If you’d like to, you can wait here until Pam gets back. I’m going to take a shower, get all this sweat off.”

Amy set her glass down. She had barely taken two sips. “Can I join you?”

Todd looked into her big, dark eyes, and saw the strong desire in them. The look of lust filled her small, lovely, round face.

“Sure,” Todd said. Amy smiled. “Come on.”

He led her down the hall to the big master bathroom with the counter and the wall mirror and the big bathtub. His cock quickly grew hard in his shorts, and it became difficult to walk the short distance down the hall.

Amy stood by the counter and watched Todd in the mirror. He pushed open the bathtub curtain and leaned into the tub to turn on the water. Amy admired the lines of his back and his ass. He stood and turned to her. She looked down at the front of his shorts and saw the outline of his huge cock pressing against the material that held it back.

Todd held out his hand. Amy stepped toward him and placed her hand in his. They stood very close and Amy’s small eyes looked up at him expectantly. Todd put his fingers under her chin and tilted her head up. He leaned forward with his eyes closed. Amy’s eyes closed and her mouth automatically opened. His lips gently touched her lips and her tongue waited just behind them for his tongue.

Todd put his tongue in her mouth. It poked around for a moment until it ran into her tongue, shying away at the back of her mouth. He licked her tongue. They moaned together, and she ground her pelvis against lump in the front of his shorts.

Todd put izmir escort bayan his other hand around her slender waist, and pushed her hand down to his leg, where his erection hung. She let him guide her hand, curious and anxious, and excited by the closeness and the speed of the approaching sexual intercourse. Her eyes shot open wide and she cried with surprise when she touched his rock hard cock, but her brief scream was muffled between their clamped lips.

Amy closed her trembling fingers around the thick ridge of the shaft and explored its length. It was so long and hard it felt like he had a flagpole in his pockets. Her fingers went farther down his leg than she remembered his cock going.

Suddenly, she touched bare skin where it hung out the leg of his shorts. He was hot in her tiny hand, burning up, throbbing and pushing at her for more attention. She touched the head, pressing her fingers into the soft flesh at the tip.

Todd ran his hands down her back, into her slender waist, over her firm hips, and he squeezed her ass. Amy rose on her tiptoes as he squeezed her hard and pulled her snugly against his hard body. She wrapped her arms around his waist and firmly pressed her mound against the hard lump of his cock, as kissed and explored each other’s mouths with their tongues.

Amy hooked her fingers under the elastic waistband of his shorts at the back and worked them down over his hips. She pulled away from his kiss and slid down his body, tugging his shorts as she went down. His huge, hard cock popped out and hung from the front of his body like a monstrous snake.

Amy dropped to her knees and tugged his shorts to his ankles. He lifted each foot out and she tossed them aside. Amy put her hand around the thick shaft. Her dark eyes turned up to Todd, and an innocent smile crossed her lips. She raised the head of his cock. Her lips opened, the head went into her mouth, and they closed around the shaft.

“Oh yeah,” Todd moaned. His eyes closed and his head tilted back. The hot water steamed up the bathroom. The wall of mirrors over the sinks fogged up in a hurry. Todd’s sweaty body sweat even more, and Amy’s forehead beaded with moisture.

Amy worked a little more of his cock into her mouth. There was so much she could barely get her mouth over any of it. The first few inches quickly filled her tiny mouth. Her jaw was strained to accept its size. She stroked the shaft with both hands and slowly bobbed her head.

Todd held her head of dark hair and let her move back and forth at her own speed. She did not move much, and she moved tantalizingly slow. Todd’s mouth fell open and he grunted.

He placed both hands on top of her head and bucked his hips gently. The head of his cock touched the back of her mouth. She gagged and Todd moaned.

Amy sucked her mouth off with a loud, obscene slurping noise and coughed.

“Sorry,” Todd said, looking down at her.

Amy looked up at him, his cock resting against her glowing cheek. “It’s okay,” she said. Her cheek was smeared with her own saliva. Her puffy lips pouted sensuously. She licked the head. Todd flinched. She closed her mouth over the end of his cock again and forced it deeper than before.

“Oh man,” Todd moaned. “I’m going to cum.”

Amy moaned with him, and bobbed her head faster. Her wet lips slid down his shaft. She waited anxiously for the delivery of his seed.

He tensed all over, and squeezed her head tight in his hands. The head of his cock was deep in her mouth when the first gush hit her tongue like a huge wave hitting a beach.

“Oh yeah,” Todd cried. It splashed right to the back of her mouth. His hips bucked and another heavy load filled her tiny mouth. She swallowed once and a third load shot over her tongue, overflowing her mouth. His hot, thick sperm spurted out her lips like a backwash, and he continued to pour more of it into her.

Amy tried to swallow fast enough, but couldn’t keep up with the amount of cum. When he finally finished, it was all over her.

