The Coast

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It was almost quittin’ time on Friday!!! TGIF!!!! It had been a very busy week. And now it was all winding down. The progress made with my current project was beyond expectations. I was feeling very satisfied with myself. But the week had taken its toll. There was so much brain work, my mind was almost numb. I was thinking of heading out somewhere for a relaxing weekend before continuing Monday.

I was just about to leave when my cell rang. Expecting to see another business call, I was surprised to see it was Cheryl! Not often does she call but when she does… oh boy! She sounded so sensual and even sexier than usual. I could tell she was “in the mood” for some play time.

She told me how she had gone to the coast, gotten a room, and was preparing for a nice quiet relaxing weekend and asked if I wanted to join her. By the tone of her voice, the weekend would be anything BUT quiet and relaxing. Her words oozed sex. I’ll bet she was at least part naked and was already playing with herself.

Now let me tell you about this heavenly creature. She is blonde and has bright blue eyes that sparkle and dance. Looking into them is mesmerizing. They bahis firmaları are quite the contrast to her alabaster skin and rosy cheeks that turn red easily with either embarrassment or sexual satisfaction. I planned on both!! Her Victorian figure is highlighted by her ample bosom. Yup! Big tits! They sway and jiggle enticingly!! Her nipples are almost always hard and will poke your eye out if not careful!! The flair of her hips provides a beautiful womanly figure atop silky smooth legs and sensuous feet.

I have purposefully left out her most exciting and individual characteristic, her pussy. I have no doubt that wars were fought and worlds have been conquered over such a wondrous thing. She keeps it clean shaven and smooth as a baby’s butt. The slight rise of her Mons and the demure appearance is quite deceiving of what lies beneath. It is without a doubt the prettiest pussy I’ve ever seen. But that is not the most amazing thing. Her outer lips are soft to the touch and meet neatly in the center concealing everything inside. Oh that inside…… That is where “amazing” happens!

Once she gets turned on, her juices begin to flow. I’m not talking kaçak iddaa about just a wet pussy. Her pussy is a flood of sweet nectar. Going commando, as she always does, it surprises me that her crotch does not always have a wet spot. Her pussy is so tight I guess, not much can escape! But that is not the most amazing thing.

Her inner lips are small and part like the delicate petals of a rose. At the top, hiding beneath a small little hood is her clit. This tiny little center of pleasure may be small but it performs its task with definitive results! But that is not the most amazing thing.

The most amazing thing about her pussy is not realized until you get past the beauty, the wetness, the soft tender lips, and move inside. Her pussy is like warm butter. It is softer than soft. It is warm and comforting. It engulfs you completely. It wraps around you and provides a soft gentle pressure like nothing you’ve ever experienced. The feeling is indescribable. Think of putting your cock into a bowl of warm butter, only better!!

That is why I call her Ms. Butter Pussy! I had only heard of such mythical things. I have had my fair share but never, kaçak bahis ever, have I felt something so good, so totally encompassing and gratifying. She has no equal in my book. I feel like the luckiest man on the planet because she wants to play with me!!!!

After stopping by home to pick up a few items, I was off to meet this dream woman. We have had a chance to meet a few times before. However, we had yet to be able to spend more than a couple of hours together. This weekend we would be spending our first nights together.

It wasn’t far to get to the beach. As I drove, my mind was replaying our previous encounters. My cock was hard and I couldn’t stop rubbing myself. I was so turned on I slid my shorts down and freed my aching hard on. Now I could easily stroke myself as my mind pictured the sights of previous trysts and remember the amazing feelings I enjoyed before. My cock was leaking pre-cum. The pleasure was building and if I continued I would cum. I wanted to save it for Cheryl. She loves my cum!

I made the turn onto Coast Hwy. I would soon be visible to pedestrians and more. I reached down and pulled my shorts back up, putting my cock back into prison. It wouldn’t be long now. Besides, Cheryl has a key to my self-imposed cock prison. I’ll let her unlock the entrance. Its always so much better when she does……..

To be continued………

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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