Summertime Blues

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My whole body felt sticky with sweat. The heat made it unbearable to move. I lay in my small wading pool I had purchased on one of my rare trips out of the house to keep cool and comfortable. The blue plastic pool wasn’t very big, but larger in size than my bathtub. I had filled it with cold water, but the water had soon become tepid from the heat. It was still a good place to spend my time, so for the most part I just sat inside it, eyes closed against the burning sun.

I lay spread eagled in the pool, legs and arms stretched out like a star, the water covering most of my body. Only the tips of my breasts, covered in my yellow swimsuit, and my shoulders and head remained over the waters surface.

A cry came from above me, and I lifted an eyelid to squint at a cat. The feline meowed again, looking down at me, and then walked across my fence, finally jumping over and disappearing into my neighbors yard.

The fence kept me in my own private world, but didn’t do much for security. It kept my mind from wondering what others were looking at, but also seemed to seclude me from the rest of my neighborhood, which at times caused me to feel even more alone.

Closing my eyes again, I rested my head against the edge of the pool, and drifted back into my dream world.

The sun turned the insides of my eyelids bright red. I imagined that they were burning, the swirling colors fascinating me. I couldn’t concentrate on them to pick out the shapes, but only glimpse at them with the sides of my vision. Frustrated, I opened my eyes again.

My back had begun to ache, so I sat up in the pool, the clear water surrounding me. I traced shapes in the water with my fingertips, playing with the tiny waves hitting my body and watching them die away.

I heard the phone ringing inside the house, and reluctantly I lifted myself out of the water and walked towards the kitchen.

“Hello?” I said, picking the cordless phone up and leaning against the wall. The moisture from the pool dripped in small drops down my body, and I watched as it puddled at my feet. I would have to mop later…but not until it was cooler out.

“Hi Amy!” Justin said enthusiastically. My heart leapt at the sound of my husband’s voice. “How’re you?”

“Hot,” I whimpered, sighing dramatically for my husbands benefit.

“Still sitting in your pool?” I had told him all about the pool yesterday, on the phone.

“I was until someone called,” I smiled against the phone as Justin laughed. I knew he wouldn’t take me seriously, which was why I could tease him. Realistically, if he chose to hang up now and let me have my pool time, I might just cry. This was the first contact with any human I’d had all day, and I didn’t want to give it up.

“Well, get back in, woman!”

“I think I will,” I agreed, walking back towards my pool, phone in hand. “How’s D.C.?”

“Boring. I miss my wife. If you see her, you should give her my love, and tell her how horrible it is here without her.”

“Well, you’re the one that decided to get in to a business that would keep you away from home.”

“Babe, I wish I didn’t have to. I promise next quarter I won’t be moving around so much. After I get promoted, you’ll either come with me or I won’t go, alright?”

I smiled again, Justin’s soft voice making me happy.

“I’m so lonely. I miss you so much.” I felt my eyes watering just thinking about the weeks of loneliness I’d gone through so far, and felt fear at the idea of the time ahead. Blinking, I tried to shake myself off. “And it’s so hot.”

“Well, you’re lucky I’m not there,” I could almost picture his sinister grin at that comment. I giggled into the phone.

“Why?” I teased, going for his bait.

“Because if I was there, you’d be up in bed right now, pleasuring me. And I promise you that it’s hotter up there with me than it is down in your nice cool pool.”

“You’ve been gone two weeks. I’d go through any temperature to be with you right now. I miss you so much.”

“And my cock? Do you miss him, too? He misses you!”

“I miss you!” I exclaimed, stepping into my pool and sinking down into the water. “But I guess I miss it, too. It’s been ages, you know. I haven’t had an orgasm since you left.”

Justin’s laughter on the other end of the phone stopped short.

“Seriously?” he asked, concern in his voice.

“Yeah,” I said, reaching up and toying with one of my nipples through my suit. “I’ve masturbated, but it’s just…I couldn’t reach the peak. I want the penetration.”

“There are other things you can use.”

“Well,” I said, hesitantly, “I just don’t know. I’ve never been courageous enough to buy anything…why the sudden curiosity?”

“I just always assumed you were still satisfied when I left, is all,” He sighed deeply on the other end of the phone. “Honey, Amy, Sweetheart, I have to admit that when I’m gone I have at least three orgasms a day! If I’m not jerking off in the shower thinking of you, then I’m jerking off on the bed, or on the chair, thinking about your pert little ass. I just always assumed casino şirketleri you were doing the same. Makes me feel bad to think you aren’t.”