Todd swallowed hard and looked down at her. She pulled his cock out of her mouth. One last drop of cum stretched like a string from the end of his cock to her puffy lip as she pulled away. Her soft, glowing, cheeks were coated with shiny, sticky cum. It dripped off her chin to her chest, trickling down into the dark area of her cleavage and soaking into the yellow cotton halter. The bare area of her chest was splattered with droplets.

His cock hung in front of him, still mostly stiff. The end was covered with a mixture of her saliva and his cum, which dripped to the floor and fell on her bare thighs and knees.

“God,” Amy said. “That was so much. Do you always cum that much?”

“No. Sometimes more.”

“Wow.” She stood up. “I’m all messy,” she said, holding her hands out awkwardly. The thick, warm cum coated the inside of her mouth and collected in globs under her tongue and around her teeth.

Todd chuckled at her. She looked a little like a child who had fallen in the escort izmir mud. Amy smiled back, showing her braces. She licked the cum off her lips and blushed. Todd took her hand and sucked it off her fingers, one at a time, very slowly, sliding them in and out of his mouth. Amy giggled.

Todd bent over and licked her exposed chest. Amy gasped. His tongue swirled on her skin like a wet snake, licking up the cum. Amy put her arms around him, and let her hand glide up the back of his neck into his hair. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensations.

His tongue traveled lower, into the valley of her cleavage, to follow the trail of the droplets. Amy shuddered with pleasure. Her excitement made her breathe heavily, and her chest heaved. Her mouth hung open and her expression looked like she was drifting off into a dream world.

Todd’s hand drifted up the inside of her thigh, smearing the cum over her hot skin. Amy’s legs automatically spread wider. He reached under her skirt and touched her pussy. Amy moaned and bit her lower lip. With his other hand around her waist, he rubbed her pussy through the thin, soaked strip of fabric of her panties.

Todd looked at her. She clung to his arm with one hand, almost in a dream state. If she let go, she would topple backwards. Her grip was loose and she swayed slightly, moaning and breathing heavily. Her breasts rose and fell under the tight halter top. Her nipples were hard points under the bright, yellow fabric.

Amy looked into Todd’s eyes. There was a look of dark passion glowing deep inside them. He could sense the strong desire emanating from her soul.

She pulled off the halter top and pushed down her skirt, shaking her hips side to side like a stripper. Her breasts jiggled as she kicked away the skirt. Her quivering lips were open and she faced him with a determined, lust-filled glare.

Todd put his hands around her breasts. They were small, but full and soft and still growing. He rubbed her nipples with his thumbs, turning them from hard points to soft, supple flesh.

“Oh man,” Amy moaned, squirming uncontrollably. “I’ve never felt like this before.”

“How does it feel?”

“It feels like the world’s exploding.”

“Are you cumming?”

“Yes,” she moaned. Her eyes rolled back in her head.

Todd put his hands around her slender waist and lifted her up to the sink counter. He spread her legs. She didn’t resist him at all. His hard cock touched the inside of her thigh as he moved between them and knelt down. Amy opened her eyes to watch him. His head moved closer to the warm, soft, furry area and he licked her pussy.

“Oh yes oh yes,” Amy moaned. She put her legs over his shoulders and wrapped her hands around his head and ran her fingers through his hair. His slippery, wet tongue slipped past the soft, hot lips of her cunt and pushed into her. The sensation of his tongue gliding across her pussy lips made her tingle all up and down her spine down to her toes.

“Oooo,” she whispered. Todd licked her clitoris and Amy’s body jerked spasmodically. She gasped each time. She squeezed his head in her thighs and shook all over with a fierce orgasm, screaming loudly as her whole body shook.

He looked up at her from between her legs. Amy opened her eyes, blinking and panting. She looked back at him for a moment, then laughed. Most of his face was covered with her shiny juices.

He helped her off the counter. The steam swirled around them. Amy stepped into the tub. Todd got in behind her and closed the curtain. Amy stood by the wall, partly in the water spray, smiling demurely as he turned to face her. She reached his hard cock and stroked it firmly.

Amy took the soap from the soap tray and soaped up his cock. Todd put his arms out to hold himself up against the wall as his knees trembled from the intense pleasure her small hands gave him.

“Oh yeah,” he moaned. “Turn around.”

He took the soap and Amy turned away from him, looking back over her shoulder to see what he was going to do. He bent her over and pressed her face against the wall. The tiles on the wall were cold and covered with condensation. Her nipples grazed the cold tiles. She flattened her hands against the wall and pressed her warm cheek against the tiles.

Todd slipped his hand down between her thighs.

“Oh my,” she gasped. She rose on the tips of her toes. His fingers touched her sensitive lips. He pushed one of them inside her. She flinched, trembling herself with excitement.

She felt something slippery and strange down there and strained to look back over her shoulder. She realized Todd had the bar of soap and was soaping up her pussy. Amy whimpered.

