The Martin’s Family Sire Ch. 02

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Nancy is 3 Months Pregnant-

“Mom! Have you seen my curling iron?” Rachel yelled into her mother’s room.

“I want to curl my hair before my date with Robbie tonight but I can’t find it.”

Rachel could hear the shower running but her mother failed to reply.

“Ummm, hello? Anybody in there?” Rachel knocked and pressed her ear against the bathroom door.

Inside mother and son froze. Nancy and Sam both heard the knock but could not make out who it was. Sam was sitting on the tile bench built into Nancy’s shower. The 44 year old mother of 4 was sitting on her son’s lap, his cock deep inside her pregnant body. Years ago, Jim, Nancy’s late husband, had requested the seat be built into the shower when he had the bathroom remodeled. He thought it would come in handy as he got older. However, instead of serving as a safe place for an aging man to relax, the bench had now become a safe place for mother and son to fuck regularly.

Rachel knocked again.

Her mother was now 3 months pregnant and with her Father gone she had become paranoid about her mother’s well being. The thought of her mother fainting in the shower flashed through her head. Franticallty she ran to her mother’s closet and pulled out a coat hanger to unlock the door.

Nancy was about to reply when the door handle jiggled and then swung open. Hot steam rolled out of the bathroom. Nancy’s gasped in surprise. Her shower door was not glazed but instead completely transparent. Surely Rachel would see that Sam was in there with her.

“Rachel! Don’t come in, I’m showering!” Nancy screamed.

“Sorry mom, I was calling you but you didn’t answer.”

Mother and daughter looked at each other’s reflection via the foggy bathroom mirror. Nancy prayed that Rachel would not turn to look at her directly. The mirror’s height allowed only Nancy’s upper torso to show. The steam from the hot water helped cover some of the mother’s nakedness but Rachel could still see her mother’s voluptuous breasts as the water ran down them. What Rachel couldn’t see, was her younger brother helplessly trying to hide behind his mother’s curvy body.

“Have you seen my curling iron? I thought I saw it in here?” Rachel asked.

Nancy had seen it in her bathroom. In fact she knew exactly where it was. This information of course she could not share since it would require Rachel to walk into the bathroom to look in one of the drawers.

“I think I saw in the downstairs bathroom. I believe it’s in one of the drawers honey.”

“I already checked there,” Rachel replied impatiently.

Unbelievably, Nancy felt Sam’s hands grab her hips and lift her up slightly. He was trying to fuck her even now. Nancy quickly reprimanded him by digging her nails into one of his legs.

“I’m… I’m pretty sure it’s there honey. Check again.”

Rachel gave an exasperated sigh then spun on her heel and hurried out the bathroom.

The door wasn’t even closed before Nancy began bouncing her meaty ass back on Sam’s lap.

“That was close Sam. What the heck were you thinking humping me while she was still in here?” She asked as she placed her hands on Sam’s knees to better raise and lower herself on Sam’s thick baby maker.

“I just couldn’t help it mom. You just felt so damn GOOD!” Sam gritted his teeth and pushed his hips upwards, fully penetrating his mother.

Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!

Sam continued fucking his mother. The wet smacking sounds of their wet bodies echoed in the shower. Sam reached around his mother and played with her swollen clit and rubbed her growing baby bump. At the same time he continued guiding his mother up and down his throbbing pole. Sam watched as his mother’s plump bottom squished against him every time she settled her entire weight onto him. Although his cock was thick and long it was no match for Nancy’s plump bottom. Her pussy swallowed him whole, over and over again. After a few minutes, Sam asked for respite.

“Mom, can we switch positions? My legs are falling asleep.”

Without a word, Nancy’s stood up, freeing Sam’s thick cock. It smacked against his abs as the tip slid out of her well fucked pussy. Sam stood up and stretched his legs. Nancy’s couldn’t help but ogle her son, as water dripped his entire body. His angry cock, with it’s bulbous head, heaved under the steady stream water. She cooed when she saw his heavy balls move on their own accord. She quickly offered herself by bending over on the tile bench. Sam stepped behind her with his right hand wrapped on his cock. With his free hand he pulled her butt cheeks apart and slowly rubbed his swollen head against her puffy lips. He slowly parted her open and soon he was balls deep inside. Sam fucked his mother at a steady pace. Nancy’s ass rippled underneath her son until he decided to grab her asscheeks with both hands. Water ran down her swaying, swollen tits and growing belly. Sam was still gripping onto ample, handfuls of his mother’s ass, when he started spurting inside her. Only after he completely emptied escort bostancı his load did he finally pull out. Nancy felt thick gobs of cum ooze out of her. Nancy was sure that had she not already been impregnated by him, she would’ve been then.

