The Cruise

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The moon was full in a clear starlit sky on the first night of our cruise, there was a light breeze flowing over your naked 36dd breast as you lay on top of the bed covers with your long blonde hair in a pony tail having a nap before we went for dinner. The breeze had made your deep pink nipples hard and erect, and watching you lying there naked on the bed apart from your little black thong gave me such a hard on. I wanted to take you there and then, push my cock into you and fill you with my cum, but we do not have time as it was getting close to dinner and we were expected at the Captain’s table. I awake you with a kiss on your full lush lips.

“It’s almost time honey.”

At this you wake up with a sexy smile on your face as if you had been dreaming of something very naughty and get up, putting on your sexy little black backless dress which is low cut at the front showing just enough of your ample cleavage.

At the Captain’s table as we are half way through the main course you feel a hand touch you lightly on your thigh, you turn to me with your eyes wide in surprise and smile at me blowing a little kiss in my direction and whisper to me.

“Soon, Ian, very soon.”

One of the other female guests across the table from us catches your eye and you go all red and shy as she smiles and winks at you.

After we have finished dinner we hit the dance floor to a slow song. Holding you close to me I feel your erect nipples through your dress press against my chest as you illegal bahis feel my erect cock nudging against your pussy mound. You whisper in my ear.

“Let’s find somewhere dark and quiet, I want to feel your hard throbbing cock in my mouth.”

I whisper back to you.

“I have a better idea.”

I take you by the hand and lead you from the ballroom, down the long hall back to our room. On entering the room you see a rose on your pillow next to a bottle of champagne which I had the waiter put there when we were at dinner. You turn to face me with a big smile on your face and ask excitedly.

“What better idea you have in store for me?”

“Bren close your eyes.”

You do without questioning me.

I turn you around and put a blindfold over your eyes and slip your dress off your smooth shoulders and let it slide down your slender body and fall to the floor.

“Don’t move stay right where you are.”

You hear me undressing behind you and then feel my naked chest against your back. You tremble with excitement and wonder what is going to happen next. I guide you over to the bed and sit you down. You then hear the pop of a cork from which I pour two glasses from the champagne bottle. I tell you to slide into the middle of bed, which you do, as I sit on the bed beside you and hand you one of the glasses from which you sip from nervously. You feel the cold of a glass object by your leg and ask.

“What else do you have on the bed?”

I tell you to open your illegal bahis siteleri mouth, and as you do so I pop a strawberry between your lips that had been dipped into the champagne and as you bite into it the juice from the strawberry runs down your chin and down between your breasts which I lean over and lick off you. You hold the other half with your full lush lips for me to take from you with my mouth. As I do we kiss and I take your glass from you and tell you to lie down on your back.

Still with your blindfold on you lie down, and I take out two blue silk ties from the bedside drawer next to me and tie each of your hands in turn to the headboard. You let out a little moan and as I look down your tanned body I can see that your pussy juice is already seeping through your thong. I tell you to spread your legs and you do so. I get off and walk down to the bottom of the bed, kneeling down on the floor I take hold of your foot, I start kissing and licking your toes my tongue traces up to your ankle , then up on the inside of your legs to your knees. I feel you squirming and hear you moaning out.

“Yes Ian higher, higher.”

I kiss and lick further up the inside of your thighs stopping every now and again giving you little love bites on the inside of your thighs. Then up and up I go on the insides of your thighs until I reach the top of your leg until I reach the place between your thigh and crotch and find your very wet thong in front of my eyes. I push my fingers inside canlı bahis siteleri the top of your thong and slowly pull at them and pull them down your thighs to your feet and off you, as I do I blow gently over your very wet pussy lips and nuzzle my nose next to your swollen pussy lips. I can smell your sex so strongly, your juices already leaking from your pussy as you feel your first orgasm start.

I take your vibrator out of your bedside drawer and bring it to the entrance of your pussy. I start to rub it lightly over your pussy lips as you lift your ass of the bed in total lust and wanting!!! You tell me to thrust in inside you.

“When I am good and ready Bren.”

I tease you with it. I turn the vibrator on and continue to tease your pussy with it running it over your pussy lips and on to your clit. I push the tip of it into between your pussy lips as you moan in sheer delight and start to shudder as an orgasm rips through your body!!!!

You beg me to fuck you with the vibrator and I ask just how much you want it deep in your pussy? You say.

“Please Ian I beg you to fuck my pussy deep and hard!”

I turn and look into the full wall mirror and see you lying there with your hands bound to the headboard and the vibrator deep inside your pussy and think to myself, “god you look so sexy laying there I am going to make you cum all night long.” With that I pull the vibrator slowly from your pussy and climb between your legs which you wrap around me and pull me tight to you. Feeling me at the entrance of your pussy you lift up as I thrust my cock deep inside your pussy, your ass now off the bed meeting my thrust as I slide all the way into your warm wet and very inviting love hole.

To Be Continued!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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