The Book of Attraction Pt. 01

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If you are looking for a quick fix, then I am sorry this is not the place for you. This story is one that takes a lot of build-up and is for the people that enjoy the love-story side of incestuous stories.

For note, all characters involved in sexual activity in this series are of the age or are over the age of 18.

Part 1

The day was dull and wet. I sat in Miss Greens class, staring out the dripping wet window to the parking lot. Thick black clouds growled above, and it was hard to concentrate in class with the way the rain came lashing down. I was stuck with planning my report and hadn’t yet found a topic. Everyone else seemed well on their way to writing. Then there was me, who could not find something worth writing about. Miss Green was enough of a distraction alone, never mind the weather. She was by far the hottest teacher in school and every student had a fantasy about her. She leaned back in her chair behind her desk. Her hair was jet black, which draped way down past her shoulders. I noticed she had different ways of wearing it. Sometimes she would wear it up in a neatly twisted bun. Other times she would wear it behind her in a ponytail, which was how I liked it best. Today however she opted to let it hang loosely, well below her shoulders.

She had dark beady eyes behind thin black glasses that were as beautiful as any. Sometimes when she questioned me on my work, I found myself getting lost in them. Despite her being rather strict, her eyes gave me a lot of comfort. Her face was that of a young woman’s. Probably in her early thirties, she had a curvy body to match her youthful looks.

“Matt tomorrow is the final day for your topic submission. Unless you have found something to write about within the last hour, I expect you to have it on my desk this time tomorrow.” her voice was as cold as ice.

I sat at my own desk spinning my pen between my fingers. My mind drifted from school to photography. In my spare time I loved to capture the more beautiful images of life from behind my lens. Looking out into the rain all I thought about was climbing the treehouse in forest behind my house to get a clear shot of the night sky. It had been forecasted to show lightning tonight and I fancied my luck at capturing it.

My friends Tom and Jack sat together some distance from me in the class. Though I couldn’t see them very well from the other students in the way. While trying to get sight of what they were up to my eyes wandered over to Keri Palmer. She like Miss Green had jet black hair and she was a little pale. She was the hottest chick in school, and everyone wanted to fuck her. I could see why. Her face was devilishly pretty, and she wore trendy designer clothes everywhere she went. My mind then thought of the school fashion show. I wondered if like last year I would be asked to take the photos for the school magazine. I couldn’t wait to keep the collection of photos that I would be taking of her. My gaze had been transfixed on her for a little longer than I intended. I was shocked back to my senses when loud growling thunder boiled over the school.

School had finished and I picked my sister Lucy up from usual place that I got her. She had been standing in the rain with her friends and seemed to be soaked to the bone.

“What took you so long!” I could tell from her tone she was the least bit pleased.

She hopped in the passenger seat and sighed in relief to be out of the relentless downpour. The rain had turned her long brown hair into long wet clumps. Her makeup had all washed away and her natural beauty shined through. I had never noticed her to be so beautiful, but I guess as she was getting older it was really coming to light. Her clothes were drenched, her white top clung to her skin like wrapping paper. In the front mirror I could make out the patterns that decorated her bra. I did not dare make it so obvious as to glance over, I felt a hint of arousal spark within me.

“How was your day?” I asked, trying to change the subject of my mind.

“It was good, as far as chemistry goes. Nothing new just the same old stuff. How was yours?”

“Miss Green is driving up my ass with this report topic. I haven’t the slightest clue what to talk about.”

Despite Lucy being in the year below me she was by far smarter than I was. Sometimes I confined in her with my education struggles and I really appreciated her help.

“What about history? You seem to be into that game of thrones nonsense?” She smirked at me knowing I would bite.

“Thats not history!” I corrected.

“Knights in shining Armor seems pretty historic to me.” She enjoyed teasing me.

Me and Lucy argued over game of thrones on the way back home. When we had arrived in the house we were still going back and forth.

“Yeah some battles were based off true events in history but that is beside my point.” I tried my best as a game of thrones fan to explain it to her.

She wasn’t the slightest bahis firmaları bit interested and only seemed to answer to rile me up more.

