The Holiday Cruise

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It was the young man who drew my attention to their table. He was slender in build and about twenty years of age I guess. But he kept glancing across at me with a mysterious look. When my eyes met his, he smiled thinly and turned away to the woman on his right, who I assumed to be his mother. Opposite him was another woman – she looked a little younger and would be his sister, I assumed. He was reasonably good looking and suave in dinner jacket and black tie.

I noticed him lean in to say a few words to his mother, who looked across at me herself. Our eyes met and held each other for a few seconds, before she smiled and gave a slight nod. I returned the smile. She was a blonde lady – fairly tall I thought, though when sitting down it’s not always easy to tell. Perhaps early forties. Her dinner gown was low cut, showing the promise of generous creamy boobs, accented by a string of pearls – imitation probably. I speculated on her nipples when she glanced at me again, and noticed that I was studying her with some interest. I hurriedly averted my eyes to concentrate on eating the dinner.

Then the woman leaned over to speak to her daughter, who looked over her shoulder at me. Although I wasn’t looking at her directly, I was aware of her looking at me. With a slight smile on her lips. This was followed by some light animated conversation between them. The meeting of eyes continued on and off during the whole meal.

We were cruising off the Spanish coast. We had left the ship for a tour of Barcelona, when Simon, my husband, fell down some steps and broke his ankle! On our first day ashore – and only another ten to go! Hell fire! The Medical Centre staff were brilliant – and expensive – fitting him out with a surgical boot and crutches! So that rather curtailed our activities – though not entirely when under the sheets.

I had hoped for a rejuvination of our sex life under the Mediterranean stars, but the rough weather in the Bay of Biscay didn’t do my tummy any good. The calmer seas after passing Gibraltar were better and we did manage a quickie on the third morning. Simon was curled up to my back and I had felt his erection when I woke up. So I took the plunge and guided it into my vagina – which is usually in a constant state of readiness!

I must say that Simon took the hint and fucked me quite a while before he finally ejaculated. I finished myself off with my fingers. So nothing extraordinary, but even so… a welcome bit of sex.

In the large dining-room, I happened to be sitting at a table diagonally across from that of the family of three, so they were often in the corner of my line of vision. The following evening, the same happened – glances, smiles and nods. After dinner, Simon and I were sitting in one of the bar areas drinking coffee, when the blonde lady appeared with her two children. She came over to our table.

‘Hi! I’m Beverley, and this is Sam and this Angie. We can’t help noticing your dilemma and wanted to say how sorry we are to see you in this state. It must be very frustrating.’

‘Very kind,’ I replied. ‘I’m Sarah and this is Simon. Do join us for coffee.’

‘Well, the kids are off to some disco or other, but if I may…’

The usual chatter and exchange of experiences on cruises, led Beverley to offer to show us their suite, complete with balcony. Simon demurred, claiming that he wished to relax his leg – but in truth he preferred to sit quietly with a large whisky and soda without the constant chattering of two women to disturb him. Besides, I suspect he wanted to ogle the scantily clad young ladies with soft succulent breasts.

I had been interested in the other accommodation offered on the ship and here was a chance to see the more expensive cabins. We took the lift to C deck and Beverley led the way down the corridor to the family suite. A penthouse suite no less!

It was a very comfortable space, with large sofa, armchairs, dining table and chairs, writing desk and chair. Television of course. A separate bedroom area with two lower beds converted to a king-size double. The bathroom had a jacuzzi bath, shower and WC. And sliding doors onto the balcony through which the rays of the evening sun cut across the sofa.

As I looked round, murmuring my approval, Bev offered me a brandy. Already pleasantly inebriated, I accepted. As I stepped onto the balcony, watching the sun glitter on the waves Bev poured two large glasses topped up with champagne from an already-opened bottle. After handing me the glass, we saluted each other. I returned to the centre of the room to face Bev.

She had a large figure – wide hips and a large bosom. It was possible just to notice a darkening of the creamy skin where the breasts disappeared into the top of her dress. It was tantalising! Her blonde hair was carefully arranged. With a straight nose and full lips, high cheek-bones and wide blue eyes, her face was fresh and attractive. The lips looked inviting! I found myself strangely turned on. My groin had that slight ache – a vague yearning that many women get when wanting sexual relief.

As ataşehir escort bayan we sipped our brandies, neither of us spoke for a few seconds. Bev looked me up and down slowly with a smile of approval on her face, before nodding slightly.

