The Misadventures of Ms. Watson Ch. 01

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To the fan that asked for this story and you know who are. I do hope you enjoy it.

All characters are over 18+


Mary Ann Watson stood at the door to her son’s room, as the light of the street lamp washed her son James’s bed in its yellow-orange light. Her raven hair fell pass her light brown areolas that pressed against the nearly translucent white silk robe. Her emerald green eyes lavished upon the sharp peak in her son’s bed covering’s. It had been five years since her divorce from her now deadbeat cheating ex-husband. All through their ten year marriage she had always kept herself fit. Yet never once did she seek another bed not belonging to her husband. However, once she had learn of the numerous women he had spent many a night with. Also the diagnoses of the clap that was the last draw. Personally Mary Ann could care less what happened to the man now. He had made his bed it was high time he slept in it at least that what she told herself.

Yet as she looked upon those covers that she knew hid her son’s hard young cock. Mary Ann couldn’t stop herself from imaging what it would be like as it slid between her lips. Her tongue circling it’s head, tasting that salty precum as her hand stroked that throbbing cock. Or how he would feel thrusting that tool deep into her hot tight wet cunt. Driving her to the point of insanity with the hours she would demand they share together. Her hand instinctively reached down treading through the opening of the robe. Biting her lip so her gasp didn’t wake her son. Moaning inwardly at how wet she was just thinking about her son’s cock deep within her hungry cock starved twat. Pulling on her nipple as she rubbed her clit vigorously, her mind calling out to her son to awaken. To see his mother pleasuring herself in his doorway.

Asking why she was so eagerly toying with her wet throbbing lips while she stared at the pitched tent of his cover’s. All so she could show him the body his father had tossed away for some cheap whore. To show him things that would make the porn stars of the movies he hid from her to shame. Letting his hands run over her naked flesh with no hindrance to his virgin mind. So that her nude body would be forever imprinted on his young mind. Bracing herself against the doorframe her mind scream for James to wake up. To watch as her body succumbed to the orgasm that was fast approaching. Tossing back her head as her womb exploded coating her experienced fingers in her hot cream. Breathing heavily listening to her juices dripping on to the polished wood flooring.

Sighing knowing that her son would never wake up when she need that hard cock. To take her forcibly, bend her over his desk, lift up her robe and ram his cock deep into her. How she so yearned for that very thing. To be used like a dirty horny whore that she knew she was acting like. Yet Mary Ann didn’t care she would be that dirty horny whore if it was her son fucking her brain’s out. Every day, every night, in every room of their house, until they were so spent their skin was so raw to the touch. The slight movement of the tent caught her attention as she licked clean her fingers. Did she dare, could she be so courageous to peek underneath those shielding blankets.

For to long she had been content on only masturbating to the thought of what his cock looked like. It was high time to see if that hard tool would live up to her wet dream’s. Her heart hammered in her chest as she took the first step. Mary Ann fought to still her breathing as she inched forward to her son’s bed. While she knew the medicine he took would keep him in a semi comatose state. There was the off chance that he would awaken and deprive her of this. Her nerves were on edge as she lowered herself to her knee’s once she reached the side of his bed. She had never been this close before. Her eyes flickered over watching to see if James still slumbered.

Slowly pulling down the covers she needed this, to see the cock she had been hungering for the past year. Her breath was caught in her chest as her son’s cock stood erect before her. Her eyes were hypnotized as Mary Ann watched it twitch in time with his resting heart. How glorious it was to her, the blood filled organ just waiting for someone to relieve the pressure. Before she knew it her hand reached out, Mary Ann just couldn’t stop herself as her hand grasped his hard tool. Covering her mouth with her free hand as she felt the heat of his rod melting into her skin. How wonderful it felt to her, feeling his heart beat in the palm of her hand.

Her dirty twisted mind urged her forward whispering things that she had so long to do. Her eyes were always on him as her hand started to stroke along his rod. Listening to his breathing knowing it wouldn’t be long before her son would shoot his load. As much as she wanted to watch it shoot fourth from the tip of his cock. Mary Ann couldn’t leave evidence behind that would only raise suspension. A evil smile graced her kartal escort bayan face knowing just what she had to do.

