The Long Game

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Peter was doing pretty well. He had spent his whole life working on his career and he was exactly where he wanted to be, tenure at the college he taught at. It had been a hard road because he had exacting standards that he expected his students to follow and thus a lot of them didn’t like him, but he had finally be recognised for his record of turning out well rounded, informed students.

The only thing that had bothered him was that he had never married and in truth, he had had little in the way of female companionship over the years. He had always been quite awkward in social situations with women and as a result since his few drunken sexual experiences in his on years in college, sex had been few and far between for him.

A few years earlier he had even had a couple of experiences with prostitutes. It had been a very long dry period for him regarding sex and he had plucked up the courage to pay to break it. He didn’t enjoy the experience much, sure sex was sex and he enjoyed that part but there was no connection with the women. Once the sex was done, they were paid and gone and he was alone and empty again. So after trying it those few times he had never tried that again.

It wasn’t as though he wasn’t a red-blooded man, he loved women and it wasn’t as though he didn’t have urges. However taking care of himself with his hand and pictures or movies wasn’t as great as the real thing and was just a release.

But now life was good, about six months after being offered tenure by the college he had met Jill. Maybe it was because he was more relaxed, maybe he was happy about work/life and it made him more easy going and attractive to women. He didn’t know, he didn’t care. Jill was perfect and he was a happy guy and hoped it would last forever.

Peter and Jill had met at a college event. He had been flying the flag for his department and Jill had been there because one of her family attended as a student. He felt unlike himself that day and as she stood with a drink watching the crowd, he had gone to talk to her and the rest was history.

They had been dating for a couple of months and things couldn’t have been better for Peter. She was a beautiful brunette in her forties. Full breasted and a curvy figure, but without being overweight. He loved to watch her mouth as she talked, her lips were hypnotic and full and she also knew how to use them in more private moments.

The only problem was that Jill had omitted some information from Peter and it would change everything.

He was falling in love with Jill and she had hidden a fact from him because she liked him as well and she feared it would alter their relationship. Jill had a daughter at the college and worst of all, she took a class Peter taught. She had not known this when she had met Peter and it was only later when she had already began to like him that the fact of what he did had come out. It was later still until she put the pieces together and realised that her daughter was one of his students.

She had debated telling him but she wanted to cement their relationship before she did because she knew how Peter was about his students from their talks. How he hated how they tried to worm out of bad grades or took his class simply to fill out a schedule or requirement. He loved his work and he wanted the students in his class to love it as well. Jill had wondered if he might take her relationship with him as a strain on how he should treat her daughter, so she just didn’t tell him for a while.

It was the long summer vacation when she eventually decided to do it. She had taken great pains to hide the fact she had a child all through the year and it was now or never. She knew Peter liked time to write, so she invited him to her families lake house for the summer and unknown to him, her daughter would come as well.

The arrival at the lake house rolled around and as she and Peter settled in, Kerri turned up. Peter was understandably unnerved by one of his students arriving and it led to quite a frosty first day between the three of them. He spent most of it sitting on the wooden pier looking out at the lake.

Later on when he eventually came to bed with Jill she explained how much she cared for him and how she hadn’t wanted to ruin it. It didn’t take that long for her to work her way back into his good graces and they spent the night making love to make up for the fight they had had.

The next day Peter went to the kitchen to make breakfast for the still sleeping Jill and found Kerri sitting looking out of the window.

“Why didn’t you say you were screwing my mom.” she asked.

Peter worked in the kitchen in silence for a long time before he walked back out and stood across from her.

“She never told me you were her daughter.”

“Really.” Kerri said with a sarcastic tone.

“Honestly, I probably wouldn’t have started seeing her if I knew.”

Kerri just sat there unmoving and looked at the water, so he stood and waited to see if she had anything else to say. She didn’t, so he went back to making breakfast. bahis firmaları Soon he was done and he put it on a tray and walked back towards the bedroom.

“Keep it down, you’re making me sick when the two of you are making noise when you do it.” she said.

Peter didn’t respond and went back in their room and shut the door.

