Summer of Freedom Ch. 4

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Chapter 4: The Trip Begins

The car was finally packed and we headed for the highway. Everything seemed perfect. The sun was shining. The sky was nearly cloudless and mom was looking radiant. She insisted on driving and that left me with about six hours to sit and take in the scenery. And I don’t mean just mean the countryside!

It was summer and we were both dressed appropriately. I had thrown on a pair of gym shorts and a T-shirt and I sat there in my socks as I had kicked off my sneakers for the ride. Mom was dressed in a blue sundress that was thin material and showed off her shape nicely. It had a belt around the waist that pulled the material tight against her body. Even though it was just an inch above her knee, I was still enjoying how nice her lower legs and calves looked. She wore flat type sandals that had a strap around the ankle. I spent most of the first hour of the ride looking from out the window to over at her ankles. I loved the way the skin on the side of her ankle looked. The lines in her skin, and the way it bahis firmaları crinkled as she moved her foot. As I think back now, I am amazed at how horny and turned on I was at that age.

We chatted about everything from my part-time job prospects, to school, to the weather. Everything but what I really wanted to talk about until she brought up the subject. “Are you comfortable with our little discussion we had this morning”? Oh yes! I didn’t mean to be so enthusiastic but it just blurted out that way. Mom just smiled. I once again had managed to embarrass myself. “I was wondering” I started … “Do you think it would be ok if I relieved the pressure while we are driving? I braced myself for her answer. I wasn’t expecting it, but she just sort of burst out laughing.

“My goodness darlin, are you thinking about that every minute of the day”? And my embarrassment doubled. Of course I gave her the standard “I duno know.” She looked over and realized that I was feeling a little uneasy and she abruptly changed her tone. I also noticed kaçak iddaa that she was glancing down at my thighs! My gym shorts were small and they only covered the very top of my thighs. Even though I wasn’t that tall I had strong muscular legs and after she glanced down I shifted and parted my legs a bit. The bottom of my shorts rose a bit higher and I felt my favorite feeling as my cock began to stir…

Honey, (she sounded all-serious now) Do you know what the word discrete means? We can’t do anything like that in the car! People driving by will see. I could get into trouble if anyone saw. Besides, you do need to remember that I am your mother. It’s not like we have agreed to be lovers or anything like that. She could see my obvious disappointment. “But I thought”… I didn’t finish the sentence. It all seemed like a dream at this point.

A few minutes later Mom pulled into a rest stop. Before I could get out Mom leaned over and took hold of my arm. As I turned towards her she gave me that famous “Mom” smile. She could be so reassuring. kaçak bahis “Don’t be sad sweetie.” Everything will be fine. Look, you seem to enjoy looking at me and I definitely think that you will make some young girl very happy with that body of yours … but … all I’m saying is that I don’t want things to change between us. I am your Mom. Eventually you will fall in love with some young girl and forget all about this. She could tell I wasn’t convinced. I was sitting there with my best ever scowl.

“Sweetie”? I had no defense against her when she was being sweet like this. “Come-on” She had this way of singing what she was saying. “Well.” She pressed. “I was just thinking …” “What is it” Well, I just wish your skirt was a bit shorter. She let out a big laugh and pulled me closer for a hug. The side of my face was pressed against her cheek and my lips were touching that spot on her neck. I started to get hard all over again.

“Come-on.” She said. Lets use the facilities so we can get back on the road!

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