The Landlady’s Sons

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My apologies for those of you waiting for the next chapter of Good Working Relationship but this story has been going round inside my head all summer and was getting in the way of continuing Paul and Marisa’s story.

It is not my normal style and is more of a stroke story but there is some character development and a bit of a plot.

Be warned that it does include scenes of anal sex (quite a few actually) and some reluctance on the part of at least one protagonist so if these are not your bag I suggest you go no further.

Let me know in the usual way if you like or dislike.




Chapter 1

Very early Saturday morning.

The noise coming from the upstairs flat was unbearable … again! This was the third time this week that the two boys … well, young men really, had brought a girl home and whilst it sounded like a murder was taking place at times, the evidence of the previous two occasions was that it was anything but.

Megan Williams tried to drown out the sound of rough but intensely satisfying sex coming from above by burying her head under her pillows, catching sight of the bedside clock as she did so. Jesus, it was 2.30am … they had been going at it for over 3 hours! Judging by the high-pitched screams of ecstasy and cries begging to be fucked harder or deeper, which had rolled on and on, she surmised that the two young men were taking turns with the girl and kept her on an orgasmic plane for a long part of that time.

Megan grumbled silently to herself, rueing the day that she had decided to convert the upper floor of her house into a self-contained apartment for rent to students at the nearby University in Swansea. She especially regretted not improving the sound insulation between the floors. The previous year, the first since the conversion, had been very peaceful as two quiet and studious girls had taken it over and had been model tenants. However, the two young men currently occupying the flat were anything but model tenants, which was disappointing in itself and doubly so because they were her twin sons, Mark and Rob.

The pounding noise of a bedhead hitting the wall was matched by the rhythmic squeaking of the mattress and she was sure the bed was bouncing on the floor. This heralded what had now become the regular finale for the evening and some of the girls had taken it better than others and she could hear the low murmur of voices.

“Hey what are you doing? That’s my arse … he’s already fucking me in the cunt … you can have a go … FUCCCCKKK … THAT HURTS … TAKE IT OUT…”

“Shut the fuck up … do you want to wake the landlady … hold her still Mark … I keep slipping out …”

“NO! Not there … I’ve never done that … FUCCCKKKK … NOOOO …NO … PLEASE … NOOOO … THAT … FUCKKKKKK … PLEEeeease.”

“Just stay still while you get used to him in your bum. I’ll grind my cock in your pussy to keep you bubbling … hey don’t cry … it will feel better in a minute … you ready bro?”

Megan could hear the girl sobbing slightly and then the bed started to move slowly … at least they were taking it easy on the poor girl to start with! Poor girl be dammed … what did the silly slut expect coming back with two guys?

Megan’s reaction when she had heard the boys double-teaming a girl for the first time had been one of shock and horror. She had been ready to storm up there and ask the girl if she was happy to be the meat in a cock sandwich despite the row it might cause with her sons. However, the initial protestations by the girl had ebbed away and Megan had decided not to intervene. Instead she had tried to drown out the noise although she had to admit that the scenario that played in her imagination was intensely erotic and arousing. Her problem was that she could not decide whether that was despite or because of the fact that the two male protagonists were her flesh and blood. She had never thought of her sons in a sexual way before and knew such thoughts were taboo but somehow her erogenous zones took no notice of this moral stricture.

This occasion was no different especially as it appeared that this girl was a gradual convert to DP and eventually her cries of discomfort transformed into one continuous wail of what, to Megan, sounded like pleasure. The frequency of thrusts increased the rate at which the tortured bed smashed against the wall and once again Megan’s pussy started to tingle. She attempted to quench the urge to finger her drooling cunt or caress her aching nipples by stretching her arms as far away from her body as possible. However, her thighs still managed to rub salaciously together as she waited expectantly for the finale. At least she would be able to get to sleep afterwards … if she could cool her own ardour.

She didn’t have long to wait for the denouement.

“Fuck, Mark … I’m going to nut in her arse … soooo fuckinggg … tightttt … yesss … commminngggg … yeahhh … ”

“Oh goddd … bahis firmaları I can feel him coming in me … come in me too … give it to me … yesss!”