The next week was more stressed between mother and daughter than anything. Peter and Jill were fine, Kerri seemed to simply ignore him but she was vile to her mother. He really didn’t want to get in the middle of that, so he enjoyed his days with Jill and left them to work out their problems.

One afternoon he was sitting near the water and a shadow fell over him. Kerri stood there and then sat down on the grass next to him. He was weary of a fight but Kerri was quite even tempered, she talked about class and the work he was teaching her and Peter actually enjoyed the conversation. The one on one time made him feel like she was being a little more accepting.

The next day he sat and wrote as he had been doing with his spare time alone. The lake was a perfect place for it and he was glad he had come, despite the earlier unpleasantness. He looked out over the water and on the other side he could see Kerri jogging around the lake.

Kerri was an attractive girl, nineteen, athletic, small but perfectly shaped breasts. She had short hair which she dyed metallic red. It was a bold look but it worked for her, she had big blue eyes and her mothers lips.

He carried on writing and ten minutes later she ran up next to him and caught her breath. She was sweating and her bare skill had a sheen to it. She wore tight black jog pants and a lycra sports top which had the shape of a bra, so her arms, shoulders and tummy were all bare skin.

“What are you writing?” she asked.

“Just something I have to work on.”

“I thought this was a vacation?” she said and jogged off.

Peter sat there and smiled, she was quite a nice person when she wanted to be.

The next day she interrupted again after her jog and this time they talked about class again and what his thoughts on things were. He was stuck by what an intelligent girl she was and wondered why she never really applied that to the class which she was a solid C grade student.

After she left, Peter walked back up to the lake house through the trees and then caught sight of something he shouldn’t have. Then in the window was Kerri changing. He looked down at the ground for a second but he was a man and he felt the urge to glance up. He was on an incline so he had a perfect view down an into her room and if she only had drawn the blinds he would have never saw her. She slipped off the top and stretched her arms upwards. Her perfectly formed breasts now loose and so firm they held a beautiful shape.

Peter was still looking when Kerri grabbed the waistband of her pants and pulled when down bending so he got a full view of her ass and some black thong underwear. His cock involuntary hardened in his pants and he realised what he was doing. He took a step to walk away but was so flustered he stumbled on the loose earth and had to pick himself back up. As he glanced back to the lake house, he realised the blinds where closed.

He walked for a little bit and felt totally freaked out by the fact she may have just seem him across from her window. What was he going to do? Did he talk to her about it, talk to Jill or say nothing?

That evening the trio ate together and Kerri had a firm focus on him. She seemed annoyed but he tried to ignore it. All though the night there was much less talk that there had been of late and he felt very uneasy about the whole thing. In bed he couldn’t have sex with Jill for worry about the events of the day, so he feigned sleep when she came to bed and lucky for him, she didn’t protest he perform and simply read and went to sleep herself.

The next day he was up and outside early. He wanted to avoid the pair and even went so far as to untie the row boat at the pier and row into the lake so he could drift and work without fear of any wandering daughters confronting him about the previous day.

Once again she jogged, this time he couldn’t help but watch, the images of her the day before were in his head and wouldn’t blank no matter how hard he tried. She was so fresh and sexy that it had burned into his mind. But he wouldn’t let it own him and he got back to his writing. The next time he looked up Kerri had gone and he breathed a sigh of relief.

About lunch time he rowed in and walked up to the house, it was empty, so he made a sandwich and read a note from Jill.

“Getting groceries, took the car, be back later.” it said.

Peter smiled and turned to take his lunch outside when he saw Kerri running up the bank of the lake towards the house. She jogged in and saw him there.

“Hi!” she said.


“Can I have a drink?” she said panting from the run with sweat running down her.

Peter turned and got a cold bottle out of the fridge, as kaçak iddaa he turned back Kerri was right up next to him.


“Thanks!” she said and took a long swig from the cold bottle.

She was really close to him and as she tipped her head back to drink she puffed out her chest and memories of her breasts came flooding back. He tried to sidestep her but she stopped him and smiled. Peter felt worried about what was coming next, but she merely leaned to his hand and bit the edge of his sandwich.

