TA Gets T,A

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Sophia “Sia” Symone walked towards the door of the large classroom. This was her first day and she wanted to make a good impression. She had heard and seen a lot during orientation but she still didn’t feel prepared. Mind you, she rarely did. She figured being anxious was her signature move.

She took a long, deep breath, clutching her textbooks close to her chest as she pulled on the door handle on the right side of the auditorium-style room. But it stayed firm. No matter how much she pulled, it wasn’t about to budge. Inside through the small glass window, on the side of the heavy wooden door, was a tall black man. He looked young but certainly not as young as the other students who were framing him. He was positioned right near the front of the class on the left side. He was setting up his laptop, a professional and expensive business model, before he looked right at her. His eyes were a warm, sensual brown with a dark, starkly masculine face highlighted by a strong chiseled jawline straight out of a comic book, a short well-groomed beard and unruly curls that dominated most everything above shoulder length. Sia was so busy staring that she didn’t even realize he was pointing at something. She turned and quickly saw that there was another door on the opposite side. She gulped awkwardly before rushing off to the other side. She did not want to be late on her first day. And she couldn’t let herself be distracted even by…

No, she had to focus.

She opened the door, keeping her head low as she made her way in. Everyone was already seated and it was clear that class was about to start. Sia looked around frantically for a seat but everywhere was filled up by people sitting with their massive groups of friends. It felt that she was the only one not bundled up in a group of chattering people.

How had people even made friends this quickly?

She had no idea but there was only one other person who seemed unattached. And that was the tall black man who had been staring at her earlier. The seat next to him was unoccupied and before the professor could really start going, she booked over, moving past the long wooden desk to where he was seated.

“Um, excuse me. Is that seat taken? If it is I can try to find somewhe-“

“No one’s here. Feel free.” Sia sighed in relief as she swung her backpack heavily off her shoulders, before slamming it down onto the desk. She placed her books down as well before walking around the curve at the end of the table to try to reach her seat. She shuffled forward, trying to minimize her space as much as possible. There wasn’t much room between the back of the chairs and the next long desk raised behind them. As she got closer to the tall black man, she tried to suck in but there was one part of her body that wasn’t going anywhere. Despite him trying to scooch in, her massive tits still rubbed gratuitously across the back of his neck, flopping against the sides of his head briefly before she managed to squeeze past. She blushed furiously as she sat down onto her chair.

She had been an early bloomer back in elementary school and it just never stopped from that point. She thought it was never going to end as she went from above average to large to huge to the edge of most normal people’s imagination and beyond. Only when she managed to hit the dreaded I Cup did her tits finally calm down. Though even with that being said, she still strained against the bra which probably meant she would have to get resized soon. Every bra she owned was custom made and most, except for one particularly expensive item, are utterly hideous. This clothes-related crisis was only exasperated by her ass, which was also fittingly ridiculous. Both her enormous thighs and gigantic ass had ruined more pairs of pants than she could count. Unfortunately, being dummy thicc was not all it was cracked up to be.

While she was very standoffish, in high school, she tried the whole partying and dating thing. Unfortunately, most of the men she met managed less than a second of eye contact. Worse, it seemed like their brains just drained out whenever she went out with them. They could barely get out a word and when they did, it usually involved getting her onto a bed for one reason or another. Any compliments she received were focused towards her…”assets”, which was unfortunate. She was incredibly smart, usually at the top of her class and an incredible artist and painter. Even from an appearance perspective, her face was beautiful.

In an alternate universe, she could have been a model. Her light-skinned complexion contrasted perfectly with her raven dark hair. Her bright green eyes glowed like glittering emeralds and her thick, sensual lips were incredibly eye catching. But in this universe, with this body, only porn would take her. At this point, she just gave up trying to put herself out there. She wore what she normally wore. A thick, well-knit red sweater, a white knee-length pleated kilt and a pair of thick-bottle cap glasses.

Sia planted bahis firmaları herself on the chair, the width barely maintaining her massive ass as it pressed into the plastic. She pulled out her laptop, an old Dell, and her purple pencil case.

She was going to focus.

She wasn’t going to get distracted.

No matter what…

“Hey, guessing you’re new here.”

