The Dance

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Part I

As Michael and I checked into the hotel on Kauai, I saw some shops that I wanted to check out first so I told Michael to go on up to the room and I would join him soon. I browsed around abit but didn’t find anything that I didn’t already have so I went up to the room to join him.

On my way up I found myself in the elevator with a nice couple. I said hello tot hem and found they were on their honeymoon. I offered congratulations to them both as the elevator stopped on the floor and I exited leaving them smiling.

I found my way to the room and knocked on the door whereupon Michael answered. As soon as he opened it I jumped into his arms and wrapped my legs around his waist and planted a deep kiss to his lips. He carried me over to the table and set my ass on the table. Still in our kiss my hands worked to get into jeans.

I unbuckled his belt and undid the button and yanked his jeans down. Snaking out his cock I rubbed the growing shaft in my hand. He had a handful of boob by now as he had lifted my halter up and over my head and had my nipple in his mouth. He sucked them so good as I stroked his cock in and out of my hand.

He then surprised me by stepping back and looking at me. He said that he wanted to see his meal before he came to the table to eat. I stood up and pulled down my skirt exposing my bareness to him. I had let him finger my pussy on the flight over so I was ready to rock his world by then. He told me to sit back up on the table and spread my legs for him. I did him one better and told him to stay there as I scooted up onto the table and began pumping myself.

I had 3 fingers shoved up inside my hot pussy as I rubbed my clit with my other hand. I stared into his eyes as he watched me fucking myself. I felt my orgasm building but didn’t want to cum by my fingers as I wanted his tongue inside me. I brought myself to the edge of orgasm and stopped fucking myself.

I blew him a kiss from my wet finger and told him to cum eat his lunch now. He approached and pulled a chair for him to sit in. As he sat down he dived right into my open and swollen pussy. His lips curling around my clit as his tongue bore into me. I was thrusting my hips into his face as he placed 2 fingers inside my hole.

He began fucking my pussy with his fingers as he licked at my clit. I grabbing at my tits and pulling the nipples hard. Knowing I wasn’t going to hold out long for my orgasm I pushed my pussy into face as his fingers pumped me. He then slid his fingers from my pussy and placed one at my backside and pushed in deeply. As I felt his finger enter my ass and his tongue lapping at my clit I began to cum.

My moans filled the room as I’m sure the people in the next room on all four sides probably heard me cum as I screamed out for him to fuck my ass. He slammed his finger in and out of my tight ass as his tongue stabbed at my clit. My orgasm was full on and strong. I felt my body shake and tremble as he pulled his tongue off me but kept working his finger in and out of my ass.

He sat there and continued to pump my ass until I began to cum again. The sensation of his attention to me was invigorating as I was still having a trippy feeling knowing deep down that I had this man all to myself for the next few days. The feeling of him pumping any part of me was sure to be explosive in my mind.

We decided to get cleaned up and go down and grab a bite to eat. I was thinking of when I would do the ‘the dance’ for him at Rebecca’s request and figured I’d do it tomorrow for when he came back to the room from work. I’d have everything all set up and also I’d have the afternoon to get everything all setup as well as my plans for outfits I would change into and toys I would use on myself for him while he watched.

We went down to the cafe and got a bite, and then we walked around the grounds of the hotel to check out the amenities. We walked over to the exercise room and the swimming pool. The hot tub was situated in the corner and there were several couples relaxing and having a good time.

We walked through the lobby before heading back up to the room. Once in the room, I went to the bedroom and changed into a thigh high and high heel outfit and rejoined Michael in the main living area. We opened the glass doors to the balcony and took a seat enjoying the evening lights of the hotels and island.

As we enjoyed the night air, I decided to give Michael a much awaited orgasm as he had not cum yet as he brought me to orgasm prior to leaving the room before.

So, I slithered over to him and kissed him long and passionate as my hand found his growing cock. I pulled his shorts down and knelt between his thighs. I began licking up his shaft then down the underside. I took the head into my mouth and sucked it firmly. I felt his hands run thru my hair as I lowered my lips over his cockhead and down his shaft.

