The Librarian Ch. 02

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Thank you all for the comments. It has inspired me to keep this going and I have up to Chapter 4 finished in this series so far. Chapter 3 is currently being edited and will be submitted for approval once completed.

Thank you to reichj29 and my loving wife for editing this Chapter.

Side Note: I do know that this story does not seem to be in the correct category, but all will be revealed in Chapter 3.

Please enjoy and keep the comments coming (whether good or bad).


Sydney woke up the next morning. She realized that she had slept better that night than any other she could remember. Her smile felt like it wouldn’t end as she stretched. However, she couldn’t understand the sad feeling in the pit of her stomach. It made her feel like she was not whole anymore. ‘What was it that she was missing,’ she thought to herself. When she looked over the bed, she realized what it was. Seth was gone. He did say he was going to work out, but she hoped to wake up in his arms for what she hoped would be the start of a tradition that she would genuinely enjoy. She got up and also realized that she was still completely nude. She stood up off the bed and walked over to the bathroom and looked at herself in the bathroom mirror. As she looked at her 28-year-old body, she still thought that she could pass for an 18-year-old. From the self-defense class to the long jogs she would take, she was able to keep her body in shape. It also helped her that she hadn’t gotten a sweet tooth as well.

She decided to take a quick shower so that she could at least look decent when Seth returned. She stepped into the shower loving the way the water would cascade down her silky smooth skin. Although she wasn’t one to show off her body to every person on the street, she wanted to make sure that not only was she was satisfied with her body, but if she ever found Mr. Right, that he would enjoy her body as well. After last night, she started to think that she did find Mr. Right, and she was delighted that he had enjoyed her body, at least so far. However, she wasn’t about to let herself go. Then again, she liked her body, and she liked knowing that all the other women her age or younger that would dress scantily were still not as beautiful as she was. It was her way of making herself feel better about herself, though she wasn’t pleased about it then again, other people did worse to make themselves feel better.

As she was scrubbing her body down, she started to feel aroused. Why? She didn’t know as she hadn’t touched any of her intimate parts yet. Was it that she was in the foreign bathroom of her new love or was it something else. She let her mind and hands wander, and within a few seconds, she found herself pinching her nipples with one hand and rubbing on her clit furiously with the other.

After a few minutes, she had herself moaning in orgasm while images of Seth flashed into her mind. It wasn’t just his body that she was seeing and feeling; it was how he was making her feel loved and complete, like they were meant to be together. While it wasn’t close to as powerful as he had given her, something told her she was going to get another mind shattering one soon enough, hopefully. Once she was able to regain herself, she finished her shower and took the towel on the rack to dry herself off.

She didn’t want to use his brush if he had one or his toothbrush as they had only been together less than 24 hours, but she knew she had her brush in her purse. She put some toothpaste on her finger so she could brush her teeth and she used a little of his mouthwash as well, making sure to be respectful and not put her lips on the cap. Once she was satisfied she was finished, she wrapped the towel around herself so she could go to the living room to get her brush from her purse. As she walked out of the bathroom, she saw Seth walking into the bedroom from his workout. She could see the sweat lines that lined his sweater and the sweat that still ran down his face and neck. She wondered why he was wearing pants, and a sweater instead of something less confining and more breathable, like basketball shorts and a tank top.

“Ahh, there you are,” Seth said as he saw Sydney coming out of the bathroom. “I made some coffee if you are interested.”

“Thank you, I just finished showering and was about to brush my hair, but I would love to have a cup after I’m done,” she said back to him. She walked over to her purse, and instead of squatting down or sitting on the couch, as she would with most anyone, she bent over almost at a perfect 90-degree angle, hoping that he was staring at her ass as the towel hugged her body. She grabbed her brush and made her way back to the bathroom, and proceeded to brush her hair, allowing the towel to slide just past her cleavage before she caught it and pulling it up again. She caught a glimpse of him looking at her, and they just smiled at each other.

“I have a question for you,” Sydney said, curious about his attire. As she paused, watching his bahis firmaları sweater climb his chest, exposing his finely tuned muscles underneath.