Megan wondered why they always had to talk like in a porno. She could not remember ever saying very much during sex with any partner, let alone giving a running commentary but then she hadn’t watched that much porn when she was their age.

Mark was the last to announce his climax with a series of loud grunts. It was at this point that Megan’s own arousal started to ramp up at the illicit image of her youngest (by 27 minutes) son’s massive cock (she had not seen it in many years and never erect so it was a complete fantasy) pulsing and spurting inside the little bitch they were fucking.

Finally, there was silence from above.

However, it did not last long and she could hear noise as people moved on the bed and then the sound of feet on floor and a door shutting loudly before the toilet flushed and water ran in the sink. Finally, there was a volley of abuse from the girl who, Megan imagined, was now regretting her first anal experience as the euphoria faded and the soreness set in. A slamming door and fast feet on the stairs signalled her departure before the main front door crashed into the frame. A loud guffaw of laughter was heard from above and Megan could imagine them high-fiving or fist-bumping.

Meanwhile, Megan was still feeling horny and she considered getting her Rampant Rabbit (the deluxe model with G Spot Stimulator) out from the bedside cabinet but she stopped herself. It would be so wrong as she knew she would inevitably fantasise about two lusty young men taking her roughly at the same time … and, however hard she tried, their faces would be those of Rob and Mark.

She would just have to go to sleep feeling frustrated.

No, this could not go on and she steeled herself for a tough conversation with her tenants in the morning.

Chapter 2

The following morning, Saturday, she dragged her small but voluptuous body out of bed at 8.00 but was sure that the boys were not up and about after their late and active night.

Her own sleep had been broken by a vivid dream of an orgiastic threesome with two masked men who had manhandled and abused her until she came noisily and violently. When she awoke she could not be sure if she had actually cried out or whether it was part of the dream. However, judging by her swampy pussy and saturated panties it was pretty evident that she had, in fact, orgasmed. This relieved her and disturbed her in equal measure as, on one hand, she had not dreamed of her sons but on the other it was possibly suggesting that she wanted to be treated like the silly bitches who Mark and Rob preyed on.

No, this definitely could not go on.

She had breakfast and tidied the house while she waited for her sons to wake and tried to plan out how the conversation would go. She knew her sons were going to kick off about them being tenants in their ‘own home’ as it was an argument that had been voiced many times before. They would insist on their rights as tenants to do as they pleased as there was no stipulation about not bringing girls back and it wasn’t their fault that she, the landlady, lived downstairs and the house wasn’t designed for the current arrangement.

Megan had made the decision to convert the house after the death of her soldier-husband Ray, in Helmand 5 years ago, as a means of supplementing the MOD pension. She had waited until the boys were just finishing A levels and had already got accepted into Swansea Uni as they confirmed they had no plans to live at home anymore. They had decided to live on campus for the first year and then house share in the student village or elsewhere thereafter. They seemed unfazed by the idea of the conversion as they did not envisage needing their old rooms ever again.

Before starting their courses, they decided to take a gap year and travelled in South America leaving Megan alone in the house for the first time since the boys were born. This confirmed her decision to modify the house which was now too big for her. The work was carried out while the boys were travelling but was ready when they returned and they became the guinea pigs for the new arrangement for a few weeks. For whatever reason there were no late-night orgies or wild parties and so the problem of noise was not apparent. At the start of term in the autumn they moved out to live on campus and the first tenants moved into the house perched above Mumbles between Swansea Bay and The Gower Peninsula.

All went well until the Christmas break when the first argument ensued because the boys had nowhere to stay when the campus closed and the tenants stayed in the apartment.

Megan was unrepentant.

“Well you should have thought of that before you said you were not going to live at home any more. I have rented the property to the girls for the year and they are perfectly entitled to stay there this Christmas and next Easter as well. kaçak iddaa You will have to share the guest room down here.”

The prospect filled the two boys with horror.