I had him hard as steel in no time as he moaned out with each thrust on his cock. I sucked and licked his magnificent shaft canlı bahis as it was so thick in my mouth. I bobbed my head on his cock taking more and more of his length and girth into my mouth.

I held onto the base of his cock as I lowered my mouth on him taking him to the back of my throat. Drawing back up his shaft is slow but deliberate motions. He would thrust his hips with up stroke wanting me to take him deeper.

I sucked his cock slow as I wanted him to enjoy the sensation of my tongue and lips on his manhood. Knowing that when he came, he would most likely overfill my mouth unless I swallowed his delicious cum quickly.

I drew slow licks over the head and teased the slit; I would lift his cock up and suck his heavy balls. Moving from one to the other as I slapped my tongue against them before engulfing his cock once more into my throat.

I took his cock in my hand and worked his shaft in my fist as I sucked the head. Pumping his throbbing cock and wanting to taste his hot cum on my tongue was my goal. I wanted to feel his explosion inside my mouth and feel the hot sticky cum fill my mouth.

I felt his body tremor then a low growl escape from his throat. I worked my hand up and down his shaft as I sucked the head and teased the underside with my tongue.

I had my other hand buried in my pussy as I fingered myself. I could feel my own juices rushing and coating my fingers in wanting anticipation of his orgasm. I rubbed my clit hard as I scraped my teeth over his cockhead. He grabbed a fistful of my hair as he pulled my mouth onto his cock.

As I brought my hand from my pussy to his balls he began to cum. I squeezed his balls as I took his head into the back of my throat. I felt his explosion in my throat as I swallowed the first of many streams of hot cum. He shot another followed by another as I swallowed more and more of his sweet cream.

I pulled his cock from my throat as my hand wrapped around his shaft and pumped his few remaining spurts onto my face and tongue. I wanted him to see me take his cum as I licked his head and my hand as I sucked in his cum.

I sucked the head of his cock in before bobbing again on him, up and down; I moved my mouth over his cock wanting to suck from his shaft everything I could draw from him.

As I held his cock in my lips I could feel the warm drops dribbling from his head as I scooped it with my tongue. While looking up at him, I scooped what was on my chin and mouth and pushed inside my mouth. Having swallowed what I could from him only made my pussy crave another hot load.

I smiled up at him as he smiled back at me and said how good that felt and how sexy I looked with his cock in my mouth. I asked him sexy would I look if I mounted his cock and he said very sexy!

I stood up balancing on my 6 inch platforms and facing him, placed his still hard cock against my pussy and lowered myself onto him. I felt his head part and stretch my pussy lips as I took his full 9 inches into my wet pussy.

I told him to keep still as I wanted to fuck him. Using my powerful leg muscles I started to bounce on his cock which was at full attention inside my pussy. It felt so good inside my walls.

I rode his cock hard and fast, taking him deep into my pussy as his hands cupped and groped my tits. Pulling on the nipples with a firm grip made fuck him faster. I bounced on his cock for several minutes before I started to cum.

He reached around me and rubbed my clit with 3 fingers as I orgasmed but still riding his cock. I wanted to feel his hot cum fill my pussy as I reached back and slid a finger into my hot ass. He then replaced my finger with own as he slid his thick finger up my ass and began pumping me.

I could feel my muscles contracting around his cock as I pumped him. He began to moan once more as I raked my nails down his chest and over his nipples. Repeating my nails down his chest again as his finger worked over my ass and my pussy swallowed his cock was enough for him as he grabbed my hips and slammed himself into my pussy.

His cock spasmed and grew thicker as he unleashed a might load inside my pussy. I could feel his cum filling my walls as the heat emptying from his balls washed my sweet walls gripping his shaft. The sensation was incredible as he rammed inside me deeper still. I rode his cock hard and fast wanting to milk his balls this time for sure.

I finally stopped grinding on him as he took a mouthful of my right boob and my nipple between his teeth. He did the same with my left tit. He felt good as I kept him buried inside my pussy. But I wanted one more thing from him.

I slid off his cock and knelt down between his thighs and took his glistening wet cock into my mouth. I wanted to taste our juices on his shaft as I sucked the head. I ran my tongue over his shaft and balls sucking, licking and cleaning his cock from our combined juices. He tasted so good!!

