Symphony Sluts

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Symphony Sluts

Chapter 1

When Jerry first went to Symphony, he spent most of his time checking out the females in the string section. Especially the cello section. It just blew his mind to imagine his mother sawing away with her bow, her legs spread open, and her boobs jiggling when she played. At home she was just Elise, his straight laced mother, always telling him what to do, and generally pissing him off. He hated being told what to eat, what shaving lotion to use, what shirt to wear. After all, he didn’t tell her what dress to wear, or which shoes went with which bag. Or god forbid, which vibrator to use.

She knew he masturbated frequently, sometimes during rehearsals, because looking up the skirts of middle aged women aroused him. Elise felt boys should be boys, and often bragged about how many times he could climax during a Mozart sonata. Jerry was a tall skinny guy, and half his body weight was in his dick. At least it felt that way to him. As he put on weight his cock got thicker, confirmation that his hypothesis was correct.

Elise was working on her masters in music, at the conservatory. She had to audition of course because the conservatory admitted only serious students, students who would study long hours, and have almost no personal life. She had long auburn hair, almost pure white skin with freckles. Her bust fluctuated depending on the time of the month, but it’s about a c-cup. If you had to describe her you’d say she was curvy, with supple thighs, a bit thick, and an impressive ass. Peeking under her skirt, you’d confront her white cotton underpants, almost like bloomers. She rarely wore stocking, but she did shave her legs. She shaved as far as her crotch and then stopped there. She loved her pussy being hairy, and it gave her hours of unmitigated pleasure pulling on it, to the point her hair was over four inches long. Or maybe 6 inches, because she never measured it.

As most women are, she was horny all the time, and this means she needed to devote her quiet time to masturbation. With a woman, it wasn’t a one shot effort like most men, climax and finis. Elis was French and she was multi-orgasmic, meaning she resented taking time away from practicing the cello to play with herself, sometimes for hours.

If you’ve been to Symphony you know there are women in the violin section. Are the woman that good, they can play in the symphony, or are they there to provide eye candy? The Hartford Symphony, or was it the Waterford symphony, many of the women could barely play at all. They were told to pretend they were playing, but were in reality symphony sluts. Essentially they were bisexual, but spent more time in the ladies room. Why? Because women needed more time. Moreover, the conductor was a female. You didn’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to figure out what was going on. Even more curious, the audience always seemed to be mostly women.

Elise preferred women, but she didn’t want to label herself as a lesbian. She didn’t mind going to dinner with a man, and she knew she’d have to give him a blow job later. She never brought a man up to her apartment. She could do it in the car, in the ladies’ room, or behind a dumpster.

To stop women from hitting on her she thought she should get married. Like most marriages, hope springs eternal, and Elise thought if she acted slutty enough, her husband would not cheat on her. Or bring home another woman, expecting a ‘two for the price of one’ special. She married a guy named Dave, a loan officer at Wells Fargo. He was a guy with a hollow personality and a great smile. Their courtship was quick, actually too quick for Dave, but he figured he could fool around at work, because there were lots of part timers at the bank. Even though he knew he should not date co-workers he felt that was bullshit. After all, he was an assistant manager, and he pasted a big sign in his office: RHIP. Rank Has Its Privileges.

Dave had been previously married to a PanAm stewardess. The stewardess decided she wanted to live in Tokyo with a wealthy Japanese business man. She sent Dave a ‘Dear John’ email and told him she wasn’t coming home. And that Dave should look after Jerry. Otherwise, she suggested that Jerry enlist in the Navy.

Jerry was nineteen years old, and was hung like a bull. He was your typical college student, a business major, and he spent most of his time getting laid. Moreover, he hung out at symphony rehearsals, hitting on women in the string section. He sat down front so he could look up their skirts, although a few prudes wore pants. When his mother warned him about being too obvious, he just grinned and said, “Aw, Mom …”

She encouraged Jerry to assert his individuality, and so Jerry had a field day, so to say. He would not have lasted two months in the Navy until they kicked his sorry ass out with a dishonorable discharge.

For Elise, having a son whose cock was almost as long as his forearm, she gained a new perspective on what drives a guy to fuck anything that moves. She heard him wanking in his bedroom and in the bathroom and in the kitchen. pendik escort She couldn’t avoid hearing him grunting and sloshing and uttering personalized, or essentially filthy, endearments to women he admired in the fiddle section.

