Teri’s Vacation Ch. 06

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During the next day the family settled into their new life of sexual freedom by celebrating in every room in the house and by thoroughly testing out the limits of the parent’s new king sized bed. And even though they all knew they had a possible sexual marathon coming up shortly, the family couldn’t help but start it off just a bit premature. Karen especially wanted to be continuously filled with sperm from both of her men, not wanting to have to forgo the pleasure of being filled by John or Daniel for that matter. She hoped that David or Robert would be the father of her new baby, which she hoped would happen shortly.

Meanwhile both David and Robert seemed to be in constant use, or at least their members, even though the women had no problems pleasing each other. Both males often thought they wouldn’t be able to “rise” to the next occasion, but each found they did so after one or both of the women “performed” for them. And Teri unconsciously found herself unable to keep her hands off her father, a fact Karen couldn’t help but notice. Though she also found she was in David’s hands, among other body parts, more then her husbands. So it was that Wednesday morning came around with the family sleeping very contentedly in each others arms in the parent’s new bed.

Karen opened her eyes and stretched when she awoke, glancing immediately over at the still sleeping forms of the rest of her family. Even now after several days and many sexual encounters it still amazed her that she and her husband were now sexual with their children. And they were the ones that instigated it on top of that, she mused, what wonderful kids, she thought smiling. Karen was in the middle of the bed between David and Teri, with her husband on the other side of Teri. She could feel David’s body and his now limp member pressing against the side of her, but she was turned more toward Teri. Wanting to touch one of her children, she reached up and ever so softly petted Teri’s hair and ran her fingers down her shoulders, trying to not wake her. Karen just wanted to savior the quiet moment and think, something which had been hard the last few days of late. Karen felt very contented and pleased with how life was now, and now didn’t think she could ever go back to the way things were before. After a few minutes, she felt David moving behind her and also felt his cock growing in size against her hip, even though she knew he was still mostly asleep. Ah the wonders of youth, she thought as she smiled and brought her hand slowly around and wrapped it around his growing shaft.

“Well hi there my lover son, I see you’re finally UP this morning.” Karen whispered to her son as she softly squeezed his cock. David gave a soft moan and smiled a sleepy smile at his mother.

“Hi yourself there beautiful, are you the first one up?” David asked softly of his mother as he slid closer to kiss her. She shook her head yes and moved to wrap her legs around her son’s hips as she kissed him. Karen felt her sons now hard cock as it moved between her legs, and even though she had meant only to hug him, her body positioned it self so that the head of his cock was placed at her pussy lips. Karen gasped, as she felt the touch and knew that she had to have her son now. Being quiet, she started to slide her body down the length of his hard cock and they both moaned softly and had to hold back louder sounds as they tried to be quiet.

“Oh god mom that feels so good!” David whispered softly into her ear, and Karen shook her head in agreement. David then gently but firmly started pushing into his mother and she opened her mouth in silent moans of passion, trying her best to be silent. After a minute of soft pushing, Karen felt her son bottom out inside her and she gave a sigh. She felt so very pleasantly full as she started to rotate her hips around his huge cock. Karen needing to be quiet had to bite her son’s neck to remain quiet and David almost painfully gripped his mother ass as he tried to get every bit of himself inside her warmth. But as quiet and gentle as they were being it was only a matter of time before they were noticed. Teri stirred, noticing in her sleep small bumps and motions and she slowly opened her eyes. After a few seconds she noticed the activities next to herself and turned her head and body to see what was happening.

“Umm can I join in or is this a private party?” Teri asked softly with a grin, as she slid her hand around and fondled her mom’s breast. Karen felt a pang of regret, really wanting David all to herself for a bit, but had to admit that Teri’s hand felt good massaging her breast and nipple. Karen then had to change her mind even more when Teri nibbled and licked on her neck and Karen leaned her head back so her daughter had more access as David started to slide his cock out and back into her pussy. As David started to speed up his movements, Karen could no longer keep herself quiet.

“Ohhh god David….fuck me hard….pound me sweetie!” Karen groaned and then felt Teri cover her mouth as she kissed her mother. Teri felt her father stir and then felt his arm as he peaked over tuzla escort her and at the action that was going on.