The shower that usually took Nancy only a few minutes had now gone for almost half an hour. They were about done drying themselves when suddenly they heard Rachel’s voice again.

“MOM! It’s not down there! Are you sure it’s not in there?”

Nancy’s quickly reach into the drawer where the curler had been all along. Sam on the other hand, hid behind the bathroom door. Rachel knocked once but didn’t wait to be let in. Luckily, Nancy was able to meet her at the doorstep.

“Sorry honey, I guess it was in here all along,” Nancy said as she stuck her head between the partially opened door.

“I told you,” Rachel replied exasperated but happy to finally have the curling iron.

“So where is Robbie taking you tonight?” Rachel asked, trying to sound normal.

“He said he was taking me somewhere nice for dinner and maybe watch a movie later,”

“Well that sounds like fun,” Nancy replied.

Rachel had started dating Robbie just a few weeks ago but Nancy had already started to dislike him. The first time he came over to the house, he had spent most of his time playing with his phone instead of getting to know the family. Nevertheless, Nancy was glad that Rachel had found someone new to spend time with and she hoped that maybe this time Rachel had actually met a decent boy.

Sam listened as his mother and sister talked about the upcoming date. He tried to remain still but after a while he noticed how his mother was leaning out the door and decided to seize the opportunity to feel her up one last time.

“Yeah should be nice. Hopefully this time he doesn’t think about bringing his friends along. That was really weird last time.” Rachel continued.

“I still can’t believe he d…did… that,” Nancy stammered as she felt Sam reach underneath her towel to grope her fat bottom.

“I know. Like really? That’s like dating 101 right?” Rachel continued.

“Well let me know how IT! … goes tonight. And please try not to stay out too late.” Nancy struggled to finish. Sam had stuck a finger knuckle deep inside her still sensitive pussy.

“You Ok mom?” Rachel asked with concern in her eyes.

“I think that shower might have been a tad too hot… that’s all. Just need to change and cool off.” Nancy managed to say.

“Ok if you say so,” Rachel said as she leaned into kiss her mother goodbye.

Nancy felt a little odd exchanging a kiss with her eldest daughter while her son continued to finger her pussy. As soon as Rachel had left Nancy made sure to lecture Sam on how risky that was. Deep down inside however, Nancy had enjoyed every kinky second of it.

Nancy Is Now 6 Months Pregnant

It was early June and the sun was setting. The summer heat was impossible to escape and all of the Martin household tried their best to cool off. Nancy laid on the couch sipping on pink lemonade with a fan blowing over her. She wore a lacy blouse and stretchy shorts. She had one button fastened above her belly, leaving her pregnant belly exposed to cool off.

The twins and Sam on the other hand, had decided to take a dip in the pool. Sam had started working with a construction company in the last few months. He was still going to school but had decided it would be prudent to start working to supplement the household income. Nancy told Sam that they had plenty of money from Jim’s life insurance but Sam had sternly told her to save it for a rainy day. As the new man of the house, there was very little she could say to deter him. Nancy couldn’t help but admire how Sam completely took over his father’s responsibilities; from maintaining the house, to fixing the cars, and of course fucking her regularly like a good husband would.

The twins had continued their young soccer careers. They were now in their 3rd year of college. Their team had done pretty well the last two years and they had a pretty good shot at winning their conference this year. Sam floated aimlessly in the pool but took time to admire his sisters’ hard little bodies as they jumped in and out of the pool. Their breasts were small but their legs were toned. Their butts were firm yet bubbly and Sam couldn’t help but wonder how it would feel to squeeze them. He also wondered if they were still virgins. They had many boyfriends but neither Ali nor Tiffany had ever been in a serious relationship. Sam’s cock harden at the thought of having either one.

Meanwhile, Rachel was lying naked in her bedroom. She had just taken a nice cold shower and had decided to dry off by laying on her bed and letting the the ceiling fan take care of it. She tried texting Robbie but he didn’t reply. Lately he seemed more interested in playing poker with his friends then hanging out with her. She wondered when her luck with men would change. She was now in ümraniye escort her mid twenties had yet to find someone that could make her feel special.