“Uhhhh…yeah. Yeah I am.” Her heart started to race as this incredibly…sexy as fuck man was actually talking to her. And really her, not to her chest. His eyes were glued to hers.

“I’m Tyrell Anderson.” He held out his hand. It was strong, smooth and big. But it was also calloused and a little scarred. Not something you’d really expect from an academic.

“I’m…I’m…” What’s my name?! Come on. It’s “Sophia Symone.”

“Sophia. That’s a nice…”

“My friends call me Sia!” She blurted out the words unexpectedly, her tone completely jumping. She had to hold herself back from raising her hands to her mouth in shock. Great job, genius. Now he thinks you’re crazy. “Not that I’m saying you would want to be friends with me. I mean that’s pretty presumptuous. You don’t have to call me. You can call me whatever yo-“

“Sia sounds great.” Tyrell’s smile was reassuring. He didn’t look like he was judging her. He looked…nice.

“I’m sorry. I must sound like an idiot.”

“You don’t sound like an idiot. You should have seen me on my first day. I spent the first ten minutes talking to this guy at the front of the class calling him Professor Lauripaula only to realize he was the TA and very much did not care what I had to say.” She almost couldn’t believe that this perfect-looking heartthrob ever felt like a loser but still, it made her feel better. “It’ll be okay.”

He placed his hand on her shoulder, warm and comforting. While it was only for a couple seconds, it felt like hours. By the time he moved it, her pussy was soaked. Completely, absolutely, thoroughly, wholly, fully fucking soaked.

“Oh, looks like he’s about to start.” The words entered Sia’s ears but she knew that she wasn’t processing them at all. It was only about two minutes in that she realized she was staring off blankly at a wall instead of taking notes.

She started typing quick, trying to make up for lost time but she kept finding her gaze turning slowly to her left. He was wearing a v-neck that showed off his incredibly defined build and left his god-sculpted arms open to be ogled.

Those arms…wow he must really work out. I bet he could pick me up without breaking a sweat. Pick me up, grab my fat fucking ass, tear off my panties and…

“If you’ll direct your attention to your left, that young man is my TA. Would you like to introduce yourself?” The professor cut through her daze but his words didn’t make any sense. There was only one person to her left and that was…

“I’m Tyrell Anderson. I’ll be your TA for this course. If you need any help, let me know. My email’s on the syllabus and I’ll pretty chill to talk to. I know how hard 1st year can be. So don’t be a stranger.” Tyrell sat back down onto his seat but Sia’s mind wouldn’t stop racing.

He’s my TA?! I’m thirsting over my TA? Wow Sia you sure know how to pick ’em. Unbelievably hot, nice and a TA. He probably has girls jumping over him every second. And if I tried anything, he would just assume I’m doing it for the grades.

I might as well just




The room was suddenly filled with noise. Everyone was getting out of their seats. But why would they be getting up? Unless…

“Remember, next week we have a quiz on the material. All scantron questions, first 15 minutes only. Study hard kids. See you next week.” The professor started packing up but Kia couldn’t even think about that. She was screwed.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. How did I blank out the entire class? Her notes sheet was noticeably empty except for small details about how to contact Tyrell written near the top. I can’t fail this quiz. I worked my ass off to get here. But the Prof is notorious. He’s not going to help me. Sia flipped through her tabs, looking for something to help her. But there was nothing. She closed her browser hopelessly. The despair sunk in as she fell back against the back of her chair, her face buried in her hands. She figured at the very least she can save face and leave before she broke down in front of Tyrell. She snuck a quick glance at him through the cracks in her hands and realized he was staring at something.

It was only when she opened her eyes that she understood. On her laptop screen was a fullscreened image of her obscene and gargantuan knockers barely contained in an extremely skimpy piece of lingerie. She screamed internally before slamming down her laptop screen.

“I’m…I’m sorry.” Sia hurriedly packed up her bag, throwing everything in before heading towards the left to get out from past the table. This time she wasn’t taking it slow so, before Tyrell could even kaçak iddaa react, he quickly found himself surrounded by a large amount of aggressively jiggling tit flesh. She squeezed herself through but her foot caught on the chair.

