Surprise Honey Ch. 06

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Our stay in Juneau was just over night. I took everyone out to dinner and a few drinks. Carl had repaired our pump and had done some critical parts shopping in preparation for our open water cruise. Jan had filled our freezers and shelves with food, since we would be out away from civilization for an extended time too.

Anne and Julie had been working hard on the boat too. I even pitched in and helped polish some brass fittings and ‘swabbed the deck’. I felt more and more like a buddy rather than the ‘boss’. This was a feeling that I enjoyed. It brought back memories of times gone by when I hadn’t been wealthy.

Surprisingly, we went the whole day and night without sex. We were pretty busy of course, but one would have thought we would have kept on with the debauchery. I, for one had needed the break. I felt like my cock was going to fall off after the last few days, and I am sure Carl was feeling the same way.

During the afternoon Julie and I had a long talk. We were discovering things about each other, learning about past times and generally making up for lost time. It was still hard for me to believe that Julie was my daughter, probably exacerbated by the fact we had been having sex. Was my mind trying to separate daughter/father in order to preserve the status quo?

May and I took a couple of long walks. Seeing the Mendenhall Glacier was one of our side trips that we took alone. Everyone else went in the afternoon while May and I went in the morning.

Feeling the cold air waft off of ages old ice was invigorating to say the least. May was radiantly glowing, especially with our conversation. We were talking over what we would do after the trip. I was pressing for a permanent and legal marriage, while May was keeping me at bay with talk of just trying out living together first. Her way of protecting herself was a ‘no strings attached’ method of being.

I was sure that May had been severely disappointed at some time in her life or else I would have figured she would have been open about marrying me. I guess the knight in shining armor wasn’t going to get his way…yet.

Anne had been giving me the eye from time to time. I think she was still carrying a banner for me in her heart. I felt bad since she was a great person and a beautiful lady too. I had no regrets about wanting May though. May and I had melded in ways that I could never have imagined.

Julie told me not to worry about Anne, that she would be all right. I took her at her word and kept on treating Anne like I had been all along. Julie had expressed interest in going to a certain college, and I overheard her and Anne talking about it. Anne was distressed since she evidently couldn’t afford to go there too. She felt she would lose Julie as a friend.

“Julie, what will I do for friends? You are my best friend. Now that your father has picked May I will have no one to go to. I need you to stay in our current school.”

“Anne, this other school has the best opportunity for both of us. I am sure we can figure out a way to get you there with me.”

“That school costs way too much. Sure, you have a rich dad who will probably fund your whole tuition and housing, but I have no one who would or could do that.”

“I don’t plan on asking my dad for money Anne. It’s different now. He isn’t…he’s not what I thought he was in any way. I could no more ask him for money than I would you.”

“Then how do you think you will afford this new school? You don’t have the money to make it there on your own.”

“Anne, what have we been doing on this trip? I’ll tell you what we’ve been doing. Proving that we know how to fuck with the best of them. I will ‘work’ my way through school.”

Anne looked a bit pale when Julie said that. I turned and went to my cabin, afraid of what I had been about to do. They had been having a private talk and I had almost burst in on them demanding the old parental, ‘what are you talking about…are you crazy?’ I was shocked at what Julie had hinted at doing.

I picked up my phone and put in a call to my financial advisor. I made arrangements for both girls to go to that school, full ride, all expenses paid. Then I also told her that I needed to redo my will. I had changes to make that I had not planned on having to do at the start of this fateful trip.

That evening at supper there was a strained conversation between Anne, Julie and myself. May picked up on the tension. I was trying to figure out a way to let the girls know that their way to school was taken care of.

May drug me out of the room as soon as desert was finished. Her direction took us to the bridge where we were alone.

“Ok Bill. What the hell is going on with you guys? You are not looking at each other, you all have this guilt thing going on, what happened?”

I told May about the conversation I had overheard and what I had done after it. May stood there for a bit. Her hands went out to mine and she drew me into her arms. Hugging, she kissed me.

“You know that you could set them both bahis firmaları up with money to spare. They would never have to work again. It would be just pocket change for you too.”

“Yes I could. I do believe that people should be contributors to society too. For that to happen, they would need to learn how to do something constructive. A degree in some field would give them far more than me just giving them a bunch of money.”