“Yeah, but what if we want to bring girls back … or boys, in Rob’s case. LOL”

“Take no notice of him Mum. I am not gay … pure 100% Welsh hetero beefcake, me. Despite him being dumb as fu … sorry … he does have a point, it will be even more restrictive than when we were teenagers.”

“I’m sorry, you will just have to curb your urges until you get back to Uni. I’m sure 3 or 4 weeks of abstinence won’t harm you … or go to their place if you must … why should my house be a knocking shop?”

That argument passed, although, as predicted, it resurfaced at the Easter break. This was at the same time that the boys were making decisions on their own accommodation choices for the following year. They considered a number of options before approaching Megan who was still looking for tenants herself.

“Mum, what do you say to us renting the apartment? You could give us a discounted rate and we would have somewhere to live all year round. Sorted!”

Megan had considered this for about 30 nanoseconds.

“I will rent it to you but why would I give you a discount when I can get full price from somebody else? This is a business, not a charity. You are getting bursaries and grants for your course fees and living expenses so you are not short of funds. What you propose would leave me out of pocket and you that much richer. Nice try but no coconut!”

To say that the boys were less than pleased would be an understatement but when they looked further into housing costs elsewhere they were unable to find better value and decided to accept their mum’s terms. However, the ill-will did not dissipate and intensified as Megan wanted the tenancy to be an arm’s length agreement, as though they were strangers. She even asked them to address her as Mrs. Williams when dealing with any matters relating to the apartment. This had not gone down well and Megan was convinced they used the bedroom above hers for their sexual adventures just to wave two fingers at her on an ongoing basis.

She had still not heard any signs of life from upstairs so Megan decided to do some yoga while she waited and got changed into yoga pants and encased her large 36D breasts into a sports bra which showed her impressive cleavage through a mesh centre. She felt sexy in the garb as she knew her 42-year old body was in good shape despite some ravages of gravity and time on her boobs and arse. She pulled her long (mostly natural) blonde hair back into a ponytail and spent half an hour contorting her body through various poses as she let the stress wash out of her ahead of the coming confrontation.

Eventually, at about 11.30 she heard movement from above and she decided to get it over with and pulled on an old, wide-necked T shirt before heading upstairs. Rob opened the door slowly to her knock and was still yawning as she pushed past him into the living space. He was not too tired for sarcasm.

“Come in, why don’t you, Mrs. Williams.”

Megan turned to face her eldest son.

“Is Mark, up? We need to get some things sorted right now.”

He smirked and raised a quizzical eyebrow.

“What things would that be, Mrs. Williams?”

She blushed.

“You know perfectly well what I want to talk about. Now is your brother about, I don’t want to have to repeat this?”

Still smirking he called over his shoulder.

“Hey bro, the landlady is here. She wants to have a chat.”

There was a mumble from his bedroom and Mark appeared dressed in a dressing gown that was unbelted and gaped open in front of him. To Megan’s relief she could see he was wearing boxers and was starting to look away when her eyes were dragged back to his underpants. Or, to be more precise, the large bulge that was filling them. Her breath caught and she had to drag her gaze away as her thoughts whirled.

‘Holy shit … is that real … he looks huge. His dad was big but that’s ridiculous … I expect it’s just a bit of morning glory … Ray always felt much bigger in the morning … come on girl … pull yourself together … stop thinking of his cock and get on with it.’

Mark was smirking too and she was worried that he had caught her checking out his package. She blushed again.

“Morning Mrs. Williams. Did you sleep well? You look very nice this morning. Yoga pants suit that fine arse of yours and as for your boobs in that bra … yummy!”

Megan was absolutely dumbstruck and hurriedly looked see that the neck of the T shirt had fallen off one shoulder and was presenting a good view of her bra and some of her cleavage. She hurriedly tried to cover herself but found it almost impossible to hide everything and gathered the neckline together with one hand. Flustered, she looked back up to see Mark smiling innocently.

She was unnerved by the remark as well as the wardrobe malfunction kaçak bahis as it was the sort of thing that cocky sods like Mark and Rob would say to other women, but to their mother … that was surely a big NO? She found it difficult to string a coherent sentence together and then noticed he was carrying a bottle of JD and a glass with coke in it.

