Teaching Study Skills Ch. 01: Cramming

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Pat sat at the dinner table with his mom, dad and younger sister. His dad had cooked corned beef, Pat’s favorite. Throughout the whole meal pat kept glancing at the clock. He told his girlfriend to come over for 6:30, but they weren’t ready to sit down to eat until 6:12.

Pat was 6′ 1″, had a strong square jaw and a muscular build. He was on the football team and took pride in being an intimidating guy. His dark brown hair was kept short in a tight crew cut. Despite his eager for her to come over, his dress lacked any thought into impressing her. He simply had on a pair of gray sweatpants and a white T-shirt that he threw on after his post-workout shower.

The doorbell rang at 6:34 PM. Pat got up from the dinner table and rushed to answer the door. The girl waiting at the door was tall, but still two inches shorter than Pat. She had fair skin and curly black hair. “Hey Maggie,” he said as he opened the door.

“Hi Pat, you ready to study for that math test?”

“Yea, hold on one second.” He returned to the dining room to clean up his plate and then quickly ushered Maggie to his bedroom. Maggie pulled out a stack of old quizzes. “Do you have yours so we can compare?”

“Um…” Pat searched his backpack, textbook, notebook and various corners of his room. After five minutes he came up with one crumpled up quiz.

“Well I guess that’s a start.” Maggie thumbed through her papers to find her version of that quiz. Neither of them did particularly well. In fact there was no problem that either of them got completely right. However there were a couple problems where one of them made only a minor mistake. Maggie compared them and tried to glean the correct answer. Pat was less interested in the solution and more concentrated on rubbing Maggie’s leg.

They were seated at the desk in his bedroom. Maggie was wearing a white T-shirt with a low cut neck line and black leggings that had a two inch pink strip at the waistband. The fabric of the leggings was stretched tight around her curves.

She ignored his hand, she was used to it. It was common for Pat to put his hand on her leg, rub her back while watching a movie, hold her hand while waking. He just liked to be affectionate.

“Do you think this is right?” she asked, showing Pat her corrected work on the first problem.

Pat stared at it for a solid minute before shaking his head. “I just don’t know.”

Maggie grabbed her notebook and Pat grabbed his book. The two of them worked for three hours. They read her notes and reworked homework problems. They were fairly efficient. There was one small break in their studying when Pat’s mom poked her head in, and offered them a snack. Still, despite their effort, they didn’t make a lot of progress. Studying was especially difficult since neither of them had copied down the solutions to the homework problems when Mr. G went over it.

“I don’t know,” Maggie said. “I’m still worried about this test.”

“I think after tonight I can pull off a solid C,” Pat responded.

“That’s not good enough. Look, we’ve been studying for hours, we deserve an A. Doesn’t Mr. G live in your neighborhood?”

“Yea he’s like two houses down, why? You want to egg his house or something?”

“No, we should just go knock on his door and ask for help.”

“I don’t really want to bother him. It’s getting late.”

“It’s 9:30, I’m sure he’s still up.”

“I mean I guess we could,” Pat said as he paused for a second. Then he added, “Or…” and slid his hand to her inner thigh. His other hand held the back of her neck while he leaned in and kissed her. Their kisses were wet and sloppy, lots of tongue.

Pat’s hand on the back of her neck slid down to her lower back. It slipped under her shirt so he could rub her bare back. His other hand was rubbing her pussy through her leggings. He was about to slip that hand down his pants when there was a knock on his door.

“What are you doing in there?” his sister asked.

“We’re studying for a math test, you know that,” he angrily shot back.

The door knob jiggled. “You know Mom doesn’t like it when you lock your door,” she teased back.

“I should get going anyways,” Maggie said. “Better get a good night sleep so I can do well tomorrow. You too, don’t stay up playing computer games.”

“Actually I still have Spanish homework that I have to do,” Pat replied. Pat walked her to her the front door where bahis firmaları he gave her a kiss and a hug. He went back inside as she got in her car.

She took two deep breaths and touched herself briefly. It was just like Pat to get her all worked up and then send her packing. Not that Pat was frequent to not make a move. In fact it was quite the opposite problem. He was always ready to make a move. Sometimes they were successful but quite often he would start something that they wouldn’t have the time or privacy to finish.

She started the car and slowly rolled away from Pat’s house. She told herself to focus on the upcoming test. She really wished Pat would just man up and come with her to ask Mr. G for help. Things were so much simpler when people were direct. She wasn’t exactly sure which house was Mr. G’s, but sure enough she saw his car in the driveway two houses down, just as Pat said. She pulled over in front of his house. He always said in class to feel free to swing by anytime for extra help, no need to setup an appointment, but it was pretty clear that he meant before or after school to swing by his room. Still, she was sure that he wouldn’t turn her away.