“That’s it then. Write about the historic events that are reflected in the show. You’ll know lots about it, you are even relating to what you enjoy.” I stood for a moment and pondered the idea inside my head.

“That actually isn’t a bad idea. Thanks Sis!”

Mom had been asleep on the sofa. She was the typical housewife while her husband and Lucy’s dad Robert, was suffering from cancer in the hospital. He had been sick for years and in truth it was only a matter of time. Despite coming from the same mother, me and Lucy had different dads. Mine passed away when I was a baby. Sadly, I have no memory of him whatsoever. Lucy’s dad however has been the man of the house my entire life. Despite us not getting on, he is a decent guy and he treats my Mom well. He did spend most of his time at months on end in different countries all over the world on business. Lucy rarely saw her dad which put us both in the same boat almost.

Despite how troubled our family had become with the sickness of Robert, Lucy still held her head high, often acting as if the illness was not a reality. I loved her for that. She was strong for my mother who had not been so strong as of late.

I woke Mom with a gentle rub of her shoulder.

“Mom wake up, we’re home.”

Mom’s eyes fluttered open and she realised she had been asleep for far too long.

“Oh, sorry you two, I haven’t been to the store yet. Will you guys be alright to settle for the pizza in the freezer?”

It had been the second time that week they had eaten frozen food.

“Frozen pizza is fine Mom.”

Lucy excused herself to go change. She was still soaking wet and the cool air conditioning did nothing to protect her nipples from making outlines in her top, which did nothing to protect my dick from emerging from its slumber. In the moment I started to feel odd about it. Why was I looking at her like that? I wondered. It had only struck me as she walked away and when I was watching her perfectly shaped ass in her wet jean shorts that the realisation came to me. She was no longer the young girl she once was. She was a woman. A young adult in her prime years. It had only been today that I had noticed. Her breasts were tight against her white top in the car and even then, as we drove home, I wondered what they looked like. What kind of nipples she had and how big they were?

That night we all sat at the table enjoying dinner. Mom asked us about school, and it was to no shock to any of us that Lucy had been doing far better coming into the later stages of the year. I was due to graduate but was struggling to keep up my grades for a place at college doing what I loved. Lucy wanted to stay on at school and become an architect like her dad. She was incredibly smart, and I had no doubt she would accomplish her goal. I admired that a lot about my sister. She was very driven and sometimes it rubbed off on me. Once we had finished eating Lucy helped Mom clean things away as I was adamant about capturing the lightning before the thunder that even still, roared above the house.

Grabbing my camera from my room I adjusted the lens for long distance shooting. I wanted to capture everything that I could. In the laundry room I zipped up my raincoat and made sure the hood was tied tight to me. The treehouse I used to play in when I was younger seemed further away now than before. The rain whipped and hissed at me as I opened the door. The treehouse had been there well before I was born, and nobody seemed quite sure who had initially built it. Large puddles formed in the crevasses on the hill and streams of cold rainwater formed between the bindings of trees.

I splashed around in wellingtons as I made my way across the now hard terrain. The rain slashed at my face and I did my best to shield myself with my bag. The foot of tree was completely underwater. It almost went knee deep. I couldn’t turn back now. I splashed through the puddled and found some rungs of the ladder had been tore off. Thankfully now I was no longer 5ft tall. I used the length of me to my advantage and almost failed to get to the top. I used all the upper body strength I had and once I was atop the treehouse, I lay flat on my back whilst sheltering from the rain.

God I was unfit. I had ditched practical class to focus on photography and art. Sports never really interested me. This did though. Going the extra mile for that bit better of a shot. Inside still had some carvings of the stickmen I had drawn when I was a kid. The toy box was long gone now. It had changed over the years. Teenagers used to hang out here to take drugs. I found syringes in the corner and empty bottles of beer. Whilst I was up there, I took note of just how high I had climbed. Everything below me seemed so small. I looked back a mile to my house. It was so far away. The only light inside kaçak iddaa my house seemed to be coming from my sister’s bedroom. I zoomed in on my camera and snapped a photo of the house. I thought it was a cool shot and decided to get another one in the case of the first being blurry. Screwing one eye closed I focused on the shot. I zoomed in further. To my surprise, there was Lucy standing in her room. She seemed to be looking over some outfits for the following day at school.

