The Lake House Lessons 12

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The story ends, for now….


I opened my eyes, and tried to turn on my side, but could not move. My upper body, especially my arms, felt dead, and when I tried to move, sharp pain gave me second thoughts. I guess I had really overdone it the day before. I forced myself to turn enough to see the clock—it was 7:08 a.m., and I desperately needed to take a piss. I could hear Ariel breathing softly next to me. I was able to turn enough to see that she was sleeping, totally naked, and uncovered.

Seeing her naked body made me feel good, but it didn’t alleviate the soreness of my muscles. Somehow, I was able to lift myself off the bed and make it into the bathroom. I realized that there was a Jacuzzi in there, so I closed the door and started the water, as hot as possible. I took a leak, then took a bunch of Advil with water. I tried to windmill my arms to loosen them up, but it really hurt.

When the tub filled with steaming water, I stepped in, and gingerly sat down before turning on the jets. It was loud, and I worried about waking Ariel, but I really, really needed it. The hot, pulsating water soothed my sore body, and I was able to relax.

A knock at the door startled me, and I said, “Who is it,”

“Ariel,” she said, “I need to come in.”

“Of course,” I said. Still naked, she walked into the bathroom and said, “Great idea, are you still sore?”

“Yeah,” I responded, “but this feels good.”

“I need to pee,” she said.

“Go ahead,” I responded.

“Really?” she asked, “it won’t bother you?”

“Why should it?” I asked, “I know you must do it, and considering what we have been doing, why should it bother me?

She sat down, did her business, wiped herself and stood up. The word “statuesque” popped into my head as I admired her sculpted body with its round, firm breasts.

“Want some company?” she asked.

“Absolutely,” I said, and she lowered herself into the tub, facing me.

I shifted so that our legs were parallel, and I began to gently stroke hers under the water, and she reciprocated. We relaxed in the hot tub, feeling the soothing jets, touching but not talking until the water began to cool. I noticed Ariel’s nipples hardening from the chill and suggested that we get out. I stopped the jets and stood up, laboriously. I stepped out painfully and grabbed a towel. Ariel emerged from the water gracefully, and I handed her a towel. I drained the tub and we left the bathroom.

Before we got dressed, Ariel said, “What you need to do now is to take a run.”

I looked at her like she was crazy.

“Trust me,” she continued, “it will loosen you up and feel good.”

“If you insist,” I said, “but don’t expect me to go too far.”

“Meet you downstairs in 10 minutes,” she said, and left the room wrapped in a towel. I found a pair of running shorts and a t-shirt, and a pair of what could charitably be called running shoes, put them on and went downstairs.

Ariel was outside, stretching a little and warming up. She had changed into a sports bra that clung to her chest and displayed her abs, and a pair of spandex shorts. I pretended to warm up, only to be showed the correct technique by Ariel, and she started off down the path. I followed, focusing on the way that the spandex shorts made her ass look amazing. I thought I was going to die at the start, but after a while, it began to feel good. I even caught up to Ariel, who was running effortlessly as I huffed and puffed.

“You should stop if you want, and walk back to the house. Just don’t stop right away, or you will tighten back up.”

I slowed to a walk, watched Ariel’s ass run away, and turned to go back to the house. I was actually feeling better by the time I arrived. The house was still quiet, so I put up some coffee, and poured myself some orange juice. Then, I added a little vodka. I drank it down, and felt the warmth of the vodka creep outward from my stomach, dulling the pain of my aching muscles. I made a couple of slices of toast, and ate them, drinking coffee. Ariel came in as I was having breakfast, sweating from her run.

“Feeling better?” she asked.

“A little,” I responded.

She went into my former downstairs room, and I heard the shower. I thought briefly about joining her, but instead, like a zombie, I walked upstairs and fell into the bed, without changing, and fell into a deep sleep.

I was shaken awake and turned to look who was ruining my nap. It was Dana, who said, “time to get your sorry ass out of bed. We need to open a window. This room smells of sweat, and sex and my mother’s perfume.”

I rolled onto my back, and saw that Dana was wearing a striped bikini that somehow enhanced her usual bustiness. I tried to move, and realized that I wasn’t so sore any more. I groaned and reached up to Dana, hoping that she would get into bed with me and make me feel better.

She did not cooperate, instead saying, “You need to come to the lake—do you think I want Ariel to be the one to rub escort ataşehir sunscreen on my back?”

