Taking Care of Daddy Pt. 02

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Frank Malone sat up in his bed with his heart racing. His cock was throbbing and the thought that had pushed him awake was of his daughter, Melissa…she had been riding him. She was kissing him softly all over his face and neck. Every stroke of her hips was accentuated by her lips. She was wrapped tightly around him, her smooth legs behind his back. She bottomed out on him and began swiveling her hips. She held onto the back of his neck with both of her tiny hands. She flexed her kegel muscles and went in for a kiss on his lips. As their tongues danced, she milked his cock and rode him slowly. She kept him within herself and shuddered as her next climax approached.

She kissed her way up to his ear and slipped in her tongue before whispering, “Cum inside me Daddy…I stopped taking the pill. You’ll get me pregnant tonight for sure. We can make love all night long. I know you will cum Daddy…but please…let me have this one now…while we are…like this…I love you Daddy…Mmm…that’s it Daddy…Oh…fuck!” his sweet little baby screamed.

This nightmare, he finally decided, is what had woken him up. He looked at the clock. It told him, in flashing neon green, it was 4 A.M. and the sun was far from rising. He got up and took a cold shower. He ignored the aching problem and let the cold water take the heat away. He was shivering by the time he got out and grabbed a towel. He decided he needed to run it out of him. He quickly got dressed for a night run and grabbed his phone before heading out quietly. He didn’t want to wake up his Princess.

He slipped on his reflective running jacket and zipped it up to keep away the night chill. He grabbed his ear plugs and hooked up his phone. He found some quick tempo bebop jazz and hit the streets as fast as his feet could carry him.

He made it into the nearby hills and to the heights before the sun came up. He had pushed himself hard to earn the warm morning light. It felt rejuvenating as the first rays hit him from behind and the landscape below at the same time. He could see the city laid out below him. It looked quiet and peaceful. Then he saw something that surprised him. At the bottom of the road leading up the hill was a little pixie, bouncing around and trying to catch her breath. She must have really been moving to get that far so quickly. She hated hills though and would probably wait him out down below. His daughter made him proud but had lately begun to trouble his mind. By the time he made it to meet her, he was having even more trouble.

Melissa Malone had heard the door shut softly making her sit up in bed. She peaked out the window and saw her Daddy. He looked determined as he set off down the street. She knew where he was headed but didn’t know if she could catch him in time. She grabbed her tightest sports bra and a loose shirt. Some runner’s shorts and good socks plus shoes completed her outfit. She didn’t bother with panties. She decided she didn’t need them anymore. She put her hair in twin tails before brushing her teeth and heading out the door.

She was on the street and moving in minutes, the wind blowing her tails about. She was in a classical mood today and put on some Mozart. She danced as she warmed up her legs before she really picked up speed. She was racing the sun and almost beat it. She made it to the bottom of the hill but had to catch her breath once she arrived.

She found training on hills to be truly gruelling. She understood why her Daddy loved the challenge though. The sprint here had been a good warm up. She decided to stretch and try to relax. The hilltop was a frequent destination for runners and many college boys stopped to ogle her. One of them whistled as she bent over. Her pussy was so wet, she knew their hungry eyes were on her body. Their cocks getting stiff thinking about fucking her. Then she heard her Daddy shout. She had to place her palms flat on the ground to steady herself because her legs were shaking. She almost came from his voice again.

“Now the next one of you boys that whistles at my daughter better be ready to run…fast. Eyes front and on the hill. Where is your coach?” Frank said coldly.

A young scruffy looking man held up his hand. His cock was rock hard.

“You and your…boys…lack discipline,” he said while glaring at all of them. “I’ll be sure to talk to your head coach today. You boys might not recognize me, but my name is on half the records. When you get back, look me up. Now go…run up that hill before I change my mind,” Frank said with a look of cold steel in his eyes. Their cocks shrivelled and they took off like rockets.

“You okay Princess?” Frank asked his daughter. She ran over to him and wrapped her arms around him in a big hug.

“I am now Daddy,” she said into his chest. He hugged her back and smiled just feeling her warmth. He realized what time it was. “Don’t you need to be getting ready for school, baby?” he asked her.

“Oh…I almost forgot. Can pendik escort I spend the day with you instead? Kind of like a Daddy Daughter Day?” she asked sweetly and he couldn’t refuse her.