“Yeah, what’s up,” Seth said, knowing his cock was now partially erect due to her partially lewd display of her breasts, which he thought was for his benefit. Not that he was going to complain as she had some of the perfect pair of breasts that he had ever seen.

“Why do you wear a sweater and sweat pants to work out,” she asked as she arched her eyebrow, brushing her hair, trying to make herself look as attractive as possible for him. “What I mean is that why aren’t you wearing a t-shirt or tank top and shorts like most men would”

“Ohh.” Seth thought for a second as he hadn’t thought about it before. “I dunno. I mean, I know I do have a decent body, I guess, though not one of the best out there, I wouldn’t want any women coming up to me and bothering me. I guess the best way to explain it is when women want to be seen at the gym, they wear sports bras and short tight shorts or yoga pants so that the guys will look at them. But the women that don’t want to be seen and are just there to work out, usually go with more loose clothing, as I do.”

“Well, that makes sense. I guess it is the same reason I wear long skirts and a sweater. But I think my reason is more that I am subconscious about my looks. I’ve been told that I am pretty before, but I have never really seen myself as being beautiful,” she said, gasping as his sweat pants fell to the floor, his semi-erect cock growing up his leg as he stood there.

Seth thought to himself for a minute and couldn’t realize why anyone would believe that she was not beautiful. To him, she looked like an angel that came down from heaven. With her hair wet coming down her neck and snaking its way around to her front, fanning out over her breast, she looked like she could easily be a Greek Goddess. Or could it be that he was in a porno at the moment, especially since he was standing their nude staring at her.

Seth then had a thought in his head that gave him a sinister smirk on his face. He quickly closed the distance between the two of them, grabbing the towel and throwing on the floor, leaving Sydney standing naked as well. Before she could think of what was happening, she squealed as he took hold of her and plucking her up in his strong arms. Seth carried her over to the bed, all while staring into her eyes, her staring right back at him. He then laid her softly down on the bed before moving up next to her, stroking her hair while looking into her eyes.

“I don’t want ever to hear you think of yourself as anything less than beautiful. Even the word itself does not give you the justice you deserve. You should know that if you wanted to, you could get any man you wanted,” Seth said in a loving tone.

Sydney blushed and looked down for a second before looking back into his eyes and said “Thank you for your kind words, but I don’t want any man,” she said as her sultry eyes stared at him while her words were dipped in sin, “I only want you.”

She paused for a second, worried that if she showed too much of her heart she might get hurt, but then decided she needed to get it off her chest. She had been struggling with whether to reveal what she felt in her heart all morning and part of last night before she went to bed. She decided it was now or never, and if she got hurt, then she would have to deal with I. But she couldn’t let this wait any longer.

“Something magical happened between the two of us last night, and I feel as though I could be with you forever. Now, I am not saying I’m naive and would fall madly in love with the first guy that I meet, but just by you touching me, you made me feel better than any other guy. I know this sounds crazy, and I may be rambling a little here, but I had to let you know how I felt.”

Seth was taken aback and didn’t know what to say. He had the same feelings as well for her, but never in his mind did he ever think that she felt the same way he did. He never believed in fate and was never a believer in God’s plan, but there had to be something at work to bring them together like this. Seth tried to gather the words, but initially, nothing came out. He sighed, not knowing how he could respond to such beautiful words that made his heart happy and made him love her all the more.

Hearing his sigh, Sydney felt a tear in her eye, thinking that she just laid out her heart, and he was going to tell her that he was sorry but didn’t feel the same. She had tried to prepare herself mentally for this to happen while she saw him thinking for a moment, but still knew it would hurt and couldn’t stop the dam that was about to break only seconds away from crying her eyes out.

Seeing her start to tear up, Seth found the confidence he needed to get his mind to gather the words that he wanted to say, not knowing if it would be as beautiful as what Sydney had said.

“Sydney, I don’t know if I can explain the way kaçak iddaa I feel about you, but you make me feel so amazing. I felt a strong connection between us as we talked at the coffee shop last night. When we came back here and started to kiss, I started to feel something that I had never felt before,” Seth said before continuing, “I felt something so wonderful between us, that I would do anything to stay by your side. Like you were probably feeling, I was worried that my emotions had gotten the better of me to where I would get hurt.”