“Damn I’m I late to the action again. My timing sucks…hehehe. Here…lets get a better look.” Robert said as he threw back the covers. Robert felt his cock come to life as he saw his son as he knifed his cock into his mother and Teri and Karen kissing. “Mmmm mind if I get in on this Teri.” Robert said as he moved his hand between his daughter’s legs from behind and Teri opened them for her father. Robert used his hand to cup her pussy as his first two fingers began to rub her clit. Teri started to moan and grind her ass back at her father’s hand.

“Oh yes daddy….finger my pussy….I’m getting so wet.” Teri moaned as she continued to tease and squeeze her mother’s breasts. Robert felt Teri being pushed nearer him as David really started to pound Karen’s pussy and he had to chuckle hearing her deep moans and grunts. He knew she was very close to cumming.

“Ummm David…ooh yes baby…give it too mommy good….uuuuhhh…uuhh…fuck me…oh god yes….fuck mommy sweetie. Ohhhh….David…oohh…ooohh….oohh…my….god…….AHHHHHHHH!” Karen moaned loudly as her pussy spasm around her sons cock.. David continued to knife his cock between his mothers’s pussy trying to hurry up and cum, but he wasn’t close. Both he and his father were taking longer to orgasm now due to all the activity they had been seeing of late. So it was that as Karen started to come down from her orgasm she felt a bit disappointed. “Uhhh Davy…sweetie….I wanted you to cum. I need your cum in me David…..please fill me.” Karen pleaded with her son. Since her mother had cum, Teri now felt it was her turn and shifted her hips so her father could get better access to her now very wet pussy.

“Uhh daddy….I want you to fill me to…please.” Teri said rubbing her ass against her fathers hard cock. Robert grinned at her horny daughter.

“Now that’s an offer I can’t refuse sweetie….ok here it comes.” Robert said as he used his fingers and guided his member to the entrance of his daughter’s pussy and pushed slowly into her. Teri feeling the penetration didn’t want to wait for him to fill her and slammed her hips back, taking his whole cock in one push.

“Ohhh …yesss daddy…….uuhh…fill me up. Now fuck me hard daddy.” Teri said as she looked back at her father and gave a huge grin at him. Robert gripped her hips as he kissed her hard on her lips.

“Ok hold on…its hammer time sweetie.” Robert said as he started to slam his cock hard into her pussy, eliciting moans and grunts from his daughter. Karen now hearing her husband and daughters sounds became desperate, wanting her sons cum now more then ever.

‘David….uuhh….cum son….I need it so bad!” Karen said almost begging her son. But David still wasn’t quite there, even though he knew his mom really wanted it now. He continued to fuck his mother and she started to moan again, heading toward another orgasm.

“I’m trying mom…..you getting close again?” David asked his mom as he fucked into her. He also brought his hand around and started to play with her asshole using a finger.

“Yes I am Dav…ooohhh…you sneak…..oohh Davy…..I’m…I’m…gonna ..cum for….sur…uuhh…uuhh…oohh…DAVID!” Karen moaned loudly as she came again feeling her sons invading finger in her ass, on top of his pussy filling cock. David finally felt himself near the edge as his mother pussy milked his cock, and then took him over the edge. Karen felt his body slam into hers and knew he was starting his orgasm. “Uhhh…shittt…fucking time…” She sighed as she gripped his butt as he grunted and came.

“Ohh mom…..UUURRGGHHH!” David grunted out as he thrust into her and Karen felt his cock fill into her cervix as he started to shoot what she had been waiting for. She held him as her own orgasm waned and his began, gripping his ass and trying to get every bit of his cock as deep into her cervix as possible as she felt him shooting his cum into her. Karen felt him trembling as he shot the last of his load into her and collapse into her and she held him as she continued to milk his cock with her pussy muscles. Both mother and son relaxed and breathed deep as Karen could feel her daughter still getting well fucked next to her by her husband.

‘Ohh god daddy you feel so good inside me….oohhh…Im gonna come soon…..uuuhhh…oohh daddy….cum in me…please daddy…cum.” Teri said, also like Karen really wanting her father’s juices inside her. Robert needing no encouragement, was soon about to blow his cum into his daughter.

“Uhhh…don’t you worry sweetie….daddys…uuuuughhhhh..there….oh shitttt…..UUURGGHH!” Robert moaned as he felt his cum erupt from himself. Teri already at the knifes edge of cumming, broke through the last wall as her father slammed into her.