“Why don’t you let your news wait until the end of our Alaska adventure? We can work it all out then.”

“Aye, aye captain.”

“You goof! Mark my words then ‘matey’. I am the captain after all.”

We slept together in my cabin that night. May and I held each other all night. There was no sex, just holding and caressing. I felt a feeling of peace and fullness that I hadn’t had in so long.

The next morning we pulled out of Juneau and headed for Glacier Bay. I radioed ahead to the ranger station at the park entrance. I cleared our boat for a permit and passage through the park. We would have to run in to the island the station was on to pick up the permit when we got there.

As we moved along Icy Straights, headed for the park I soon found out that Anne and Julie were a bit horny. I found myself being drug into their cabin. I protested that May needed to give an ok first. My thoughts were that May would get me out of this.

I should have known better. May said that I should be kept busy until we anchored up for the night. This, along with the fact that they had already stripped me of my clothes made my thoughts on the matter moot.

Anne had a hold of my cock the whole time Julie was on the commlink with May. When Julie turned away from the link Anne had gone to her knees and was sucking on my cock, which had grown hard as hell.

“Still feel strange about fucking your daughter Bill?”

“Heh…well Julie, I should, but I have come to accept the fact that we are pretty good together. I also have grown to like fucking you.”

“See? I told you I would grow on you eventually.”

Anne was busy still sucking away on my cock as Julie stripped in front of me. Her breasts were firm and nipples hard. I licked my lips as she offered me her breasts for kisses.

I felt a finger pushing into my ass. Julie was fingering me as Anne deep-throated my hardness. I nipped at Julie’s nipples, giving them a firm bite that drew a moan from her. I then sucked in on her breast and rolled the nipple of her other breast between my fingers.

Anne’s technique on my cock had me ready to cum in no time at all and coupled with Julie’s fingering I didn’t last long at all. As I shot off a large load, Anne held my cock out in front of her face. I shot my load of cum all over her. As it dripped off of her eyebrows and nose she took my cock and rubbed it all around her face, picking up my load. She then transferred it to her mouth.

I could see more cum in her mouth as her tongue came out to lick on my cock. Her eyes were on mine as she proceeded to clean up her face with my cock. Licking it clean between rounds of her face.

Julie, mesmerized by the sight of her friend doing that with my cock went to her knees and began to lick Anne’s face clean. I started to get hard all over again with this Sapphic sight before my eyes.

As I watched them I sat down on the edge of the bed. Julie was pressing Anne to the floor, her hands on her breasts and fingers in her pussy. Anne was fingering Julie as they kissed.

Anne put both hands on Julies butt cheeks and spread them, giving me a view of Julie’s asshole and pussy. My cock started to throb. I could see Julie’s little asshole winking at me and her pussy was running a stream of moisture down her legs.

Unable to help myself, I went to my knees behind them and began to lick and tongue Julies exposed holes. Her hips rolled hard as my tongue first contacted her little brown bud, and when my tongue hit her pussy she pushed back hard into my face.

Anne was holding Julie’s pussy lips wide open for my tongue. As I penetrated that wet hot pussy, I felt Anne moving around. Suddenly I felt a tongue on the backside of my balls and moving up around my to my ass.

Anne was licking me as I licked Julie. I followed Anne’s lead and as she would lick my asshole I would lick Julie’s asshole. When Anne moved to my balls I would move to Julie’s pussy. When Anne took my cock into her mouth I circled Julie’s clit and sucked on it.

Julie had maneuvered around a bit and was licking Anne’s pussy. I had one hand on Julie’s breast and one on Anne’s. My fingers were rolling nipples as tongues explored different bodies.

I had my tongue buried in Julie’s asshole when Anne began to cum. I felt her throat muscles on my cock as she gasped around it. Her actions started me to cum too. I was afraid for a minute that I would drown Anne with my load. Her breathing was raspy, but she never took her head away from my cock.

Julie started to cum right after I settled down from my orgasm, kaçak iddaa so I fingered her pussy deeply with two fingers and her tiny little asshole with two other fingers, my tongue playing with her clit as she came.