Seth continued, “I have dated a few girls but haven’t really gone very far with most of them, and most of the relationships I have had have been superficial. But with you, something about you feels so familiar, like we have known each other our whole lives or like we were together in a past life and were destined to meet and get together. I don’t want to go too fast in our relationship to scare either of us off, but I feel that we should just be as honest as possible with each other and ride this as far as it can go.”

Sydney’s lip was trembling while he was speaking. She was expecting him to say the opposite, but this caught her completely off guard. She could also feel his erection pressing against her leg and could smell her own arousal filling the air with its sweet scent. She reached up with both hands and caressed his cheeks and pulled him to her, locking in a long passionate kiss. At that moment, she knew for a fact that she was in love with this man and wanted to share everything with him.

“You don’t know how wonderful it feels to know that you feel the same as me,” Sydney said as the flood waters were released from her eyes.

It almost broke his heart to see her cry, and he couldn’t help but kiss her hard on the lips. Once the kiss was broken, he whispered to her. “Please don’t cry, my love. I can’t stand to see you cry.”

“I’m sorry, but these are not tears of sadness but tears of happiness, my knight in shining armor,” Sydney said.

Hearing Sydney say that to him made him know that they would be together forever. He instinctively hugged her and replied, “If I am going to be your knight, then you must be my princess… However,” he pulled back from the hug and looked her directly in the eye. “One day, I hope to make this princess into a queen.” He then took her hand and kissed it.

Sydney let out a moan when he did that. She had never had a guy that ever did anything like that before, and it made her heart feel like it was in nirvana. She glanced over at his clock and noticed it was getting close to 10. She knew she had to go but wanted to stay and forget about the outside world forever. “I hate to say this now of all times, but I have to go soon. I hope that this is not a dream that I will wake up from or that nothing will change once I leave.”

“Well, if it is a dream, then once we both wake up, we need to find each other, And fast,” he said as he smiled back at her.

Seth helped Sydney up and helped to get her things so she could get dressed and leave. Seth also asked her some personal questions, like her favorite food, and color, along with a couple other questions. Within 10 minutes, they were standing by his front door kissing, while she was trying to leave, fighting a war within herself about whether to just say ‘fuck it,’ or ‘I have responsibilities to the library and need to get home so I can get cleaned up and get to work.’ Reluctantly, the responsible part of her mind won out, and she broke the kiss. Seth made sure to give her a piece of paper with his phone number on it so that not only would she know it wasn’t a dream, but that she would be able to call him.

Sydney stepped out of the door and once she was around the corner and out of sight of Seth’s apartment, she stopped a second, checking to make sure that no one was looking before she plunged her fingers into her panties feeling the wetness she had felt beforehand. She thought that this would make her feel better knowing that it wasn’t a dream, but then again, it could have been a wet dream. She suddenly remembered the piece of paper and checked her sweater pocket. She opened it and there read ‘Call me anytime love, Seth’ with his phone number.

Once she got home, had gotten changed, and was getting ready to head to work, she checked for the piece of paper again, and it was still there. Hoping it was his cell number, she pulled out her phone and sent a text to him

Sydney> Hello my loving knight just wanted to let you know I was still thinking about you and making sure our time together was not a dream

Sydney sat by her phone, waiting for about 10 minutes before heading into work. Once she was at the library, she rechecked her phone, and still, there was no reply. She started to get worried, and when she saw her friend and co-worker Jackie, she was conflicted about how she should feel. Jackie walked up to her and gave her a hug as they would always do.

“So, how was the mystery man you have been dreaming kaçak bahis about,” Jackie said with a sly smirk on her face.

“Well, I thought it was a dream, and maybe I was dreaming as he hasn’t responded to my text yet,” Sydney said with sadness in her voice.

“Don’t worry, sweetie. Sometimes guys like to play hard to get like us girls,” Jackie said with a smile on her face. “I doubt that any guy would want to pass up this pretty face.”