“Don’t feel bad!” I protested, sitting up in the pool again. I crossed my legs in front of me and slouched over, talking quietly into the phone. “It just makes me miss you more, and when you get back I’ll be everything you’ve ever imagined. I promise that it’s not a big deal.”

“Amy…it makes me feel really guilty to think I’m getting more pleasure than you, and you know I how much I hate feeling guilty. You still have two to go before I come home. I don’t want you to wait for me.”

“Well, what’s my other option?” I asked, rhetorically. “Go to an adult store and buy myself a dildo?”

Justin was silent on the other end. I shook my head, disbelievingly. The thought of going to a store, any store, let alone a shop that sold sex toys, scared me to death.

“Seriously?” I asked.

“Tell you what, baby,” Justin said softly. “You go buy yourself some toys. Use my credit card, if you want. I’ll call you at six o’clock your time and you can tell me what you got, okay?”

I shrugged my shoulders. Justin didn’t understand my fears.

“I can’t,” I insisted.

“Baby, you need to. I can’t make you, but it would make me so happy if you did.”

My insides warred with each other, my urge to please my husband arguing with my fear and embarrassment.

“You really want me to?”

“Yeah,” Justin insisted. “It would make me feel better. I’ll feel awful if you don’t. Please go? Please? Please?”

I forced a laugh.

“Okay, Justin. I’ll go.”

“Thanks, beautiful!” Justin exclaimed, his voice perking up instantly. “I’ll go now and eat some dinner. Call you back in a couple hours, okay?”

I frowned, not wanting to lose his voice. It was lonely in our house without him, and his phone calls were less frequent as of late. “Talk to you then, babe. I love you.”

“I love you too,” I listened to the click on the other end of the phone, and then turned mine off. Setting the phone next to the pool, I lay back in the water again, shutting my eyes against the glare of the sun and taking a few deep breaths.

“Well,” I said to myself, “Better get out of here and go downtown.”

With a sigh I heaved myself out of my calm oasis, dripping the whole way to my bedroom.

* * *

My scarlet cheeks burned as I walked through the doors of the large store, my eyes darting around nervously, afraid to make contact with any of the other patrons. I felt a weird shame at being in such a store, a place I’d never been before, but also a fascination with the objects on the racks and shelves.

Slowly, carefully avoiding the other shoppers, I made my way through the short aisles. To one side of the store I saw leather clothing, and whips and floggers hanging on the walls. I wasn’t interested in those so my eyes skipped past them swiftly. Shelves and shelves of magazines sat nearby, and a few older men were sifting through them. Shuddering, I moved my gaze around some more. I found what I was looking for on a far wall, a display of dildos like I never could have imagined.

I walked over to the wall, looking nervously over my shoulder to see if anyone had followed. Everyone was still where I had seen them last, no one following me with even their eyes, and with a sigh of relief I looked at the display in front of me.

Some were in boxes, some in plastic bags hanging from the walls.

There were so many choices that I found it hard to decide. A method I had always relied on came into play, and I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and swung my finger around. When my arm stopped, I opened my eyes, and gazed upon the dildo I had chosen for myself.

It was blue. The thing that startled me the most about it was that it was blue. Against the selection of other colors, blue seemed rather tame, although not realistic. Realism wasn’t what I was looking for here, though, so it would do. I picked up the box to examine the object more closely.

The shape of the thing didn’t seem out of the ordinary. It was long, about nine inches, and not very much thicker than my husbands prick. I would probably be able to span it easily with my middle finger and thumb pressed together at their tips, which was good since I didn’t know how far I would want to stretch myself. The outside of it looked textured, little bumps resembling veins popping out, and one side seemed a bit flatter than the other. I assumed that it was meant to resemble a human cock…except blue.

It vibrated. This was the largest printed boast on the box. It vibrated and it was blue. And it was waterproof.

My eyes widened at reading the ‘waterproof’ label. Safe in hot tubs? Safe in bathtubs? Safe in, say, a swimming pool? Smiling to myself, I nodded my head, accepting the vibrator as my new best friend.

The hardest step was buying the thing. My already blushing face seemed to change a shade brighter than before as I carefully approached the counter. In my chest, my heart raced. casino firmaları I forced myself to take deep breaths and overcome the anxiety.

“It’s fine,” I told myself silently. “Nothing to be afraid of.”