“Are you drinking whiskey at this time of day? What do you think you are doing?”

Mark looked at the bottle with false suspicion.

“Oh, is that what it is? I didn’t realise. I thought it was a bowl of muesli. My bad! Anyway, I believe I’m in my own apartment and the rent is paid so … I guess … that means I can do what the fuck I like. You with me on this bro?”

He turned to his brother whose smirk was even bigger than before and Megan looked over at him and suddenly realised he was dressed only in a towel, and a small one at that, wrapped around his waist. She tried desperately not to look at his groin but failed miserably and again her eyes widened in shock at the prominent bulge she saw there.

‘Jesus! They are both hung like horses.’

She wrestled her gaze away and tried to regain the sense of calm that the yoga had given her but was undone immediately she locked eyes with Rob. The knowing look he gave her said it all.


“Yeah, Mark. I’m with you on that one. I don’t think our tenancy agreement says we can’t drink at 11.30 in the morning does it. Maybe we should ask our lovely landlady, Mrs. Williams here, whether that’s allowed. Mind you I think she has bigger things on her mind at the moment.”

Mark’s dirty laugh said it all and Megan’s face went bright red.

She cleared her throat and looked back at her eldest son while trying to put some steel in her voice and gaze.

“I need you to be more considerate of the amount of noise you make after 11.00pm. The noise coming from up here last night was outrageous.”

She became more confident and started to smile.

“That is in the tenancy agreement and so I must warn you that further breaches will result in termination of the agreement and you will be evicted.”

If she had expected the two boys to look concerned she was sorely disappointed as the only looks they passed between themselves were those of confusion.

Rob spoke first.

“Sorry, Mrs. W, what noise was that? We were in bed and asleep by 11.00 so I think you must be imagining things. Are you sure it wasn’t a dream because I thought I heard you moaning during the night …”

He paused and looked suitably embarrassed at what he was about to say next.

“Umm … they were quite … err … well … erotic noises I thought … like you had a man down here … not that you can’t of course. It’s just that the tenancy agreement does say we would be left in peace. I was going to have a word with you myself as … well … it was loud enough to wake me up.”

Megan could not help but blush and became flustered.

“I DID not have a … What I do is beside the point. You had a girl up here and … well … I could hear pretty much every noisy detail … it has to stop. Please be more considerate.”

She looked between the two of them and the blank and confused expressions remained in place. Mark responded with a slight smirk.

“No, Mrs. Williams, we’re still not understanding what you are getting at. What sort of noises … were we playing a game for example? We can certainly tone down how loud we play Monopoly … but I’m pretty sure we didn’t play it last night.”

Rob stifled a snigger and Megan glanced angrily at him.

“No, you were not playing Monopoly … you … you were having sex … with a girl … the both of you … and making a lot of noise about it … over my bedroom … and it’s not the first time.”

Looks of injured innocence now suffused their faces.

Mark looked over at Rob and shook his head with sad confusion.

“No, I’m sorry, I don’t think that’s right. That’s my bedroom and I think I would know if there had been a girl in there. What sort of noises … like she was giving me a blowjob or what?”

Megan blushed again and was furious.

“Mark Williams, do not be so disgusting in front of me. I could not tell what sort of sex act she was performing but her objection to getting … umm … to what … err … you were doing … to her … bottom … rather gave the game away.”

Her two sons tried very hard not to giggle and she realised she had walked into their trap. They were playing her and making a very good job of it.

She threw up her hands in exasperation and stormed towards the door.

“Oh, for Christ’s sake. Grow up you two. Just keep the noise down and make sure you get a blood test. Who know where the tarts you hook up with have been.”

Rob sniggered.

“Language, Mrs. Williams. We were not brought up listening to that sort of filth.”

She glared back at him and gave him the V sign. The two boys broke into peals of laughter which just added fuel to her ire.


Still laughing the boys watched her reach the door as she desperately tried to hold back the tears and maintain some dignity.

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