“Okay, I’ll call your school but we’re sticking with my plan. I need to run Princess and I’m not going to stop until sundown. Still want to spend the day with me?” he asked her.

“Of course Daddy. I have lots of stamina,” she said. The way she said it made him think of something else. He broke their hug, kissed her on the forehead and pulled out his phone. He called her school and told them he was taking his daughter for the day. She had to help him at work, to finish up his retirement. The school secretary said thank you and Frank told her goodbye.

“You ready Princess?” Frank asked his daughter.

“Where are we headed Daddy?” she replied.

“Downtown, of course. You’re going to help me finish up things at work,” he said with a smile and took off like a bullet. She smiled and ran after him. It was at least ten miles to his office and getting to the hill had taken ten miles already. The hill itself was half a mile up with a steep dirt trail that twisted like a snake. She had a feeling her Daddy wanted to test his own limits. She hoped she was prepared enough for him.

They arrived downtown around 8 A.M., right as his office opened. They breezed into the lobby and he headed for the stairs. Melissa groaned but was right on his heels. Forty floors of hell awaited her but she grinned the whole way. When they finally reached the top, she could tell her Daddy was finally winded. They both took a moment to calm down before heading inside the double doors.

The top floor office of Malone, Smith and Tanaki was impressive. The firm was in real estate and had contracts all over the world. Frank ran his own division with clients all throughout the country. He had already explained to his partners what was going on. His old college friends Trevor Smith and Hiro Tanaki understood completely. They noticed how much of a different man he was after Rachel. They even knew her from the good old days when Frank and Rachel first met. His old friends granted his request to let his secretary have his position. She was more than qualified and she loved the place. She was a bit young to be a partner but Frank put his faith in her. That was good enough for them.

Everyone at work was in good spirits as they walked in. The place was festooned with balloons and decorations. Amy Deerheart, Frank’s personal secretary, saw him and freaked. She was a model of professionalism. At a mere 28, she had cemented her position at this place and she didn’t even know it yet. Amy had on black heels but no stockings. A red mid thigh skirt and a white sleeveless blouse completed her ensemble. Her hair was shoulder length and hot pink. Her raised eyebrows matched her roots and she looked truly surprised. He wasn’t supposed to be in until noon.

“Surprise Frank!” Amy declared and the other workers around the front desk stopped. They all gathered around and congratulated him. He shook hands and gave his thanks to those who were present.

“My little girl and I went for a run. We need to get changed. Can you scrounge up something for her while I head to the showers?” Frank asked.

Amy nodded enthusiastically, “Of course. We will have her looking like a CEO in no time,” she said. Amy and the other secretaries took Melissa to find some spare clothes and Frank hit the showers. Frank kept the water cold. He shaved afterward and then he got changed. He put on a suit for what he hoped was the last time and headed back to his office.

Once he got into his office, he set up a cup of coffee. While it brewed he called the local university and found the head running coach through the help desk. He talked to the new head coach, Peter Swift, an old friend of his. He explained the incident from this morning. Peter assured Frank that his boys wouldn’t be able to even think of a girl when he was done with them. Peter took their behavior as a personal embarrassment and assured Frank it would never happen again. With that matter settled he grabbed his coffee and headed to the window. He enjoyed the views but his mood was darkened by a constant stream of incestuous carnal imagery.

Melissa had the whirlwind tour of the corporate life. Suits, coffee and lots of paperwork were all that awaited those foolish enough for the daily grind. Melissa respected these ladies but was curious why they didn’t just sleep their way to the top. As they chatted, they revealed who they thought the big fish were and who they hoped to land. She smiled after none of them mentioned her Daddy. She thought of him as hers already.

They found her a cute black pencil thin skirt, red heels and a white button up shirt. She put her hair in a bun and headed for the ladies room. The top floor had many accoutrements to the bathroom and one was a full shower. Melissa took her time cleaning escort pendik up and getting dressed. The ladies even let her borrow some makeup. She went light and easy, with just a touch of black eye shadow and red lipstick. After looking in the mirror, she smirked. Daddy might have to yell at someone again.

