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Female Ejaculation

It is warm spring day, the sun is shining and the birds are singing. You are walking home from work, an hour earlier than expected, as the electricity has gone off in that area of town. As you are walking you notice a tall woman ahead of you. At first you are uncertain what drew your eyes to her, but gradually you notice more and more about her.

She is tall; her long, shiny red hair is worn loose, and is swaying as she walks. Her walk is hip swayingly good, as her movements are graceful and sexy. Looking down you see her black high heels, which are helping her with that sexy walk. Her legs are black, nylon clad, and your mind screams stockings. She must be wearing stockings on those long and shapely legs.

As you watch her back, you realise that her coat is quite short, and her skirt must be even shorter, as you cannot see any of it beneath the coat. Suddenly, she stops and bends, to remove a shoe… as she leans forward, you are treated to a view of those long, stocking clad legs and the darker stocking tops, and a tiny glimpse of white flesh, before she shakes then replaces her shoe and stands up straight again.

Your body reacts to this teasing glimpse of flesh and those stockings, as you imagine those long legs wrapped around you. You imagine driving your cock into her pussy as she wraps her stocking clad legs around you. Oh boy, you think you need some sex, this woman has turned you on so badly.

As you watch her legs, and hair and back, you follow behind her, suddenly aware that you have wandered off your route home. Just as you stop to take bearings, you see her stop too. Then suddenly she is walking towards you. The street you are on is small and deserted apart from the two of you. Her face is pretty and her mouth is smiling as she approaches you and asks you the way to a nearby hotel. She isn’t a local, you can tell by her accent, and as she gets even closer you smell her sweet perfume and another subtle scent.

As she gets up close you realise that her coat is open at the neck, and you can see a lot of cleavage and no hint of a top beneath the coat, and likewise the bottom of the coat is open slightly and you can still see no skirt.

She waits as you describe where to go, but she smiles again and shakes her head. She apologises and says she will never remember the directions, please could you show her. She says please again and looks at you with big eyes and a genuine smile. You can’t refuse.

As you set off towards the hotel, she asks you about yourself, and tells you she is here on holiday. She was with friends but one got ill and had to go home, and the other has met a man, so she is left by herself most of the time. When you get to the hotel, she invites you to the bar for a drink, to say thank you. How can you refuse her?

Once in the bar, she gets you both a drink, and as she sits down, you see a lot of leg, a tiny bit of flesh and still no skirt. She catches you looking, and she laughs, she undoes her coat really quickly and flashes at you (her coat open for only a few seconds). She is wearing an outfit that is sexy and revealing, yet covers everything. She explains she was going to a party with her friend, then her friend rang and said she was making her own way there, and gave her directions. She was told it was a fancy dress party and to come as a tart. As she was on holiday she had no dressing up clothes, so she had rushed out and bought this outfit, canlı bahis but then got lost and decided to come back to the hotel.

You hear her words but hardly take them in, as she has revealed a good figure, pale skin, full hips and breasts, covered in a black and red corset, panties, and stockings and suspenders. Your eyes are on the front of the now closed coat.

She coughs, and you look at her face, slightly embarrassed at being caught staring at her breasts.

She laughs again. She says that the day has been awful apart from you, and leans closer to you, whispering that the outfit is sexy, and it seems a shame not to let someone get the benefit of it. You realise she means you!!! She smiles at your shocked face and whispers room 237, as she stands and walks away from you……..

You sit staring at her back, and it is only when she has disappeared from sight that you really take in what she has invited you to her room. That the fantasy of burying yourself deep inside her, as she wraps those long legs around you could actually become a reality. Uncertain you go to the bar and get another drink, should you follow, should you play it cool or should you walk away now?

A very quick drink later you are on your way up the stairs to room 237.

You approach the door eagerly and knock. She opens the door and she is still wearing the coat. She smiles at you and opens the door to let you in.

The room is nice but nothing special. It is tidy, but there are some clothes folded on the chair. She takes your jacket and hangs it up by the door, then removes her own coat and hangs that up too. You have a few moments to study the back of the outfit, and her arse in those skimpy panties. You are still staring when she turns around to face you. She grins at you, and asks if you would like a drink. You say yes, but really you are thinking no, you just want to touch and taste her.

She turns away and opens the mini bar, as she bends to take out two beers, you know you made the right decision, you have a perfect view of her arse again, but this time she is bending forward. You see the black silky panties stretch tight across her rounded arse cheeks, and as she leans further forward you get to see the thin piece of material that is just covering her most private place. Even across the room, you are certain that her panties are damp, and you catch the subtle aroma from earlier, again, her arousal. The very thought of her damp pussy makes your cock hard.

She straightens and turns towards you, as your erection becomes uncomfortable. She hands you a beer, and suggests sitting on the bed. You notice her eyes are on your cock as it sticks out, as far as your trousers will allow. She puts her own bottle down, and say “That must be uncomfortable, let me help you.” as she reaches down and caresses your erection through your trousers. Then she brings her hands to your button and zip, and undoes your trousers, smiling at you as she reaches in and brings your cock out into the open. “That must feel better.” she says as she wraps her fingers around you and starts to move then up and down.

She gets you to sit on the bed, and she kneels between your legs, and flicking her hair, away from her face, she brings her lips to your cock. She kisses and licks it gently, before sucking it into her warm, wet mouth. She continues to use her hands to caress and stroke your balls, as she moves her mouth bahis siteleri up and down your hard cock. You are enjoying her mouth, but part of your brain wants to fuck her, and doesn’t want to cum here and now. So, in a moment of feeling masterful you gently push her shoulders back slightly, and remove your cock from her mouth. She looks up at you with a slightly surprised look on her face.