If you had to describe Jerry, you’d say he was spoiled, bratty, and a general pain in the ass. He took advantage of his mother’s good nature and she let him get away from murder as long as he satisfied her needs.

Chapter 2

Her husband, Dave, was stretched out in his favorite easy chair. He just had time to sit down, loosen his tie, and open a copy of that day’s Wall Street Journal. He didn’t wear tee-shirts to work because he was a bank manager, and managers were expected to look frosty and distant. Cool was for tech types.

“How about fixing me a pitcher of martinis, honey?” Dave called out to Elise in the other room.

“Fine, dear.”

“I’m always feeling there’s not enough time in the day. My diet is shot, and I’m gaining weight.”

“You don’t have time for a proper breakfast. You get up late, rush off to work, and then you come home late.” She tried to avoid telling him what he already knew.

“There are times when I like to be alone with just you. You know that, don’t you?”

“I’m happy to hear that …”

“Hurry up the martinis, honey.”

Elise, like a good wife, made the pitcher of martinis, then brought it into the living room, along with two glasses.

“Here you are,” she said after pouring some of the contents of the pitcher into a glass and handing it to her husband.

“Thank you, honey. You’re about the best looking cocktail waitress around,” he said, winking. “Go ahead and pour yourself one.”

“I don’t feel a whole lot like drinking.”

“You will after you pour yourself something,” he smiled. Avoiding an argument, Elise poured herself a martini, then sat down on the chair opposite Dave. The key to a good marriage, as we know, is communications.

“You look good, honey,” he said. “I like it when you wear a nice tight skirt like that. You sure do have a nice ass.”

“Thank you…”

“You know, a guy has to be a damned hard-nosed bastard in my business.”

“Why is that?”

“You’d be surprised how many people I’ve got to turn down, when it comes to loans,” he shook his head. “But you just can’t play favorites, and you just can’t approve a loan because you happen to like someone’s looks … even if the woman has nice tits,” he added and wished he hadn’t.

“That is certainly true.”

“I run a credit check on a guy and if he has too much credit card debt, we turn him down.”

She didn’t reply.

“But then his credit score drops even more, because we ran an inquiry …”

She felt bad.

“And he’ll likely get refused by the next bank too.” He sipped his martini.

“I’m guessing his score takes another hit?”

“Right. By the time he gives up, his credit score is in the toilet, and –“

“This is depressing. I don’t want to talk about this anymore.”

He sipped his drink, staring at her boobs.

“I like sitting around the house and I’m getting horny looking at you. I’ll tell you something. After I’ve had a few martinis, I’ll feel like fucking …”

“I’m fixing pot roast, dear. Don’t you want to eat first?”

“Hell no! I’d rather fuck first! We can eat later.”

“Have it your way. I guess I’d better go turn off the oven,” she said.

“Do whatever you’ve got to, baby, but let’s just cool it. I want to fuck you.”

“You’re being very blunt!”

“Why the hell shouldn’t I be? I’m just a hard-nosed bastard with a stiff prick, and I don’t see any reason to bullshit you, or beat around the bush. If I want to fuck, I want to fuck, and right now that’s about all I’m thinking about!”

Elise got up from the chair, walked into the kitchen and turned off the oven.

As she walked back into the living room, she couldn’t help but contrast how Dave was treating her, with how her son Jerry worshipped her. Of course, Jerry had a perpetual hard-on and Dave was perpetually pissed off. As Dave himself said, he was a hard-nosed bastard.

She liked Jerry’s behavior much better. He wasn’t the kind of young man who took things for granted. As for her husband, he seemed to take everything for granted. Dave felt that because they were married, he owned her. She had no say, and she felt like a servant. When it came to sex, she was expected to do the dirty, as they say.

They finished one martini, then moved on to a second round.

“I’m really loosening up,” Dave laughed. “As a matter-of-fact, my cock is getting hard just looking at you. Obviously it’s not my cock looking at you.” That sounded dumb so he kept sipping his drink. “Can you sit over there and spread your legs? Turn me on a little? “

Elise said nothing. She was turned off by him but moved to the armchair. She pulled her skirt over her knees, half way up her thighs. She faked a ‘getting to know you’ leer.

Dave licked his lips as he finished another martini.