After watching his twin sisters for a short while Sam decided he should check in on his mother. He wrapped himself in a towel and hung his wet trunks outside on a lawn chair. When he approached Nancy in the living room, he decided to give her a little show and flashed her with his erect cock. Nancy was taken by surprise and gasped.

“Jesus Sam! Really?”

Sam smirked as he made his way closer to her.

“Your sisters teasing you out there or what?”

Nancy wasn’t blind to the effect hot women, including her daughters, had on her son. He was young and healthy. And although she did get jealous from time to time, she remembered how she was the one carrying his child.

“Haha nooooo… well maybe a little bit.” Sam confessed.

“I figured as much. I going to have to keep an eye on those girls. They are trouble.”

Sam sat next to his mother and laid his head on her lap. He playfully headbutted her growing belly, only to feel the baby kick back inside. Nancy and Sam laughed in surprise.

It was a rare occasion when all the Martin family were at the house at the same time, especially on a Friday night. Usually, Rachel had work and the twins had something going on either with their friends or teammates at school. Sam was the only one that consistently stayed in. During her first trimester, Nancy wondered if Sam would shy away from her as her body changed. Her late husband Jim had gone entire pregnancies without touching her because he felt it wasn’t normal to have sex with a pregnant woman. Fortunately for Nancy, this wasn’t the case for Sam. As Sam’s seed grew inside her, so did his appetite for making love to her. Whenever possible Sam would find a way to get between her legs. Whether it was a quickie before class or a late night romp in her bedroom. Sam found a way to be inside her almost everyday of the week.

“We should order some pizza. What do you think?” Nancy said as she felt the baby kick inside her again.

“That sounds like a great idea mom.” Sam said as he pulled his smart phone out to order.

By the time the pizza arrived the entire family had gathered in the living room. The twins had rented 50 Shades of Grey and were itching to watch it. All the women in the house had read the book. Although they agreed it was a bit melodramatic, they were curious to watch the movie’s adaptation. Sam on the other hand, could care less about the movie or the book. He was however, quite interested in watching his twin sisters layout in the living-room floor. They had thrown on some worn out soccer shorts and loose white t-shirts. Sam could tell they weren’t wearing bras by the way their perky nipples showed through the old shirts. Ali’s elastic band was useless and the string had gone missing long ago. Multiple times her shorts managed to slide down and expose the top part of her purple panties. Tiffany’s on the other hand had a quarter sized hole near her crotch area. Sam almost choked on his pizza when he saw her crawl over to the BluRay player to insert the disc. Her butt-cheek’s light skin was hard to miss against the black color of her shorts. Nancy had told them to throw them out a while back but they had stubbornly hung onto them because of their comfort.

Rachel had taken a page out of Sam’s book and had come down with only a small towel to cover her. Sam smirked when he realized that the pizza guy was surveying the women behind him. The twins were rolling around on the living room floor fighting over a pillow. Nancy was stretched out on the couch. Her bare feet and pregnant belly were hard to ignore. And then there was Rachel with her damp hair and towel barely covering her. Sam gave the guy a generous tip and had to practically forced him out the door.

Once they had all eaten, they all settled down and got ready for the movie. Sam turned down the lights and sat next to Nancy on one side couch. Rachel laid down on the the other side of the L shape couch. The twins put pillows down and were now laying peacefully side by side. The girls all got sucked into the movie from the moment it started. Sam tried to watch the movie as well but soon he found himself struggling to maintain focus with all womanly flesh around him. He was mainly distracted by his sisters smooth legs but also by his mother beside him. He loosened his towel and let his erection break free. He quietly bumped against his mother to get her attention and motioned her to his stubborn erection. Nancy, shook her head in disbelief. She tried to ignore him but soon Sam was pulling her hand towards it. Nancy hoped to dissuade her son by pretending to watch the movie and after a few minutes Sam did in fact give up. However, he made sure to leave himself exposed in order to entice Nancy further. Try as she may it wasn’t long before she started sneaking peaks out of the corner of her eye. The throbbing cock demanded her attention. After ignoring kartal escort bayan it for a quarter of the movie she finally gave up and snuck her hand under Sam’s towel. Nancy looked down towards the twins and made sure they were completely focused on the movie. She then glanced to her right to check on Rachel and she noticed that Rachel was also completely engrossed with the risque love scene currently on screen. She was about to look away when something caught her eye. Rachel’s hand was tucked between her legs and was slowly moving back and forth. Nancy kept an eye on her as her own hand took a hold of Sam cock. She slowly started stroking it to Sam’s great relief.