Through the lens I couldn’t help but appreciate her. She was 5’6 and had a curvy body. She wore long PJ bottoms that hugged her cheeks tightly and even snuck between her crack. I found myself zooming in on her specifically. My finger shook over the button. I couldn’t take a picture of her like this. I was no peeping tom. It took a second for me to realise that was exactly what I was doing. I was peeping at my sister through her window in a treehouse. Despite my disgust I could not look away. Her hair was frizzy after drying. It looked fluffy and swayed as she twirled before a mirror. She held her outfit over her night clothes, trying to imagine what it would look like on. I had lost concentration, the thunder startled me, and my finger slipped. The camera snapped a shot of her, and I felt so guilty.

I had just taken a picture of my half-dressed Sister unawares in her room. I took my eye away from the lens and slipped under the wet wood. I stumbled into the corner of the tree house and felt my hand rest against something. At first, I struggled to make out what it was. Then I realised. It was a book and an old one at that. It had black trimmings on the edges and was furry to touch. It weighed heavy in my hands as my eyes scanned over it. A flash of lighting lit up my view.

The Art of Attraction It read, etched in a gold like colour. The book seemed at least 800 pages long and thinking nothing of it, I wedged it into my bag. The night had suddenly gotten a lot darker. The rain did not let up and neither did the thunder. I did my best to capture the lightning, but it was very difficult to time it. I had almost given up hope when simultaneously with the snap of my camera a blue flash cracked loud in the sky. With my footage captured I decided to retreat to safety.

Getting up had been the easy part. Getting down would prove to be far more difficult. The rungs seemed further apart than before. It seemed more slippery and my confidence left me. I tried to hang from my waist and dangle my legs. That seemed the better way to go until I could not find the following rung. Maybe this was the world getting me back for peeping on my little sister. The shame fell over me again and I decided if I was to pay the price for my actions it would be now. My confidence built as I found my footing. Eventually I made it safely to the ground with my bag intact.

The walk back to the house seemed harder. Given I had used all my energy on the treehouse. Mother thought I was mad for going out there, but she did not stop me. She knew my attitude towards photography, and she did not intend on holding me back.

The previous night had been exhausting. Climbing the tree during a thunderstorm now didn’t seem like the brightest idea but in my head, I wanted the shot. Intrigued by the book I had found I decided to take it with me to school. Perhaps I could get some extra reading in whilst in the library. That morning I stepped out into the landing and bumped into Lucy. Today she wore high waisted jeans and a dotted top that seemed more of a crop top if you asked me. I couldn’t help but stare at her.

“Eh Matt?” She asked.

I snapped out my gaze realising I had been staring right at her in a luscious way. I could not honestly pinpoint what had gotten into me.

“Sorry, it’s just you look nice today.” Was all I could say.

Lucy took a second to check herself up and down.

“Really? That’s nice of you to say.” She smiled a genuine smile.

“Don’t get used to it.” I joked.

“What a shame. I was beginning to think it was genuine as well.”

It annoyed me that she did not think I meant what I said. Perhaps that was better. I did not want to give off the wrong vibe. All a sudden I grew nervous around her. I had relationships before. This though was a different feeling. One I’d never felt before. I shook it off as morning fog and we got ready for school. In the car she was more talkative than normal. It was almost as she knew how I was feeling. Like she was teasing me. She was telling me of the boy she had been speaking to.

“His names Aaron, He’s in my Chemistry class.”

The conversation bored me in truth, but she never really opened up to me as much as this so that part I enjoyed. He played lacrosse which I thought was bit odd. Out of all the sports you could get into. Lacrosse was not the first that came to mind. School went by as usual. Nothing to note seemed to occur. It was when I sat alone in the cafeteria that I remembered the kaçak bahis book. My friends had been in an exam and I wanted to read it alone. I didn’t want anyone asking questions about what it was. The school toilets were deserted, everyone seemed to be out enjoying lunch. I opened the cubicle and sat down, locking the door behind me. The book was still wet from the night before. Peeling open the pages I couldn’t believe what I saw. It was a guide. My mind raced and so did my heart.