Bracing herself against the wall so the sudden weight on James’s bed wouldn’t wake him. His precum glistening in the weak light, Mary Ann had to taste it, she had to know that feeling of it dancing across her tongue. Her eyes lingered on her son’s face one last time. She knew once she did this James would no longer be that. Throwing caution to the wind as her hot mouth inched down around his cock. Euphoria exploded throughout her body as his whole cock rested within her month pushing down of her throat.

“Yes!” Mary Ann screamed out in her mind. Remaining as quiet as she could as she worked that phallus to its apex. Her emerald eyes shoot wide as his hot cum filled her hungry mouth. Fighting not to moan as his seed coated her tongue, the back of her throat as she slowly swallowed. Wanting to have his taste on her mind as long as she could. Quickly cleaning James’s cock of any lingering sign’s of his spunk. Before returning the covers to their original position.

Mary Ann leaned against the closed door, cupping her hand to her mouth spilling out the last remainder of his seed. Her eye lingered on it for a moment before adding his sperm to her hot spent cunt. Mixing it with her juices that had yet to stop flowing. How her mind was in bliss feeling her son’s sperm as her fingers plunged into her dripping twat. Mary Ann’s legs trembled as her second climax approached and she knew it would be a big one. One where she doubted she could hold back her screams of pleasure. Making a mad dash to her room, untying her robe as her legs carried her across the house. Tossing aside the garment as the door swung closed. Diving across her bed, throwing open the nightstand drawer her hand taking hold of the eight inch dildo.

A lustful purr rumbled deep within her throat as Mary Ann spread her legs open. Rubbing the rubber bulbous head along her lips feeling her body shuddering, knowing just how deep she was going to get his seed into her. Her hand curled around the sheets as she pushed the rubber phallus deeper into her cunt.

“Oh baby, yes shove that cock into your mother’s dirty pussy,” Mary Ann moaned as her hand increased in speed. “Momma’s pussy love’s that cock so much,” she said as she began to rub her clit. “That’s it James fuck your horny mother! Make her your bitch! Make her the whore for that fine cock of yours. Make that cum spill out of her every hole as you stuff her body with that hard rod,” her heart raced, her breathing came out in heaves knowing just how close she was. “Oh James! Mama’s cumming! Mama’s cumming on that virgin cock! Don’t you love how that cock makes your dirty mother cum so hard,” Mary Ann growled deeply as her hips rose. Her juices spilling out around the fake cock soaking into the bedding. Filling her room with the scent of her hot sex.

Mary Ann woke to a noise from within the kitchen. Rolling over her weary eyes looking at the clock noting the time. James would be heading to school soon, time she would be denied her son’s company. Then finally realizing she still was nude with her dildo sticking out of her cunt. Flinging herself off the bed she need to clean up the mess. A mess that she couldn’t rightly tell her son why she was nude and why she fucked herself senseless last night. Tying a knot in her robe as a soft knock came upon her door. Knowing full well her dildo was still lodged deep within her twat. Trepidation rose within her as the door began to open.

“Mom just wanted to let you know I’m off to catch the bus,” James said sticking his head partially into his mother’s room. His nose wiggling at the strange scent that still lingered in the air.

“Ok dear be safe,” Mary Ann said with her back to her son. She knew if she faced him he would see the dildo through the material. Half an hour had passed since her son had left for school. Mary Ann stood underneath her shower head wondering why she hadn’t just undid her robe. Bent herself over letting her son watch as she fucked herself again with her dildo. Until James couldn’t fight the temptation any longer and slid his cock into her tight cunt. “What’s wrong with you woman?!” Mary Ann asked herself her hands ran over her body. “Your just a horny bitch that need’s a good fucking,” she said sighing. “Yes but only if its James fucking me senseless,” Mary Ann moaned as she kneaded her breast.

Ten o’clock rolled around as Mary Ann sat around the kitchen table with Susan, and Diana, mother’s of her son’s two best friend’s. Mary Ann’s mind wandered the image of her son’s cock taunting her. What they were talking about she had lost interest in until Diana brought her out of her day dream.

“Hey earth to Mary Ann, ” Diana said snapping her fingers in front of Mary Ann’s face.

“What!” Mary Ann said in surprise.

“Don’t what me, here we are talking about how our husband’s haven’t even fucked us in escort maltepe month’s,” Susan said leaning forward.