She walked up to his front door and took a deep breath. Looking down at her feet and took notice of her appearance. She adjusted her shirt and bra to make sure that a small amount of cleavage was visible, it never hurt to have a little bit showing when asking for a favor. Then she looked through the tiny side window next to the door. The area just inside was dark so the outside light above her head made it a nice reflective surface so that she could check her hair.

It wasn’t completely dark inside the window. While looking at her reflection, she could also see a light on at the end of a hallway. It was then, while fixing her hair that she saw Mr. G stroll by. He stepped out of a room halfway down the hallway. He walked away from her and towards the lit room at the end of the hallway. The only thing he wore was a tiny pair of blue boxers. Maggie found herself staring at his ass as he walked away from her.

He was more muscular than she expected. Mr. G was young for a teacher and apparently was still in shape. He wasn’t quite in his prime like Pat who was developing more of those rippling muscles, but he had a confidence to him that she found irresistible. There was wisdom, experience and a touch of wickedness to him that she found attractive.

She lifted her hand to ring the doorbell, but then she paused. What would she say to him if he answered the door wearing only his boxers? She decided to sneak around back and take a peek at what he was doing, to decide if it was wise to bother him or not.

Around the back of the house she walked onto his deck, moving slowly so that her feet didn’t make too much sound on the wood. She walked up to a sliding glass door, but the curtains were drawn.

Getting off the deck she walked between two bushes so she could peak through one of his windows. The curtains stopped three inches above the bottom of the window which gave her a perfect view of his living room. Mr. G was lying nude on the couch, his right hand slowly stroking his massive cock. Pat had a large cock too, about the same length as Mr. G’s, but Maggie could tell from here that Mr. G’s cock was significantly thicker.

She had a thought of taking out her phone to film him, but she left her purse in the car. If Pat was here, he’d have his phone. If Pat was here, he’d have his dick between her legs. The thought of Pat fucking her while they gathered blackmail material on Mr. G made her so hot. Maggie reached down and touched herself once more, this time sliding her hand in her pants and underneath her panties for direct contact.

Maggie saw Mr. G’s left hand clutching a black piece of clothing. He brought it up to his nose and took a deep sniff while his right hand picked up the tempo. Maggie did the same, moving her finger faster. Her breathing quickened as well. Her pants were too restrictive so she lowered them to her mid-thigh. The cool autumn breeze felt nice on her bare ass.

She quietly rested her free hand on the siding just below the window. She leaned forward and applied more force with that hand against the house. Her ass moved back an inch and that’s when she felt a sharp pain. She shrieked and stood up straight to pull her bare ass away from the pain. As she moved kaçak iddaa the hand that was on the house swung widely and banged her fingers on the windowsill. She grabbed her throbbing fingers with her other hand and took a step back. That step back caused even more painful pokes to her bare ass. She hoped forward and turned so that her ass and back slammed into the house.

“Maggie! What the fuck?” Maggie turned towards the voice and saw Mr. G standing on his deck. He had turned on the deck light so she could clearly see him. He had thrown his blue boxers back on, but they barely contained his erection. He was panting heavily and holding a wine bottle by the neck, ready to swing it like a club. She tried to step out but immediately jumped back once she touched the bush in front of her. “Hold on, that’s a pricker bush you climbed into.” He walked towards her and pushed a couple branches back with his arm. “The bush to your left is safe. Walk close to that one on your way out.”

Maggie pulled her pants back up once free of the bushes and Mr. G led her inside. His arm had two large scratches from pulling back the branches. He walked over to the kitchen sink and washed the area. “Are you cut badly?”

“What? No, I don’t think so.”

Mr. G walked up to her as he said, “here let me check.” He spun her around and lowered her pants. He placed his hands on her hips and brought his face in close to inspect. There was one significant scratch across her left butt cheek that stood out. He looked down and saw a dot of blood on her pink panties. “Yea let me get you a band aid.”

He disappeared while she stood there dumbfounded with her pants and panties pulled down to her mid-thigh. He returned ten seconds later holding a box. Bending back over to inspect her ass, he rubbed in bit of Neosporin into the wound and then covered it with a band aid. “Does that feel better?”

“Yea, thank you,” she responded.

“And how about that?” Mr. G asked as he stuck his hand between her legs to rub her pussy.

Maggie was shocked, but that quickly yielded to another emotion. She was already wet and horny from before. Her body couldn’t help but beg for more as his hand worked its magic.

He had been close to cumming when she made the ruckus outside his window. Horny and eager, it wasn’t long before he dropped his boxers and entered her from behind. She leaned forward and he grabbed her torso to help keep her standing as he fucked her from behind. Less than a minute later he was cumming inside of her.

Mr. G grabbed her by the hand and led her through his house to his bedroom. Dazed and confused, she followed with her pants still down below her ass. Once he reached the foot of his bed he turned to face her. He wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her. His hands passionately felt her up, exploring every inch of her upper body. Her white shirt soon hit the ground. Her beige B-cup bra quickly followed. He reached down to rub his own cock and get it rock hard again while the other massaged her bare tits.