‘That’s a most becoming dress, if I may say so, Sarah. It shows off your figure to great advantage. Most attractive. You must take care that the ship Lotharios don’t get a hold of you.’

I laughed. ‘Fat chance. At my age?’

‘Oh, don’t you believe it, they specialise in flattering the ladies who think they’re a wee bit past it, believe me. And with a figure like yours…’ She left the sentence unfinished.

‘You sound as though you speak from experience.’ I laughed. ‘And what’s more, you are very attractive yourself. Your dress doesn’t leave much to the imagination, though it does rather make one want to see rather more of what lies within the cleavage!’

‘That’s easy,’ Bev giggled. And she surprised me by suddenly unbuttoning the top and shrugging it from her shoulders. ‘There!’

Much to my astonishment, she was not wearing a bra. Her breasts were large and firm, with very little sag. The centre of interest were the two saucer-like inflated areola topped with large wrinkled nipples. I gasped with both admiration and surprise. I also couldn’t believe my own nonchalance and lack of embarrassment.

‘What do you think?’ Bev cupped both breasts in the palm of her hands, and lifted them, slowly weighing them up and down for my inspection. My eyes were wide with astonishment.

‘They’re… fabulous, darling!’ I stammered. The effect of the wine at dinner, the liqueurs afterwards, and now the generous brandy and champagne, had removed all vestige of embarrassment from me. My vaginal juices were beginning to flow. I was itching to feel those superb boobs.

Bev must have read my thoughts. ‘Go on, Sarah. Weigh them! Give ’em a squeeze!’

As my hands explored their spongy texture, Bev openly and unashamedly, unfastened the clasps of my sarong, allowing it to slip from my shoulder, to fall in a heap of white silk at my feet. My bra was a flimsy, low-cut white lacy silk affair, which did little other than hold up the droop of my ample tits. Though nothing like as ample as Bev’s. And my nipples are nothing to write home about, though they are sensitive. Having them sucked is a recip0e for getting me worked up pretty quickly.

‘Superb! There, I told you the Lotharios would lust after you, Sarah. And with what you have to offer, there’d be no shortage of attempts to suckle those nipples and get their cocks inside those skimpy knickers, to taste the delights of your womanhood.’

‘Do you do this often, Bev? Or – forgive the direct question – are you a true lesbian.’

As I spoke, I took my hands reluctantly from her breasts, reaching behind my shoulders to unclasp the bra. I wanted Bev to see my own tits, to enjoy the sight of my own nakedness. I shrugged the bra off, shaking my breasts free of their confines.

‘No – definitely bi, dear. I love cock as much as the rest of them. But I love a good cunt as well. And tits! What about you?’

‘Oh… Just a fling with the vicar’s wife now and again. But we both enjoy cock as well – when we can get it.’

It was, in fact, Susanna, the vicar’s wife , who had introduced me to lesbian sex. She had a superb technique whereby she would keep me on the fringe of an orgasm, without letting it actually explode. Susanna could control it like surfing the waves, bringing it nearer and nearer until I was almost screaming with utter frustration. Then letting it crash over me, swamping me in a delirium of sexual and physical elation.

Bev was staring at the tits I love, closing in on me. She took me in her arms, and kissed me softly and lingeringly on the lips. I liked that. I responded, chewing lightly on her full lips. As we kissed, her hand slid down my back, slipping inside the waistband of my knickers to caress the firm mounds of flesh. My bottom is fairly firm – not too large – and squeezable. Our breasts squashed hard together. Her swollen nipples caressed my own stiff ones as she rubbed them together sexily. It was incredibly exciting.

As we kissed, she hooked her thumbs into the waistband of my knickers, slowly easing them over my hips. Her lips left mine, moving over my neck, then down to my breasts, as she gently slid onto her knees in front of me. All the time, I fondled her boobs as her tongue and lips caressed my body – starting with my nipples, sliding down to my belly until she reached my hairy mound. Her hands had, by this time, pushed the knickers to my ankles.

Having achieved that goal, Bev ran the palms of her hands up the inside of my thighs, reaching the now soaking vulva, where they parted the labia to expose my hard clitoris. Her lips gripped the small pale knob whilst her tongue flicked against it gently. My body responded immediately by trembling and shuddering with lust, head thrown back, concentrating on the pleasure I felt in my groin. It was bliss!