“And that’s what you all normally talk about when we get together,” Mary Ann said shooting back. “How many month’s have the two of you made yourselves look sexy, all for not when your husband’s barely notice,” she said wondering if she could get her two friend’s in on the plan. “What if, and I say if,” Mary Ann said eyeing her two friends closely. Wondering how they would react to what she proposed. “If we had away to relieve all this sexual frustration, without looking out side your own home’s.”

“What could that be,” Diana said arching an eyebrow. “As you have already said we have done everything to entice our limp dicks of men that horde our beds.”

“Yet do you not have another male living within your home that you have access to?” Mary Ann said hoping they would take the bait.

“Wait no! That’s my son your talking about! That’s incest!” Susan said jumping up from her seat. Her auburn hair swung in her fury at what Mary Ann was suggesting. “Its wrong I can’t do that to my son! Diana you can’t seriously be thinking that this is a good plan?!”

“Why not Susan? Sure it might be weird but all we’re doing is talking right,” Diana said the image of her son playing out in her mind. Wondering if she could really do that with her son.

“Right talk,” Mary Ann said looking away as her cheeks heated.

“Wait what was that!” Susan said walking over taking hold of her friend’s face. “My god Mary Ann what did you do?!”

“Promise me this doesn’t leave this room,” Mary Ann said looking at her two friend’s as they nodded their agreement. “I don’t know how or what got my mind fixated on my son. Every night while he slept I masturbate in his doorway thinking of how good it would feel. To have that youthful cock fucking me nonstop, me begging him to shoot that delicious cum into me.”

“Mary that’s just wrong you shouldn’t be thinking of James like that,” Susan said disapprovingly yet feeling her core heat as she crossed her legs.

“I know Susan, but I’m not done,” Mary Ann said taking a deep breath. “Last night I just couldn’t take it anymore,” she said her hand gripped her leg.

“Well go on,” Diana said rolling her hand for her to continue. All the while feeling her panties growing moist.

“I crept into his room I just had to see it. That cock that laid beneath his tented cover’s,” Mary Ann said trying not to sound like a cock hungry slut. Yet it was pointless when it came to her son, even now the image of James’s cock made her mouth water. “There it stood his virgin cock just waiting to be cared for.”

“What did you do?!” Susan asked taking a dry swallow. It had been a year since she had a cock to stand so proudly as Mary described her son’s. Just the thought of a hard cock made her immediately wet wishing she had worn panties.

“I sucked his cock what else do you think I did,” Mary Ann said shooting her friend a devilish look. “God when he came in my mouth it was so delicious.”

“Wait didn’t he wake up?!” Diana asked sitting up in her chair. Fighting herself not to touch herself, and envious that Mary Ann had received what she longed for.

“No if he had I would have told him to fuck me,” Mary Ann said shaking her head. “I still want him to fuck me, pound me, use me like I was his whore.”

“That’s a little crude Mary,” Susan said heat flooding her face. Yet pondering how her son Matthew would fuck her if she lifted up her dress. Leaned on the kitchen table and told him to make his balls slap against her clit.

“Oh please Susan I know what your thinking, ” Mary Ann said smiling mischievously. “You want that hard cock of your son’s in that wet pussy don’t you. I seen how the two of you horny bitches reacted. I know what the lack of sex does,” she said leaning back in her chair. “Now what I suggest is since your husband’s aren’t giving you the proper fucking those cunts deserve. We’ll have your son’s fill in where their father’s failed.”

“We aren’t like you Mary our husband’s never leave long enough for that,” Diana sighed. She had seen how developed her son had become on a few occasions. She just didn’t think to ever take that leap over that line. Yet if Mary could do that most taboo thing in the world could she not as well.

“Way ahead of you dear,” Mary Ann said reaching across the table patting the table top. “Here’s what we will do so our son’s will see us as the women we are before we make them ours. For one month we will gradually show off our bodies, a little comfortable number to start off with. Then graduating to the more form fitting numbers we once used for our husband’s. Watching as those young cocks respond to our bodies as we calmly go about our day. Maybe walk around nude,” Mary Ann said, shrugging her shoulders knowing that was exactly what she planned on doing. “Listening at their door’s as they pleasure themselves to pendik escort us. Knowing just how good it will be once we have them inside of us.”

“That sounds nice and all,” Susan said shifting in her seat. “As Diana just said we just can’t randomly have sex with our kids without being discovered,” she said unable to get the idea out of her mind.