Once hard again, he sat down on the edge of the bed. He kissed her belly button while his hands grabbed her ass. He pulled her closer and she complied, stepping forward so that her knees hit the bed. Her torso bent forward, leaning into him. His hands slid her pants further down to her knees.

He leaned back so there was room for one his hands to slid between them and rub her pussy. She reached down and stroked his cock. He laid back all the way on the bed. She removed the last of her clothing before climbing on top of him.

She slowly lowered herself onto his erect cock. She placed one hand firmly on his chest with her elbow locked. Her other hand reached up and fondled her own tit. Her hips slowly rocked forwards and backwards. She took these long deep breaths. One tit was covered by her hand but he was mesmerized watching the smooth creamy skin of other one rise and fall with her movements. Her erect nipple pointed outwards.

She bit her lower lip and closed her eyes. Her motions shifted, stopping the small forward/backwards motions and instead moving up and down along his rock hard cock. She leaned further forward and her other hand landed on the bed to support herself. With both elbows locked, she picked up speed. Her breathing quickened as well. Her mouth parted and moans began to escape. Soft at first but they quickly grew in volume until finally her kaçak bahis whole body shook in pleasure.

She collapsed on top of him with his rock hard dick still inside of her. He wrapped his arms around her and held her tight as he rolled her over onto her back. Now on top of her, he ferociously pounded her pussy until he came a few minutes later.

They laid next to each other on the bed for two minutes. The only sound during that time was their heavy breathing. And then she got up without saying a word to him and started to get dressed.

“Hold on one second,” he said as he got up and left the room. Confused, she still put back on her pants and panties while she waited. Then she sat on his bed and waited instead of grabbing her shirt. He returned, still nude, but now holding a piece of paper. “I’ll trade you, the key for your pink panties.”

She looked down at her knees and thought about his proposition. Then she looked at the paper in her hands. She sighed as she lowered her pants back to the ground. Now completely nude once again, she approached him with her pink panties in hand. She reached for the paper, but he pulled his hand back and leaned his face in to steal another kiss before the transaction took place.

When the kiss broke, she turned away from him, clutching the key with both hands. “I can’t believe I have the answers.”

Mr. G took a long deep sniff of his new pink prize. He felt a surge of blood flow rush to his cock. He looked Maggie’s naked body up and down. “This is by far the weirdest day of my life, but damn was that fun.”

She didn’t respond. She got dressed and left without saying another word to him. It was awkward and it didn’t sit well with him.

Maggie barely slept that night. Instead she spent hours studying that key. He didn’t make it easy for her either. She had to memorize answers like 1.714, but she got it done. The next day she proudly wrote that number on her test even though she wasn’t completely confident on her work leading to that number.

On the third problem she realized something was wrong. It asked for the derivative of the square root of x to the fifth power. There were definitely no square roots on the key he gave her. The next five minutes were filled with an intense panic raging on inside her head. After that she tried her best but she didn’t even get a chance to read the last problem before the bell rang to end the class.

“That was rough,” Pat said to her as he walked past her and towards the door. The rest of the class filed out as well, but she just sat there.

“What is this, Mr. G?” she angrily asked him once they were alone in the room.

“Do you know what the first thing I did was when I came in this morning?” he asked her. She didn’t answer but just stared him down with a burning intensity. “I looked up your birthday. It’s a good thing you’re eighteen, close to nineteen actually. Now the second thing I did was change the test.”

“That’s not fair,” she loudly protested. “We had a deal.”

“Oh please,” he said with an eye roll. “You had every advantage. The test may not have ben identical to the key I gave you but it’s damn close. I just changed the numbers for the first one. The second one is a different application but it’s the same rule. The last one actually was the same because I ran out of time. There’s no reason for you to not be the top grade in the class. I’m tired of kids who think I have to give them an A. If you want an A, then earn it.”

“I’ll tell what you did last night.”

“Yea, I’m a little worried about that, but I’m pretty confident that masturbating while spying on someone that is in the privacy of their own home is illegal to. You’ll get put on the sex offender list. So we can ruin each other’s lives or move forward as if it didn’t happen.”

“It’s not fair I came over looking for help and you took advantage of me.”

“If you want help then come here, not my home. Hell you can even swing by my house but do it during the day, not the middle of the night. Come through the front door and not spy on me through the back. And dress may be a bit more causal outside of school but maybe,” and then he lowered his voice before finishing his lecture, “don’t have your hand down your damn pants when you show up at my door.”

Maggie was speechless, Mr. G knew what was coming and had rehearsed this quite a bit. “There was nothing about that interaction that indicated to me that you were there to learn anything about math. You are dismissed.” Maggie gathered her things and left without saying another word. Mr. G let out a giant sigh of relief once she was gone.

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