Frank continued to stare out the window from his office and tried to think about how he felt at this moment. His career was over. He didn’t need to work anymore but he didn’t really care. So much of his life was over now. At least he had the freedom to go find himself again when this was all over. Maybe he should go to India. He had always heard interesting things about the foothills of the Himalayas.

As he sipped his coffee and looked out the window, he saw her reflection first. She looked amazing, as always, but now she seemed a bit different. She looked like a successful up and coming business woman. Her clothes were a little tight but he had to admit that she wasn’t just his little girl anymore. She was becoming more to him and he was afraid of where that would lead for them both. He thought about her confession the night before and decided to conduct an experiment. Amy was the biggest slut in the office. She liked everyone and Frank had enjoyed her company as well. He and his wife had been kinky.

“Wow Princess, you really look ready to take on the world,” he told Melissa and she smiled. “I want Amy to show you around the back. Let you see everything that goes on around here,” Amy looked surprised again. She knew what those words meant but she just nodded with a smile. She licked her lips while appraising Melissa from behind. Frank saw and just chuckled. “I’ll be here when you get back. I have a few meetings this morning to wrap things up. Please keep my sweet Princess entertained while I’m busy,” Frank told Amy. Amy led Melissa out of his office and down the halls, telling her even more about the company.

Melissa’s pussy was soaked from having her Daddy’s eyes on her in this outfit. It made her feel even more sexy than usual. She wasn’t sure what appealed to her more, the idea of her being the sexy new intern or Daddy’s little girl who no one could touch. She followed Amy into a large boardroom. It had a projector and Amy turned it on. She used a remote to pull up a presentation. It was the standard first day drole. Amy had given the presentation herself numerous times. She also knew the boardroom was sound proof. It allowed for people to talk and not be heard. Amy and Frank had used it for other reasons.

“This is the standard introduction we give all new interns or employees. I’ve given this particular one dozens of times…every once in a while though…I get to conduct…in depth interviews. They usually start with the same question,” Amy said while walking about the room. Then, she sat down in a large leather chair. She spread her legs and crooked her finger, “Care for a taste, Daddy’s little girl?”

Melissa got down on her knees and in between Amy’s legs. Melissa kissed, licked and sucked Amy as best she could. “Not bad little girl…I didn’t expect much from a novice like yourself anyway. Don’t forget about your fingers…Mmm…that’s it…just like that,” Amy said with increasing levels of excitement. She was close and Melissa could tell. Melissa stopped and got up placing her hands on the arms of the chair and her face close to Amy’s.

“Get your ass on the table…slut,” Melissa commanded before kissing Amy violently. Amy returned the passion in the kiss and rose out of the chair as Melissa stepped aside. Amy got on her elbows and let her legs dangle. “Here’s a trick a friend showed me once,” Melissa said before going back down on Amy.

She sucked and licked Amy’s clit. She teased her lower lips with her fingers. Then Melissa slipped two fingers inside her. She spread them and played with Amy’s inner walls. She made Amy cum hard and slipped in another finger. Before Amy knew what was happening, all five of Melissa’s little digits were inside her. Amy gasped as she felt Melissa’s knuckles enter her. Melissa kept pushing until she was up to her wrist inside Amy. Melissa wiggled her fingers, making Amy scream. Melissa slowly fisted her, making poor Amy feel every inch. Amy couldn’t help how loudly she came, squinting the table and almost getting Melissa wet.

“Get on your hands and knees slut,” Melissa ordered and Amy obeyed. Melissa kept her fist inside Amy as she turned about. As Amy got down on the table again, Melissa proceeded to really give it to her. She started slamming her fist in Amy, working it deeply inside. She brought her wrist close to Amy’s entrance, stretching her hole. Amy just moaned louder. “I’m going to ruin this pussy…no man will ever want you after I’m done with you. Would you like that…slut?” Melissa tried asking Amy.

Amy was out of her mind. She was only capable of moans and cries. She shook and squirted all over the table again as the pleasure took pendik escort bayan over. She cried out in ecstasy as Melissa continued pounding her formerly tight pussy. Melissa’s hand came out of Amy’s pussy with an audible pop. The sound was accompanied by a loud shudder escaping from Amy’s lips.

Melissa licked her fingers and waited for Amy to catch her breath. She then got up on the table and kneeled over Amy’s head. “You better make me cum slut…or I’ll have my Daddy punish you,” Melissa told Amy as she stroked her hair.