I slowly got out of the bed and decided to change the sheets. Dana helped me and opened the window. I changed into my swimsuit and went downstairs, watching Dana’s butt swaying provocatively in front of me. I looked at the clock, and it was after 11.

“Where is everybody?” I asked.

“At the lake,” she responded.

We grabbed towels and I found my iPod and book, and headed down the path. Only Ariel was there.

“Where are Steve and Sarah?” I asked.

“They took the boat out.” Dana smiled at me.

Dana lay down on her stomach and undid her bikini strap. She handed me the sunscreen, and I dutifully slathered it on her back and legs. I found a chair in the shade, turned on the iPod and began to read. After a while, I looked over toward Dana, who was now lying on her back, topless, rubbing sunscreen into her breasts. I thought about offering to help, but instead just enjoyed watching her coat those perfect orbs with cream and massage it in.

I felt my cock hardening from the show. She must have sensed me watching, because she looked me straight in the eyes, shot me her knee buckling look and pushed her tits out in my direction. I almost came in my shorts, but instead smiled back at her and returned to my book. I noticed the rowboat returning, with Steve rowing and Sarah navigating. Her hair was mussed, so I assumed I knew what had happened. Meanwhile, Ariel had also taken off her top, and was lying on her chair, her breasts glistening with lotion.

After tying up the boat, Sarah and Steve came up and joined us. I could see Steve quickly, and as subtly as possible, take in the beautiful topless women and then smartly turn his attention back to Sarah. He kept his eyes locked on her as they claimed two chairs on the opposite side of Ariel from me, and I saw Sarah shrug and take off her top and begin to apply lotion to her breasts. I quickly looked away, but not before getting a glimpse of her beautiful chest.

Even though I was sitting in the shade, I was feeling very hot, so I turned off the iPod, took off my shirt and jumped into the cool water. It felt great against my skin, and against my sore muscles, and I just floated, my eyes closed, enjoying the coolness. I heard a splash, and saw Dana, still topless, getting into the lake, swimming toward me. She wrapped her arms and legs around me so that her breasts smashed against my chest.

“I got hot, and wanted a hug,” she said.

We held each other in that position until Dana let go of my neck and leaned back and floated just under the surface, except for her tits, which were like beautiful lightly tanned islands emerging from the water. My cock snapped to attention, which Dana must have felt through the thin fabric of her bikini bottom.

She sat up and wrapped her arms around my neck again, ground her crotch into mine, briefly, and said. “Not here. Later.”

I knew how she liked to make me anticipate sex with her, and I think she knew that I was turned on by it. “I don’t know,” I said, “I hope I’m not too tired.”

She knew I was joking, but she turned on the look and said, “I can’t imagine how that would be possible.”

She gave me another grind, then unwrapped her legs, kissed me, let go of my neck and swam away. I waited a few minutes for my erection to subside, and swam to shore.

The rest of the day was unremarkable, but when it came time to prepare dinner, we realized that because the original plan was to go home that day, we didn’t really have enough food to make cooking feasible. Sarah suggested that we order pizza and salads from the one pizza place in town, so she placed the order and she and Steve drove off to get it. Dana and I sat together on the couch, watching TV, while Ariel was listening to her iPod and checking out Facebook on her laptop. It took about 45 minutes for them to return with the food, and we filled our plates.

Before we started, though, Steve said, “I have a little surprise.” He went into his room and came out with a baggie and a pipe. “I have some amazing hash,” he said, “and we should smoke it.”

He filled the pipe and lit it, taking a big hit and holding it in. I had never smoked hash before, but everyone seemed pretty excited, so when the pipe came around to me, I eagerly filled my lungs with the fragrant smoke. After a few hits, the pizza tasted unbelievable, and pretty much anything anyone said was hysterical. We ate, and laughed, smoked and drank beer until every slice of pizza and all of the salad was eaten. Which was, for some reason, very funny.

After dinner, Sarah found an old Pictionary game, and we tried to play. The rules seemed particularly complicated for a kids’ game, but we figured them out. We played Sarah and Steve against me, Ariel and Dana, and we added some rules that required kissing and some limited nudity, but I don’t specifically recall exactly what they were. But it was an incredible amount of kadıköy escort bayan fun, especially after the tequila came out after about round 4.

