Sunday Fantasy

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It was a Sunday morning. He felt horny, but wasn’t really inspired to masturbate. It seemed dull and uninteresting. His penis was semi-erect and it was slightly irritating. He felt irritable. He heard a knock on the door. Great he thought, it was probably his neighbor wanting something. He opened the door. It was his ex-lover, Deb. She stood rather nervously on his doorstep clutching a book. She was babbling about wanting to return it. She was rather over-dressed for a Sunday morning. She was wearing a pink flowered dressed that wrapped around and fastened at the waist. He grinned to himself. He remember her telling him that she has always had this fantasy about coming over in dress with no panties, and he would take her and just fuck her roughly and completely dominate her.

She came in the door watching him nervously probably afraid of rejection he thought. He was expressionless as she continued to hesitate and gab about her day. She was close and he could smell the scent of her long curly hair. His cock was fully erect now. He though about all of their past encounters. The hot sex her moaning and them both cumming. He couldn’t stand the sexual tension.

He grabbed her and started kissing her. She kissed him back pressing her body close to his. Her tongue was eagerly wrapped around his. She was always so eager to fuck, he thought. He grabbed her full breasts with his hands and gave them a nice tweak. She moaned and rubbed the front of his trousers. Her dress erotik film izle was so loose and most of her breast was exposed still covered by her bra, he pulled the strap to the side expose her huge erect nipple. God he loved those nips, large hard and pinkish brown. He closed his mouth over it and sucked on it hard. She moaned softly and trembled. Her dress was almost falling off. He felt between her legs her pussy was just drenched he could feel the wetness on her lips. He rubbed the moisture into her already hard clit. She groaned and opened her legs more. He easily slid his finger into her pussy she felt so good.

He pushed her down on the weight bench that was right behind her. God her loved her pussy. He started to lick her clit. He loved tasting her wetness. She was breathing hard and writhing her hips thrusting her clit towards his tongue. He teased her awhile feeling her getting close to cumming and then stopping. He kept licking feeling her tension and excitement. When he felt her getting close he thrust two of his fingers deep into her pussy. She moaned loudly and ground her hips into his face and hands. He tickled her clit with his tongue as he finger fucked her hard. She came suddenly and hard. Her pussy grabbed his fingers and clamped hard several times as she came. He stood up. She was still dressed but with her legs open with her ass at the very end of his weight bench. He stood between her legs with his swollen cock in his hands. He pulled film izle her hips and positioned her ass just at very end of the bench. He thrust fully into her. She moaned and pulled him in closer, her pussy with still tight and throbbing from her orgasm. He grabbed her hips and slid her back and forth over his cock.

She was so wet, tight and slippery. He didn’t last long and came quickly. He pulled her up and into his bedroom. His climax made him tired and they both crawled into bed. He fell asleep quickly.

He awoke to the sound of clattering dishes. He suddenly remembered Deb coming over and their encounter. His penis twitched slightly. He could still smell her pussy all over him. He thought idly of their fucking. He remembered that her fantasy didn’t exactly end the way she wanted. He felt a little guilty but mischievous. Her fantasy involved roughness, domination and anal sex.

He padded quietly into the kitchen. She was dressed and finishing up his dishes. He grabbed her roughly and pushed her face down on the kitchen counter. She protested a little but didn’t resist. He chuckled she was always so compliant, but he loved fucking her. He yanked up her dress exposing her round full ass. He smacked her fairly hard, making her flesh tingle. She yelped as he smacked her again. His cock of course was rock hard. He hesitated slightly but her pink ass was enticing and her passiveness made him slightly annoyed and he felt aggressive.

He wrapped her long seks filmi izle hair around his arm and yanked her head back; at the same time he positioned his cock right over her tight asshole. The tip of his cock was slick with his precum. It was the only lube he needed. He thrust in hard. She gasped at the violence and it was hard to move with her head so tightly held back his hand in her hair. He continued to thrust hard, and it was impossible for her to get away. He loved the feel of her tight asshole. When they had anal sex before it always involved lots of time and lube.

It was exciting to take her so quickly and hard. He continued to drill her asshole hard. He usually was so in tune with her needs it was great to just satisfy himself. He jolted back into reality when he saw tears on her face and her grimace of pain. He slowed down and whispered, “Are you okay?”

She just moaned and told him, “Please don’t stop fucking, me.” He pulled slightly away so he could maneuver his hands around and between her legs. He pussy was gushing. She was so wet and she trembled and squirmed when he played with her clit. It was to hard to do both so her ordered to play with her clit while he pounded her. He wanted her to cum while he was fucking her in the ass. She arched her back and fucked him back as he pulled her hair tighter. She was moaning and told him that she was cumming. He felt his orgasm explode inside of her. He felt her body spasm along with his. She lay weakly on the counter while he pulled out. It was gratifying to his stream of cum running out of her asshole and down to her pussy. He gave another smack on the ass and told her to hit the shower. She grinned and did as she was told.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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