Michael helped me up as we made our way back into the room. We went into the bathroom bahis siteleri and decided to get ready for bed as he had an early morning. We washed each other off and brushed our teeth and got into the big king size bed together. He helped me take off my thigh highs and heels as we dropped into bed.

As we laid there with a sheet over us, I caressed his cock as his hand caressed my pussy. We talked about the day and our sessions and about the day in the morning. I told him our time together will be precious but that he would have to do everything I said for him to do up until his first orgasm. He agreed.

We kissed each other before he turned to his left side and I spooned him. Rubbing his cock as we drifted off to sleep. Our bodies fashioned together as one as sleep came quickly to our tired and satisfied bodies.

Part II

In the morning, Michael woke up later than he would usually do if at work on Oahu, he set his alarm for 5am so he could be at the office by 7am for his training class. This also gave us time to do a little fooling around before he really had to get up to get to the office. He rolled over and gave me a sweet kiss.

I nuzzled next to him as he asked if I was going to do my exercises but I told him not today as ‘you’ are my exercise. He smiled and said ‘oh really, and how am I to be that?’ I smiled back and said that I planned on him going to the office with several ounces short in liquid volume as I threw the sheet off me and worked my way down to his morning erection.

I took him into my hand and kissed it g’morning before taking it onto my tongue. I moved his shaft over and under my tongue before locking my lips over the thickening shaft. I pulled him into my mouth and slowly slid back off his cock never letting my lips not touch his shaft. Once I got to the head back onto him I went. I wanted him to feel the softness of my lips and the warmth of my mouth engulfing his manhood.

I moved my tongue and lips over his shaft then around his cockhead. Taking my time as I pondered if I wanted to have his load fill my mouth again or if I wanted to feel him in my body. I decided to give him a little of everything but I had to be quick about it as time was important.

I bobbed up and down on his stiff cock taking more of him into my throat. Deeper and faster as I closed my mouth on him. He placed his hand on my head but I popped his cock from my mouth and scooted up onto his body.

I straddled him in no time and had pressed my pussy against his hard shaft as I reached back and pushed the head against my pussy. I slowly lowered my hips until I felt his cockhead part my lips and inside he glided in.

I rode him with long deep strokes lifting off his cock until only the head remained inside my pussy the tightening my muscles and slamming back down on him taking him deeply into my body. I could feel the head of his cock rubbing against my cervix as I clamped down on him.

I rode him in this manner for a few minutes while I fed him my nipples. He had me feeling really good as I could feel my own orgasm building inside me. Pumping him faster and faster he began to moan with me. I wanted to feel him so deep in my pussy as I focused on clamping down on his shaft and making myself tighter than he ever felt before.

I think it was working as he started thrusting hips trying to force his cock through my back. He was pounding me deeply now and with each thrust I could feel a grunt escape from my lips or was it his?

I wanted to feel him pounding me so hard but only in a different area this morning. So I slowed him down by placing my feet onto the bed and moving up his body. I then took hold of his cock and slid down his body. I took the head into my mouth as I sucked both our juices off his shaft. He was so coated in wetness that it slipping out from my mouth a couple times.

I then turned around and pointed my ass at him and said climb aboard. I parted my legs wide as he moved between my knees and aimed his cock for my tight lil asshole. In one push he was buried inside me and didn’t stop until his hips met my butt.

I remember groaning as I felt his thick shaft penetrate my backside as he pushed and pulled it in me. His hands grasping firmly on my hips as he fucked my hot ass just like I wanted it. He used long deep strokes as he would pull out almost to the point of falling out before sliding it right back in all the way.

He fucked me so good as I knew he wanted my ass from last night but wanted to give him a send off this morning instead. I was pawing at my tits and pulling my nipples hard as he thrust deep inside my waiting backdoor. I’d reach between my legs and rub my clit as my nails raked across the underside of his cock lighting a fire within him.

I was moaning, telling him to fuck me, to fuck my ass as only he could. He gave it to me good and hard. I would push back onto his thrusts and impale myself on his cock. I felt my orgasm coming on as I told him to fuck me..