She saw his huge cock, still covered with soap, and realized he was about to put it inside her. She bit her lower lip. The cold, slippery bar of soap rubbing across her pussy lips felt great, but she was tense with the anticipation that his cock was going to be too big for her to handle.

Todd put his hands on her hips and raised her izmir escort ass a little. The head and shaft of his cock slipped between her quivering thighs, which spread slightly. She rose higher on her tiptoes.

“Be gentle,” Amy whispered above the noise of the spraying water. “I’ve never done it with anyone so big.”

“You’ll never feel a thing,” Todd answered. He slipped the head of his cock between her pussy lips into her cunt. Amy grunted in pain, desperately holding the towel rack for support.

“Oh god,” she moaned. “It’s so big.” Her tits were pressed flat against the cold wall. The slippery head of his cock parted her lips and pushed its way up her tight cunt. With all the soap, it stretched her open and glided smoothly, but slowly, into her. Amy’s eyes were as big as saucers, and her mouth hung open in a big “O” shape.

“Oh … oh … oh,” she gasped. It felt as if he was splitting her open. She had never been stretched like this. That area between her legs was very warm and very slippery with all the soap.

“Does it hurt?” he asked, holding her still. She trembled in his hands and he feared he had hurt her.

Amy shook her head. “Don’t stop now. Don’t pull it out. I want to feel it all.”

He held her hips and pressed firmly, to drive it steadily, not all in one thrust. He wanted her to enjoy it as much as him, not feel too much pain. He knew how much it could hurt a girl as small as Amy. He was sure she felt some pain, even though she told him not to stop. He was careful anyway. He knew she would enjoy it.

Amy’s weak hands clung to the towel bar just over her head. He was plowing his cock deeper into than she ever thought anything would go. She was scared, but thrilled at the same time.

“Ow. Ow. That’s enough. That’s enough,” Amy groaned. She peeked back over her shoulder, her brow furled with concern and her eyes bright with excitement. Wet strands of her dark hair hung over her deep eyes.

Todd felt the resistance and stopped. He had reached the end of the line and wasn’t going any deeper. He rubbed her hips to reassure her.

“You want me to take it out?” he asked.

She shook her head. “No. I want you to do it to me now.” She wiggled her hips as much as she could, which was very little, with so much stiff meat stuffed up her cunt. It wasn’t a pain she felt, like the sharp pain she felt when she did it the first time, but more like a strong desire to have him jam it in and out of her and drive her right up the bathroom wall in ecstasy.

Todd was surprised. He had got much more of it into her than he thought she would take. The front of his thighs just barely touched the back of her thighs and he could still see a few inches of shaft between their bodies, but that was all right. He was sure she would be able to take more of it later on, if she still wanted to make it with him.

Todd drew back his hips and pumped slowly. He was very close to another orgasm. He hoped Amy was, also. She was so tight he didn’t think he would be able to hold off too well.

“Are you going to cum?” he asked, thrusting his hips very deliberately and picking up speed.

“Yes … yes … yes,” she squealed, nodding her head. “Right … right … right … now.”

Todd poked her with jerky motions of his hips. His cock jammed into her and she grunted. Her eyes were closed and she was cumming. His cum gushed into her cunt in thick, heavy loads. She felt it filling her and it heightened the intensity of her orgasm like a drug sharpening her senses.

It quickly filled her past her tiny capacity and burst from her vagina like water bursting from a dam. It mixed with the soap and the hot water and ran down the insides of her thighs to her ankles.

Todd hugged her, kissing the back of her neck tenderly. She ground her ass in a small circle, panting from the excitement. His fingers grazed across her nipples, tweaking them like knobs on a tv.

“I love your body,” he said.

Amy turned to him, smiling. He kissed her.

“Mmmm,” she said. “That was so good.”

“Yes, it was. We’ve got to get out before Pam and my mom get home.”

He drew back his hips and his cock slipped out of her cunt.

“Oh man, I feel so empty now.” She rubbed her tender pussy. “I liked it better when you were inside me.”

“I’d love to put it back in.”

“Okay,” she smiled. “But not today. I’ve got to be home for dinner.”

Todd shut off the water and they got out and dried each other with big, fluffy towels.

“Are you going to tell Pam that we made love?” He rubbed the towel through her hair.

“I don’t know. Are you going to tell her?”

“Not if you don’t want her to know.”

“You think she’d mind?”

He turned her around and wrapped the towel around her waist.

“No,” he said. Her nipples stood up proud. Her cheeks were red with a fresh glow that told the world she had just been fucked.

She smiled broadly. Little dimples appeared in her soft cheeks. She rubbed the towel lovingly over his penis and balls.

“I’ll tell her,” she said. “Maybe you can do it with both of us at the same time.”

Todd’s eyebrow jumped up in surprise, and his dick flinched in her hand. Amy looked up at him with a mischievous grin.

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