“Come on and escort pendik pour me another one,” he said impatiently. “I want to finish off this pitcher. Play with your pussy some more …”

A few minutes later, the martini pitcher was empty. By then she was aroused, and her pussy was wet. She pulled her underpants to the side, exposing her hairy cuntlips.

Dave had a silly grin on his face as he reached out with his left hand and quickly unzipped his trousers. He watched her put two fingers in her slit.

He pulled out his rock-hard penis, which he fingered gracefully as he pumped it up and down.

“Just have a look at my dick,” Dave said. “You’re really making me hot. I love watching you play with yourself …”

Elise raised her glass to her lips, finishing the contents of her martini.

She watched Dave rise slowly to his feet, continuing to steadily work his cock up and down

“Let’s go in the bedroom,” Dave grinned. “Get on the bed and do it.”

Elise got up, following Dave into the bedroom.

She couldn’t help dreading what he expected her to do. He wanted her to act like a whore, to spread her cuntlips wide open and finger herself until she juiced. It wasn’t that she minded getting herself off, but she resented his attitude, being half drunk waving his dirty dick in her face. She was thinking of Jerry again and how she wouldn’t mind exposing herself for Jerry while he whacked off. Jerry was nice and Jerry had a big thick cock, and she enjoyed sucking on that terrible weapon.

Dave and Elise undressed in silence.

Once they finished undressing, Dave threw himself onto the bed, landing with a thud. He reached out with his right hand and pumped up and down on his prick several times.

Then he called out to Elise. “Get over here, sweetie. I need somebody to massage my cock and balls.”

Elise climbed into bed with Dave, reaching out with her right hand and grabbing hold of his cock, allowing the fingers of her left hand to massage his balls.

She kept up the action, intending to get Dave as hot as possible.

“I really enjoy that. I love what you’re doing!”

The more she employed her fingers, jerking his shaft, the happier Dave felt about it all. He wanted to get his rocks off, and there was nothing that he enjoyed better than taking his wife step by step down the orgasmic path.

“Go to work on my ass,” he finally told her. “I want you to do my ass, baby. While you’re doing that, you can reach out with your right hand and pump my cock. You really love my cock, hon. Suck it for me.”

Elise immediately went to work licking his asshole, driving her tongue smoothly inside his anus.

While her tongue continued to probe his asshole, she reached out with her fingers and grabbed his ass cheeks.

She continued her steady pace, driving her tongue around inside his anus while she played with his cheeks.

His whole body was coming unglued as a result of the spirited movements that she used, enjoying turning him on.

“You keep that up just a little while longer, baby, then I’m going to have you suck my prick,” he told her. Elise was eager to please, realizing that life would be hell at home if she failed to comply.

She kept on running her tongue into his anus, supplying him with all kinds of hot tongue action.

“While you’re sucking my ass, I wish you’d pump on my prick and balls,” he told her. “Just because your tongue is active doesn’t mean that you can’t work your fingers around the same way …”

Elise was again quick to accommodate her husband’s request. As she worked her tongue high inside her husband’s asshole, she employed the fingers of her right hand against his cock and the fingers of her left hand tickling his balls.

His whole body began to sway back and forth from the level of intense action that she was giving him.

“O.K., doll, now you can go to work on my prick,” he said. “I want your mouth on it, a soft blowjob, and take your time. Just like the beautiful ass sucking you gave me.”

She released her tongue from Dave’s asshole, and allowed the fingers of her right hand to begin sliding his foreskin up and down his stiff affair.

She knew that a little additional finger action would make him come faster, more primed for the sucking to follow.

“That’s what I like,” he panted. “Work your tongue, baby, suck my balls. I really love those movements. Work your tongue, baby. Your tongue is driving me crazy!”

Her tongue slid up and around the glans of his firm pecker, and every time that she came into contact with his rod, he became more aroused by what she was doing.

“You’ve got the rhythm,” he nodded. “Keep sliding your tongue, baby. Keep working your tongue up and down on my dick.”

Elise’s head bobbed as she unswervingly dedicated herself to every spirited tongue thrust, driving her tongue with varying speed up and around his thickly veined cock.

She teased his testicles with tickling sensations, beginning to work her tongue faster than ever as she drove it up and down pendik escort bayan his huge phallus.

“That’s what I like,” he exclaimed. “I love those double sensations. Play with my balls and suck my cock at the same time. I really love what you’re doing, babe!”