Amy dove in with a hunger to satisfy this little nymph. Melissa ground her pussy on Amy’s face. Amy desperately did everything she could think of to get Melissa off. Amy could remember Frank’s discipline…just the thought of his rough hands made Amy shiver with excitement. Right now, she made up her mind not to disappoint her boss’s daughter. She doubled her efforts and used her fingers. Amy made Melissa buck her hips but she wasn’t able to make her climax. Amy was struck by an idea.

Amy pulled Melissa down onto the table and rolled them both over. Amy slipped her body close to Melissa’s curvy figure. She placed her lips near Melissa’s ears to whisper to her. Amy slipped two fingers inside Melissa and then spoke softly to her.

“You wish these were your Daddy’s fingers, don’t you little girl?” Amy asked and Melissa’s body responded by clenching her fingers tightly. “Oh…you’re a dirty little girl,” Amy said as she worked her fingers inside Melissa. “His are thicker…rougher…and they way they curl,” Amy shook all over as she spoke, “He makes me cum so hard Melissa,” Amy told her.

Melissa started to vibrate and shake on the table as Amy got between her legs. She sucked her clit and fingered her. Amy went fast, rough and hard on this little girl. Amy’s instinct proved correct as Melissa finally climaxed on the table. Amy sucked and licked Melissa completely clean. Melissa patted her head before saying, “I’m going to get cleaned up. See you later…bitch.” Melissa kissed her fiercely one more time and then left the room.

Amy shuddered all over, trying to catch her breath before speaking, “Frank…Oh my God…your little girl is dangerous. Did you hear any of that?” Melissa asked the empty room

“Yes…I heard everything,” Frank said into the phone on his desk. The presentation had been a ruse. It allowed Frank to hear and see everything. He quickly deleted the automatic recording and tried to clear his head. His cock was dripping precum and he needed to relax before his party. “Amy…get back to my office quickly. I’ve got a problem that you can help me solve,” he said and hung up the phone.

Amy came into his office looking a complete mess. She approached his desk with her head down. “Hands on the desk,” he said and she complied. He got behind her and pulled his cock out. He slammed it into her pussy, filling her up easily. Her pussy wasn’t as tight as before but she pushed back, spurring him on to go faster. He grabbed a fistful of her hair and pulled hard before slapping her ass roughly.

“My daughter was right…your pussy is ruined. Good thing your asshole is so nearby,” he said making her shiver all over. He withdrew his cock and lined it up with Amy’s tight little asshole. His dick slid inside her with little resistance. His cock was wet from her juices and she moaned deeply. Then she remembered to cover her mouth. Frank’s office wasn’t sound proof like the board room was. Frank fucked her hard but wasn’t able to climax. He was actually getting a bit soft until Amy noticed his lack of enthusiasm.

“Fuck my ass Daddy…please?” she said while looking back at him. He drilled her ass and closed his eyes, making her into Melissa. He grabbed her ass rougher making Amy squeal in delight. He pounded her on the desk and released himself inside her. She shook and moaned as he filled her up. As he pulled out his cock, he slapped her ass with it.

“You were always good to me Amy. I’m leaving you my retirement fund and this office. You can have all my clients to help get you started. They already know you anyway. It’s been a pleasure working with you. You know how they tell you about your hair? That you won’t make it if it’s pink? Fuck them. Now, go get cleaned up Amy. We wouldn’t want everyone to know you’re a huge slut…right?” he said.

“They already know…and thank you Sir. For everything,” Amy replied tearing up a bit as she headed out of Frank’s office. Frank had to smile as he saw her go. She had been a fun girl to play with. Rachel had really liked her. Another woman Rachel really liked was Joan. Seeing her the other night triggered some flashbacks and he needed to be sure. To give himself one last test. He wasn’t able to climax unless he thought of Melissa. He was getting concerned.

Melissa made it back in time for the party. It was funny seeing her Daddy so stoic and then roar with laughter at all the jokes about him. His friends really gave him a ton of shit but they laughed it all off. It was all in good fun. After cake, the party wrapped up. Frank said his goodbyes, grabbed his few gifts and they headed downstairs by elevator this time. Frank hailed a cab.

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