“My turn” you say smiling, and you position her so she is sat on the bed, and kneel between her legs. You run your hand over her panty covered pussy, and realise that she is smooth; she has shaved off all her pussy hair. You feel the heat, and touch the dampness, as she moans at the feel of your hand rubbing her. You side your fingers inside the material and rub the smooth wet flesh, before sliding one between the folds of skin and touching the real wetness. She gasps slightly as your fingers get close, and moans loudly, as you slide one finger inside her wet pussy. You slide that finger in and out a few times, quite slowly, and then run it up between her lips, to touch her pleasure centre, you are rewarded with a squeak of satisfaction. Leaning forward you hold the material to one side with your fingers and run your tongue from pussy to clit. As she squirms and moans in joy.

She is obviously enjoying your tongue, as you run it from pussy to clit a few more times, before concentrating on her clit. She is gasping and moaning as you flick her button with your tongue. She whispers something you don’t catch, and then she repeats it slightly louder.

“Please let me do the same for you,” Your cock jumps at her words, and you both move into the middle of the bed and get your selves into position, quickly. You take the opportunity as you move, to remove her panties, and she helps you. You get to see her smooth pussy in all its glory, while she is still wearing a corset and those sexy stockings.

As you get into position, it is like some signal tells you both when to start, as you lick her clit in a short flicking motion, as she sucks your cock into her mouth. You both gasp in pleasure, as the mutual oral stimulation starts for real.

You find it hard to concentrate on licking her wet pussy, as she sucks and licks your hard cock. It is like your brain keeps switching from the task, to the pleasure and then back again. She moans, as she sucks you deep inside her mouth and throat, and raises her hips to meet your mouth. You push out your tongue and slip it into her wet cunt. You slide your tongue in and out of her, as she encases your cock in hot wet flesh.

The stimulation lasts for a while, and it is intense, but at the back of your mind, you keep thinking about fucking her. You move your mouth and position your tongue over her hard clit. Once there, you lash it with your tongue, short, fast strokes, flicking her clit. She writhes in pleasure as you speed up. She is moaning, and wriggling, as your mouth is surrounding her clit, and she sucks you faster, deeper and harder too.

Suddenly, her mouth is gone from your cock, and you feel her hands against your face, gently pulling you away from her pussy.

You look at her in surprise, you were sure that you were about to make her cum. She is panting, and that makes her breasts swell and drop quite dramatically. She looks at you as says, “I want you inside me. I want to cum as you fuck me, please; will you do this for me?”

You want to bahis şirketleri shout yes, but manage to keep your cool, as you smile at her and nod.

She kneels on the bed, facing away from you and then drops to all fours. She spreads her knees and you are looking at a view of her arse and her pussy. She wiggles her arse at you, and you see the folds of her lips are glistening and wet. You can’t resist this obvious invitation. You take hold of your cock, and as you kneel behind her, you place the tip against her wet opening. You rub the tip of your cock against her wetness, before slowly, steadily easing yourself in. You push until you have all of your cock inside her pussy, every inch surrounded by her hot, wet cunt.

She squeezes you with her pussy muscles, and you pull back so you can thrust back inside. You do this a couple of times slowly withdrawing and then thrusting back inside. You feel your own pleasure and pressure building. You start to thrust faster, harder, deeper, your balls slapping against her clit as you really get a hard rhythm going. She is pushing back to meet each of your thrusts, and is moaning and panting, as you fuck her.

In your mind you always had an image of her legs wrapped around you, so you decide to go for the prize. You pull all the way out of her tight pussy and placing your hands on her hips you turn her over. She turns willingly, and lies on the bed, legs spread, looking up at you with desire all over her face. You look down at her corseted body and those long stocking clad legs and you shiver in delight.

You bring her knees up, so you have an even better view of that wonderful, smooth, wet cunt, and then you lower your rock hard erection into her. She lifts her legs even higher, and puts her feet onto your shoulders, as you thrust hard and deep. Filling her soft, warm, wetness with your smooth hardness, again and again and again. Fucking her with everything you have. She is gasping for breath, and grinning up at you, you slide your hands up those stocking clad legs, as you feel her move them around your waist, and wrap her ankles together behind your back. She is making soft encouraging sounds, as you feel the pressure building. Then suddenly, she is shouting out, and thrashing about, as she cums. Her cunt is full of hot juices, and is tightening and relaxing over and over; it feels like it is grabbing your cock, milking you. You feel your pleasure explode and you thrust in deep and hard, over and over, as you shoot your cum deep inside her.

As you stop cumming, and finally stop thrusting, she grabs hold of you and pulls you down on top of her. She wraps her arms around you, and her legs tighter, holding your slowly softening cock inside her. She whispers how she loves the feel of your cock inside her and doesn’t want you to remove it. Then as you roll onto your sides and lay enfolded in each other’s arms, you feel it slowly slip out of her.

She kisses you tenderly, and thanks you for this wonderful gift you have given her, as she relaxes in your arms and slowly falls asleep.

You drift off to sleep too. You awake with a start, where are you? You look around at the hotel room, and realise that it is empty. You jump up feeling like an idiot, she played you and has left you to pay for the hotel. Then you see the note on the pillow.

You open the large folded sheet of paper and something dark falls to the bed, as you read. “Thank you again, for fulfilling a fantasy of mine. The room is paid for until the morning, so you can sleep there all night if you want.”

Looking down on the bed you see a neatly folded pair of stockings laying there and you smile.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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