“Ohh god yes daddy….oohhh…..goddddd…..uuhhhhh!” Teri grunted as she started bucking her hips back at her fathers erupting cock, feeling her ass becoming totally wet with their escaping juices. And with one final plunge tuzla escort bayan Robert slammed home and shot the last of his cum into her, and Teri just rotated her hips on his member as her orgasm played its last note. “Oh daddy…hahaha…that was a great way to start today.” Teri said as she leaned back as her father leaned in to kiss her deeply. Karen chuckled now, both her and David having watching the two for the past minute of so as they came.

“Well, if we’ve all had our morning rutting sessions….we need to be getting up and eating, then packing for our stay at the beach house.” Karen said as she looked over at them all before getting up.

“Well I think you and I should eat something now.” Teri said as she slid off her father’s still hard cock and moved her hips around her to her mothers head. Karen knowing what her daughter had in mind looked at her.

“Teri we really don’t have time for….umm…shit….that does look delicious though.” Karen said as Teri raised her leg to straddle her mothers head, seeing her dripping daughter’s pussy. Teri opened her mother’s legs as she brought her own hips to meet her mother face and then plunged her mouth to her moms oozing pussy. “Ohh Teri….mmmpph…ok…just a small…snack then.” Karen moaned as she felt her husbands cum ooze onto her lips and tongue, and Karen started to lick her daughter’s pussy in earnest. Robert amazed by both of the women gave a small chuckle then got up from the bed. He would’ve loved to stay and watch, even join in but knew they did have to get things done.

“Come on David…WE can make some breakfast for all of us. Even these two will want something more to eat in a bit.” Robert told his son as they both threw on robes and went into the kitchen. They were both just getting a good start on cooking up some eggs and bacon when Teri, in a robe, walked into the kitchen and Karen followed still nude. Robert lifted an eye at his wife, wondering why she was still naked. “Honey if you come in here in the buff, you may get popped by the cooking food.” Robert said as Karen walked near him and took his hand.

“Umm get popped…sounds nice. The kids can fix the rest of breakfast…. I want my husband before we go.” Karen said, then seeing him smile but hesitate finished her thoughts. “Before we meet these people and…well…other men cum in me….I want yours there first…come to bed.” Teri said and Robert nodded his head.

“Well I see your point when you put it that way.” Robert said and Karen shook her head. Even after everything they had done the past few days and would do in the next few, both of them loved each other very much and Karen wanted her husband alone for now.

“We’ll be back in a bit….just keep ours on the stove and we’ll eat when we get out.” Karen said looking at her children smiling, but feeling a bit nervous inside at what the rest of the day would hold. Teri and David not having quite the same history of the same love, understood though not completely what their mother or father were feeling. They both shrugged and continued in the kitchen. Karen led her husband back to bed and pushed him onto the bed and undid his robe in front. “I hope you saved some for me….you’ve been spending a lot of this on Teri lately.” Karen said grabbing his cock and stroking it back to full hardness as she climb into bed kneeling next to him.

“And you’ve been spending a lot of time with David wedged up your pussy lady….are you having regrets honey?” Robert asked smiling, but wondering if Karen was indeed having them. Karen stared at him.

“No…though I do find myself….well…maybe jealous of Teri at times. I guess…it’s just everything’s new is all, but…I don’t think we could go back to the way things were.” Teri told her husband and he raised his hand to brush her hair.

“I think it’s a bit late to go back sweetie, besides I’ve seen you when you have David’s python in you….You love it too much to give it up. But I’m not jealous anymore, you shouldn’t be of Teri. We ALL love each other….only thing that matters right?” Robert said smiling to his wife. Karen shook her head and smiled.

“You’re right…just nervous I guess about meeting these people and well….what’s more then likely going to happen. But you, husband of mine….take it easy on the women….remember you’re a married man.” Karen said teasingly to him as she gripped his cock in her hand.

“And you remember you’re a married woman and lay off the men lady.” Robert said smiling back at her. Karen got a wicked grin on her face.

“Do you like David?” Karen asked still grinning. Robert thought that was a strange question and looked confused.

“Of course I like David…” Robert said baffled. Karen grinned even wider.

“Good, because you’re about to have some of him.” Karen said as she quickly moved her hips and straddled his face.

“Whoa…I’m not sure if….Mmmpphhhh.” Robert started as Karen slammed her pussy over his mouth. Robert had no choice but to lick his wife’s pussy. In truth there was probably very little of his sons cum still up there after escort tuzla Teri’s thorough tonguing but Karen still got a thrill knowing her husband might be licking even a small amount of her son’s cum. Karen then brought her lips to his cock and engulfed half of it, still tasting Teri’s juices on it. Unlike Robert she had no qualms about tasting her children.

