Store Room

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This, as is all I will write, is based on true stories.

Names have been changed to protect the people in them. I hope you like.


It was another night DJing. Sophie, my barmaid fuck buddy wasn’t at work.

She was on the town with her friends.

Tall in her heels I could easily see her stood at the bar across the other side of the room. Her breasts looked pert and didn’t move in her skin tight short black dress as she danced while waiting to be served.

If I got a kiss when she walked past, it was her sign that she didn’t want a lift at the end of the night.

If she bought me a drink I also got a thank you fuck in my car for taking her home.

The look of disappointment must have been clear on my face when she came over without a drink for me. She leant over the door of the DJ box looking for a kiss.

“No kiss tonight, I want a fuck.” I whispered as quiet as I could over the loud music.

She looked at me with a look I hadn’t seen before.

Sophie opened the DJ box door and closed it behind her sliding the lock that stops people just coming in.

She brushed past me and into the store cupboard behind güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri us. It took me a few seconds to find a mix CD and put it on.

When I stepped into the store room, Sophie had her back to me and was leaning on her elbows on a worktop.

Sticking her arse out at me. She looked over her shoulder.

“Well fuck me then.” She commanded.

She put her head down on the worktop and opened her legs. I stood behind her and with my hands, I cupped her arse cheeks.

I couldn’t feel any knickers through her skirt. I slid my hand up under her the inside of her thighs and brushed my fingers over her shaven pussy.

Her knees dipped as I did and she let out a quiet moan.

I lifted her tight dress baring her perfect cheeks.

Sophie put her head on her hands and I ran a finger gently down from her lower back and between her perfect cheeks.

Her ass hole puckered when I paused there, teasing, then carried on down.

I slid my middle finger between her her lips. Her pussy was soft, wet and warm. Using two fingers now, I began to finger fuck her. She was on the edge of cumming when I stopped.

I güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri got down on my knees behind her beautiful arse and buried my face.

My tongue licking rhythmically to the beat of the music playing on the other side of the door.

My chin started to get wet off her juices. Sophie began to moan more.

I stopped and stood up. She didn’t move from her position, just waiting for the next thing I was going to do to her. I stood to the side of her and stroked her cheeks then without warning I slapped her pale skin. The crack and the sting came as a shock as I’d never done that to her before.

For the second time that night I saw a look on her face that was new to me.

It was the look of shock and disbelief, then after a second slight smile.

She didn’t say a word as she slowly put her head back down on the grey worktop.

Softly stroking her reddened cheek, I then gave her another slap this time on the other side. I kept doing it. She stuck her arse out further as I kept spanking her. She was quiet now, all I could hear was her breathing heavily and the throbbing music güvenilir bahis şirketleri from outside.

I then stood behind her and my hard cock sprang out as my jeans dropped to my knees.

I kicked her legs further apart to lower her and I slid easily inside.

She was very, very wet.

Looking down I could see how red her cheeks were against my skin. I began to fuck her hard. Her hips were tight against the worktop. I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back. As I did she let out a gasp. With my other hand I held her arse down then I moved my thumb down and I pushed the tip of it in her ass hole.

“FUCK.” She shouted.

I did. Hard.

I felt her begin to cum around me and I too let go. I could feel me pumping into her beautiful clenching pussy and out juices mixing as I gave my last strokes.

I pulled out and found some paper towels to clean us up. Sophie was still standing, just, and also collapsed, leaning on the worktop. Her skirt was up and I could see my big red and white hand prints all over her white cheeks.

After she got herself together. Straightened her hair with several head flicks then pulled her skirt down.

As she gave me a kiss, I could still feel her heart pounding and breathing deeply.

As she walked back to her friends, she was unsteady on her feet and I didn’t see her sit down the rest of that night.

That wasn’t the last time we fucked in the store room, but I was definitely my favourite.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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