“Thank you, Jackie, you don’t know how mu…” Sydney was saying as her words abruptly stopped as she heard a ding from her phone. She checked it, and there was a message from the number that was supposed to be Seth’s.

Seth’s Supposed Number> Who is this, and how did you get my number??? Is this a prank??

Sydney’s heart almost stopped seeing those words. Was it too good to be true? Did Seth give her the wrong number on purpose so that he wouldn’t have to see her again? She felt tears starting to well up in her eyes before she responded back.

Sydney> I’m sorry for disturbing you. My boyfriend gave me this number, and I thought it was him, but I guess I was mistaken. Sorry for taking your time.

Sydney sat down, worried that she may not see him again. She knew where he lived, but if it were a dream, then he wouldn’t be there. Or could it be that he was using someone else’s identity and he wouldn’t be there? She wanted to scream out and then heard another ding on her phone

Seth’s Supposed Number> Well if I’m going to be your boyfriend, it better come with benefits. Hopefully similar to last night 🙂

Her eyes lit up. Was it really him? If so, why didn’t he recognize her by her words? She had to know and texted him back.

Sydney> Is this Seth?

Seth>, Of course, my love. I hope I didn’t make you sad

Sydney> You almost had me in tears with a nervous breakdown

Seth> I am sorry about that and will comfort you shortly. I tend to like joking with people, and if I knew you were going to be that upset, I would have not fooled with you

Sydney> It is OK. I was just worried as you took a while to answer, and my insecurities got the best of me.

Seth> Oh that. I was doing my training. I have that 4 days a week for 2 hours and don’t have access to my phone unless you call my trainers house

Sydney immediately got a little jealous, thinking that her new boyfriend was over at some woman’s house with her hands all over his body. She wanted to get angry but figured she would investigate further before getting too mad. Plus, he had been doing this for longer than the day that they had been together, so she couldn’t get too angry

Sydney> So do you think your trainer is hot?

Seth> God no. I’m not into guys with tattoos

Sydney> Wait. Your trainer is a guy

Seth> Yep, I have my own workout regiment that I do, but he trains me how to defend myself

Sydney> Well, I hope he is good. I would want my man to be able to protect me if the situation arose

Seth> I would expect so. He is an MMA fighter that held 5 belts in the promotions he was with. But he is in his late 30s now and retired

Sydney> Yeah, that kind of career can be brutal on the body

Seth> Yep but it was more me as to why he retired

Sydney> What do you mean by that?

Seth> Well, he was not as fast as he was in his younger years and I offered him a salary that was well worth his time

Sydney> Wow, maybe I should come work for you instead 😛

Seth> lol. If you did, neither of us would get much work done, and I wouldn’t want to pay you for the kind of things that I would be having you do

Sydney> *blush*

Sydney> Well, I have to get back to work. Will I see you today?

Seth> Something tells me you will see me, but it would be better to keep you guessing

Sydney> See you soon KISSES

Seth> by for now my love

Sydney went about her workday and it was nearing her 2:30pm lunchtime. The other librarian that handled the morning shift would be gone by 4pm, and Jackie was going to be busy re-organizing the archives after some college students came in and left all the books scattered over the tables. She knew most of her day would be lonely putting away books and re-organizing the books that were on the shelves as she kept an eye on the doors. She usually liked it that way, but today felt sadness as Seth would not be there with her.

Once 2:30pm came about, she heard the door ring as they had someone coming in. The manager of the library liked it when someone was near the front so that the register was watched just in case. Joe (the security guard) was in his mid-sixties and was more there to call the police than to stop a thief or protect them. Luckily they were only open until 7pm, and most days, other than the weekends, were pretty quiet. As Sydney rounded the corner, she saw a delivery man holding something in his hand. All their deliveries came to the back door unless it was UPS, FedEx, or the USPS, so she was confused as to why he was there. She walked up to the early 20s man and smiled at him.

“Yes, can I help you?” Sydney said with a smile.

“Yes, I am looking for Sydney, is she here today?” The delivery man said.

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