After this we all leaned against the bed, on the floor and hugged together. Naked and relaxed from our exertions we lightly slept for a bit. After a bit I felt Anne get up and go to the bathroom. When she was done, Julie followed. I got up and slipped into my cabin. I was in my shower, cleaning up when I felt the door open and a cool breeze brush across my back.

Turning I saw both Anne and Julie entering the shower stall with me. Crowded though we were, I soon had hands all over my body and lips followed. We showered together until it was just impractical to continue. Toweling off I had lips on my cock and around behind me on my asscheeks. I led the way to my bed and flopped down in the center of it.

Watching those nubile hard-bodied young things get on my bed, their breasts jutting out and shaved wet pussies within reach of my hands caused me to grow extra hard. I had hands on my cock and balls. Lips caressing wherever hands weren’t. I just laid back and let them do whatever they wanted with me.

Julie moved up and offered me her breasts. As I licked and sucked them Anne slipped over me and gently lowered herself onto my throbbing cock. Her heat engulfed my shaft and caused it to jerk involuntarily.

Julie moved up over my head and slid across my face. She moaned as her wet and simmering pussy rubbing my nose and tongue in long lingering motions.

Anne had started to rock her hips and bounce on my cock harder and faster. Her motions had me moving around under Julie, who was now moaning constantly. Julie began to cum first followed shortly by me. Anne was still going at it after I came, my cum running out of her tight pussy and gathering on my crotch.

Soon Anne came hard. Her breasts were jiggling all around as she plunged up and down on me. Julie moved around and put her head down to where we were joined and began to lick up the juices on my belly.

Anne rolled off of me, and then after a bit of rest, she began to lick and suck on my cock, taking turns with Julie. Together they kept me hard and soon had me close to cumming again.

Just as Julie started to move, I think to straddle me, Jan walked into the cabin. She was naked, and her pussy was clean-shaven. Julie and Anne moved aside and let Jan crawl up between my legs. Her eyes never left mine as she paused to suck and lick my cock and balls.

She moved up after a few minutes of oral pleasure and grabbing my cock with one hand, positioned the head of it on the lips of her pussy. Moaning a bit, she settled down, taking my cock into her depths. I could feel her muscles holding me firmly in their grip.

She let my cock sit in her pussy fully buried, getting used to my size. Her hips started to rock and her grip on my cock became even firmer. Her breasts swayed as I watched her begin to fuck me with slow determination.

I could feel her lips grasping my cock as her pussy traveled up and down. Her heat was incredible. She leaned forward a bit and I was able to get my mouth on one of her nipples. As I sucked and lightly tugged on it she took my hand in hers and put it on her other breast.

Her hands went to my head and pushed me down on the bed. She kept a hand on my chest, as I wondered why she didn’t want me to kiss and suck her breasts. I soon found out why.

I felt the bed move and pretty soon I had the wonderful sight of May’s pussy coming down over my head. Her juices were literally running out of her pussy and dripping. I moved my mouth to catch those precious liquid nectar drops, and was rewarded with her pussy dropping onto my mouth.

I inserted my tongue and began to lick her and explore her sweetness. Her hands were on my chest playing with my nipples. I could sense that something else was happening…the bed was moving again.

Suddenly I felt something brushing my head. It proceeded to May’s tight little brown bud and began to demand entrance. Carl had slipped onto the bed and was busy inserting his cock into May’s ass. Right before my eyes, just inches, hell, fractions of inches away from me.

May moaned as Carl’s cock made it’s way inside her. I watched as he pushed and shoved and soon had all of his cock in her ass. His balls would brush over my forehead as he stroked in and out of her tightness. I continued to suck and lick her pussy.

Pretty soon I felt Jan begin to orgasm. Her pussy flooded my crotch and my cock was held in a velvety glove. Her shaking and moaning was a trigger effect and Carl shot off in May’s ass. He fell away from her, his cock coming out of her ass with a faint popping sound.

I looked up to see her hole was spread open a bit, about the size of a half dollar, and holding. I licked around her pussy and my nose contacted that opening for a second when she shifted her hips. Not thinking much about it, kaçak bahis I moved my tongue up to that inviting asshole and began to lick and suck on it.