As Dave moved that much closer to climax, he reached out with both hands and let his fingers run smoothly through his wife’s long hair.

“Keep rolling your tongue,” he encouraged. “I like the way you’re slurping. Suck my dick, honey.”

Her tongue continued skillfully driving up and down his thick joint, and as it slid she toyed with his hairy balls.

“Here it comes,” he exclaimed. “I can’t stand any more. I’m gonna shoot!”

His legs trembled as the first blast of semen erupted out of his penis, followed by more white stuff.

Dave felt a tremendous relief as she swallowed the last dribble.

“Swallow every drop, Elise,” he told her.

Elise withdrew her tongue from Dave’s cock, wondering what he would tell her to do next.

“That’s just what I needed,” he said. “I’m hungry now. I guess I’m ready for that pot roast.”

Elise managed to hide her disappointment. It was the usual routine, once he got his rocks off, he was thinking about dinner. He was no different that a lot of guys who left their wives hanging, and she’d have to get herself off in the bathroom.

As Elise got up from the bed and began to put her clothes back on, she realized how little she cared about Dave. The guy was a pig.

Chapter 3

It was the following afternoon, and Elise couldn’t help feeling a little blue as a result of the unsatisfying episode with her husband the day before.

She waited for Jerry to return home from school, and she was restless. She first paced the floor, then attempted to sooth her nerves by drinking.

She couldn’t help drinking during the afternoon, and usually didn’t drink much at all. She had finished her third shot of scotch when, at a few minutes past three, her son came striding proudly into the house.

“Hi, Mom,” he said, grinning.

“Hi, Jerry. What’s up?”

“I’m feeling pretty good, and I’d like to play around with you .”

“You’re coming on awfully fast!”

“Why the hell shouldn’t I? After all, life is short.”

“You’re pretty assertive, for lack of a better word! ” Elise laughed.

“Let’s go into your bedroom and strip. I’ve got a surprise for you.”

“Would you like to join me for a drink?”

“No, I just want to go into the bedroom. “

They walked into the bedroom and quickly stripped.

As Elise removed her bra, Jerry looked over at her and smiled. Then, as she took off her panties, he couldn’t help but squirm as his cock hardened and he got a look at her very hairy pubic mound.

After she stripped, and after Jerry had pumped up and down on his cock several times, he leered over at her.

“I know what’s good for me and what isn’t. I was at a party last night and we smoked grass, then fucked.”

“That’s a great thing for me to hear,” she shook her head in disgust. “While you were gone and having a good time, I was forced into having some degrading sex with your father.”

“I’m awfully sorry about that. I didn’t think you’d go to the party with me.”

“I could hardly afford to,” Elise said.

“That’s what I mean. Otherwise I would have asked you. I hope you’re not upset … “

He walked over toward the bed, sitting down next to her, then put his lips to hers.

He give her an open mouth kiss, using his tongue against hers. As their tongues danced and twirled against each other, he reached out with both hands and used his fingers to toy with her nipples.

The longer his fingers played with her nipples, the more Alise softened .

They frenched for some time, and as they did, Jerry moved his fingers around her buttocks. He toyed with her ass cheeks, then trickled his fingers down her thighs, moving towards her groin.

He enjoyed what he was doing and felt compelled to provide his mother with some oral stimulation.

“I think I’ll eat you,” he announced.

“That would be a good start, Jerry. It certainly would.”

She watched eagerly, spreading her legs as Jerry lowered his head into her pubic area. Her pussy lips gleamed with moisture. The scent from her vulva was strong.

His tongue worked softly, as he lapped at her labia, juice started to trickle out. As his tongue continued to wind its way around his mother’s pussy lips, Jerry let his fingers roam over her curves.

At first he ran the fingers of both hands through her hair, then allowed his fingers to slide down her back.

Jerry worked his fingers eventually over her asscheeks, letting the fingers squeeze her cheeks, as his thumb moved into her rectum.

Jerry enjoyed the way that his mother’s body was beginning to shake from the teasing tongue action he was giving her. He knew just how to get her hot, and now it was just a question of how long it would take before she exploded into an orgasm. After he worked his fingers around her asscheeks for a while, he moved his roaming fingers back up toward her breasts. He toyed with her breasts again, tugging and rolling the stiff nipples, then sucking her pussy lips more intensely than ever.

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