“Mmm, I’ll have one.” she said and smiled.

Peter felt relief flood from every pore and he nodded and went back to the items on the cutting board. Kerri sat on the stood across the counter and drank some more. She put her elbows on the counter and watched him as he make another sandwich. He tried not to notice but she swilled on the stool with her hips, back and forth and couldn’t keep still.


“Thanks.” she answered and took a bite.

Peter felt relief as she want and sat at the table instead. He stood and ate in the kitchen and as they both finished he went to walk back out to the lake but she had other ideas.

“You like what you saw yesterday?” she asked.


“Did you like my tits?” she asked more sharply.

“I didn’t mean to.”

“It’s okay.” she said quietly.

Peter felt a rush of panic and adrenaline as Kerri pulled her shoulder straps off and there were her breasts in front of him and she was between him and the door.

“What do you think?” she asked.

“Very nice.”

He couldn’t believe he had said it, he wanted to say something to escape but that is all that came out with this beautiful girl half naked in front of him.

“Does it make your cock hard?” Kerri said with a dancing motion.

Peter shook his head for no. It did but he didn’t want to encourage her. Unfortunately it didn’t have the effect of discouraging her and she pulled at her pants until they came down and she cold kick them away.

“Now?” she said.

Peter tried to look aside but he had to glance at the brightly coloured thong she was wearing and it didn’t hide the fact she obviously shaved her pussy. In his early years in the college he had had a few fantasy moments where he wondered what it would be like to bang some of the more slutty students who made their way into his class but they were only fleeting thoughts and he had never acted on them.

Kerri walked over to him and put her hands on his stomach and sank down to her knees. Peter went stiff and she undid his pants and caught hold of his semi-erect cock, pulling it free. He didn’t look down at her, just straight ahead as he felt her lips slip over his penis and then the warmth of inside he mouth.

He steadied himself on the counter as she gave him and amazing blowjob. Her mother was quite skilled at sucking cock but Kerri put her to shame and he had to look down at her. It didn’t help, this girl with a young athletic body in just a tight thong was on her knees, hands on his thighs and sucking away with purpose. He watched the metallic redhead as she worked on his cock and when she glanced up at him with those blue eyes he thought he was going to blow his load in her mouth right then.

Kerri must have sensed his building because her mouth slid off his cock and she knelt in front of him.

“Not yet.” she said and got up.

She planted a long deep kiss on his lips and led him by the hand over to the table. There she hopped up and lay on her back spreading her legs. Peter didn’t need more of an invitation and he put his face down and buried it in her pussy. He pulled aside the string of the thong and started to lick. She had been running so she had a scent of sweat on her body but it turned him on even more, call it pheromones or whatever, her scent was driving him wild.

“Lick my pussy you bastard!” Kerri almost growled.

Peter obliged and kissed and licked her like she was coated in honey, she responded by throwing her head back and gasping in pleasure. She pulled her top up and over her head so she was no naked but for the thong Peter was pulling aside to lick her.

“I need a condom.” Peter said looking up at Kerri.


“I want to fuck you.” he said.

“It’s okay, I’m on birth control.”

Peter thought about it for a few seconds but was so turned on he didn’t have to think long. He stood up and caught hold of his cock, positioning it near her wet cunt. He looked deep into her blue eyes as he pushed forwards and felt the resistance of his cock sliding inside her. Her face gave the expression of strain as it went inside and soon he felt his balls touch her and he was all the way inside.

He started off slowly, easing himself in and out of her. For how pretty she was he expected her to be quite experienced but she seemed to be struggling with his cock moving in and out of her. She was laid on the table with her elbows supporting her so she could look down at his cock as it moved in and out. Her knees were up at his sides and she panted kaçak bahis with each thrust.

“You okay?” he asked.

“Uh huh.”

She lifted herself up and towards him, putting her arms around his neck and kissing his lips. The kiss was passionate and Peter was exhilarated by the young woman showing such affection and not just being about the sex. He placed his hand on her hips and around her back, to which she locked her legs around his lower back. Peter lifted her off the table and held the light girl up as she now lifted herself up and down on his cock.