“Oh I wasn’t finished Susan. I wouldn’t have brought this up if I didn’t have it all planned out,” Mary Ann said stilling the heat in her body. “The reason I said we tease our children for a month is because in a month from today their school with be closed. Then you will bring them here to my house where we each will take our son’s in front another. This way we are all in this together and your husband’s are none the wiser.”

“That might actually work,” Diana said nibbling on her thumb.

“Diana! You can’t possibility be thinking of going through with this,” Susan said aghast at the thought.

“Susan if your going to bitch about this then you might want to wear a bra next time,” Diana said pointing to Susan’s protruding nipples. “And panties we all can smell how aroused you are just by thinking about it.”

“Alright I am can you blame me Diana,” Susan said sighing into her chest. “You know how long its been since Mark has touched me! A bloody year that’s what, so can you blame me for getting wet at the though of a man touching me again. How about you Diana,” Susan said turning in her seat to face her friend. “I’ve seen how your thighs been rubbing together,” she said her right hand dancing lightly across Diana’s left thigh. “Have you been thinking of how Sean would feel between these legs. Watching his cute little butt pumping away stirring your insides until you scream out in ecstasy. Begging for his white hot jizz coating your chest,” Susan said pinching Diana’s harden nipple.

“Fuck yes! I want it! I need that cock!” Diana said rubbing her clit through her pants. “Yes Susan I want my son to fuck me,” Diana growled hastily pulling down her pants. Her fingers running through her lips, pressing lightly on her entrance. “Don’t you want that hard tool in you,” she said tilting her head back as she masturbated in the chair.

“Yes,” Susan said weakly slowly pulling up the hem of her dress. “God help me yes I do,” she said resting her foot on the edge of the table joining her friend.

“Ladies!” Mary Ann said rising from her seat. Her naked snatch staring down the other two already having stripped out of her pajamas underneath the table. “I think your forgetting something,” she said sitting on the table spreading her legs. As the rule to their little gatherings the host was always taken care of first.

Mary Ann peered out from around the curtain as the time came for her son would arrive home from school. Wearing a cup size to small sports bra to ensure that her D cup breast appeared to overflow the fabric. Admiring how her tight yoga shorts showed off her mound, the shape of her lips, glad that the martial was black so it would hide the wet spot that was forming. In the anticipation of her son seeing his mother in such provocative clothing. Wondering just what her friend’s were planning to do to seduce their own son’s. Yet at that moment her son had her attention as Mary Ann heard the front door open. Tugging at the bra just so, pulling at her yoga shorts to show just a bit more. Mary Ann knew she was ready to put her plan into action.

“Hey baby,” Mary Ann said flashing her son a smile as James tossed his book bag onto the couch. “How was school,” she asked hiding the annoyance from his lack of recognition to her attire.

“Hello mom,” James said letting out a tired huff. “Schools, school nothing new there,” he said paying little heed to the way his mother looked. “Mind if I head over to Sean’s.”

“No you can’t, you just got home and not a word on my outfit. No wishing to chat with your mother about your day,” Mary Ann said placing her hands on her hips. Accentuating her breast trying to draw his aloof gaze to her heavenly orb’s.

“Fine I’ll be in my room,” James said grabbing his bag before heading up the stairs. Mockingly chocking her son in frustration as he ascended the stairs to his room. Blowing out an annoyed huff wondering what was wrong with her son not to get aroused by her tight attire. Pacing around the room pondering on just what else she could do to draw his attention. So engross in her musings she didn’t hear her phone vibrating violently on the mantle until after the fifth ring.

“Oh hey Diana,” Mary Ann said heading towards her room so James wouldn’t over hear.

“Hey Mary mind if I put you on three way call,” Diana whispered.

“Sure what’s going on,” Mary Ann said as her door closed. Setting her phone on top of her dresser as she wiggled out of her sports bra. Sucking in a breath as the yoga shorts pealed away from her sensitive lips. Tossing the garments against the wall in front of the door to her bathroom.

“Hey is she on?” Susan asked her voice carrying the hint of urgency.

“I’m here Susan just had to get out of that outfit,” Mary Ann said her hand running over her breast. Adimiring herself in the mirror as she walked around her room. “So what’s going on?”

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