Sam relished his mother’s soft hands and helped hide her motions by holding a side of the towel up. Nancy continued to steal glances towards her eldest daughter. She couldn’t believe that Rachel was masturbating. Then again she was jerking off her son so there wasn’t much moral ground to stand on. Nancy could see Rachel’s hand moving back and forth. She could see Rachel’s legs tightening as she played with herself. Nancy’s own pussy ached as she squeezed Sam’s cock. It was a debauched scene that outmatched what was currently on screen. Nancy sped up her handjob and felt Sam’s precum leak onto her hand. Without giving much thought she brought her hand up to her mouth and quietly spit onto her palm only to place it back on Sam’s cock. The initial wet sounds of her hand stroking Sam’s cock horrified her but Sam was quick to put up the volume of the movie to cover for them. Nancy continued stroking Sam as the movie played on. While Rachel continued play with herself. Having been neglected for over 3 weeks had caused her to be a little more adventurous than usual. Rachel was about to bring herself into climax when all hell broke lose.

Sam’s cock exploded without much warning. Before Nancy knew what was happening she felt Sam begin to spasm in her hand. She grabbed the towel and squeezed the fat angry head of his cock but not before the first hot rope of cum shot up into the air and then down onto the twins.

“Hey! What the heck?!?” Tiffany cried out. The glob of cum had landed straight on her forehead.

Sam was caught completely off guard as his cock continued to deposit its load into the towel. Nancy on the other leapt into action. She proceeded to peel off her blouse and cover Sam’s nose.

“Oh shit! Sorry baby. Looks like water came of Sam’s nose. Must have been from when you guys were swimming.”

Nancy wiped off her gooey hand so she could wipe off the splotch of cum that had splattered on Tiffany’s forehead.

“Oh God that’s so gross. What the hell Sam?!?” She yelled.

Meanwhile Rachel sat up a little overwhelmed at the sudden outbreak that had coincided with her climax. She was glad it was Sam who was to blame for the interruption and not herself.

Sam walked off to the bathroom clutching onto his towel and his mother’s blouse. He squeezed his nose pretending that water was coming out of it. He took one last look behind him to see Ali and Rachel laughing at what had supposedly happened. Nancy was still wiping Tiffany’s forehead. Her full tits were almost spilling out of her bra as she wiped the last bit of Sam’s cum from her daughter’s forehead. Sam shook his head in disbelief.

Nancy is 7 Months Pregnant

It was 4th of July and the annual block party was well underway. Outside, the neighborhood was crawling with activity. There was classic rock being played from loudspeakers, kids were running around and screaming, while other folk were busy eating and drinking. There were pie eating contests, water balloon contests, magic shows, and even a dunk tank competition. The Martin twins were busy helping organize the pie eating contest. Rachel on the other hand, was busy trying to keep tabs on Robbie, who seemed to be on mission to get drunk as quickly as possible.

At the Martin’s house, Sam was also busy making a pie of his own. He was busy making a creampie inside his lovely mother. Because of her swollen belly, they had taken a real liking to fucking while she was on her side. Sam spooned behind her and lifted her leg slightly. This gave him better access to her juicy, warm pussy. His long powerful strokes sent waves down Nancy’s pregnant body. Even at 7 months, Sam was as unrelenting as before. Every push caused Nancy’s swollen tits and belly to sway on her bed. After having fucked her on her side for a good while Sam decided it was time to place her on top of himself.

The reverse cowgirl position gave Nancy the freedom to move up and down Sam’s cock but it also wore her out faster given her current size. She took a hold of Sam’s hard baby maker and pointed up so she could slide it inside her. She glanced out her bedroom window and saw the ongoing party as she impaled herself on her lover’s swollen cock. Slowly, she massaged Sam’s cock in and out of her. She concentrated on all the contours and ridges of his hard thick prick. Her pussy stretched around him and hugged tenderly. Below her she could see the other moms dutifully feeding their husbands and children. In a way she was also feeding her son. Up and down she continued to bounce on Sam’s cock as he supported her by holding her hips. What had started as a steady pace gradually began speeding up.

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