“Oh that feels good.” she whispered.

Peter had to agree, her pussy felt so good as she sank down on it, she was tight enough so it felt perfect.

“I haven’t had a man in a while and this is making me feel so great.” she said.

He couldn’t believe that she hadn’t been fucked in a long time. This girl was amazing, she had an amazing body and was pretty to boot. She was also flirty and sexual so if she was like this in general she should have had the college guys eating out of her hand. But he tried not to let those thought bother him too much, after all he did have her in his arms bouncing on his cock right then.

“Fuck me harder!”

Peter held tight around her waist and pulled her down hard on him and began fucking up into her with faster jerks.

“Ugh, yes, yes, fuck me!” she moaned on and on as he used her.

They kissed more as they made love and soon she unlocked her legs and he was forced to lift her off and let her down on to her feet in front of him. His cock stood bolt upright between them and she smiled as she looked down at it.

“Will you fuck me from behind?” she asked meekly.

Peter simply nodded and watched as she turned and put her palms on the table and bent that perfect little body over in front of him. She parted her heels and left a gap between her legs. He had to stand and look for a moment, her ass was tight and as he tipped his head to look he could see her pussy between her legs. Kerri looked over her shoulder at him.

“What you waiting for?” she asked.

He didn’t need to be asked twice and he took a step up behind her and moved himself so his cock slipped up inside her. She let out a gasp and he started pumping.

“Oh god yes!” she moaned.

Her tummy was flat to the wooden table and she had no where to go, so with each thrust he put all is cock up inside her. He was excited now and he was moving quickly. He put his hands on top of hers as she gripped the table and held tight giving himself grip to push into her.

Her moans were driving him onward but he wanted her to orgasm. He wanted to make this girl want him as much as he wanted her and making her loose control was his goal. He could feel his own pleasure building and he needed to get her there before he was finished. This wasn’t easy because as he watched her short red hair move as he jerked into her he was feeling more and more excited.

“Can I call you daddy?” she suddenly said.

“What?” Peter keep thrusting but felt confusion.

“Fuck me daddy!” she moaned.

“Don’t say that.” he panted

“But if you marry mom, you’ll be my daddy.” she said with a giggle.

Peter was put off by what she said and the thought he had to keep him from cumming were all gone out of her mind. His thrusts had slowed but the tingle of orgasm was there waiting to take him over.

Suddenly the moment was broken by a sound. Keys in the door. They both froze and looked down the long hall to the front door as it opened and Jill was there. She put a grocery bag on the floor and walked back out towards the car.

She hadn’t seen them!

Peter moved to pull himself from her daughters pussy but Kerri pushed back against him.

“No finish!” she said sharply.

His heart was beating hard but he pushed forward and started fucking her hard into the table.

“Oh god, yes, yes, yes, yes!” she panted as quietly as she could.

His tingle of orgasm was still there despite her mothers arrival and he pounded himself into her until he could take it no more and he felt the release.

“Oh daddy!” she moaned.

Peter sent a gush of his seed up inside Kerri and gave a few small thrusts to shoot every drop from his exploding cock. Her cunt felt warm and slippery with his semen inside it and he enjoyed the last few thrusts.

He withdrew from her and took a couple of steps back, a drop or two of cum dripped from his cock and on to the hard wood floor. As he looked at Kerri, she still bent over the table. White seed emerged from her pussy and ran on to the inside of her thigh.

Kerri looked back over her shoulder at him as she got up and pulled her throng back over her pussy. She picked her top up off the table and slipped it back on before she looked for her bottoms which laid on the floor near him. She walked over and picked them up.

“Going to zip up?” she asked.

Peter realised his penis was still hanging free. He adjusted himself and pushed it inside his pants before quickly zipping up as she pulled up her bottoms and stood next to him.

Jill walked in a moment later and looked at the two of them with anger on her face. Peter felt a pang of fear over what she was going to say.

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