Staying with Aunt Jannie Ch. 03

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I felt strange. Yes, I wanted fun and excitement in my life, but to find that my nephew had masturbated, most likely thinking of me and the little scene I couldn’t help performing the night before, felt wrong. I couldn’t possibly use my own family member to escape my boredom, at least not using these methods! But how could I not feel complimented and happy? To know that such an innocent guy would jerk off thinking of my body and of what he could do to me. It was flattering, and I was in the best mood I had been in years no matter how wrong it was.

For some days after that night, I noticed Nicky looking at me different. He would stare at me through his books, thinking I couldn’t notice him, and look at my ass or my boobs. Sometimes I’d be sitting down with a skirt, and he would be trying to spy from weird angles to see my panties. I could feel his eyes, and sometimes I would purposely widen a bit the gap between my legs. If he was staring at my ass, I would drop something and bend down to pick it up slowly. If he other time decided to spy on my tits, I would sit in front of him on the TV, eating some ice-cream or whatever, and let some of it drop to my chest, and wipe it seductively. All while pretending I didn’t see him. He kept masturbating, for I noticed him taking too long in the shower, or washing his own underwear by himself. My husband didn’t even know what was going on. However, Nicky didn’t dare look as much in his presence. I and Nicky barely spoke these couple of days after the night of thirst, and these poor examples of how an aunt should behave with her nephew, were the only communication that me and him were getting.

Finally the day when my husband was to leave the house for some time came. We had a nice dinner and said how much we were going to miss him, but I bet me and Nicky were thinking the same thing: we couldn’t wait for him to go. Me to be finally free from his dry touch, and Nicky to keep his voyeurism as much as he liked.

That night me and my husband had sex, and it wasn’t anything special. I didn’t come and he, on the other hand, did it too fast. His shape was decaying quickly, he didn’t look like the man I fell in love with anymore. He was now weak, and losing some hair. He cared about making money more than anything else. Poor fool that he was.

We finished quickly, slept, and said goodbye the next morning. As soon as he went out the door I got into my gym clothes and went hurriedly to burn off some calories and steam. I was pissed at the man, and I felt our relationship was nearly dead. When I came back Nicky was awake, and reading a book on the sofa. Seeing him got me happy again. Like a kid and her toy. Toys represent fun times had or yet to happen involving it. I said good morning, he replied, and I quickly ran upstairs to change my clothes. I was sweaty, hot, and very, very horny. During the workout at the gym, my yoga pants had crawled into my crotch, and they tickled my pussy with every movement and stretch. The sweat, heat, and pants had made my nips hard, and I was about to start getting wet. I had to leave the gym before going crazy.

When I got upstairs I intended to change my sweaty clothes and take a shower, but I decided otherwise. I felt it was time to tease my nephew some more. Make him pay for running away that night and jerking off like he did. So instead I took off my panties and put the sweaty yoga pants back on. My ass and legs were so proportionate that the pants couldn’t fit tighter, so this plus no panties resulted in a fat and juicy cameltoe. I then excitedly undid my bra and took it off, letting the tight spandex of my gym shirt hold them in place. My nipples were now noticeable, even though they weren’t hard. I went down stairs.

When I got to the living room, Nicky was still there, his handsome and innocent -should I keep saying “innocent” after what he have been doing?- face buried in that book of his. I went to sit in front of him.

“Enjoying that book? how is it?” I said.

“It’s interesting …” and so he went to explain how much he liked it and how lucky he was that the library close by had it and such distractions that attempted to make me bored and go away. He wanted to enjoy my sight at a distance. He felt he couldn’t handle canlı bahis me face to face, since he was such a shy guy.

I then took the TV remote and turned it on. I opened my legs quite widely, exposing that cameltoe that only required a small amount of imagination to picture my pussy in full detail. I turned the volume of the TV a little louder, so he couldn’t concentrate on his book. While I acted as I watched the screen, I scratched my neck softly, and then the inside of my thigh. I was still sweaty at this point, but I couldn’t tell if it was because of the gym, the heat, or the situation!

He was now looking at me, I felt it. His eyes were caressing my body, up and down. Sometimes he’d stare at my pussy so much that I felt a tingling sensation in it. All I intended was to tease him and have fun. But I was wanting more and more. His reactions weren’t enough now. I knew he was my nephew and that it was wrong to do anything like this, but his handsome face, his reactions to my naughty actions, the lack of good sex, so many things kept me going. So I now took the next step.

“This is a funny show,” I finally said, while there could be heard the recorded laugh of the mediocre comedy shows that so often air on television. He startled,

“huh? oh yea, ha ha.”

“Come here, watch it with me. Put down that book of yours for a while,” I said, beckoning him to sit by my side. He came near me and sat close. After a minute or two watching, I felt his eyes staring at my breasts, the perspiration made them glow. They looked inviting, delicious.