Before escort kadıköy I realised what was happening, the two of us were sprawled on the large sofa, clawing eagerly at each other’s genitals. Bev exploring the valley between my blonde hairy thighs, whilst I groped lasciviously at her sloppy, wet labia.

Her golden hair – almost ginger – spread across the lower belly, over her puffed outer labia and well into the inner thighs. She had a very large, fleshy vulva, with generous labia of considerable proportions. I parted them with my thumbs to reveal the glorious opening to her inner mystery. The inner tongues of pink flesh that surrounded the tunnel, Bev’s secret passage, were flexing open and close, with the instinctive jerking of the inner muscles. I was fascinated.

The milky, saliva-like love juice was seeping from the dark interior of the dilated vagina. At the top of the wide red gash, hidden beneath its prominent hood, was the button which could trigger her untold physical delight. Emerging from the under side side of the hood, liked looped curtains, were the inner labia, generous drooping folds of coral-coloured, crumpled flesh flanking the urethra. The whole picture was framed with the thick, plump outer lips, covered with her silky golden hair, shimmering in the shaft of sunlight that fell across her thighs.

Bev took my face between her hands, encouraging it to close in on her vulva. I was only too willing. The feeling of my cool breath on her vulva must have increased her anticipation. Her body lurched suddenly as my tongue flicked under the hood to find her clitoris. Her whole body was now alive with trickling sensations. I felt her groin lurch and twitch inside. The fluttering excitement was growing stronger in her. Her muscles tensed and tightened, like a coiled spring. Her thighs were trembling and shaking as I sensed her reaching to her very core for her orgasm.

I was playing her like a delicate instrument and enjoying controlling her reactions. Now panting and writhing with a growing tautness in her muscles, the whole of her loins shook with a craving for relief. Trembling legs were straining to reach that wonderful moment when the tension snaps. It was blissful agony for her. I knew that she desperately wanted her orgasm, yet wanting the sensation racking her body to last forever. That is what I wanted to give her. It was sheer ecstasy for her. Moaning with agonised rapture, the waves of lust shuddered throughout her being.

My mouth was driving her crazy, clinging on to her labia, licking and lashing with eagerness, tongue jabbing in and out of the hot vagina. The wide sloppy entrance didn’t escape attention, either. My long, stiff tongue penetrated it, after licking carefully around the rim, where the honeyed vaginal juices had trickled. God! I was working her body and she was loving it!

When I unexpectedly pushed my index finger deep into her anus, that did it! It triggered the orgasm. Bev’s body jolted violently. Her whole body shook and trembled. Huge spasms, one after another, shuddered her loins and thighs. It seemed to go on forever! Her loins were clutching at the orgasm, spasm after spasm, lurching wildly as the climax finally erupted from the very pit of her being, bursting through her like an exploding rocket.

Bev’s agonising scream was almost silent, as though she wanted to keep the intense joy to herself. Her face was screwed up as if in pain. I was both surprised and overjoyed by the power of her orgasm.

As Bev recovered, I cupped her vulva in my palm, gently cuddling it. Kneeling beside her, I tenderly kissed her swollen nipples before engaging with her mouth. We kissed tenderly for some time, lips and tongues playing together, whilst Bev stroked my breasts with one hand, feeling my soft vulva with the other. Murmurs of untold delight escaped her lips as she slowly recovered from her ordeal, her breathing regaining its composure. It had been an orgasm that I would long remember – and I hoped she would – fantastic!

During the embrace, we slowly rolled onto the floor with Bev on top. It was now her chance to examine my own dark secret. Explore that female shrine she begged for. After smothering my face and neck with kisses, she licked and nibbled her way down to my groin, paying attention to the navel on the way, whilst nipping and rolling the nipples with her fingers. Into the forest of hair growing on the hard mound, her lips and tongue sought the peak of the most private part of my body, probing the creases of flesh until they encountered the clitoral hood.

I gave a light involuntary jerk as they arrived at the crucial spot before her stiffened tongue snaked between the honeyed labia, exploring every crease in my sex valley, before finding its way into the warm concealed pocket of pleasure. The seat of my joyful lust.

Turning to a sixty-nine position, Bev could now study my vulva in detail as she kissed and nibbled. The brownish-pink ridges of flesh growing down the inner slopes of the outer lips, covered with a soft fleece, until the ridges join together bostancı escort below the vaginal opening. That vital lair of mine is protected by four small petals of wet flesh – like a third set of small labia. Hidden within these little lips, is the gateway to the dark mystery of my whole being. The delightful entrance to the alluring passage of my wonderful shrine – to the altar of Aphrodite, as someone had once called it, the goddess of love and desire, now agape with aroused expectation.