This caused May to cum very hard. Her pussy was rubbing on my chin, and her ass began to pulse open and closed. This motion caused a large drop of cum to run out of her ass and into my mouth. I swallowed, not having much choice, and found the taste to not be anything like I thought it would be like.

After May collapsed beside me, Julie slipped in and straddled my cock. Her hips dropped and she began to slam up and down very energetically. Her taut breasts were bouncing and flailing around like small cantaloupes gone wild.

Her actions caused my cock to twitch and shake. My orgasm snuck up on me and before I knew it I was shooting off into her very tight pussy. Her breathing was harsh and her moans were loud. She started to cum and I reached out to rub her clit. As I did that she climaxed hard and exploded.

I was drenched in sweat as I lay there on the bed. Everyone was being quiet, catching his or her breath. I got up, shakily and made my way into the bathroom. There I stepped into the shower and cleaned up.

When I came out all had left with the exception of May. She was on the bed, naked and waiting.

“You aren’t mad are you Bill?”

“Mad? Whatever would make you think I was mad?”

“Because of Carl fucking my ass like he did. You know…you being there, close in, licking me…”

“Oh…well I wouldn’t have thought it would be something I would willingly do May, but at the time it was good. I learned that it was different, but not bad. No…I am definitely not mad.”

“Are you sure?”

“May, if it had bothered me I would have stopped the whole thing right there. I wasn’t prepared for what happened, but it was kind of…well…sexy. I didn’t want to suck his cock or anything, but to lick you after a cock was just…there. That was kinda hot.”

“Do you want to fuck my asshole too?”

“Do you want me too?”

May answered by rolling over and going up on her knees. Her head on the pillow, her hands on her cheeks, spreading her self for me. Her asshole was winking at me, still opened a bit.

I got on my knees behind her and inserted my cock into her once tight ass. It fell right in, the path having been opened up by Carl. As I fucked her ass she pushed up onto her hands and turned her head back and over. I was able to kiss her as I fucked her ass. My hands were on her breasts, rubbing and grasping her nipples.

We fucked like that until I came. She came just as I finished up. Pulling out I moved to lick her ass. As I did she moved around and sucked my cock clean.

Later, as she slept next to me, I just watched her face. Her beauty and softness was enthralling to me. I watched her until I too fell sound asleep.

Waking in the morning, I found May gone. I felt the boat moving through the water with a slight rolling motion. Evidently May had gotten up early and we were underway.

We slipped into a small private little bay late that afternoon. After anchoring up Carl broke out the zodiac and we all went to the beach at the head end of the bay. I built a nice bonfire and noticed that Carl, Julie and Jan had disappeared. May came up to me and put her arm around my waist, holding me tightly. Anne came up on my other side and slipped her hand into the pocket of my jeans.

We stood and watched the fire silently for a moment. Anne started to squirm a bit and pretty soon I felt her stroking my cock through my pants pocket. May started to unbutton her top, and since she wasn’t wearing a bra, I saw her hard little nipples sticking out from time to time.

Anne had moved in front of me and was undoing my button-fly jeans one button at a time, slowly and very erotically. May moved behind me and proceeded to un-button my shirt in time with Anne’s motions.

I felt my pants being pulled down my legs as my shirt was pulled off of my shoulders. Cool air danced around my body as warm hands caressed me. Whisper light strokes on my cock cause me to look down to see Anne licking me lightly.

May’s pointy breasts were rubbing my back and her hands playing with my nipples. I put a hand behind me and was a bit surprised to discover a warm wet pussy in my grasp. May was totally nude, standing on the beach. Of course, so was I. Anne had engulfed my cock and was busily deep throating me. Her lips were tightly around my shaft as her tongue danced on my cock on each stroke.

Fingers on my balls, and toying with my asshole were driving me quickly to an orgasm. Just as I thought I was going over, Anne and May both backed away from me. Standing with my pants around my ankles on the beach, I watched as Anne slowly began to do one hell of a strip tease.

Her hands went out and danced in the air around her as she glided from side to side. As a hand would pass over her blouse, a button would come undone. Pretty soon I could see her lacy bra fully in the divided cloth.

Her blouse slid off of her shoulders and down her back, her hands and arms covering her bra-encased breasts as the blouse puddle at her feet. Her arms went out again and I could see her breasts trying to get free from the confines of that black lace.

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