“Nicky, do you like what you see?” I said.

“Ermm… the show? yea it’s funny!” he replied nervously.

“Not the show, me. You have been staring at me, I know it.”

“What? no, uhh…,” his voice sounded broken. He was busted, and he probably wanted to disappear.

“For some days now, haven’t you?” I went on, “It’s OK honey, it isn’t wrong to find your aunt attractive, you know? And it’s definitely not wrong to like staring at a nice body. I find it flattering that you see me like that,” I said smiling and relaxed, still looking at the TV.

“Aunt, no… Don’t think like that. I now we don’t know each other too well, but you are my family and it’s wrong if I ever saw you with weird eyes.” He said this softly, half admitting guilt, half denying it.

“That is probably what you say to yourself every day, to fight the urge, but you still do it.”

“No! That’s not true! I just…” he cried.

“So you don’t like me then?” I said, interrupting him. This time looking at him in the eyes, with a seductive gaze. I needed him to feel it was all right.

“I just think that you are hot… I always did. Since I was a kid I remember seeing you rarely, and always fell in love with your face and body. I always wanted you around but you never were. And this summer I saw an opportunity to see you again, that’s why I didn’t go to the cruise. I just never thought my feelings would be so strong. But it’s nothing OK? Nothing too weird, I just find your body… nice to look at, that’s all.”

“You think I am hot?” I said, now breathing a little more heavy than I calculated. His little speech had moved something in me. I was really close to him now. “Well, I find you to be quite attractive as well, for a boy your age anyways. How come you never talk to me if you like me?”

“I find it awkward,” he said, a little relieved it seemed to have that of his chest.

We watched TV for some minutes more. My mind was spinning fast. I was breathing heavily now, and was too horny to attempt control over myself. Why did I feel this? Deep inside me I knew I wanted this to happen. Since I first saw him, since I had that little encounter on the kitchen, since I saw and smelled his cum. It was so wrong that it was calling me in. I wanted this boy to touch me now, I needed it.

“Nicky, are you a virgin?” I said suddenly and with a soft voice. His face turned more red than before.

“Yeah” he said.

“Ha ha, seriously?” I wasn’t surprised at all, “hmm… then would you like to touch some part of my body? Maybe to feel what t it like? I don’t care, and it could be our secret. Now, don’t look at me like that. This is your chance to touch a woman, and is going to bahis siteleri be me, the one I know you are crazy about. We are family so it’s OK to have this kind of intimacy with each other. Honestly I would like you to do it,” I said with a little desperation in my tone.

Enough was said. No matter how strange Nicky might have felt with this situation, he wanted it, and so did I.

Nicky first touched my left boob. He did it shyly at first, then he started caressing it over the clothing. He felt the softness of it and how it didn’t even fit in his hand. My nipple was now getting hard, I was sweating again, and my Pussy was getting wet. He was looking at it intently, and with rape intentions, I’m sure. I told him to go ahead and be a little more aggressive, and he went on to get the tit out of the blouse and he was now squishing it with passion.

“That feels good honey…” I said with a little moan. He then grabbed both tits in his hands and looked very hungry for them, he definitely was hoping for more than just touch. Both his hands were surprisingly strong and were handling my chest like a real man, with desire for the juicy and soft sexual pair. If I were pregnant, my nipples would be pouring milk now.

“You want to suck them?” I asked with a broken voice from the heat of the moment, and was surprised how hot my breath was. He was almost drooling at this point and raised his eyes to meet mine as if asking for permission. I nodded at him to do it. I could speak no longer. He then grabbed one of my tits and his mouth came close to my nipple. His hot breath fell on it, making it hard and twice as big. His red, soft lips enclosed on it and softly and slowly, kissed it. He was tasting it and feeling its texture inside his mouth. He then got his tongue out and licked with the tip the entire nipple, and followed its areola and then back to the middle to then rapidly tickle my nipple with fast movements. His saliva was dripping from it filling my tit with a wet and hot feeling that was making me go mad.

He then closed his mouth and sucked my nipple hard inside, while he kept torturing it with his tongue all the while. I was moaning by this point, out loud, and I grabbed the back of his head and pushed him more against my tits. This was the signal for him to suck and lick even harder and faster, while still grabbing and squeezing my other boob with his other hand. I always had sensitive nipples, but Nicky was making me feel something new, something passionate, and it was my own nephew! The son of my sister! This only made me push him harder towards me and with my other hand i reached my pussy and started messing with it. I came, hard. I was amazed. I couldn’t understand how only from licking my nipples, this little man had been able to arouse me like this. He hadn’t even realized what he had done.

My Yoga pants were now wet and had a big pool of cum in the area of my pussy. It smelled both of that and sweat. He was breathing hard too, and now a big bulge showed in his pants. I grabbed it, his dick was rock hard. It felt massive, and I wanted it in me.