He held onto my hips bahis şirketleri tightly as he pulled me back onto his cock, his shaft was strong as if I was riding a length of steel rod. He felt good as he hammered me. I started to cum from the sensations of his thickness in me. He knew I was coming and fucked my ass harder.

He said he was about to cum as well as our thrusts met each other as I wanted him to fuck me deeper. He grabbed a fistful of hair and pulled back on me. I felt his cock growing so thick as I rode him. I wanted him to cum in my mouth instead of my ass this morning and as he fucked me, he groaned out and shot off his cock and turned myself around as he grabbed his cock and stroked it.

I placed my head under his cock as he exploded a full load into my mouth splashing my tongue and chin. He filled the emptiness quickly as he pumped his cockhead into my mouth. I stabbed my tongue at his slit as he dumped more and more cum into my mouth.

By the time his orgasm was easing down I had a full mouth of hot cream. I rolled it around my mouth for abit before swallowing it down as my breakfast. I sucked the head of his cock catching the last of his delicious cum.

He collapsed on the bed beside me as rolled onto my back. My hands kneading my boobs as he lay next to me. Pulling my nipples and wanting to cum again. I moved my fingers over my wet pussy and began massaging my clit. The sharp sensations increasing within myself after having his thick cock impaled in my hot ass. It wouldn’t take much for me to cum again as I raked my nails over my clit a couple times as I slid a finger into my relaxed ass. A few more pumps of my ass and a hard raking over my clit had me screaming in orgasm again.

Michael kissed my forehead and said he had to get up now as he might be late. The conference center wasn’t too far from the hotel so he got into the shower and was out by the time I got myself off the bed.

I slipped on a pair of red stiletto heels and walked with him to the door. I kissed his sweet lips and patted his cock and told him to have a great day and to focus on what is to cum tonight. I told him to call me before he left the office for his way back to the room.

He went out the door as I went and pulled out my double headed dildo. I laid myself on the bed again and slid both head into me. One planted firmly in my pussy and the other in my ass. Feeling the sensation of being filled once more got me to rub my clit. I rubbed my clit in small circles as I thought about taking his cock into my mouth.

Imagining his cock pumping my mouth as I worked both heads in and out of my pussy and ass while rubbing my clit had me coming again. He probably hadn’t even cleared the parking lot by the time I was coming.

I let the toys rest in my body as my hands dropped to my sides. Thinking about how I would plan the evening for him made my insides swell. I couldn’t wait to feel his cock in me again. I set the alarm for an hour and turned onto my side. I pumped myself with my double headed toy a bit more until I fell asleep. I awoke when the alarm went off with the toys still embedded in my ass and pussy. Easing them out then licking the head of the one which was in my pussy got my creative juices flowing.

Part III

I had setup the room with predetermined scarves across the light fixtures to give the room a dim feeling. I had taken out some of the light bulbs and replaced them with colored lights. I placed chairs around the room in the areas of where I would dance.

I setup my music ahead of time in the order the discs would play. I set my toys up in various areas of the room as well as on the small table on the balcony. Making sure everything was just right before I got into the shower and put on my first outfit which consisted of a blonde wig, a teal teddy with matching garter belt and black back seamed stockings.

This first dance would be to get him into the ambience of the room and it’s surroundings. I would tease him by dancing against him and moving my ass against him. I know he will reach out for my boobs so I placed gold nipple clamps on that he can pull my nipples with.

I double checked everything and my notes on how I wanted the evening to progress. With everything in it’s proper place the only thing missing was Michael. I had ordered a bottle of champagne to be brought up to the room within the time frame of my second outfit change. It wasn’t the champagne I was waiting for but the bottle itself.

I called Michael and left a message for him on his voicemail. I told him that I was waiting for him and that he needed to remember to call me when he was on his way back to the hotel. I would need that little bit of extra time to assure myself that nothing was going to go wrong with this evening.

At about 5:30pm, he called saying he was leaving the office and that he would be in the room within 20 minutes. I told him to take his time but to knock then wait 30 seconds before walking in. This way I could get my music going.

I practiced moves and which way I would approach him and from what angles. I looked over my notes again as to when I would change outfits and what I was to have in my hands for the next set of music.

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