She tried to grab onto something but quickly lost her balance and found herself crashing headfirst towards the floor. Her kilt lay flipped over her back as her ludicrously fat ass lay out in front of him, barely held into a pair of red plaid panties that were engulfed within the chasm of her asscrack. The fact that she had ended up in the doggystyle position hadn’t escaped her.

Her hands supported her as she tried to pull herself up, only doing it semi-successfully as her headached painfully from the fall.

“Are you okay?” Tyrell didn’t waste a second as he pulled her from the floor. “Can you stand?”

“Yes…” Just as she said that, her head swam and she felt all of her energy drain out of her like a sponge.


“Hey it’s okay. I’ll take you to the security desk. They have an icepack.” Tyrell threw on his backpack quickly, ready to catch her at any moment in case she lost her balance.

“No I wouldn’t want to…”

“Sia. Seriously. I’m your TA. It’s kind of my job to keep you safe. Now, if you can’t stand, you can’t walk. I’m gonna have to carry you.” Sia didn’t know what was making her head swim more, the bruise or the fanservice. Her light skin darkened as blood rushed to her cheeks. He slipped his arms around her and before she knew it, she was being carried in his arms. Like she weighed no more than a bowling ball. Or a bag of groceries. She wrapped her right arm around his neck to feel more secure. Yeah that was the reason. Security. Her right tit pressed against his pecs, the warmth of his chest diffusing into hers.

“Ready to go?”

“I think so.” They started moving, cutting their way through the crowds trying to make it to other classes. He surprised her. She didn’t think such a big, tough-looking guy would have such a delicate touch. But he made sure nothing so much as scraped her feet. Before long, they were walking up to the security desk, which was surrounded by four large glass windows.

“Hey Jerry. My friend here knocked her head. You got the advil and icepack in the back?”

“Sure thing Tye.” The middle-aged black security guard pulled himself out of his wheely chair and lumbered to the backroom.

“Tye, huh?”

“Yeah. And now you know what my friends call me.” Tye grinned mischievously as Sia blushed. After a few moments, Sia was back on her feet, with an ice pack in one hand and a jar of Advil in the other.

“How are you feeling?”

“A lot better. Thank you.” Sia popped a couple capsules of Advil before closing the lid. “I don’t know how I’d ever repay you.”

“Aw come on. Don’t even worry about it. You know, I’m here for you. Whatever you need. Just let me know.” Tye scratched his long curly locks bashfully as he moved closer to Sia. “Well, that’s my bus. I should probably take off. But here.” He pulled a small piece of paper with a number scrawled on it. “Let me know if you’re feeling better or you need anything.”

He moved forward and, at first, she thought it was going to be a handshake or something. It was only once she was fully engulfed in his embrace that she realized it was a lot more casual than that. Though maybe casual wasn’t the right word. Her boobs compressed against him, her now-hard nipples poking right through the material and dragging against her chest. Her hands slipped over her back, drifting lower but staying at a responsible range. It was only a few seconds, but she wished it lasted it hours. At this point, her entire body felt like it was on fire. She was sweating everywhere but that was far from the wettest part of her.

“Anyways, see you tomorrow.” As he walked off, her eyes beelined to his finely curved and defined ass. Okay. Time for some alone time between me and my showerhead.



The entire last night, SIa had spent masturbating. She should have been freaking out about her quiz. But she didn’t. When it wasn’t the showerhead, it was her hairbrush handle, or her mom’s back massager. And finally just her finger, which quickly descended into multiple fingers. And then a whole fist. By the time she was finished, she lay sprawled out in a bed soaked in her own juices with a deep sense of satisfaction. That is, until her alarm went off.

That is when freakout mode was activated.

She was lucky that was an overachiever and always set her alarm hours in advance. But it still meant that she only had a few hours to cram for this quiz. And she still didn’t have the notes. She didn’t know what to do until…

The Phone. He did say anything right? But…I don’t want him to think I’m just using him for marks or…

But it didn’t take long for Sia to realize that her Mom’s wrath was worse than any loss of standing that could come from her texting Tye.

SIA: Hey, Tye. I’m having kaçak bahis some trouble understanding the material and I was kind of wondering if we could meet up and talk about it before the quiz. If that’s not possible, I completely understand.