By about 11, we were all smashed and high, and feeling no pain. At one point, I saw Steve carry Sarah into the bedroom, as she kissed him. I loaded the pipe up one last time, and took it upstairs, followed by both Dana and Ariel. We got to the master bedroom, and I fired up the hash, took a deep hit and passed it to the women. The pipe made it around a few times, and I made sure that the window was open to let the smoke escape, but my head was floating. Everything seemed right with the world, and generally amusing. I started to get undressed, and Dana and Ariel followed my lead. Soon, I sitting at the edge of the bed, looking at two of the most beautiful naked women anyone had ever seen, and I started to laugh.

Ariel looked at me and said, “Are you laughing at us?”

“No,” I said, “I’m laughing because I think it is funny that I am in a room with two beautiful naked women and my cock is pointing at them.”

They seemed to think that was funny, too, and started laughing.

Dana dropped to her knees and began to suck on my cock, which felt to me at that moment to be the most incredible feeling ever, and my body was tingling all over. Ariel knelt next to her, reached over, and gently pulled my cock out of her sister’s luscious lips, put it into her own equally warm mouth, and began licking it and humming. The sight of these two women, with their gorgeous faces and amazing tits, blowing me in tandem, was so improbable that I began to giggle.

Dana and Ariel took turns sucking my cock, and started to get into it. When one wasn’t sucking, she was holding the shaft with one hand and jamming it into her sister’s mouth while gently fingering my balls with the other hand. Under normal circumstances, this would have made me cum almost immediately, but I guess the booze and hash dulled my senses somewhat, and this greatest blow job of all time seemed to last forever.

I was in ecstasy. Every nerve ending in my body was vibrating with pleasure, and the women didn’t seem to be flagging; to the contrary, they seemed to enjoy themselves more as they went along, laughing as they shared my cock. The inevitable, however, was approaching, and I started flailing under their attention and couldn’t hold back any longer.

I gasped, “I’m cumming” and Ariel pulled my cock out of Dana’s mouth, causing me to shoot cum onto Dana’s face, then Ariel turned it toward her face, receiving a load on her face. There was a moment of stunned silence as I looked at these stunning sisters kneeling in front of me with my cum dripping off their faces, and they looked at each other. Suddenly, Ariel began to laugh uncontrollably and Dana joined in. I caught the bug, and the three of us were giggling wildly.

The two women stood up, and Ariel leaned over and began to lick the cum off of Dana’s face and Dana did the same to Ariel. I watched, mesmerized. Dana licked a drop of cum off of her sister’s breast and started to suck on her nipple. Ariel grabbed for Dana’s larger, rounder breast, massaging it. The two of them fell onto the bed, and began kissing and groping each other while I watched, rapidly becoming aroused again at the sight.

Dana came up for air briefly, looked at me and asked, “What are you waiting for?”

I dove in and began to kiss and rub and suck on any part of either of the women that presented itself. Soon, I found myself in between them, as we explored each other’s bodies for what felt like hours of uninterrupted pleasure. In my substance and lust-induced haze, I could not catalogue all that happened that night.

At various times, I know that I found my cock in at least one pussy, sucked by mouths, rubbed between breasts, and being stroked by hands. My mouth sucked tits, licked clits, kissed mouths and skin, my hands grabbed breasts, rubbed nipples, and my fingers were inserted into pussies. I was over, under and next to sexy female bodies. I was kissing and was kissed, biting and was bitten, sucking and was sucked, licking and was licked.

Dana and Ariel were all over each other, and I do recall at one point, Dana was on top of Ariel, in 69 position, I stuck my cock into Dana’s pussy from behind, and was able to feel Ariel licking Dana’s clit. I can’t count how many times I climaxed that night, or where my cum ended up. At some point, however, I know I fell asleep, exhausted.


I woke up in the early morning with a dry mouth and a slight headache. When I was able to figure out my surroundings, I realized that I was lying on my back, part way down the bed with my head on Ariel’s belly, and Dana was on her side, between my legs, sleeping with her head on my thigh. My muscles were still a little sore, and I felt sticky and clammy.

I tried to remember details of the previous night’s activities, and was only able to remember very basic things. Surprisingly, my hazy recollections were sufficiently escort bostancı exciting that my cock began to rise in front of Dana’s face. Dana must have been awake, because she gently grabbed my stiffening rod and stuck it in her mouth, and leisurely began to suck on it and play her tongue around the tip until I was fully hard. I began to stroke her hair, which was matted from sweat and who knows what. I felt Ariel stroke my hair, and I reached down and began to gently caress her vulva, then moved in to softly stroke her inner lips.

