The Check In

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She looked around the room from the top bunk as she waited for him to come back. She stretched a bit; her lightly tanned skin completely naked between tussled sheets. The buzz was wearing off and the cool air from the vent just above made her shiver a bit. Her light brown (and pierced, despite rules against it) nipples stiffened themselves atop her firm and reticent breasts. She was still moist between her legs and she thought about getting up to rinse off a little.

She heard the squeaking of the doorknob as her new lover walked in. In his left hand was a black plastic bag, “I bought water”, he said and she smiled. He set it at the foot of the mattress beneath and climbed up to lay with her; the slender, dark haired Corporal from the base post office. It was ten days prior that PFC Dario Hartford was being taken around Camp Lejeune to officially check-in when he first saw her.

“Her” was Corporal Rachel Ristuccia. The death of her parents as a child had instilled in her a sense of independence that often alienated her. She was beautiful — deep brown, almond shaped eyes, elevated cheekbones and thin lips. Her hair (normally pulled back as per uniform regulations) was a pin straight sea of fine strands that Dario wanted to feel (among other parts, surely) the second he saw her.

He was a budding Eros, Dario, lusting often as he shed his former quiet personality in lieu of raw excitement. In his last year of high school, soon after his eighteenth birthday, he talked his way into the car, the house, the room and ultimately the panties of a cousin’s friend from a neighboring high school with whom he shared a birthday. He was eager to go down on her, having seen it in videos and insatiably excited to finally do it. It was heavenly; the musky smell of her vagina and her natural wetness all around his mouth; he could think of nothing more pleasing, indulging even in the small pink pucker beneath her fleshy opening, his tongue exploring the entirety of what was to be hidden…

He returned to the post office after being cut loose the next day. He ran as fast as he could in hopes of catching her. He saw her at a desk, caught his breath and approached her.

“Corporal Ristuccia?” He asked, with canlı bahis just a slight hesitance.

“Wow, someone finally pronounced it right. Yeah, what’s up?”

“I was here yesterday, I’m PFC Hartford.”

“What can I do for you, PFC Hartford?”

“…Sei veramente italiana?” (Are you really Italian?)

“…Ti chiami Dario, no?” (Your name’s Dario, no?)

“Sì, adesso tocca a te.” (Yes, now your turn.)


“Piacere. Cosa fai domain sera?” (Nice to meet you. What are you doing tomorrow night?)

She blushed, “are you asking me out?” and he nodded, wearing a warm and confident smile.

“I guess I’m free then… only because you speak Italian though.”

“Hahaha, here, take down my number.”

Each weekend, one roommate would go home to Raleigh and the other would drive out to whatever town seemed to be having the most fun and from Friday afternoon until Sunday the room was Dario’s. Knowing this, Dario invited Rachel over and she brought a bottle of white wine (She was twenty-one, Dario was almost nineteen). When that was finished, they helped themselves to the six-pack that Dario’s older roommate kept in the small refrigerator by the door. Laughing at something Dario had said Rachel burst out laughing, beer spilling from her mouth all over her black shirt.

“I should take this off.” She said and two pairs of eyes connected, followed by their mouths joining, tongues wrestling and hands exploring. Dario threw the black halter onto the bottom bunk along with his own undershirt and the bare chested lovers became entangled in one another. He liked the closeness, her breasts pressed against his tight pectorals (all the pushups after all…), he was entranced by her soft, smooth skin, goose bumps forming around her hips and her tight ass over which he excitedly ran his right hand, letting his middle finger rest in the crack.

He loved the taste of her mouth. He moved down to her neck, inhaling deeply; smelling her, tasting her and feeling her. She was honey in his arms and he kissed down to her modest breasts. One at a time he took a small, brown nipple into his mouth, licking, sucking and softly biting. Down to her navel, her licked the edge around it, flicking bahis siteleri the sterling silver ring that pierced it before swirling his tongue into the shallow dimple of her belly button, just because he loved girls’ stomachs; the soft, flat plain of skin. She laughed and said it tickled and he came back up to kiss her again. She ran her hands over his toned chest and moved them to his crotch to feel the tension in his jeans caused by his restricted erection.

“Take it out,” he said while smiling.

“No!” She answered back playfully and the two continued to kiss and until she felt two hands undo her skin tight jeans, lowering them a bit before dipping a hand, palm up, into the front of her scarlet thong, his middle and index fingers eagerly rubbing her small clitoris, barely emerging from its hood. She was soaked and soon all of his fingers were working a different part of her cleanly shaven pussy.

“I wanna lick you.” Dario said.

“Hmmm, I don’t know…”

“I really want to, you’ll love it.”

“I suppose… in the bed though.” She said, touching his lips with her index finger, “I did shave it today, just in case…”

“I know, that’s so sexy.” And in a few moments he was face first between the legs of probably the most beautiful female Marine aboard camp Lejeune. He was in a physically awkward position, compressed at the end of his bed, so with his hands around her thighs, he lifted her up while he kneeled and kissed her inner thighs before going back to the moist cleft of her vagina. He rapidly brushed his tongue over her clit, down to the puckered rim of her anus, and into the tight cavern of her opening, discovering every hole in the region, savoring each one and finally focusing on the main attraction, the hooded bead at the head of her slit. His tongue was starting to tire. He persisted and Rachel’s body jerked and she withdrew herself from the pleasure of his mouth, citing the sudden burst of sensitivity and he watched in astonishment as she recovered from a thunderous orgasm.

“How was that?” She smiled at him before saying, amazing.

She rested for a minute, Dario alongside her, leaning on his elbow and lightly caressing her naked body, just above her pelvis, bahis şirketleri up her sides, under her breasts… Rachel was eager to see Dario’s penis, so she sat up, silently guided him to lie back with her hands on his sides as she made the segue to removing his jeans, followed by his blue boxer briefs. Before her was the kind of cock she’d always expected, but almost never saw; tall, but not freakish, and enticingly thick and the thought of having something of that girth inside her made her quiver. She masturbated him, grabbing the rock hard manhood at its base and working up over the head and back down over and over before inviting it into her mouth, almost to the point of gagging. She swirled her tongue over the top, (something she’d read in cosmo), working the shaft, trying so hard to keep her teeth from touching it, but that was practically impossible.

“I want you inside me.” Rachel said and she straddled his smooth, hard body, grabbing his penis as she slowly lowered herself onto it — she could feel the tip go in, then had to regulate her breathing, stopping after a little bit to acclimate herself to the size. When she felt that her vagina had safely welcomed Dario’s monstrous dick, she slowly started to move up, then down, a little faster each time.

“Do you want me to pull out? Are you on the pill?” Dario asked as he ran his hands on either side of her, squeezing her ass from time to time.

“Come in me.” And he needed no further instruction. She was riding Dario’s dick like nothing she had ever felt before and the tension was building — she was about to come again, this time from deeper inside. Dario felt the pressure building, a few more pumps and he’d be painting the back of Rachel’s uterus. She was almost there, she could feel it coming, and Dario could feel his scrotum tightening up as well as Rachel’s vaginal walls around his dick. Rachel stifled her scream and Dario bit his lip as a river of semen shot into her hot, soaked pussy — she wouldn’t get it like this anywhere else. Slowly, Rachel lifted herself and Dario’s penis fell back slightly toward his stomach as his erection began to subside. Rachel and Dario lied side by side, staring up at the ceiling savoring the recovery, the cold air forcing her to put her top back on. The two faced each other and kissed some more.

“I knew there was a reason I had a good feeling about you…” Rachel said coyly to which Dario simply replied, “Just one?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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