“Wait aunt Jannie, you are not supposed to touch me like this… we are going too far,” he said with such a sarcastic tone.

“Are we? Are you sure you don’t want me to touch you a little bit? It will feel nice, and you kind of want it don’t you? I said this can be our secret, and that I’m your aunt so is fine.” I left no tie for useless responses. I grabbed his cock and squeezed it and pulled it towards me with him along. He left out a cute little and repressed moan. I bit my lips thinking about that big dick, but I still didn’t want to put my hand inside his pants, not yet. I asked him if there was anything else he would like to touch or see. And he immediately squatted before my spread legs and went for my wet pussy. He started licking it through my yoga pants, getting his tongue in my cameltoe and caressing with it the entire thing. He then took his fingers and used them to play with every part of my vagina through the clothes. How did a virgin like him knew where to touch I did not know, but I was moaning and breathing loudly.

“It smells good in here aunt, I smell your perfume. I can taste your vagina, it’s delicious,” he said. This provoked me even more.

“Please, bahis şirketleri take out my pants, lick my pussy for real!” I begged. He quickly got rid of them and started eating my wet, smelly, sensitive, and horny pussy. He knew where to lick and to suck. He spat, slapped with his tongue, bit, and kissed like he intended to have my pussy for dinner. I was rolling my hips and holding out to my seat as best as I could. I felt the juice coming already. He quickly inserted his middle finger in, and touched about inside. He couldn’t find the G spot, but he didn’t needed it, I was about to squirt! I grabbed his head once more and pushed him into my vagina. His tongue licking my clit and sending all kinds of electrical currents through my nerves and kind of making my eyes roll back in ecstasy. I made a violent gesture with my hips and cum started pouring out of my pussy. Some of it got immediately into Nicky’s mouth, while the rest got into his face and shirt before he could get out of the way.

My legs were shaking and my pussy contracting. My mouth opened gasping for air, and perspiration poured from my skin. My loud “Ahh!” of satisfaction went around and echoed through the walls of the lonely house. I hadn’t felt that good in years. I was the happiest woman alive that moment. This boy, this young man, barely legal, a virgin, had given me more pleasure in an instant that my husband never did in years, and all without knowing much about a woman. It was his animal instincts, his desire for my body, his hunger. How could I not feel flattered? He desired me! And I desired him too. Things had escalated too quickly, just the way we wanted. There was no more need for explanations of why we had gone so far.

“”Kiss me!” I said, almost begging. “It doesn’t matter if it’s wrong or not, come feel your aunt’s lips. I’m crazy for you, because of what you just did, and you have to take responsibility for that and finish me softly!” He didn’t say a word, but got up and close to me. I was sitting up right, and he standing, and he looked taller than I was in front of me. His dick now touched my belly, and I grabbed it once more while our wet lips came together. He tasted good, and I know I did too, for he was eating away at my mouth. He bit my lips, sucked them, tasted my saliva as if it were a holy nectar. He put his soft and warm tongue inside and licked all of it. I grabbed his tongue with mine and made them entangle together. I sucked his lips and he grabbed me from behind my neck. He kissed my face, my cheeks, my chin and licked me as if I tasted like his favorite thing ever. All while doing this, I was stroking his cock through his pants, never putting my hand inside. I stroked very fast and hard, and already his face was turning into a book that can narrate all kinds of sexual feelings. I could tell that it was now him who was in ecstasy.

“You want to cum? Cum for me!” I yelled, not caring who could hear us, “cum for you auntie Jannie. Spray it all in my hand. Come on, I know you want to! Give me that hot and sticky cum.” I said to him while looking at his eyes and stroking that dick as hard as I could.

He grabbed my waist with one hand and on of my tits with another and came really hard while letting out manly moans and sighs of pleasure and release. His come was pouring out like a fountain. It came through the pants and made a big mess all over the carpet. It overflowed his underwear and my hand. I couldn’t control it. I was in disbelief. How much cum this was, tasty, young cum! Nicky’s. Hmm I tasted it and ended up licking my whole arm to drink it all, and I loved it. He looked tired, and happy as could be. He was satisfied. And me… words cannot express how happy I was! Finally, I felt like a woman again. It didn’t matter that he was my own blood, I liked him, and he liked me.

“I can’t believe we just did that aunt Jannie, this is so wrong! But… but I liked it too much. Thank you.”

“Come with me Nick, if I can call you that, since now you are a man. Let’s take a shower together. I want to refresh from this heat and clean up that mess in your pants, with my mouth.”

We then went into the bathroom to take a hot shower together. The living room stood there in solitude, getting darker and somber with the gathering clouds in the sky covering the sun. The room had just witnessed the aunt and the young nephew give in to lust, taboo, and incest. How could I do this to him? To myself? And why the hell was it so difficult to resist?

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