When I gathered the courage to look up at the salesperson, I was surprised to see a young female. She smiled at me, knowingly, and held her hand out for the box I held. Still blushing, I handed it to her, avoiding contact with her eyes.

“This is a nice one,” she commented, flipping the box over to scan the barcode on the back. “I have to open it and make sure it works before I sell it to you, okay?”

I nodded, too shy to say anything. The girl opened the box and pulled out the object, holding it in her small hand. I felt a small shiver of pleasure at the sight of the young pretty thing holding the dildo in her hand, and swallowed hard as she unscrewed the bottom.

“You put the batteries in here,” she said, guessing that I had never seen one before. She dropped the batteries into the vibrator and screwed the cap back on. “Then you can turn it to put it on different speeds.”

My eyes widened as the dildo began to vibrate in her hands, the plastic moving almost in a blur as the salesgirl turned it onto full power. She then twisted the knob, slowing it down, until it completely stopped. Like a pro, she unscrewed the cap, dropped the batteries into her hand, screwed it back on, and placed it back in the box.

“That’ll be $29.99,” she said, slipping the box into a paper bag.

I fumbled in my purse for the cash, not wanting to use my husband’s credit card despite his insistence that it was okay. I handed the girl the money, accepted the change with shaking hands, and left the store clutching the bag to my chest.

Once home I could relax again. I sat at the table, head resting on my crossed arms, staring at the box that held my recent purchase. I reached for it tentatively, but hesitated and withdrew before grabbing hold of the box. Sighing deeply, I closed my eyes and stretched my arms out across the table, collapsing onto them, burying my face.

The clock chimed, alerting me. My eyes popped open and stared at the two hands as the bell rang six times. I glanced over at the cordless phone standing upright on the counter and time seemed to stand still as I waited on the edge of my seat for it to ring.

The loud ticking of the clock filled my ears as the seconds ran by, waiting for Justin to call.

Minutes passed and my thoughts began to linger to the heat again. I became aware of the beads of sweat trickling down my brow, and reached up to wipe the annoying beads away.

Ringing reverberated through the house. I leaped up, jumping towards the counter and fumbling to hit the talk button.


“Good evening, Amy,” Justin replied, his voice deep and charming. “Did you go to the store?”

“Hi honey,” I said, my voice quivering. “Yes, I went.”

“And you got one?” His voice quivered with excitement. I could see the sweet smile stretching across his face even though he was hundreds of miles away.

Smiling myself, and blushing despite the lack of company, I switched the phone to my other ear and answered his query. “Yep.”

“What kind did you get?” my husband’s eager voice made my smile spread across my face. I heard the squeak of bedsprings as he lay down on his hotel room bed.

Quickly, I read the description on the box to my husband, hesitating before I added: “It’s blue.”

“Blue?” he laughed. “Why did you buy a blue one?”

“I don’t know,” I said, my face turning a shade brighter. I chided myself for being so childish. “I just pointed to one, and that was it. So it’s blue.”

“Blue it is, then,” he declared. I heard him resting back against the squeaky headboard. “What else?”

“It’s waterproof,” I added. “It’s blue and it’s waterproof.”

“My naughty little wife. What do you need a waterproof vibrator for?”

“I just picked it! Just a random selection. But I don’t know, it could be fun.”

My eyes drifted outside, looking out the kitchen window at my little pool sitting in the back yard.

“Maybe your pool outside?” Justin seemed to be reading my mind. My blush, not quite yet faded, returned with a vengeance.

“No!” I exclaimed defensively. “I could never do that. Maybe the bathtub or something-“

“Now that’s something I’d like to see,” Justin mused. “Do you want to use it in the bathroom tonight, now, while I’m on the phone?”

I grimaced at the thought.

“Do you want me to?” I didn’t need to ask; I knew the answer. He wouldn’t have mentioned it if he didn’t want it.

Looking at the box in my hand, I turned it slowly about, studying the writing that I had nearly memorized by now. My eyes stopped at the open flap, fingers reaching forward to slip the vibrator out and into my waiting palm. I wrapped my fingers around the cool staff as the scent of fresh plastic filled my nostrils. I sighed heavily into the phone.

“Baby?” Justin asked with a worried tone. “Do you want to or not? It’s okay güvenilir casino if you don’t.”

“I don’t know,” I answered honestly. “I’ve never done anything like that. I mean…put something in there. I’m scared.”

“Don’t be scared, baby. I’ll be here with you!”