We continued in this way, without moving, just gently giving each other pleasure. It was a great way to wake up. Dana sensed that I was beginning to approach orgasm, and she got up, repositioned herself and lowered herself onto my cock. She sat there, not moving, and I felt her exquisite moist warmth surrounding my shaft. Meanwhile, I continued to slowly finger Ariel, who was stroking my head.

After what seemed like a long time, Dana raised herself up and started bouncing on my cock, her perfect breasts swaying in time. I increased the speed of my rubbing Ariel, and began to stroke her clit, causing her to purr and writhe on the bed. Dana increased her pace on me, and I reached out with my free hand to grab her right breast and massage her nipple until it hardened under my touch. I came with a gasp, and Ariel followed seconds later.

Dana stopped bobbing, resting on my crotch, my soft penis still inside her. I reached down with my left hand and massaged her clit until she began to wiggle her hips and breathe heavily. She threw her head back and laughed, enjoying her orgasm. She then collapsed on top of me, her head on my chest, her tits against my stomach, legs still straddling me.

I woke up some time later. Dana was still on top of me, breathing evenly, and my head was flat on the bed. Ariel had moved so that her head was on the pillow, and my face was just inches from her pussy. The smell was strong, but intoxicating. I wanted to bury my face into it, but with Dana on my chest, I couldn’t turn on my side without waking her. And the feeling of Dana’s warm, soft body sleeping on my chest was so comfortable that I didn’t want it to end.

I reached over and began to gently caress Ariel’s leg. I could feel the strong muscles that allowed her to keep running when I gave out. I must have awakened her, because she moved her leg into a better position for me to stroke it, and she began to softly sigh. After a few minutes, she moved away, and I wasn’t sure what was going to happen, until I felt her move to the bed directly above my head. She kneeled over me, her knees on either side of my head, facing my feet. I looked up and saw the bottoms of her pale breasts before she lowered her crotch to my mouth, blocking my view of anything else. As I said, her smell was intense after our long night of screwing, but it made me crave more. My body was happily pinned under Dana, but I was able to raise my still aching arms until they rested on Ariel’s hips. Using my lips and tongue, I explored Ariel’s juicy pussy as she ground herself into me, spreading her juices all over my face.

The activity caused Dana to wake up. She turned around, straddling my torso so that her ass was facing Ariel, and began to lick my cock like an ice cream cone. I felt Ariel bend over and Dana raise her ass higher, and Ariel began to lick Dana’s pussy from behind. I continued to pleasure Ariel with my mouth and tongue until she was bouncing on and off my face, while I could feel Dana shaking from Ariel’s attention. Dana began to suck on the head of my cock, and then lowered her mouth over the shaft. Between the warmth of her mouth and her tongue flicking at me, and the fact that I was entwined with these two unbelievably sexy women, I lost control and shot my load into Dana’s mouth at the same time that Ariel yelled out and squeezed my head between her thighs. Then, Dana exhaled loudly and began to laugh. Even without the buzz from last night’s hash, we all began to laugh as Ariel collapsed on top of me and Dana. I was buried under both of their gorgeous bodies. I couldn’t move, and had no interest in doing so.

Eventually, though, we all got untangled and got out of bed. The bed was a wreck. Sheets were stained and crumpled, pillows were strewn around the room and the blanket was shoved half under the bed. We looked at each other, still naked. I realized that two of the most amazing nights of sex I ever could have dreamed of took place in that room.

I broke the silence, “Well…that was fun…,” I ventured.

“Holy crap,” said Ariel, “that was incredible, and Dana, wow…”

I looked at them, “Had you ever done anything like that with each other before?”

Dana looked at me and said, “No, but I’m not unhappy that it did now.”

Ariel smiled and said, “I agree, but we need to keep this between us, O.K.?”

We all agreed. The last thing I would ever want to do is embarrass either of these women who had come to mean so much to me.

We all showered, separately (for some reason we all seemed to want a little privacy), dressed, stripped the bed, cleaned a few stains off of the carpet, and went downstairs. Sarah and Steve were already awake, and gave us enormous, amused smiles when we came downstairs.

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