In a barely audible hoarse whisper, I told her, ‘You are now in my garden of paradise, darling! Search for the shrine. Adore it! Worship it!’

Bev lightly kissed the hollows of my inner thighs, blowing gently on the vulva. Slowly, the guardian tongues parted to reveal the secret yawning opening, filled with my plentiful starchy secretion. The mouth dilated and throbbed, urging its juices to ooze over, to trickle thickly down to the entrance to my other passage.

After softly rubbing the tip of her nose, lips and tongue over my entire valley of delight, allowing her stiffened tongue to investigate the taste of the sweet, precious emission, Bev engulfed the whole inner labia in her mouth, sucking and gently chewing with her lips. My loins shook and trembled, begging for more.

Whilst penetrating me with three of her fingers, Bev lowered her own loins to my face, pressing the soft flesh of her vulva against my mouth. I chewed the ample labia, delighting in tasting her feminine juices. My tongue darted in and out of her vagina, mt nose rubbing against her clit.

With hands now exploring my whole body, her eager fingers and mouth devouring the delights of my vulva, Bev must have been aware of the slow increase in the tension in my loins. They were gently twisting and swaying. The muscles in the groin jolting with light spasms. Murmurs and groans of pleasure escaped my lips, becoming more intense. My head started to roll from side to side as my whole body started to shake.

It was obvious that sharing the sexual arousal of another woman was no new experience for Bev. And a most erotic one. She delighted in dabbling in the forest of hair, the swollen outer lips, the delectable inner labia, the juicy lips of the inner mouth. My puckered anus was covered with juices. Bev snaked her stiff tongue into the centre of it.

With a lunge and a great cry of fanatical relief, my vagina erupted with a splash of juices. They splattered over her face.

‘Ah!’ she cried, ‘a squirter! Wonderful, dear!’

It was at this moment that the door opened to admit her son, Sam. He was standing over me, looking down at the pair of us of the floor in the flush of orgasms. I didn’t see him at first. I was too occupied with my physical sensations to care what was going on elsewhere. It was as my brain returned to reality that he came into focus. As he gazed on the ample buttocks of his mother, straddling my head, the gleam in his eyes told all!

I was surprised that I accepted the situation without batting an eyelid. My whole body was suffused with a glow of sheer lechery. In fact, I seriously wondered if Bev had actually laced my drink – I wouldn’t have put it past her. And I didn’t care. I was enjoying an orgy of sex.

Without a word, Sam unfastened the waistband of his trousers, lowering the zip fastener, allowing the trousers to shutter to the carpet. He kicked them aside. My eyes were glued to the bulge in his underwear. It was lifting and stirring. Sam pushed the pants from his thighs to reveal his fast growing erection. My mouth dried up! I stared at it, hypnotised by the throbbing as it reached it’s full stretch.

It was majestic! Long and straight and solid. Not particularly thick – more like a pole than a trunk. I guessed about seven or eight inches of pale, smooth, solid cock, with a slight shallow S bend in the shaft. There’s something about a young man’s erect penis – proud and arrogant, yet innocent and unsullied, in a way. It was upright and fully stretched, ready for inserting into the warm female flesh designed for that very purpose.

It had been a delightful revelation to me when I finally realised many years ago, that no two cocks were the same. It’s the same with vulvas. So it was always with a feeling of eager expectation that I took hold of a new penis. Such a thrill to feel a fresh one. To examine it closely. To smell it.

Kneeling either side of my head, I watched in utter amazement as the young man aimed his long, quivering cock at his mother’s vagina, sliding it straight in, up to the hilt. Never before had I watched a cock part the labia to penetrate the vagina. Well, I had watched cock push its way into my own pussy many times, of course, but to see it in front of my very eyes, close up, slipping beneath the long wet folds of his mother into her feminine passage, was nothing short of stunning!

I heard Bev moan with delight as the cock penetrated her, immediately starting to slide in and out. The floppy labia clutched at the shaft as it drew out, as though trying to prevent it leaving nature’s home for it. Then relieved as it slid back in again! Sam’s low-hung testicles were swinging over my face as his rhythm increased, whilst Bev was grunting with each thud of his cock. He gripped each buttock to steady himself, sliding that long solid pole into his own mother!

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