I smiled, happy to have a supportive husband who was with me even across such a long distance. Of course, there wouldn’t be a problem in the first place if he were here.

“I wish you were here,” I said softly. “I wish I could fuck you.” And just be with you, I thought to myself.

“Oh, baby,” Justin murmured, his voice dropping an octave. “I wish I could fuck your brains out. But I can’t, so the next best thing is to listen to you fucking yourself!”

I laughed, trying to poke fun at the situation. “Okay. The bathtub it is!”

“Great!” Justin exclaimed, sincere joy in his voice. His excitement was almost contagious. “Get the tub filled up, then!”

“Of course,” I said, getting up from the table and walking towards the stairs. Each step I took, my hand holding the phone close to my ear, seemed to be a mile long. The bathroom seemed like it would never arrive, but it did, and I walked across and turned on the faucet.

I crouched down next to the tub and turned on the water, the sound roaring into the phone. Wincing, I stood up and walked quickly out of the room, peeping in at the tub briefly to make sure that it was filling up nicely. The water began to fill the tub and I smiled nervously into the phone.

“It’s filling up,” I updated for Justin, who laughed merrily on the other end.

“I thought as much,” he said playfully. “Why don’t you tell me some more about your dildo? What does it feel like?”

“Nothing like you,” I answered, holding the vibrator in my hands and staring at the blue object. “It’s so cold. What’s it going to feel like, having something that cold up there? It’s blue. Did I mention that?”

“A couple of times,” Justin replied, but without any hint of annoyance in his voice. “Does it look like a cock, other than color?”

“Sort of,” I examined the object in my hand. I turned it over, looking at it from another angle. Lifting it above my head, I looked at it pointed down towards my face. “It has a head, like your cock, but…no skin or anything. It’s rather odd.”

“I think they make more realistic ones, but they’re more expensive,” Justin said.

“I didn’t see any, but I wasn’t looking really hard. Just wanted to get in and get out.”

“Maybe when I come home I’ll go find you a couple more before I have to leave again.”

“I’d rather just have this one,” I replied, peeking back into the bathroom. The tub was about halfway to the point I wanted it. Sighing, I leaned against the wall and balanced the phone between my shoulder and ear again, whispering to my boyfriend. “I don’t want you to get jealous, you know.”

Justin laughed out loud at my joke, making me smile. I loved to hear his laugh, especially when it was laughing with a joke that I told rather than at something I did.

“I won’t get jealous, sweet heart. I promise.”

“You sure? It’s a little bit longer than you are.”

“Sometimes size doesn’t matter. I’ll bet I’m more talented than that thing.”

“I don’t know,” I said, teasingly. “I haven’t tried it out yet.”

“Well get your pretty butt in that bathroom and take it for a test drive!” The sultry sound of his deep voice sent a shiver through my spine. I looked around the corner again and decided that I could get in the bathtub now, even though the water level hadn’t risen as far as I would have liked. My patience was thin and I wanted this experiment to be over with.

“Okay, I’m going in again,” I warned, walking towards the tub. The beating sound of water hitting water filled my ears again before I reached the faucet and turned the knob. The flow stopped, save for a few drops hitting the surface slowly, a plink, plink noise that seemed to reverberate off the tiled walls. “I have to put the phone down to take my clothes off,” I told my husband, and I set the phone down on the side of the bathtub before he could reply.

Taking my clothes off slowly, I watched the surface of the smooth water. The clear stuff rippled slightly with each drop falling from the faucet, mesmerizing me a bit. I watched the ripples flow across the water as I peeled my shirt off, then my bra, and stepped out of my panties and shorts.

Putting the phone against my ear once more, I whispered “I’m naked.”

Justin moaned on the other end of the phone. “I wish I were there with you, baby.”

“Me too,” I muttered, lifting my foot over the side of the bathtub and placing it in the water. I gasped audibly at the heat of the water, and eased my ankle into the hot liquid as well.

“Warm?” Justin asked, hearing the sound of me slipping my leg into the tub.

“A little too warm,” I answered. “Whoops, better not forget the vibrator.”

“No, don’t forget it. That would be silly.”

I giggled, reaching over and taking the dildo in my hand, and lifted my second foot into the tub. Carefully, wincing slightly, I lowered my body into the hot water. Sweat seemed to appear on my skin immediately, my body turning red from the heat. I sighed deeply, engulfed in the warmth, and leaned back against the tub.

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