Teri and David did indeed continue in the kitchen with cooking breakfast, with only a few ass grabs and tit fondles as interruptions. Both were more in a talkative mood then horny as they finished up the meal, waiting for their mom to have her way with their father.

“I can’t wait to see Joan again Teri, and I really can’t wait till she’s living here. But it should be an interesting visit huh?” David said with a grin on his face. Teri came up behind him and held him as he finished stirring the last of the eggs.

“Yes it will be, but I…guess I know a bit of what mom is feeling. Maybe its catching I guess. But I can’t help that before long, too short a time, that I’ll have to go back to school…and I do want to, don’t get me wrong. But I’ll miss you, mom, and dad really badly. And it makes me sad when I think about it, even though I guess it will be fun with Mary and all. I do hope this is a good visit, I’m sure it will be. It just feels like….I don’t know…that today starts the day that’s going to change everything. Maybe that’s what mom is feeling.” Teri said as she squeezed her brother tightly. David was silent for awhile, not feeling the same but knowing she was feeling upset and sad. He turned off the burner and moved over the now ready eggs and turned around to face his sister. David could see she had a few tears in her eyes and hugged her hard and she returned it.

“Come on sis, don’t be so sad, You still have over two months of time here before you have to go back and all. You’ve been here what…like a week…and look at everything that has happened in the week since you got here. I think you’re worrying about nothing.” David said looking at his sister, hoping to make her feel better. Teri did seem to perk up and she looked at David and smiled slightly.

“I guess so, and I will be glad to ..SEE…our friends.” Teri said with a grin, knowing they would probably be SEEING a lot of their friends. She playfully gripped David’s ass in her hands and pulled his crotch into hers. “I have a feeling this big boy is going to get quite the workout later today.” Teri said, feeling her brother’s cock coming to life as she rubbed her groin into his. David groaned as Teri reached under and opened his robe to bring out his now almost hard cock and moved it in between her legs to settle next to her pussy lips. David could feel the heat and wetness of his sister’s pussy and his cock jerked to full hardness.

“Sis….I’m not sure we have time for this…gotta get breakfast on the table.” David said not really wanting to stop, but knowing they had to get on the road soon. But Teri just responded by pulling him by his ass, backing them both up to bump into the big breakfast table.

“Umm breakfast on the table huh….why don’t you feed me some sausage for breakfast David. I’m feeling hungry for some meat right now.” Teri said as she reached down again and whipped his cock through her pussy lips and wedged the head of it between them. “Now David…feed me some sausage!” Teri said a wicked grin on her face as she leaned back on the table. David just groaned and feeling his cock part way into the heat of his sister, feeling now he had to follow through with what she wanted. So David started to slowly push his cock into his sister.

“Oh god sis…you’re drenched…you must be really excited about the trip…mmmmmm damn Teri….if you keep squeezing your pussy like that I wont last long.” David said, feeling his sister clenching her muscles around him. Teri gave a wicked grin and pulled his nipples…hard. David gave a yelp of pain and surprise and Teri laughed.

“Come on stud…fuck me…hell yes I’m wet…I have to be too take that horse dick of yours brother of mine. Now less talk and more hide the salami.” Teri said still grinning.

“Ok Teri…here it comes!” David grunted as he shoved the remainder of his shaft into her and then quickly started deep fucking her. His hard thrusts even surprised Teri and her eyes flew wide and she gripped the sides of the table to keep from sliding backward.

“HHhhhuuuuu…oohh god…Daavviidd….FUCK me! FUCK ME…FUCK ME FUCK ME….shiitt! Aaahhhh….aahh….ooohh gooodddd David! Uuuuhhhh DAVID!” Teri screamed into his shoulder as her pussy quickly went into spasms as she came.

“That good enough…for you…sis…?” David said between hard thrusts which continued to make Teri’s body jerk on the table. Teri could only respond by looking at him with glazed eyes and spit drooling from her mouth as she screamed silently as her orgasm continued, as David continued to slam his large cock into her. He leaned over and licked her mouth and kissed Teri as she moaned deeply into his mouth. David soon slowed…seeing Teri starting to become winded and gasping for breath. He still hadn’t come, but David stopped then and slid his cock out of Teri with a pop as the head came out of his sisters pussy. Teri gave a tired disappointed groan as she now felt empty.

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