TYE: Yo what’s up, Sia? How is your head doing? I know it was still hurting a bit when I left :/

SIA: No it’s good. It’s all good. Thank you so much. I hate to ask another favor but

TYE: Hey don’t worry about it. Where do you want to meet up?

And that was how they ended up in a study room at the library. Usually you have to set a reservation in advance but turns out Tye worked there during his first three years in university, so he had a lot of connections. Within a few minutes, they were in a small boardroom alone together.

“So basically one of the first things you have to do is do your value proposition and…”

“Proposition…right…” Sia was writing down everything he was saying but it still wasn’t sticking. Everytime she tried to think of proof of interest, she started looking for proof that he was interested in her. When he started talking about early adopters, she was hoping he would be an early adopter of this pussy. She tried to focus but her eyes drifted down both his washboard abs to the thick, noticeable bulge in between his legs. It looked like he was hiding a portable missile in those jeans. And she wanted to get in.

“Sia. I’m thinking you’re having trouble focusing.”

“Yeah…yeah. You’re right.”

“Want to talk about it? Is it my teaching style? I’m still pretty rough so maybe I’m not…”

“NO! No. No. It’s nothing with you. Well, it is but…it’s complicated.”

“Hey it’s just us, Sia. Anything you need.”

“Anything…” Don’t you idiot. Don’t even think about doing this, you dumb bitch. Don’t…Oh Jesus Christ.

“I think I need…this.” Her hand drifted between his legs, landing firmly on the flaccid bulge imprinted on the denim. “I’m sorry that was so inappropriate. I know you probably don’t want someone like-“

Before she could finish her sentence, Tye was kissing her. Deeply. Passionately. She felt the breathe rush out of her like it was being twisted out of her lungs. And finally, her anxiety shut the fuck up. She kissed him back, eager and excited. His hands moved down to her sweater, but there were so many layers to fumble through.

“Just tear it off.”


“I can’t wait. Just tear it off.” He didn’t need to hear it a second time. Tye tore through the sweater and shirts beneath like tissue paper, leaving her exposed, only wearing her skimpy bra and black bra. His eyes flashed in familiarity, then lust, as his hands dove in. He unclasped the bra deftly before his hands returned to her massive bombshells. He groped strong, but not rough. He knew exactly where to touch. It was like his fingers were doing a dance with her nerve endings. His fingertips twisted past her nipples, forcing a small moan out of Sia’s desperately horny body. His teeth sunk into her neck, sending electricity rippling through her body. She couldn’t wait. She needed him.

“Just fuck me. I don’t need anymore. I’m ready.” Tye grinned as he moved his right hand from her right udder down to her drenched panties, pulling them down past her thick thighs. He unzipped his pants letting his cock fly free. It was…huge. Holy crap he’s going to bulldoze my insides with that thing.


He didn’t wait any longer, he shoved his dark black, vein-covered fuckrod into her inch by inch. She wasn’t a virgin but holy crap, this made her feel like one. He pumped slow, letting her savour each stroke like fine wine. Each one sent a shockwave of pleasure through her aching body. But that only kept up for a few minutes. Then the slow pace jumped forward, as Tye went from deliberate strokemaster to a ravenous animal destroying her pussy in all the best ways possible. As her pussy clamped down onto his cock, she felt like her brain drained out of her pussy. She couldn’t even put words together in her head, let alone saying them. All that came out were desperate moans and begs. She had never been fucked like this. He was so nice but when he was fucking her, he treated he like complete fucktoy. She loved it. He was perfect.

As one orgasm became fifteen, Tye finally reached his limit. As his muscles stopped shifting, his body tightened. Then his cock began to quake and throb. Until…it gave out. It blew like a nuke, blasting massive gushing blasts of hot seed into her pussy without stopping. His balls were big but holy crap. She couldn’t imagine one man having this much cum. Her pussy quickly filled with his cockjuice and began leaking out continuously as he continued to fill her with more and more. By the time he finally finished, Sia was sure she was pregnant. And she took her birth control on time every day. But if there was ever a 1% of men, he was that 1%. That was pregnancy sex. As his monster fuckpole descended into a merely gigantic flaccid pillar of flesh, he pulled out. Cum gushed out of her well-used pussy like a waterfall. She felt the last remnants of her orgasm tear through her body, causing her to quivering in that final moment of perfect bliss.

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