A guide to become instantly more attractive and get the girl you want.

Step 1: Upgrade yourself.

I Read the through the first steps carefully. The writing had been written by pen and not by print. I could tell it was old. I read for the whole of lunch, making mental notes. It was for sure that I needed a new haircut, that was for certain. My hair had grown long and curly and I hated the way I looked in all honesty. I had to dress better. The book was a hard truth but one I felt ready for. I was sick of sleeping with the chicks nobody wanted. In this moment whilst sitting in the men’s room reading a book of how to get laid. I thought of Lucy. Again, without fail she slipped into my mind. Maybe if I did all this stuff she wouldn’t just think of me as her dorky big brother but someone to protect her and keep her safe. Someone she was attracted to. The book mentioned working out using body weight exercises. I ticked that in my head also. After step one I skimmed the book briefly looking over the many pages. Some chapters showed detailed instructions of how to perform oral sex. How to make a girl cum by hitting her g-spot. All of this was information I desperately needed. It was then in the bathroom in the West wing of Fowler High that I had decided I was going to seduce my Sister.

I made sure to send my sister a text letting her know I was unable to take her home today. I had plans to make a start at this transformation and I did not want to waste another day. Lucy seemed bummed out from her text back and so was I. I enjoyed how she felt she could talk to me openly about relationships. It meant she trusted me, and I liked being a trustworthy brother. I missed her in the car, but I had bigger things on my plate. Before reaching the mall, I messaged my friend Penny. She was a super geek, but she was kinda hot. I never really thought about her that way though. We had been friends forever and besides she had a boyfriend in college. Penny agreed to meet me upon telling her it involved shopping. I believe I had her when I told her that I was searching for a new look.

Jenny was every geeks dream. She was a firey red head with decadency from Scotland. She was tall and humorous which I liked about her. We had been great friends over the years and she always had my back.

She met me outside the mall, and we caught up. First, we had a Starbucks because you can never get enough Starbucks coffee. We discussed why I was doing all this over coffee, and she agreed it was about time I needed an attractive woman in my life. Ditching out empty coffee cups, we made of for the outlets. When my father passed away, he left me with his life savings. My Mom felt it inappropriate to keep it for myself so upon my 18th birthday I was given $40,000 untouched. Until now I didn’t mind spending a little on improving myself.

We spent what seemed like hours looking over new clothes. We found smart t-shirts and polos, shirts and sweatshirts. It was going to be a completely new wardrobe. By the time we were finished I had new items of everything. I would no longer be wearing the baggy old clothes I used to. I walked into the store with bootcut jeans and an old top. I walked out wearing tight pants and a shirt that complimented my body shape. I was not at all chubby, I had muscle though it wasn’t very much.

Next up was the haircut though Jenny insisted I get that last. We headed for the jewellery store. The place looked far too expensive for me, but we entered anyway. The woman behind the desk approached us.

“Hello, my name is Keri how may I help you today?”

I was stunned. The clerk was Keri from Miss Greens class. She did not even recognise me. It occurred to me that perhaps it was the clothes. Then she looked me dead in the eye with no recognition. Jenny had left school the year before and she knew exactly who she was.

“We’re looking for menswear. Pendants and rings.” Jenny said firmly.

“Right this way.” Keri said. Her skirt was low, and she dressed in very professional attire.

She walked elegantly towards the rings. It was something he always caught on to. The way she walked her hips swayed seductively from side to side. Her heels clicked over the marble floor. It was a surprise that Jenny was not intimidated. Keri ran over the different types of rings and different costs. I did not really see the need in a ring but Jenny insisted I had man like hands so it would look good on me.

“How much do you aim to spend?” Keri asked the question like she did any other time, with little muse.

“I was looking to go between $200-$400.” I spoke with confidence. I realised that letting Jenny speak for me did little to show I was a confident man.

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